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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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October 27, 2007
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More Country  News

Trisha Yearwood


If you haven't already, go to TrishaYearwood.com to order your copy of the new album Heaven, Heartache & the Power of Love! Every 10th CD will be Signed by Trisha!
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Look for Trisha to sing the National Anthem at World Series Game 4 on Sunday night.


For the first time ever, in conjunction with the on-air album premiere special for the November 13th release of Trisha Yearwood's Big Machine debut collection Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love, country radio stations will be offered a live concert stream for their websites. Housed on a widget being dubbed 'The Trisha Yearwood Online Player', the live concert takes place on November 13th at 7:00pm CT from Nashville's Music Row. more



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Cover Story— Putting Family First
How do Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith and others balance home life and music?
Stars Come Out for CMA Awards Show
Here are just some of the stars performing on the CMA Awards telecast, Nov. 7.
Karen Fairchild: Making Herself Heard
Little Big Town’s Karen talks about building a career—and a home.
Tracy Lawrence
Tracy Lawrence’s work with homeless puts his heart—and turkeys—on the line.
Souvenirs of Marty
Marty Robbins lives on at a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.


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Gibson Guitar New Musician Award Winner To Perform

At The Star-Studded New Music Awards Ceremony


October 26, 2007 - Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. -  Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Olivea Watson breaks into NMW's Coveted Top 40 Main Chart with her sultry hit single "Let Go" at #38. "Let Go" has been clawing its way up the Top 40 Top 30 Indie Chart to #5 and the AC Main Chart at #26, as well as the Top College Chart at #23.


The exciting accolades keep coming for Olivea Watson (www.olivea.com), who released her independent debut album Way Down Deep in September. In early October, she won the prestigious Gibson Guitar New Musician Award and now the New Music Awards has just nominated her for AC Breakthrough Artist Of The Year.


Watson and her band The Unsung Heroes will be performing at the awards ceremony, which is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 10 at the Avalon Hollywood, located at 1735 Vine Street in Hollywood.


Recognized worldwide as "new music's biggest night," the New Music Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement for all music artists, musicians, radio programmers, music directors, radio stations and industry executives who work in America's most popular music genre.


The week after Watson received the Gibson honor at HATCHfest in Bozeman, Montana-where she and her band performed on October 5-the singer hosted a special musical event at The Mint in L.A. to raise local awareness of War Child International, a network of independent organizations engaged in a global effort to help children affected by war in various regions.


The October 11 show doubled as the official record release party forWay Down Deep, which was released by Ramblin' Rose Records , with distribution by Burnside. Watson and her band played an incredible set for an enthusiastic crowd that included numerous music industry tastemakers.


Vote for Watson simply by going here  www.newmusicawards.com. You can view more information about Watson and her upcoming dates at www.oliveawatson.com


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New Book Hits The Street

Our brand new book, "Tradin' Tales, Stories from a Montana Back Porch" is finally in from the printer.
We're really proud of it.

Here's the place to go to get the whole scoop and to listen to one of the chapters.

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SongU.com News: Why Write Songs?

This week's quotes:
"WOW...I'm so thrilled with SongU.com and so happy to have the opportunity to pitch songs and get to know other members. This is too cool! It motivates me to write more. Thank you so much. - quote submitted on 10/24 by SongU.com member, Gerri R, AL

Hi everyone,

Hope you've had a great week. I recently attended the ASCAP Country Awards and the Nashville Songwriters Foundation Hall Of Fame Dinner, so I thought I'd take a moment to pass along some reflections about songwriting and relationships in the music business. Also, we had a great response to our recent SPOOKY promotion, so I wanted to let you know that it's been extended. You now have until October 31st to take advantage of this offer. Just sign up as a quarterly member at SongU.com and you'll get your first three months of SongU.com courses, coaching and pitching opportunities for only $50 (recurs at the regular rate of $75/quarter). As an extra signup bonus, you'll also receive a licensed version of Virtual Studio Systems Lyricist Software (a $50 value itself). Psst...sign up by Sunday, October 28th and we'll throw in a complimentary song evaluation from our award-winning coaching staff. Just use redemption code SPOOKY when you sign up at www.SongU.com.

Awards Show Roundup: Why Write Songs?
Hit songwriter, Don Schlitz ("The Gambler"), remarked when receiving his lifetime achievement award on Monday night there really is only one reason to "stay with it" -- and it's not the money or the fame. He continued on to say that if you chase the money, you'll likely be disappointed since you probably won't ever become rich doing it. And if you chase the fame, it's the same deal. You're equally likely to be disappointed because sadly, most people don't even know the names of the songwriters. So you'll only become relatively well-known in a very small circle. You write for the joy of writing songs and expressing yourself in a way that you hope touches other people. In other words, there is simply one reason to keep doing it -- because you love it and you can't "not" do it.

And so it is that every year, a new "class" arrives in a music center all chasing the same dream. Our "class" arrived in Nashville within a couple years of each other back in the early 90's. We met at writer's nights, through mutual friends, songwriting events, or just around town. We were all nobodies to the music business but we quickly became somebodies to each other. Through the years, we've been through ups and downs together, winning awards and being out of jobs, falling in love, out of love, the birth of children and the death of loved ones. And no, not everyone stayed around. Many left. Some went home to live by their family. Others took better paying jobs out of state. One became a Rabbi while another a Minister. Everyone found their own path and chose what was right for them. And after this many years, for those of us who stayed because we couldn't "not stay", we know that each of us is only one phone call away from having a great year or one phone call away from being out of job.

So when I looked around and talked to people on Sunday and Monday, I not only saw hit songwriters and industry professionals. I saw my "class". And it reinforced the notion that this is a business of both songs and relationships. For example, I wasn't just talking to Clay Mills, hit songwriter ("Beautiful Mess") and the writer who currently has two singles climbing the charts. I was talking to the guy whose girlfriend, Carrie, became friends with my wife Sara, when they were both in a Sheila Davis lyric writing class in NY when we all still lived up north. It's the guy who moved to Nashville about a year after we did, and for whose wedding Sara was a bridesmaid. It's the guy whose crappy Buick I drove back from the hospital the day his wife, Carrie, gave birth to their son, Garrett (now 11)...you couldn't take your foot off the gas or the car would stall out, so at the stop lights I had to keep one foot on the gas and the other on the brake ;-)

And when Georgia Middleman was on stage with Dave Berg at the Ryman on Monday night at the ASCAP Awards helping him perform his song nominated for Song Of The Year ("If You're Going Through Hell"), it wasn't just the singer/songwriter, Georgia Middleman, who has a cut on Faith Hill's latest album or the successful recording artist. It's Georgia, who volunteered for Sara when Sara was membership director at NSAI. It's the Georgia whose gigs we went to numerous writers nights and shared many dinners with. It's someone who we talked to on the phone after every publisher meeting either of us had to share what happened when we were hunting for staff deals. It's the girl who was at our house writing the day she got the call that she was offered a major label record deal and whom we celebrated with Papa John's pizza and cheap champagne. And it was the same Georgia who sat around the ASCAP Country Workshop table with several others from our "class" about 5 years after we moved to town, as we all wondered what the heck we had to do to make something "happen". Incidentally, that ASCAP workshop included other peers and friends that moved to town around the same time as us like hit writers Rory Lee (now President of GiantSlayer Records) and Carolyn Dawn Johnson (also a major label recording artist) and Holly Lamar ("Breathe)" among others.

So when Dave Berg walked up to receive the NSAI Songwriter of The Year Award on Sunday and then the ASCAP Song of The Year Award on Monday, it wasn't just the "hit songwriter" whose career is on fire this year. It's the rocker guy from Portland, Oregon who hung out with us and Georgia and played on some of our Bluebird shows. It's the guy who sang on some of my rock/alternative demos. It's the guy who I was writing with at Starstruck Entertainment (Reba's company) on an infamous March day in 1998 when a tornado rolled through downtown Nashville and knocked out power everywhere, including our building -- we didn't need electricity since the writer's room had a grand piano and Dave had a guitar...so we just kept writing until it started getting dark. And it's now the guy whom I told the Wall Street Journal to call when they were interviewing me this past summer for an article about breaking into the music business as a songwriter.

So here's the thing -- this is not only a business of music and songs, but of relationships. You never know where these relationships will come from, where they will lead you, or how long they will take to nurture. Setting a timetable is is not practical or possible. There are those who say that you have to move to a music center in order to make it "happen". And maybe before cell phones and the Internet and email, IM's and MySpace, this was true. But today, without a doubt you can work on your career and develop those relationships from wherever in the world you live. Heck, Sara co-wrote a book with hit Urban songwriter, Jack Knight and worked out a contract without ever having met Jack, his lawyer, or her lawyer face-to-face (we actually bumped into Sara's lawyer for the first time at the ASCAP after-party). And yes, you can also write a song this way. Just ask member, Barb M., from Canada who recently celebrated her first cut on a song she co-wrote with Mitch T. from Knoxville, TN. They were initially hooked up during one of our song challenges. Or ask Jim S. (PA) who has formed lasting business and writing relationships with other members from around the country, including snaring a couple of major label holds. It still takes time to make it "happen" simply because it takes time to develop and perfect your craft as a songwriter and nurture those relationships you have started. And whether or not you keep at it for whatever time it takes still ultimately all comes back to what Don Schlitz said --- there is only one reason to "stay with it" -- because you love it and you can't "not" do it.

Hope to see you "on campus" sometime soon ;-)

Best wishes,

Danny Arena
Courses, Coaching, Connections

We had several requests to extend our recent promotion from those who didn't make the deadline. So you now have until October 31st to take advantage of this offer. Just sign up as a quarterly member before October 31st and you'll get your first three months of SongU.com courses, coaching and pitching opportunities for only $50 (recurs at the regular rate of $75/quarter). As an extra signup bonus, you'll also receive a licensed version of Virtual Studio Systems Lyricist Software (a $50 value itself). Psst...sign up by Sunday, October 28th and we'll throw in a complimentary song evaluation from our award-winning coaching staff. Just use redemption code SPOOKY when you sign up at www.SongU.com.

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Sara Evans New CD

Sara Evans is one America's major stars on the country music scene. After 5 albums it's time for a greatest hits! All the favorites are there plus 4 new tracks. The first single "as if" is at radio now.

Listen to Samples  
1. As If Listen
2. Born To Fly Listen
3. I Could Not Ask For More Listen
4. Perfect Listen
5. Cheatin' Listen
6. Suds In the Bucket Listen
7. Saints & Angels Listen
8. You'll Always Be My Baby Listen
9. I Keep Looking Listen
10. No Place That Far Listen
11. a Real Fine Place To Start Listen
12. Love You With All My Heart Listen
13. Pray For You Listen
14. Some Things Never Change Listen

Buy Sara Evans' Greatest Hits Here


Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. Announces DJ Hall of Fame and Radio Hall of Fame Inductees

Jeff Walker - AristoMedia - 615.269.7071 - jwalker@aristomedia.com
Ed Salamon - CRB - 615.327.4487 - ed_salamon@crb.org

Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. Announces DJ Hall of Fame and Radio Hall of Fame Inductees

(Nashville, Tennessee - October 22nd, 2007) The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. has announced this year's Country Music DJ Hall of Fame and Country Music Radio Hall of Fame Inductees. Bill Cody and Bob Robbins will be inducted into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame. Jaye Albright, Bobby Kraig, and Michael Owens are to be inducted into the Country Music Radio Hall of Fame. "Part of the criteria for induction to the Country DJ and Radio Hall of Fame is making a significant contribution to the country radio industry. Each of our 2008 inductees not only meet that criteria, but have exceeded it. This year’s class is a who’s who of difference makers. On behalf of the HoF selection committee, and the CRB Board of Directors, I’m honored to not only congratulate each inductee, but welcome them to their rightful place in the Hall of Fame," stated R.J. Curtis of Radio and Records and Chairman of the Country DJ and Radio Hall of Fame Committee. The honorees are to be inducted into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame and Country Radio Hall of Fame during a dinner ceremony on Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 at the Nashville Convention Center.

The Country Music DJ Hall of Fame (founded 1974) is dedicated to the recognition of those individuals who have made significant contributions to the country radio industry over a twenty five year period. Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. is proud to be the trustee of the institution. Criteria for the Radio Hall of Fame (founded in 2000) is similar to the DJ Hall of Fame in that it requires the nominee's Radio career be over a 25 year span.

Tickets are currently only available to invited guests of inductees, sponsors, and Country Radio Seminar registrants. Interested parties may contact the CRB office at 615-327-4487 for updated ticket information and availability.


Country Music DJ Hall of Fame Inductees:
Bill Cody, WSM-AM Disc Jockey and Grand Ole Opry member, is recognized as one of the most familiar voices and faces in the industry. He began his career in Country radio at WLBN (Lebanon, KY) in 1971. Six years later, he accepted an air personality position at Contemporary formatted WVLK (Lexington, KY). Two years later, he joined WHAS (Louisville, KY). In 1985, he returned to the Country music format and became morning air personality at Country station WCII (Louisville, KY), but that same year moved to WHOO-FM (Orlando, FL) in a similar capacity. In 1987, he took on a position at KKYX-AM (San Antonio TX). He joined WSM-AM (Nashville, TN) in 1994, and from 1996-2000 served with WSM-FM (Nashville, TN). He hosted WSM’s 75th Annual birthday coverage from the Ryman Auditorium interviewing President George W. Bush and his father former President George Bush. He emceed the 2001 Country Music DJ and Radio Hall of Fame induction dinner and is known as host of Jones Radio Network's GAC’s Classic Country Weekend With Bill Cody and Great American Country’s two hour daily show GAC Classics.

Bob Robbins has been recognized as the number one disc jockey in Little Rock for over 20 years, leading his station to win a number of industry awards. His career started in Little Rock at Top 40 powerhouse KAAY (Little Rock, AR) in 1967. He moved to KSSN-FM (Little Rock, AR) at the station’s inception in 1979 and was named CMA Broadcast Personality of the Year in 1996. KSSN-FM’s awards include: 1990 NAB Marconi Award (Best Medium Market Station), 1990 Arkansas Broadcasters’ Association Most Admired Station, 1991 Billboard Country Radio Station of the Year, 1991 CMA Station of the Year, and 1996 NAB Marconi Award (Medium Market Station of the Year). He remains at KSSN-FM (Little Rock, AR) as morning air personality

Country Radio Hall of Fame Inductees:
Jaye Albright has consulted hundreds of Country radio stations and broadcast companies throughout the United States and Canada. She won her first award in 1964 as Production Director of WCUE (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) for one of the Ten Best Local Commercials in America as determined by the Radio Advertising Bureau. After a career in local radio which included two years as Program Director of KHOS (Tucson, AZ), three years as morning personality and Operations Manager at KUZZ/KUXX (Bakersfield CA), and a year as morning personality and Program Director for KEEN (San Jose, CA) she became National Programming Consultant for Drake-Chenault Enterprises. In 1984, she returned to local radio as Program Director of KMPS (Seattle, WA). She has served on the Country Radio Broadcasters’ Board of Directors and the Country Radio Seminar Agenda Committee as well as the Country Music Association Board of Directors. Jaye is partner in Albright & O’Malley Country Consulting/RadioIQ.

Bobby Kraig was an integral part of building one of America’s most successful Country radio stations, KPLX (Dallas, TX). Under his leadership, it dominated in ratings and industry awards and at one point was the most listened to Country station in America. He attended Brown Institute of Broadcasting in 1971-1972. While working at a pirate radio station in St. Paul, MN, he began his Country career at WHSM (Hayward,WI). After two years he moved to WCCM (Brazil, IN). In 1973, he played the first Country record at WTHI (Terre Haute, IN) where he stayed for four years. In 1977, he became morning air personality and Program Director at WONE (Dayton, OH) and in 1979 returned to WTHI. He became Program Director of KPLX (Dallas, TX) and held that position until 1993. During that time he was awarded Program Director of The Year by Billboard Magazine in 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991. In 1990, he received the same award from the Country Music Association. He left radio to join Arista Nashville in 1993 and under his leadership, Arista Nashville was named Country Music Label of the Year several times by various trade publications and he was named Promotion Executive of the Year. Due to health reasons, Bobby stepped down as VP/Promotion in 2005.

Michael Owens was General Manager of Country station KNIX, which was consistently number one in the Phoenix market and won many prestigious awards including honors from the Country Music Association, The Academy of Country Music, Billboard Magazine, and the Marconi Award for excellence in broadcasting. His Country radio career started in 1965 as a janitor and weekend announcer. Two years later he was a fulltime announcer. From 1969 to 1974, he was Associate Producer for a syndicated Country television show. In 1974, he became General Manager of KUZZ/KZIN/KKXX (Bakersfield, CA). From 1978 through 1999, Owens was Vice President/General Manager for Owens Broadcasting Company, a company which included KNIX radio and was founded by his father, Buck Owens. He started a a monthly publication, Country Spirit, and launched the Real Country satellite radio network, which at one time had more than 160 affiliate stations. Michael is still part owner of KUZZ and KCWR in Bakersfield.


The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 to bring radio broadcasters from around the world together with the Country Music industry for the purpose of ensuring the continued vitality of the Country Radio format. They do this by idea sharing and education through an annual convention called the Country Radio Seminar. Complete seminar registration and hotel information may be obtained by contacting CRB, Inc. at 615-327-4487 or by visiting www.crb.org. On site registration is now available. Country Radio Seminar is a registered trademark of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. Early bird registration is available online at http://www.crb.org or by contacting the Country Radio Broadcasters offices at 615-327-4487.

March 5-7, 2008
Nashville Convention Center
601 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203
Country Radio Seminar is a registered trademark of the County Radio Broadcasters, Inc.


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5th Annual Fox Mountain Country Music Festival, July 31-Aug. 1-2-3, 2008

October 25th, 2007
6128 Aylesford Road, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0P 1C0 
Phone: 902 847 3747
(Near Berwick, in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada)  

Hello Friends:

First off, I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer doing the things that you like to do best. For those who attended the 4th Annual Fox Mountain Country Music Festival, thank you so much. I want you to know that I understand what it means to build loyal, lifelong supporters.

Secondly, I want to say a big get well to Joe Mailman who has been recuperating from operations from his third bout of cancer. Joe has been my webmaster for my personal web site (www.joyceseamone.com) for many years. When I was asked to be host for the Fox Mountain Country Music Festival, I knew it too, should have a website. Joe did another fantastic job of setting it up. Later, I was talking with Darrell Frail who thought he should have a website for his Fox Mountain Bluegrass Festival and was looking for someone. I told him that Joe was the man for the job, one of the best in the business, and I suggested Darrell should get him. I like to think of it this way. Joe amalgamated three into one. If you go to www.foxmountaincampingpark.com  you can then access three different icons. One is information about the park itself, one for the bluegrass festival and one for the country music festival. Due to Joe’s operations, I got a bit behind with getting the pictures up on the site, from the Aug. 4th, 2007, annual country music festival. A friend of Joe’s came to his aid while Joe is recuperating and things are back on track for me. 

In regards to the festival, I can’t believe that 4 years are already behind us and that next year is our 5th Anniversary. The park owner lets me take control, grab the reigns and run at break neck speed. I know what I want and I'm inspired to make the festival one that will leave its mark. I manage the music and promote the festival which runs four days. I try to be responsible, strive for excellence and become a role model. I live with a challenge 24/7, 365 days of the year and sell a love of what I'm doing as much as selling the festival itself. I associate myself with a staff of great people to get the job done. Go to www.foxmountaincampingpark.com/countrymusic.htm and find the yellow 2007 banner. This will take you to pictures from this year’s festival and who knows, you just might see yourself or someone that you know.

I have a great percent of the line-up booked for 2008 so watch for information in future newsletters. I remind you that if you want to purchase advance tickets, they are available now by calling 902-847-2747 or 902-543-5053. Aside from buying them for yourself, they make great birthday, anniversary, and of course Christmas gifts.

Until next time, my personal thought for today is: A smile is worth a million musical notes. You can’t put a price on a smile

Keeping It Country: Joyce Seamone, Festival Organizer


Nashville Nightlife Internet Radio Station
I have just added new songs to the Nashville Nightlife Radio Show and/or radio liners by Erin Hay, Peggy Lynn, Desi Hickman, Joni Compretta, Mr. B (Norway), Dani Ashworth, Lynn Chisholm, B. Thomas and other artist I have produced or that I am working with or who have cut my songs etc! - ATTN: Artists - If I have skipped adding you on some song just E Mail me and I will add it if it is something I have worked with you on, wrote or leased you a track Etc! I use this radio station to promote artist I work with so please understand the purpose behind it and why I am not adding everyone.  Lonnie

New Adds in "Red"
 Eric Richard - Hello Providence
Britni Hendrickson - Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
Bengt Pedersen. - It's All Uphill
Lynn Chisholm - Wild Mountain Thyme
Craig Morgan - International Harvester
Erin Hay - Bad Luck - Honky Tonk Heaven
Tim Chesney - In Slow Motion
Susie Hopman - Radio Heart
Susie Hopman - The Night Has No Mercy
Kenny Nash - Guilty
Doc Wooten - Mary Jo Brown
Tim Chesney - Somewhere North Of Texas
Marty Rainone (Songwriter) - Daddy' Dream
Thornbirds - Long Gone
Dick Damron - Rock A Bye Baby Blues
Peggy Lynn - I Got The Blues Again
Lynn Chisholm - Molly Bawn
Ken Johnson - No Closing Time
Britni Hendrickson - Rocky Top
Joni Compretta - Run That By Me One More Time
Ron Wayne Atwood - My Window Faces The South
Lonnie Joe Howell - Orange Blossom Special
Mike Anderson. - Midnight At The Old Soldiers' Home
Dylan Drake - ALIMONY
Mike Anderson - The Auctioneer
Eric Richard - You're My Song
Marty Raione (Songwriter) - Cry All The Way To Mobile
Ron Wayne Atwood - Blackjack County Chain
Tim. Chesney - Johnny's Afraid
Darren Knight - You Cared Enough To Lie
B. Thomas - Much Too Young
Brit Lyng (Norway) - Silver Threads & Golden Needles
Big-B (Norway) - Gravel Road
Tony "Hobo" Parks - Barroom Blues
David Olney - Queen Anne's Lace
Jo-El Sonnier - We're Here to Stay
Bernie Nelson - Wayne And Wanda's World
Susie Hopman - Somethin's Out There
Britni Hendrickson - Deep Water
Joni Compretta - Only Lonely
Honky Tonk Jukebox Special - Pukin' in the Parking Lot (We Ain't Leavin' Til We're Heavin')
Larry Hubbard - Country Rose
B. Thomas - True Blue Cowboy
Sharon Beavers - I Wanna Do What We Did
Dick Damron (Canada) - All About Love
Britni Hendrickson - Handle With Care
Darren Knight.. - Why Does Love Die In Slow Motion
Dani Ashworth - Last Bus To Dallas
Dick Damron (Canada) - Jesus It's Me Again
Vaughn Lofsted - Ghost Riders
Christy Cornelius - Goodbye Moon
Susie Hopman. - Cowboy Jazz
Jo-El Sonnier - Broken Hearted Side of New Orleans
Dani Ashworth - Anything But Love
Erin Hay - Alone With You
Vaughn Lofstead - Shenandoah
Mike. Anderson - Red River Valley
Bengt Pedersen (Norway) - You Never Know How It's Gonna Go With Love
Joanie Keller - At the Corner of Walk and Don't Walk
Darren Knight - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Joni Compretta - Waitin' For Your Love To Come Around
Tim Chesney. - The Veteran
Sharon Beavers - Hardin County Sky
Floyd Flowers - Overtime
Glenn Warren (Songwriter) - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Perley Curtis - I Just Drove By To See If Things Had Changed
Bengt Pedersen (Norway) - Hey Porter
Mike Anderson - My Heartache Hall Of Fame
Melissa Jones - Who Do You think I Am
Mike Anderson - Midnight At The Old Soldiers' Home
Brant Miller - Impeachment Blues
Dani Ashworth - Sweet Love
Bengt Pedersen. - Down To My Last Quarter
Ronnie Kimball - Hear The Angels Crying
Dick Damron. (Canada) - Tequila Moon
Susie Hopman - Somethin's Out There
Desi Hickman - Nothin' Like A Dream
Ron Wayne Atwood - Blackjack County Chain
Brandie Frampton - Dreams
Honky Tonk Jukebox Special - Coyote Ugly
Mike Lounibos - Planet California
Lynn Chisholm - I Can't Help It
Erin Hay - Star Spangled Banner
Darren Knight - Operator! Operator! (Put Me Through To Decatur)
Joni Compretta - How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
Sharon Beavers - Kentucky Lake
Bengt Pedersen. - Lovin' Arms
Brent McAthey (Canada) - Chevy Blue Eyes
Perley Curtis - Skinny Dipping With Paris Hilton
Bernie Nelson - So Long Buckaroo
Ron Wayne Atwood.. - Oh Susanna
Erin Hay. - In For A Heartache
Mike Anderson. - In The Jailhouse Now
B. Thomas - Rainbow In The Rain
Peggy Lynn - I Got The Blues Again
Lynn Chisholm - May You Never Be Alone
Erin Hay - Take Me Home Country Roads
Merle Haggard - C'Mon Sixty Five
Sonny Marshall - Talkin To The Dog
Thornbirds - Lost Angel's Lullaby
Joni Compretta. - Drift Away
Bernie Nelson (Songwriter) - Only A Flat Tire In The Rain
Erin Hay. - Long Days
Dale Allen - Dreams - (Demo Singer) Kristin Garner
Pat Roden - Somewhere in Kansas
Brit Lyng (Norway) - I've Had It Up To Here
Billy Chernoff - Through Hell With You and Back Again
Erin Hay - Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall)
Mercy Pattawi - Mercy Of You
Peggy Lynn - Fly A Little Closer To The Sun
Pinto Bennett & The Famous Motel Cowboys - Carolina Mornin'
Lynn Chater (Songwriter) - She Walked Beside The Wagon
Joni Compretta - Drift Away
Dale Allen - Hard Liquor And Easy Women
Bernie. Nelson (Songwriter) - I Was Here
Sharon Beavers - Itty Bitty Heartache
Ron Wayne Atwood - Tennessee Whiskey And Crazy Woman
Susie Hopman - Here Comes Trouble
B. Thomas - Did I Open My Eyes
Ray Stevens - Hurricane
Brit Lyng (Norway) - Good Morning Nashville
Dani Ashworth - Last Chance At Love
Tim Chesney. - The Revival
Bengt Pedersen (Norway) - Old Rugged Cross
Ray Barnette - Ghosts
Cheryl K Warner - It's The Way That You Do It
Desi Hickman - Nothin' Like A Dream
Adrian - The River Run
Ronnie Kimball - Goodbye Might Not Be The Thing
Joni Compretta - Long & Restless Nights
Peggy Lynn - Fly A Little Closer To The Sun
Thornbirds - Wayfaring Stranger
Tara Lyn Mohr (Canada) - Fallen Angel

Listeners to Nashville Nightlife around the world
United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
South Africa
New Zealand



Listeners to Nashville Nightlife in the United States

Nashville KY, TN
Tulsa KS, OK
Denver CO, MT, NE, NV, SD, WY
Los Angeles CA
Oklahoma City OK
Burlington - Plattsburgh NH, NY, VT
Philadelphia DE, NJ, PA
Little Rock - Pine Bluff AR
San Antonio TX
Dallas - Fort Worth TX
Boston (Manchester) MA, NH, VT
Orlando - Daytona Beach - Melbourne FL
Portland - Auburn  ME, NH, VT
Cleveland OH
Binghamton NY
Chicago IL, IN
Phoenix AZ, CA
Augusta GA, SC
Greenville - Spartansburg - Asheville - Anderson GA, NC, SC
Fresno - Visalia CA
Raleigh - Durham (Fayetteville) NC, VA
Saint Louis IL, MO
Tampa - Saint Petersburg (Sarasota) FL
La Crosse - Eau Claire MN, WI
New York CT, NJ, NY, PA
Louisville IN, KY
Toledo MI, OH
Tri-Cities, TN-VA KY, TN, VA
San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose CA
Atlanta AL, GA, NC
Dayton IN, OH
Lafayette, LA AL
Detroit MI
Wichita - Hutchinson KS, NE, OK
Columbus, OH
Kansas City KS, MO
Mobile - Pensacola (Fort Walton Beach) AL, FL, MS
Pittsburgh MD, PA, WV
Fargo - Valley City MN, ND
Jonesboro AR
Hartford & New Haven CT
Sherman, TX - Ada, OK, TX
Des Moines - Ames IA, MO
Jacksonville, Brunswick FL, GA
Joplin - Pittsburg KS, MO, OK
Austin, TX

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