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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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Feb. 15, 2007

Sponsored by HostLand

NewMusicWeekly.jpg (6025 bytes)RETAIL FALTERS & RUMORS SPREAD

Los Angeles, CA - When the announcement came a short while back about the closing of the long standing Tower Records chain, it sent additional shock waves in and around the music industry. Many were crying and lamenting that "it’s finally over". It was a big blow to many artists including independents, as they were one of the few outlets that worked consignment deals. One independent label was heard saying, "this is a big blow for us and we have nowhere to go now". There were others who shared a different take on it and for them there were few tears. "The reason Tower went under was competition pure and simple", noted on industry expert. "Why would consumers continue to purchase product at the Tower prices when they could go over to Target and get their CD’s much cheaper", they noted. Regardless, Tower has been a good friend to many of us and it was very sad and disappointing to see that all come down. It’s rather strange to drive by the big Tower store on Sunset and see it empty and closed down. Maybe we’ll see a Target there soon, and won’t that be fun.

Some of the industry has been in a "doom and gloom" mode for quite sometime, and insiders have been telling many that business is "just about over". For some of them it is. The old way of doing business has changed and is pretty much a "done deal", but there are others who share a much different viewpoint. "Sales of music product is not as bad as many think", noted one music industry annalist. In fact worldwide sales of downloaded music, including cell phones, ring-tones and the like rose 82 percent to about $2 billion in 2006 to account for around 10 percent of music industry sales, up from 5.5 percent, a global music industry trade group announced. Sales were about evenly split between downloads to a PC and over-the-air downloads of ring-tones and full music tracks to a cell phone.

It is true that despite digital-music gains, worldwide music industry sales nonetheless fell, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Worldwide music industry sales slid to about $20 billion in 2006 from $21 billion in 2005, IFPI statistics show. 2010, digital music sales will grow to account for at least a quarter of all music sales worldwide, said IFPI chairman John Kennedy. In the United States, the number of downloaded tracks grew in 2006 by 65 percent to 582 million, accounting for 73 percent of the 795 million individual tracks downloaded worldwide. The number of tracks downloaded worldwide grew 89 percent to 795 million. In addition, the number of downloaded albums in the United States rose 101 percent to 33 million in 2006 to account for 6 percent of all albums sold. The IFPI cited multiple reasons for the digital-music gains, including the rapid growth in ownership of portable MP3 players and a doubling of tracks authorized for downloading to 4 million. Other reasons include a rapidly growing number of authorized download sites and music industry lawsuits against P2P file-sharing services and individual P2P users. Referring to MP3 portables capable of playing authorized protected downloads, IFPI contends that "the increasing popularity of portable digital music players is driving interest in music services" and "driving interest in legal music buying."

It is also interesting to note that the largest music stores stock a maximum of 150,000 CD titles. If 10 tracks are available per disc, only 1.5 million songs are available at any one time in the stores. "The availability of such a broad selection of online songs 24 hours a day, IFPI contends, has reinvigorated sales of classical music and music videos. Downloading has also boosted sale of music singles, which in 2006 hit an all-time worldwide high of more than 900 million in physical and download formats combined, IFPI said. In fact, digital singles accounted for more than 80 percent of singles sold worldwide, and in the United States, digital singles have completely replaced the physical singles market. There are changes being made here folks and we’ll see how this all pans out in 2007.

Contact Info:
New Music Weekly magazine
Tele: 310.325.9997

Backstage Entertainment

Get 1 set FREE when you buy 1 set now for $19.95 




Celebrating our 12th consecutive year, 2007 USA Songwriting Competition is now accepting entries! Winning songs will receive radio airplay in United States and Canada along with great prizes such as a Top Prize of over $50,000.

Sponsors of the 2007 Competition are: New Music Weekly, Keyboard magazine, Sony, Audio-Technica, Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Sam Ash Music Stores, IK Multimedia, Hear Technologies, Mi7.com, Indie Bible, Garritan Music Software, Acoustic Café Radio Program, Livewire Contacts, AirplayOnly.com, Loggins Promotion, Superdups.com, Sonicbids.com and XM Radio.

Also, there's FREE 12th ANNIVERSARY early entry bonus: first 1,000 entries will each receive a FREE Keyboard magazine subscription (1 full year, worth $18.00 value). That's great value of getting music magazine subscription just by entering!
Ways to enter:

*For the regular entry form, please go to: http://www.songwriting.net/entryform.html

*Enter online with your MP3 files (Powered by Sonicbids): http://www.sonicbids.com/usasong 


*Pepper MaShay (2006 USA Songwriting Competition - Dance Category) is a World Renowned artist in the Dance charts. She is known for her hit song "Dive in the Pool" Produced & remixed by Barry Harris (Thunderpuss) Nervous Records/US 2000, and peaked at #2 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts on Sept. 23, 2000. "Dive" is also the #2 Billboard "Club Play" Song for the Year 2000. The song has been extensively featured on the hit TV series "Queer As Folk," and is on the official soundtrack and has now crossed over to radio. Pepper also sung back up vocals on the #1 hit song by Tina Turner "What's Love Got To Do With It" and Michael Bolton's #1 hit "Time, Love and Tenderness." Her other long list of background vocal credits include world class artists such as Cher, Celine Dion, Kenny G, Vonda Shepard, Ray Charles, Steve Perry, The Wallflowers, Lenny Kravitz, etc.

Also, Pepper Mashay's song "Lost Yo Mind" hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts in December 2006.

*Gabriel Mann (2003 Overall Grand Prize winner - USA Songwriting Competition) will be performing at the Academy Awards (Oscars) on February 26, 2007. Radio & Records named Gabriel one of their "Artists to Watch for 2005," and he's one of Music Connection's top 100 Unsigned Artists in Los Angeles.

*David Thiele (2003 Finalist) has been signed to New Land Music (record label).

*Marcy Marxer & Cathy Fink (2005 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize winner - Children's music catgeory) will be the featured panelists along with famous songwriters such as Paul Williams, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at the ASCAP Songwriters EXPO in Los Angeles, CA on April 19-21. Marcy Marxer & Cathy Fink won a Grammy award with the album in 2005 and 2006 (Children's music category).

*Aruna Sutra has (2004 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize Winner, Pop Category) hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts. Her song "I Got Nerve," is featured on the chart-busting Hannah Montana soundtrack, which hit the number one slot in the Billboard 200 Album Charts on November 11, 2006, selling 281,000 copies at that time. Additionally, "I Got Nerve" made its Billboard Hot 100 singles chart debut taking the following chart at #67.

*Darrell Scott's song "Good Ol USA" (2005 1st prize winner of the country category) was recorded by Faith Hill in her new album "Fireflies", the song was renamed "We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove" on Faith Hill's new album. The album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts and has sold over 2 million copies. The album is available in all record stores worldwide.

~Were you a past winner or finalist of the USA Songwriting Competition and have some interesting news on yourself? If so, please e-mail us at: info@songwriting.net

For complete winners of the 2006 Competition, please go to: http://www.songwriting.net/winners.html



USA Songwriting Competition will present a showcase during SXSW 2007 (South By South West) in Austin, TX on Friday March 16, 2007, 7pm to 10pm. South By South West is the largest musician conference in the USA.
Austin Borders, 4477 S. Lamar, Austin, TX, Tel: (512) 891-8974, FREE admission, no SXSW Badges needed.
Artists/Songwriters to appear:
~Kimberly Bass (2006 1st Prize - Gospel)
~Vic Moraga (2006 1st Prize - Children's Music)
~Eric Colville (2006 Honorable Mention Award)
~Chris Volpe (2006 Honorable Mention Award)
~Tom Sharpe (2002 Finalist)

~~We need an Austin based singer-songwriter/artist for 1 last slot of our showcase in Austin. If you are based in Austin, please e-mail us at: info@songwriting.net


USA Songwriting Competition will present a showcase at the world renowned "Bluebird Café" in Nashville
Wednesday May 9, 2007 6pm - 8pm
Bluebird Café, 4104 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215-2700, Tel: (615) 383-1461 (alcohol & food are served, reservations are accepted).
~Artists/Songwriters to appear:
Victoria Banks (2006 1st Prize - Country)
Tim Mathews (2006 Honorable Mention Award)
Cory Batten (2006 Honorable Mention Award)
Mary Danna (2006 Honorable Mention Award)

Katie Miner (2006 Honorable Mention Award)
Treva Blomquist (2006 Honorable Mention Award)
Jen Foster (2005 1st Prize - Gospel)
Zane Williams (2006 & 2005 Finalist)

"NEW MUSIC NOW Vol 4" - THE USA SONGWRITING COMPETITION COMPILATION CD sponsored by SUPERDUPS.COM. USA Songwriting Competition's CD Compilation will be out in March '07. It includes the top winners such as Vikki Simpson, The Waifs, Victoria Banks, Kimberly Bass, Jordan Zevon and more. Vol 1, 2 and 3 have been released to the music industry representatives.

You can now purchase our cool USA Songwriting Competition T-shirts, Hats & other stuff online:

*** WINNERS OF 3rd Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) OUT

Fertitta and McClintock - Do You Run

Fertitta and McClintock - Do You Run

Judith de los Santos – Everything

Jon Troast - Knock Down

Mistin - Down That Road

1st Prize: The Trapps - Alright Now
Runner-up: Natascha Sohl – Afterglow

Eric Roberts & Robert Weinstein – Snow

Jon Black - My Days Are Numbered

Betsy Foster - Mark's Song

For entire list of winners, please go to:

*** Three Tips to Market Your Songs More Effectively, By Jeri Goldstein
Copyright 2006 The New Music Times, Inc.

    Is your website serving your song writing business? As a songwriter, you may need to be a little more creative in the manner in which you promote your songs, beginning with how you list them on your website. Most songwriters who have recorded their songs, will list their songs as they appear on their recordings, in numbered order, by name with the running time. They will also include the writers, publisher, performing rights organization, (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN). There will also be some method to sample the song either partially or in its entirety. But now, let’s consider this list from the prospective licensee, recording artist, label or publisher.

1. Promote the fact that your songs are available for licensing. Most writers are simply assuming that because they have these songs on their website, and they are a songwriter, that people will know they are available for licensing and re-recording by other artists, for film, TV or other uses. Create a page that specifically states the facts and targets the type of end users with whom you are interested in dealing.

2. Organize your music by categories. By taking the time to go through all your songs and list them according to categories, you help a prospective end user see the types of songs you write more quickly. For instance, if someone is looking for a love song, or a ballad, or a political song, they can get to it more quickly. I would also include the song’s style as well as the song’s tempo. It is unlikely they’ll stay on the site and listen to all of the songs hoping you might have what they need if they are not categorized. This process makes your songwriting site more user-friendly and makes a statement that you are ready to do business.

3. Finally, if you are interested in writing for specific purposes, events or people, state that directly on the page. You might include a statement such as, Available to write original songs for film, TV projects and recording artists looking for new material. Sometimes it takes simply stating the facts to make prospective users aware of your skills and availability. If they hadn’t considered you for the project before, this statement plants the seeds in their mind. And, make sure the appropriate contact information is clearly and easily accessible.

Organize your website to sell your songs. Let your website market your songs for you by using these techniques to clearly state that your songs are available for use. Good luck and happy deal-making.

Jeri Goldstein is the author of, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent The Musician's & Performing Artist's Guide To Successful Touring 2nd Edition UPDATED. She had been an agent and artist's manager for 20 years as well as a BMI Publisher. Currently she consults with artists, agents and managers through her consultation program Manager-In-A-Box and presents The Performing Biz, seminars and workshops. Jeri has released a 3-hour seminar on CD-ROM, Marketing Your Act. Her book, CD-ROM and information about her other programs are available at http://www.performingbiz.com or phone (434) 591-1335 or email:  jg@performingbiz.com


2007 ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO is set for April 19-21, Los Angeles

NAMM Show, Anahiem, CA: Jan 18 - 21, 2007

MIDEM, Cannes, France: January 21 - 25, 2007

Canadian Music Week, Toronto, Canada: March 7 - 10, 2007

Paul Reisler¹s Songcamps 2007
June 19-24, 6 day Blue Ridge Songwriters Retreat € Charlottesville, VA

July 27- August 1, Hollyhock Songwriting Workshop€ Cortes Island, BC

August 13-16, Rocky Mtn. Folks Song School € Lyons, CO

XM Radio - XMU/The R.A.D.A.R. Report, airing Thursday 9pm USA eastern time

Indie911 Radio & Podcast

WNCW - Isothermal College
PO Box 804, Spindale, NC 28160
PH: 828-287-8000 x349 FX: 828-287-8012
Martin Anderson marting@wncw.org 
We're always looking for new Americana, Rock, Singer/Songwriter and World music to play.

WOJB - Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa College
13386 W. Trepania Rd. Hayward, WI 54843
PH: 715-634-2100 FX: 715-634-4070
Nicky Kellar programdirector@wojb.org 
We're one of the most diverse and popular stations in Wisconsin.

SirenFM - University of Lincoln
Imanuel Votteler mad_hatter@blueyonder.co.uk  
I produce 3 radio shows on the Uni's radio station. I'm looking for anyone to help us to promote new music. If you are an artist you could send us CDs, t-shirts and posters ...that sort of thing - as we can use them for give-aways to promote you and your music. If you work for a record label, perhaps you could send us some stuff which we could use to promote your artists.

WTLC Radio
Box 20205, Springfield, IL 62708
PH: 217-306-2592 FX: 217-585-1534
Don Hunt don@wtlcradio.com
We only play Christian indie music and programs. We are looking for Christian indie artists to submit completed works for consideration of airplay.

Unsigned Underground
230 S. Main St., Newtown, CT 06470
PH: 203-426-2030 FX: 203-426-2036
Darryl Gregory info@unsignedunderground.net
This show is broadcast on WVOF 88.5 Fairfield University, Weds. 4PM to 6PM EST and a Podcast that features independent CDs and interviews with artists. Great free exposure!

KRCK-FM 97.7
73-733 Fred Waring Dr. #201, Palm Desert, CA 92260
PH: 760-341-0123 FX: 760-341-7455
The Big KC kc@krck.com
KRCK supports local talent and encourages independent artists. Rock & Alternative format.

Hartwick College, 1 Hartwick Dr. Oneonta, NY, 13820O
PH: 607-431-4555 FX: 607-431-4064
Alex Cameron wrho@hartwick.edu 
Please send us your promo CDs. We play all genres of music, however we tend to lack in the Folk/Country/Jazz/Blues/ Classical/Spoken Word genres - so more of those genres would be greatly appreciated!

4414 Lafayette Blvd. Ste #100, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
PH: 540-891-9696 FX: 540-891-1656
Stephanie Taylor staylor@thunder1045.com
A mainstream Country station that mixes in Americana and Southern Rock. We air a two hour Americana/Bluegrass/Texas Country show on Sunday nights that incorporates independent artists.

*The list of radio stations are brought to you by INDIE BIBLE. You can find the Indie Bible in these stores: Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble, Sam Ash, Virgin Records, Tower Records and Mars Music.


Music Marketplace - A network of musicians and website owners who wish to sell the music of iJamr's musicians via " iJamr Music Grids "


*AirplayOnly.com - available to Program Directors, Music Directors, Syndicate Radio, and Internet radio. Radio airplay is tracking using the STS technology. AirplayOnly is the music industry’s answer for fast, secure music delivery, enabling registered industry professionals, records labels, artist/bands to get their promotional music directly to radio as broadcast quality digital files. Airplay Only is a complimentary service to radio stations from a trusted name in radio airplay tracking...STS

*The Music Broker - We pitch unsigned talent to Record Companies, Music Publishers and Film/TV studios. We represent only the best songwriters/artists we can find, wherever they are in the world and whatever style of music they write. http://www.TheMusicBroker.net 

*New Music Weekly

*Loggins Radio Promotion

*Hal Leonard



*Livewire Contacts

*IK Multimedia

*Onlinegigs - Onlinegigs Version 4 fully automates the booking and promotional process for bands, booking agents, record companies and music managers. Onlinegigs will do it all for you, from finding the right venue to automatically reminding your fans about upcoming performances right on their cell phones.

Happy Valentine's Day and Sweetest Regards to all,

....Jessica Brandon, Artist Relations ~~

Child Alert Foundation

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