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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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Feb. 4, 2007

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Hi All,

New month, new newsletter.. how'm I don' so far? As has been the case lately, there's so much news it's divided into two pages. Please pay special attention to the contest listed directly below... you won't wanna miss a chance to win this one!


WOF Country Music Contest
Starting Monday, you can enter the "Wheel of Fortune Country Music Stars Sweepstakes" on MKOC!
One (1) First Prize winner from MKOC.com will get:
* Silver iPod Nano
* $25 iTunes gift card

There have been only 6 sites chosen on the entire web to carry this contest and MKOC is one of them. 
One grand prize wiiner will be chosen from entries of all 6 of the sites to win an autographed guitar!

Remember, the contest begins Feb. 5th and will run for 2 weeks! Go to the contest page now and bookmark it so you don't forget to enter! Enter Here!

Name That Tune
MKOC's Name That Tune has a new song posted. Name the song and the artist singing it and you'll win the CD!

MKOC StoreNetflix, Inc.
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio - Songs are rotated with each newsletter.
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.
More Country  News

Gary Allan

Congratulations Gary! First-round nominees for the 2007 CMT Music Awards have been announced, and voting is underway. Gary and Paul Boyd (video director) have been nominated for Video Director of the Year for "Life Ain't Always Beautiful". Videos in this category best capture the mood, tempo, and intensity of the song. The final four nominees in each category will be announced Feb. 28. Remember you can only vote once per CMT.com account. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! VOTE NOW!
Read more!

Fans will have a chance to get some of their favorite Gary Allan songs ever ~ on one CD! Gary Allan's Greatest Hits includes his latest single "A Feelin' Like That" as well as "Best I Ever Had", "Tough Little Boys" and many more. Look for the CD to hit stores March 6th! Pre-Order Now!
Read more!

Country music superstar Gary Allan has been announced as the entertainment headliner at the Newton County Fair. Allan will perform July 13 at the fair held in Kentland.

A California native, Allan broke into the country music charts with his album Smoke Rings in the Dark. His past hits include "Drinkin' Dark Whiskey," "Guys Like Me," "See If I Care" and "Nothing On But the Radio."
Read more!

Join Gary's Official Fan Club Now!
Not an I-Squad Member? It's Free!! Join the Gary Allan I-Squad Today!

Watch the Video for "Best I Ever Had"            Listen to "Best I Ever Had"

GaryAllan-GreatestHits2007.jpg (3658 bytes)
Gary Allan's, "Greatest Hits"
featuring 15 of Gary's songs - Preorder Now
GaryAllanCD-ToughAllOver-N.jpg (4325 bytes)
Gary Allan's "Tough All Over"
featuring the hit single "Best I Ever Had"

Check out ALL of Gary's CDs



Joe NicholsJoeNichols-face2.jpg (4729 bytes)

JoeNichols-1.JPG (2852 bytes)Joe's recent single "I'll Wait For You" has touched hearts across the nation. The single still climbing the charts, is a fan favorite and seems to resonate with people of all ages. Joe wants to know straight from you how you feel about this song. Did it help you get through a trying or difficult time? Have you used the song as part as a tribute, wedding or memorial service? Write Joe and share your story. Joe wants to know! Email your story to mystory@joenichols.com  more

Rodeo Tour: Universal South's Joe Nichols recently performed at the San Antonio Rodeo Gala, and took the opportunity to stop by KAJA while in town. He's pictured with KAJA PD Clayton Allen. more

Joe's new video for "I'll Wait For You" is on CMT & GAC now!! Remember the more we stream it... the more we see it on CMT! Click here to check out Joe's CMT artist page, stream the new video and much more!

Not and I-squad member?Join Today! It's fun and free

JoeNichols3-CD.jpg (5531 bytes)
Joe Nichols III

See All of Joe Nichols' CDs


Valentine's Day Store!

Allison Moorer

Hi All,

AllisonMoorer.jpg (6592 bytes)I wanted to write a quick update on what Allison has been up to and to fill everyone in on what to expect from Allison in 2007. New concert dates have been added to the website, check back soon for more. Allison will be touring Europe and the US throughout 2007. Also check the site for a new journal entry from Allison, just posted!

2007 will see Allison with a new record on a new label. Details about this exciting project to be announced VERY soon.

Also lookout for more XM Musician’s Radio interviews as Allison will continue to be a guest correspondent for the show. Past shows include Shelby Lynne, Tim Easton, Raul Malo and several others. Checkout all of Allison’s interviews on the Musician’s Radio Website or on the Musician’s Radio Podcast on Itunes.  http://www.musiciansradio.com/

As news happenings occur, we will send out a newsletter accordingly.

Allison Morrer Official Site
Allison Moorer on MKOC


Rodger MooreRodgerMoore.jpg (3194 bytes)

Songwriter, Rodger and I became pals way back when MKOC was in it's infancy in 1996. He was among the earliest of independant artists to be reviewed on MKOC and as our friendship grew, he felt inspired to write a song about me and MKOC. I was so honored and touched by his gesture and I wanted to take some time here today to introduce y'all to my friend, Rodger Moore.

Visit Rodger on MKOC"s Stars on the Horizon and listen to 4 of his songs, including "Cyberspace Cowgirl" (that's me). When you're done there, follow the link to Rodger's site to hear more of his songs.

Rodger Moore on MKOC

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Repairs, maintenance close Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum next week

Thursday - 01 February 2007

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has announced that it will close for the week of Feb. 5-11 while the facility undergoes a series of repairs. Projects will include resealing the flooring in some areas of the museum, carpet cleaning in public areas, cleaning the glass in the Curb Conservatory, cleaning exhibit cases and rotating some artifacts.

“This is more than annual maintenance and cleaning,” explains Liz Thiels, senior vice president of public relations. “We are also happily repairing wear to the facility caused by the heavy traffic of more than l.5 million visitors in the last five years.”

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum will reopen at 9 a.m. on Feb. 12, though it will remain closed on Tuesdays through the end of the month so that staffers can complete routine maintenance projects. For more information, call 416-2001.


The Matekis

Matekis.jpg (4503 bytes)

Congratulations to Paul and Helen on the growing success of their CD, "Something to Sing About", which has charted #3 on the "Roots Gospel Chart 1 Feb 07".

Visit Paul and Helen Mateki's Official Site
Paul on MKOC (this was a review written before Paul and Helen even met, let alone married and became a great duo!)

Musician's Friend

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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Jack-Misty-bw.jpg (4415 bytes)

Sometimes you forget about a song, even if you wrote it.
After about 25 years after we made the demo,
this strange little number has popped up again,
and will be released later this year on a real record label.
Life is full of surprises.




If you want a dead body and the stores are closed,
Who can you turn to? Everybody knows...
It’s IGOR. WO-ho-ho-HO-HO-HO...
Good old IGOR.

He'll hurry down to the graveyard and take it.
If they don’t have the kind that you want, he'll make it.
Oh, IGOR. WO-ho-ho-HO-HO-HO...
Good old IGOR.

How I love that beady little eye.
My pal Iggy ... ain’t no greedy guy.
When life don’t go ...the way that you planned,
He’ll be the first one to give you a hand.
Get it? A hand?

You can wash your face, and brush your fangs,
But when you take a bath, who'll scrub your wings?
Oh, IGOR. WO-ho-ho-HO-HO-HO...
Good old IGOR.

He's got a heart o’ gold... and a lotta brains.
He keeps 'em in the closet with his Sunday chains.
Oh, IGOR. WO-ho-ho-HO-HO-HO...
Good old IGOR.

Down in the cellar...diggin' in the mud...
He's a little batty, but he's in my blood.
Oh, IGOR. WO-ho-ho-HO-HO-HO...
Good old IGOR.

Gettin’ good help now’days is a hassle.
Who puts an apron on and tidies up the castle?
Who's happy sleepin'... under my bed?
Who can I depend on to help me get ahead?
Get it? A head?

He’s got a hunch... and he may be right...
We'll meet two nice girls and take 'em out for a bite.
Oh, IGOR. WO-ho-ho-HO-HO-HO...
Good old IGOR.

Listen to the demo here

Jack Blanchard 2006

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


We were up all night dodging tornadoes. They were all around us. We had our few most important items, including my outboard hard drive, in the car, with the car aimed toward the street. You get about 5 to 8 minutes warning.

I woke up about 2PM today and noticed the answering machine blinking. Friends and relatives worried about us. We're OK.... this time. We were hit by hurricanes in 2004. I woke Misty up, and we've been watching the TV coverage on all channels all afternoon.

We were right on the edge of two violent storm systems the worst one a couple of miles to the north, and another a couple of miles to the south.
A "supertornado" is what they are calling the one that ripped a 300 yard swath from coast to coast. It looks like a war zone. They know of 19 people killed so far, and they're still searching.
It's been declared a disaster area, and the politicians are all promising fast government help. We'll see. They haven't helped for the last two... one on this past Christmas Day, and the hurricanes in 2004. And, oh yeah, Katrina.

Historically, Florida tornadoes are smaller ones... not like those in the Midwest. The planet is changing.
Believe it.

Jack Blanchard

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."
Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan on Amazon.com

Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

Ken Overcast

Howdy ,

KenOvercast-2.jpg (4505 bytes)I hope you've got stove wood enough to make it 'til spring. The big news around here is that we've got a winner for
January drawing. Ruth Rodden of Seneca, Kansas was the fortunate one this month. Here's what Ruth will get in the mail:

1. A complimentary year's subscription to "American Cowboy Magazine" compliments of www.americancowboy.com

2. An autographed copy of "Honky Tonk Town" the true hair raising tale of Havre, Montana, a real wild West town, (bad guys and all) by Montana historian Gary A. Wilson.
3. The latest recording endeavor from my pals, Wylie and > the Wild West entitled "Bucking Horse Moon." www.wylieww.com

4. An autographed copy of our award winning "Best of the West CD", "Montana Cowboy." www.kenovercast.com 
Here's what's happening on this end of the range. We've got quite a bit on our plate for the next few days, (along with our heifers starting to calve.) This Friday evening I get to be a side man for our local fiddling Champion, "Fiddlin' Faith" Halingstad.... (a gal that just happens to call me Grandad.....lucky me!), at the Montana Country Poets and Pickers evening show right here in our home town of Chinook. That's going to be a blast.

Faith is just eight years old and already has a room full of trophies and ribbons. She's the current reigning Montana State Pee-wee Fiddling Champion, and successfully defended her title last weekend by winning her division again at the Montana Winter Fair in Lewistown.
Saturday night I'll be part of the program at the big Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame get together in Wolf Point. I serve as a Trustee for them, so we've got meetings in the afternoon and a banquet and good time in the evening. I'm sure looking forward to that. Next weekend, February 10th we'll be in Sheridan, Wyoming at the big cowboy doin's at the WYO Theatre, and then in Billings for a book signing at the MATE Show on February 16-17th.

I hope the heifers aren't too much trouble for my little cook. Yup..... I'm leavin' her home to do all the work.... again.
Our "Cowboy Show" radio program is still perking along really well. It's currently getting 67 plays per week; coast to coast on terrestrial stations and world wide on several internet spots. We're blessed.

Don't forget that a book of dandy cowboy stories or a CD of cowboy music is a perfect Valentine's gift. Here's where to get yours: www.kenovercast.com

I've gotta run check those blasted heifers again. Thanks for bein' my friend.

Keep Smilin'......  and don't forget to check yer cinch.

Ken Overcast is a recording cowboy singer that ranches on Lodge Creek in north central Montana where he raises and
dispenses BS. www.kenovercast.com

Bear Valley Records
PO Box 1542
Chinook, MT

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D' Ramirez

DRameriz.jpg (3849 bytes)Now you can see her!
Not only can you hear her, now you can see her! Smoky Mountain Cowboy Church has video capabilities whereby you can see the entire service live. Dee will be performing on SMCC this Sunday, Feb. 4th. Take a look and see why this ministry went from 93 people in house to over 250 million world wide in less than 2 years. 9:00 AM Central, 10:00 Eastern time

Take a look, and if you like it, email Cowboy Church website and tell them how you enjoyed Dee's contribution.
www.smokymountaincowboychurch.com   Click on "live broadcast."


Rustie Blue

Rustie Blue with the Governor of Ohio

RustieB-GovernorOHsm.jpg (9993 bytes)Rustie Blue was asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner at a recent event in her home town of Lancaster, OH. She also performed gospel favorite "Satisfied," which can be found on her current cd, Chip Chip. She then had the chance to spend a few minutes with the governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland.

Rustie Blue is currently recording her new album, Born Again Country, which is scheduled to be released this spring. However, she has just released “Don’t Come Cryin’,” the final single from the Chip Chip album. “Don’t Come Cryin’” can also be found on Mark Trail’s comp disc #21.

MP3s of "Don’t Come Cryin’", a copy of the Chip Chip album, interviews, and print quality photos available to media by request. Rustie Blue's music is also available on our media only download page.

RustieBlueCD-ChipChip.jpg (4571 bytes)
Buy the CD, Chip, Chip
Don’t Come Cryin" Song Clip
More Rustie Blue CDs Here
Electronic Press Kit

Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

Nashville Showcase Newsletter
February 3rd. 2007

Featured Artist Website

Joni Compretta
Review of Joni Compretta’s current CD ~ “Out Of Mississippi”

JoniCompretta2.jpg (8564 bytes)Joni Compretta Out Of Mississippi Westwood International Records

The full story is, of course, more complicated, but here's my vote for the legend version Hurricane Katrina made it prudent for a LOT of families to go somewhere else, and one family said, "Well, let's go to Nashville and see what Joni can do with her music." And they did, hence: "Out Of Mississippi." And what Joni has done so far with her music is quite impressive. She and producer Lonnie Ratliff have honored the texture of her voice (which is hauntingly reminiscent of Teresa Brewer) by assembling songs and musicians that showcase her range and influences. The interweavings of country, pop, and R&B remind me of our rides through the Carolina countryside, listening to Ralph Emery when the static cleared and to John R. when it didn't. And please note our word "interweavings" -- this is not a collection of songs that jump here and there; it's a musical tapestry that enshrines Southern music and the moods and tempos of the American experience. The songs are solid -- some more familiar than others -- the musicianship is impeccable, and the singing is fresh and communicative, including the background vocals of Christy Cornelius and Marcia Ramirez.

By: Bill Littleton, the bridgeworks http://www.unclewillamsplace.com/thebridgeworks.htm

Joni Compretta Website
Contact Joni at: jonicompretta@yahoo.com
Joni Compretta is Produced by Lonnie Ratliff ~ Nashville, TN
If you are interested in having Lonnie Produce your next CD Visit his Website (Link Below) for prices & references:

Nashville Songwriter ~ Lonnie Ratliff

New songs just POSTED so if you are looking for original music there’s about 60 songs to choose from now. If you hear something you are interested in just contact me at NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net

To get all the news from Lonnie:
E Mail Lonnie - NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net


More News on Pg. 2


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