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Jan. 28, 2007 Pg. 2

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January 22, 2007

Tippin makes “He Believed” a family affair

NASHVILLE, TN— Aaron Tippin recently released a family inspired single “He Believed” on his new, power-staffed record label, NIPPIT Records, and it is garnering a great response.

The video for “He Believed,” directed by Wes Edwards of award-winning production company Ruckus Film, features Tippin’s son Teddy as a “young Aaron.” Filmed at the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in Sparta, Tenn. on January 16th and 17th, the location was most appropriate for Tippin, a certified pilot.

Tippin wrote “He Believed” shortly after the passing of his father, Willis “Tip” Tippin. Tip died in April 2005 in a car accident in North Carolina. “My dad was the oak tree of the Tippin family,” Tippin commented of his father. “He taught me to ‘stand for something;’ to stand for what I believe in,” Tippin said.

Ruckus also produced recent videos for Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan and Nashville Star Chris Young.

NIPPIT Records welcomes three new additions to the record label staff. Dave Kirth will handle Western promotion, Joe Carroll, the Southeast and Ryan Barnstead, the Midwest. The promotion staff can be reached at the following email addresses: Ryan Barnstead at barnstead@hotmail.com, Joe Carroll at joe.carroll@adelphia.net and Dave Kirth at manonamic@aol.com
AaronTippin-NowAndThen.jpg (5926 bytes)Now & Then (2006) Media Contacts:
WebsterAssocLogo.jpg (3750 bytes)
Webster & Associates Public Relations
Kirt Webster – kirt@websterpr.com
or Ebie McFarland – ebie@websterpr.com


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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
bw.jpg (7005 bytes)"When the river's runnin' gray, on a dark and cloudy day,
And the winds that bring October
Make the weeds and reeds and cattails sway..."

We write more songs during the remnants of the year…
when emotions are nearer to the surface,
the past is just over our shoulder,
and old voices whisper in our ear.

Listen to the song here: http://www.kokosuniverse.com/avi/jm/wma/blues_rain.htm
by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan on STARDUST RECORDS.

DJ's who would like an mp3, please email us: CD@jackandmisty.com
© Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI)

A review by Dan Michel
DJ and Program Director WPMB and WKRV-FM, Vandalia, Illinois...

You swear you've heard that song before...But you don't know when or where. Was it in a movie?...Was it in a Broadway musical?... It's instant familiarity the first time you hear it. One thing you'll know for sure when you hear "Blues Come In From The Rain" is that it's Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan doing the singing.

I don't know when Jack Blanchard wrote this song, but it has a kind of timeless quality about it...brilliant lyrics...a sweet melody... and an easy mid-tempo pace that'll make you want to sing along. It's the classic tale of a love gone wrong and the regrets that follow... A theme that has been in used again and again in country and pop music... But it's so much more well done when it's written by a master songwriter, and performed by a duo that put it all on the line when they record a song.

I've listened to it three more times as I've written these words... But it's more fun if you listen for yourself... Check out Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan's "Blues Come In From The Rain"... I think it'll be easy to hear that this song is a winner.

Click here to listen

Thanks again, Dan!
Jack & Misty

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


It’s harder to write songs under pressure. At least for me.

When Misty and I were flying high on major labels, and having to plan a recording session every couple of months, the pressure was on us to come up with four or five songs that were not only damn good, but, more importantly, were different. Different enough to grab the public attention span.

If we didn’t, we would be at the mercy of the corporate guys who would descend upon us with songs written by themselves or their uncle and lots of ideas for improving our “product”.

I’ve long resented the term “product” as applied to the music we work so hard at.

Misty and I always recorded four or five songs in a three-hour session, and kept the suits at bay by writing 99% of them. We occasionally picked an outside song, before they got a chance to do it for us.

Having to come up with so many special songs, so often was a constant pressure, because being a major label artist with hits
isn’t a condition that’s easy to maintain. Hit a slump and you’re back working at Burger King.

There is little or no security for musicians at the top, This can bring on writer’s block. It may be a form of a musical death wish,
when the stress level gets way up the scale, and you almost don’t care anymore.

When the deadlines approached, I would start writing fast. Sometimes in the bus on the way to Nashville, or in the motel room before a session. There is a power that takes over when it’s sink or swim. I felt as though my feet were up in stirrups, and somebody was telling me to breathe and push.

Somehow my song babies turned out okay, and still call me once in a while.

Jack Blanchard
© 2006.


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Stardust Records

TroyCook.jpg (6104 bytes)TROY COOK, JR. SINGS
"Forgive me Darlin"

Congratulations to Troy as his previous release "Plain and Simple Country" on Stardust went #1 in Europe on the ECMA Charts!

Troy Cook, Jr. will also be attending the:

JamboreeByLakeLogo.jpg (4867 bytes)
August 31, September 1 & 2, 2007!

All artists on Stardust Records is promoted by Barbara Doss Promotions

The Stardust Family
Working hard for the independent artist!


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News Release on Toast 8

Toast 8 Titanium Awarded Best of Show at Macworld Expo Latest Honor Adds to Long List of Prestigious Wins for Roxio’s Mac Product Line Santa Clara, California, (January 16, 2007)—Roxio®, a division of Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC), the leader in digital media software, today announced it has been awarded Best of Show at Macworld for Toast ® 8 Titanium, the newest addition to its Mac consumer software line. The win for Toast 8, which offers a range of unique features and ground-breaking platform firsts, marks the third time in the past four years Roxio’s products have taken home the coveted prize. In what Macworld editors describe as one of the strongest shows for new and innovative products in recent years, Toast 8 was one of only 11 products recognized. “With many highly anticipated and desirable platform firsts, Toast 8 once again sets the standard for burning on the Mac,” Jim Dalrymple, news director, MacCentral.com. Toast 8 also garnered Best of Show from iLounge.com, the leading independent web site for iPod, iTunes, and iPhone information. iLounge awarded Best of Show to only 10 products this year, but recognized Toast 8 as an especially impressive software release.

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Bridgeworks by Bill LIttleton

Happy Middle Of January!!! The new issue is up on the website. It was all ready to mail when I learned that my pal Doyle Holly had died; we'll have a spot for him in February, if I can decide which story to tell!! Early feedback might be a harbinger of getting somewhere with our long-running suggestion to induct Stephen Foster in the Country Music Hall of Fame; maybe I've finally found a way to say it poetically!

Keep us posted,
There's always a chair with your name on it at Uncle Willam's Place http://www.unclewillamsplace.com
And it ALWAYS comes down to the music: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=102341

Cadillac Sky Newest Stars On Bluegrass Horizon

Skaggs Family Records Debut CD Blind Man Walking Hits Stores Today (Jan. 23)

cadillac_sky.jpg (11431 bytes)Nashville, Tenn.—Cadillac Sky transcends tradition by infusing their progressive brand of bluegrass with groundbreaking originality and an insatiable musical curiosity. The band’s new Skaggs Family Records CD Blind Man Walking lands in stores on Jan. 23. The album features the virtuoso picking and singing you’d expect from a band made up of two national champion pickers, a respected guitar veteran, an upright bass phenomenon, and an award winning songwriter. A little more unexpected is the thematic range of the record that plays like a good novel with climactic moments and emotional highs and lows.

Cadillac Sky’s music is fueled by chemistry—a chain reaction transpires when Bryan Simpson (mandolin, vocals), Matt Menefee (banjo), Mike Jump (guitar, vocals), Ross Holmes (fiddle, vocals), and Andy Moritz (bass, vocals) come together to play music. The results are explosive.

One of Cadillac Sky’s secret weapons is their ace songwriting skill. Simpson has written tunes for George Strait, Martina McBride and Gretchen Wilson. He’s had cuts with Kenny Rogers, Jo Dee Messina, Diamond Rio and Neal McCoy. Simpson’s “Before I Knew Better” became a top 15 hit for Epic/Sony artist Brad Martin.

This record also serves as the coming out party for banjo phenomenon Menefee, who was crowned a Winfield champion at age 17. Blind Man Walking showcases his outstanding soloing, and excellent rhythmic backup skills. His playing is the instrumental center point of the record where he displays the world-class skills that have other players clamoring to learn his secrets after the band’s live performances.

In fact, the band has built a reputation as an amazing live band. Every time Cadillac Sky hits the stage, they earn more fans and accolades. The band was chosen as one of the twelve acts from hundreds of applicants, to showcase at the 2004 IBMA World of Bluegrass Trade Show, a very prestigious honor. That should come as no surprise because individually the band members have toured with Sara Evans, Josh Turner and a host of perceptive artists who know world-class talent when they hear it. Like a fine wine, the band is only getting better with time--at this year’s (2006) IBMA they were once again chosen as one of 12 acts to showcase for the who’s who of the bluegrass world. The buzz generated from their red-hot set was almost deafening.

One of their biggest fans is country and bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs who signed the band to his Skaggs Family Record label in April of 2006.


"When I heard Cadillac Sky for the first time, I heard some of the freshest new bluegrass I had heard in a long time. They write all of their songs. Their vocals just killed me, and they have a new sound. I wanted them for Skaggs Family Records. Anytime you sign a brand new group, you're taking a chance, but with a CD like this, I was willing to go for it. They're great!"
-Ricky Skaggs

"Skaggs Family Records seems to have a knack for finding and signing exciting young bluegrass bands. Cadillac Sky’s first nationally released album, Blind Man Walking, has all the fire of a freshman release coupled with the polish of a doctoral thesis. How many bluegrass bands have quotes from Marcel Proust on their liner notes?"
-Steven Stone Vintage Guitar

"Newgrass" music is bluegrass made by restless folks, music that honors the roots while stretching the branches. The North Texas-based Cadillac Sky proves on Blind Man Walking that it can do both new and traditional as well as any.
-Tom Geddie Buddy Magazine

"The band’s creativity and wild, boyish exuberance are a product of their familiarity with traditional bluegrass."
-Joe Ross Bluegrass Now

"Returning to a theme, Simpson and Cadillac Sky are searching - and finding - an audience that, like them, craves something new and different, yet still reveres and respects the tradition."
-John Lupton Country Standard Time

"Cadillac Sky is not your Daddy's bluegrass, it has more of a compressed modern sound. The recording is very slick in a good way while they delve into the newgrass likes of The Greencards and The Duhks."
-Jim Moulton Country Stars Online

"Simpson is joined by fiddler Ross Holmes, banjo player Matt Menefee, guitarist Mike Jump and Andy Moritz on Blind Man Walking, and it’s a showcase of fabulous playing and intense, joyful singing."
-Ron Wynn The Nashville City Paper

"The group showcased for industry insiders at the IBMA’s October trade show, and despite the inevitable mutterings of purists, most were wowed by a confident presentation based on years of appealing to more than just bluegrass audiences."
-Jon Weisberger The Nashville Scene

For more information contact:
Kissy Black
Lotos Nile Media
P.O. Box 23050
Nashville, TN 37202


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Shawn Michael Perry Gives Back To His Roots

ShawnMichaelPerry.jpg (5282 bytes)Los Angeles, CA January 26, 2007 - For Shawn Michael Perry the donation of musical instruments to the students at a remote school in Baraspamba in the Andes of Ecuador was like sending something of himself home. But that home is a place he’s never been. Perry heard of the Ecuadorian school’s need through Angel Armijos of The Long Beach/Manta (Ecuador) Sister Cities Organization. Perry and his company “All That Culture: Music Of The Americas,” asked Samick Music Corporation/Greg Bennett Designs for help which they graciously gave. The presentation took place at this year’s International Music Products Association trade show, “NAMM” in Anaheim, CA on January 20th. Pat McMaster, president of the Long Beach/Manta Sister Cities branch accepted the certificate of donation for the school.

Both Pat McMaster and Angel Armijos have said that they would love to get Shawn Michael Perry and All That Culture at their cultural event in Ecuador. Perry is looking forward to go there as part of his journey “home.”

Shawn Michael Perry's ’s ballad “Forever” is 72 in the nation this week on the Hot AC& Top 40 charts. Shawn is also currently working on his next album HUNGRY-4-HEROES. His new single 4-EVER”N MY HEART (which will also be done in Spanish,) will be unveiled at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee next month. For more information, visit Shawn Michael Perry’s website at www.shawn-m-perry.freeservers.com or his “my space” at www.myspace.com/shawnmperry

For radio interviews and servicing contact: Loggins Promotion at 888-325-2901 or email staff@logginspromotion.com 


Music of the Americas is an organization working to build cultural bridges through community events -- sharing music, food, fun and the arts of different American cultures. The events allow American musical cultures (including Native American and Hispanic) to express themselves at friendly, family-oriented gatherings. Cultures are encouraged to include their traditional foods, crafts, etc. These shows have taken place in such diverse settings as Hastings Entertainment Stores and the Skirball Cultural Center in Santa Monica, California.

Ecuador: In 2005, the Long Beach / Manta Sister Cities organization invited Shawn to perform in their annual Cultural Event at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall in LA. Through them, Shawn became interested in Baraspamba, a remote school in the Andes in Ecuador (inland from Manta). Shawn and All that Culture are proud to be providing musical instruments for those children with the help of one of his sponsors.

NAMM: Shawn’s image will be displayed at the International Music Products Association trade show NAMM at the Samick Music Corporation booth. Shawn is endorsed by Greg Bennett Design and Ovation Guitars.

For more information visit Shawn Michael Perry's website at www.shawn-m-perry.freeservers.com

For radio interviews and servicing contact: Loggins Promotion at 888-325-2901 or email staff@logginspromotion.com 

ShawnMichaelPerry-OnlyTheBrave.jpg (5826 bytes)
Only The Brave

backstageentertainment-logo.gif (5017 bytes)

Contact info:
Backstage Entertainment
Media - Publicity - Promotion



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Save 30% to 60% Off All Products

Skyla Spencer

SkylaS-bluewboasm.jpg (5357 bytes)Country music artist, Skyla Spencer, has plenty to be smiling about these days. She recently performed as the headliner for an Armed Forces Entertainment Tour and is now featured in Jan/Feb issue of “Skope” magazine, on shelves now at Barnes and Noble.

Skyla has been promoting her single, "One More Chance," to radio stations nationwide. Skyla says “[One More Chance] talks about losing someone dear to you and wanting a second chance. I think we all, at one time or another in our lives, wish we had another chance to make things right with someone. Sometimes it is too late, but we cling to the hope that it's not, and that we will will be given 'one more chance'.” "One More Chance" can be found on her debut album, "You Said You’d Call Me".

For more information, MP3s, the You Said You’d Call Me album, print quality photos, her EPK, or to schedule an interview, contact Laura Claffey with Wildfire Publicity at Laura@wildfirepublicity.net or 615-825-0019. MP3s are also available to radio through Airplay Direct.

SkylaSpencer-CD.jpg (3540 bytes)
Skyla Spencer's You Said You'd Call Me
Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633




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