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March 6, 2006

Hi All,

I'm back with a new edition of the Sunday news for y'all to enjoy. There's a lot of NEW and great things goin' on out there so I hope you'll find this useful.. or at least entertaining. ;) I'm hoping to get this completed so I can watch the Oscars for my entertainment. My favorite "news commentator", comedian John Steward is hosting. If you haven't heard of him, tune in to the Comedy Channel 11pm weeknights to see his show.. he's a riot!

Be sure to check out the SALES page as I've added dozens of new items on sale in electronics and computers.. Ipods, etc.

OK.. nuff said about all that.. on with the news!

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MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio - Songs are rotated with each newsletter.
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Narvel Felts

New show dates have been added to Narvel's site. Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!

Narvel Felts

Joe Tinoco

picframebeat.jpg (9088 bytes)Be sure and think about planning your trip with Rick .. Tour to Branson and enjoy some new ventures like the Titanic and The Scenic Train Ride and Luxury dinning. Much more. Give him a call at 913-780-4012 and go along. March 31st, April 1st and 2nd. Got room for a few more.

This is a very short sneak preview of Joe & Tamra and Amanda's Production. This show is claimed by Branson's Vacation Centers as One Of The Best. So regardless if you go on Rick's tours or just going to Branson, be sure and see this show. Be sure and approach Joe if you do.

Both Joe & Tamra are in Studio getting ready for their new exciting CD's. Be sure to ask about them. Talya is growing like a weed and on the show nightly and loves it!!

Amanda is in Nashville this week working with major songwriters and will return with her new CD soon to be released.

Filming's will be resuming sometime this coming spring.

Note: We want to give our regrets and our sympathy to Mrs. Hyatt and family, as her husband Mr. Hyatt, "A true supporter of Joe and Tamra" passed away February 11th. We will all be missing a great family man and a friend to many. Him. God Bless.
For more information On Mr. Hyatt and family just please contact Rick. 913-780-4012

Have a Great Spring and keep in touch.
Fans For Joe & Tamra

A Short Commercial "The White House Theatre"
(Click to view video)

Magnificent 7 P.M. Show

Heath Hawkins of Branson Critic Online Reports

This 7 p.m. show is MAGNIFICENT!

No, this dinner and show is MAGNIFICENT!

Do you like lobster or filet of beef? What about classic rock or Broadway tunes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you too will think this dinner and show is MAGNIFICENT.

Though a dinner show is not a unique concept in Branson, this one is a little different. Candi and I arrived at the White House Theatre at about 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Prior to the show you choose between several dinner options ranging from chicken or New York Strip Steak to Shrimp and Lobster. All entries come with fresh tossed salad; warn bread, a soft baked potato or rice pilaf and a delicious slice of white chocolate cake.

The dinner is separate from the show. Dinner is served in the theatre, but you do not watch the show from your table. We were seated at a private table covered with a linen tablecloth and lit by candlelight. It was a very romantic feeling environment.

The service was very good. Our waitress greeted us promptly and it was not long before the first course of our meal arrived. My fillet of beef was cooked to perfection and the butterfly shrimp was both crisp and juicy. In my opinion, the food was good enough that the restaurant could stand on its own.

The dinner is an add on to the ticket, so be sure to ask about it when you make a reservation. It is only about $5 extra when you reserve you show tickets. You will not find a meal like this anywhere in town for $5. You would be luck to find it for less than $20. You will want to make it part of your evening.

Between dinner and the show there was plenty time to browse the gift shop and look around the unique lobby. I had been to this theatre before when The Promise was playing, but the new owners made changes to the décor inside and out. A picture of every president hung proudly on the walls of the lobby. Fitting for the White House Theatre. I was never able to make a connection between the name of the theatre and the name of the show.

And now on to the show . . .

Sometime before 7:00 p.m. we made our way to our seats. We were about eight rows back and right in the center of the row. Normally Candi and I hate to be in the center of the row because the seats are small and you are crowded. Not here! My wife commented several times about how comfortable the seats were.

The curtain went up right on time to reveal a very classy stage. There was a band/orchestra of course. However, they were not the focus of the show. They almost seemed to be part of the set. The stage was very big and decorations were at a minimum. The entertainment was allowed to take center stage.

I have to admit that I never knew that just music could be so much fun. If you read my reviews on a regular basis, it is no secret that I love to see the shows that promote the comedy aspect of their show. I had not seen this show promote comedy at all. I was a little concerned that I would not enjoy this type of show. What if I get bored!

I did not get bored! This show was nonstop, high impact entertainment. The leads Joe, Amanda and Tamra were amazing. They were supported by one if the most versatile ensembles in Branson.

Joe Tinoco, the lead male vocalist is also one of the show producers. You might have seen him in movies or on TV. His wife Tamra Holden toured with Lee Greenwood and she is fresh off her own show with Disney Cruise. The third member of the leading cast, Amanda, has won Branson’s Young Entertainer of the Year twice. I knew the show was going to be great.

Each of them had the opportunity to strut their stuff with a solo set that showed off their amazing talent. I was most impressed by Amanda who came out yodeling. Singers with this unique talent have always entranced me—wow!

The first half of the show continued with a tribute to some of the most famous duos and groups in music history. We meet the Andrew Sisters and Everly Brothers. Then they moved on to the colorful characters of the 50’s, 60’s and beyond with the Beetles, Supremes, Jackson 5, Pointer Sisters, B-Gees. Finally closing out with the Judds and the Oak Ridge Boys. I was wrong about their not being any comedy in the show. This run was hilarious, and the best was yet to come.

I have heard of the Singing Elvis Show in Las Vegas, but I have never been there myself. Let me just say that when they bring a dozen Elvis impersonators all out at once on the same stage, Hurricane Graceland strikes land in Branson and leaves nothing behind but the pain of intense laughter. I promise that you will not find anything funnier in Branson.

If the show had ended right then with the "Elvis" I would have left a happy man, but there was still and entire second half to go.

The last half of the show got underway with a tribute to Broadway with songs from musicals like Oklahoma, Cats, Grease and everyone’s favorite, Annie.

There was plenty song and dance, but what Branson show would be complete without a rousing tribute to the armed forces. The Magnificent 7 have an unusual spin. Their tribute will get your toes tappin’ and before you know it you are on you feet.

The band is smashing, the dancers are so talented, the chorus is at the top of their game, the headliners are well deserving, the food it gourmet, the seats are roomy, and the White House Theatre is one of the nicest it town. These are at least seven basic reasons that the Magnificent 7 P.M. Dinner and Show has to be one of the top seven best shows in Branson. It should be on your itinerary while in town.

The Magnificent 7 P.M. Show is performed at the White House Theatre. The theatre is located on Gretna Road, behind the Red Top Factory Merchants Mall. The show is performed a 7:00 p.m. every Monday through Friday night. For more information visit www.bransonwhitehousetheatre.com

or to reserve tickets call the theatre at (877) 487-2386. Tell them that Heath from Branson Critic Online sent you.

Joe Tinoco on MKOC         Joe's Show Business          Tamra Holden         The White House Show


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Click Here To Listen To Joe's Gospel Recordings

Weekly Updates

Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Visit Red's site to view the new showdates that have been posted!

Red Johnson

More Country  News

Back to the Well (release date: March 7) is the album Lee Roy “has always wanted to make.” He has crafted a record that is not only true to his roots, but also filled with strong lyrics and vocals, great hooks and most of all – amazing guitar playing. You can hear the album in its entirety here: Lee Roy’s official media player

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Wade Hayes News

WadeHayes.jpg (3477 bytes)WOWW!! A Word on Wade's World
March 1, 2006


.... Tennessee, Oklahoma, Montana

.... Tour Page, Fan Zone, Gallery, Links page


Saturdays - 7 - 10 pm
April 1
TN, Nashville .. Judge Bean's BBQ and Steakhouse
123 - 12th Avenue North, Nashville, TN

Jun 17 .. Sat .. OK, Idabel Beavers Bend Resort Park
Aug 12 .. MT, Glendive .. Dawson County Fair

.... Home Page - new picture
.... Tour Page - new dates added
.... Fan Zone - pic added - Suzanne
.... Gallery - Christmas and New Years Eve pics plus a page of bonus pictures from the Judge's.
.... Links Page - Janelle Wills is sharing her pics from Wade's and Trent's appearance at Concord Mills in Charlotte, NC

I-Tunes has added Wade videos for Download For $1.99 each you can download to your computer these videos:
Old Enough to Know Better
I'm Still Dancin' With You
Where Do I Go to Start All Over
On a Good Night

For info check at: http://www.apple.com/itunes/

Gayle, our great Wade Hayes' supporter and talented computer programmer, has met the requests for a message board. She's set up an ad-free forum site for fans. She kicks it off with the first post - "Welcome Wade Hayes Fans."

Check-it out and add your comments here: http://www.elvinsystems.com/invision/index.php?showforum=5261

Do you know your Wade Hayes' song trivia? In the Games section of the message board, fans are posting lyric sentences and challenging others to post the next line and the song and album source. Have some fun with it.

You can view past issues of WOWW! beginning with 6/25/04 at this site

Were you there for the first fan club party at the lake? Laurie Paulik and Heather Baniszewski have an extensive gallery of photos on their Mountain West Music site. You'll enjoy reminiscing with their pics. Here's the link to their Wade gallery.

WOWW!, an e-mail newsletter to Wade Hayes fans, began in December, 1997. Subscribers reside in FIFTY (50) states as well as - Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Hong Kong.

Send replies, questions, comments, changes of address and requests to be added to the WOWW! list to

Keep us up to date on your address. When you make a change send us the old one (so we can remove it) and the new one so that we can add it. We don't want to lose you.

<< All dates are subject to change >>
<< Make sure to check before travelling >>
<< For maps/driving directions: >>
<< http://www.mapquest.com >>

Saturdays - 7 - 10:30 pm
March 4, 11, 18, 25
April 1
TN, Nashville .. Judge Bean's BBQ and Steakhouse
123 - 12th Avenue North, Nashville, TN

Directions: Take I-40 to Broadway (Exit # 209). Head toward downtown Nashville and turn left at 12th (the next street after the interstate). Take 12th to Porter, at the bottom of the hill. (a tenth of a mile). Building is on the left corner. Besides valet parking, there is also parking in the gravel lot behind the Judge's.
Mar 9 .. Thu .. ND, Valley City .. Winter Show
with Jeff Carson and Bryan White
Tickets on sale 2/1 - $25
Jun 17.. Sat .. OK, Idabel .. Beavers Bend Resort Park
34rd Annual Kiamichi Owa-Chito Festival of the Forest
8:30 pm
Preferred Festival Parking Passes $15 ($20 at the gate) per car
Idabel is in the Southeast corner of Oklahoma
June 30, July 1 .. AR, Piggott .. Clay County Rodeo and Fairgrounds
6:30 pm - Opening act goes on at 5:45. Professional Bull Riding Event that follows is included in the $25 ticket. Fireworks, also
Clay county is in the Northeast tip of Arkansas
Aug 12 Sat .. MT, Glendive .. Dawson County Fair (with Bryan White)
Ticket prices: $25 for reserved seating; $20 general admission
Located east of Glendive .. Take Exit 215 off I-94
....... WOWW! News (Helen Neal)
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274

Messages for Wade can be sent to this address:
....... Wade Hayes
....... WOWW! News
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274

NEW Wade Hayes Site
E-mail to WOWW!!
Message Board for Wade Hayes Fans
Cheryl Hill's Wade Hayes Site
Country Stars Online Fan Tribute Sites
Country Radio Stations by States
Venue Listings by States
WOWW! Archives
Mapquest - Maps and Directions

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Billy Yates

BillyYates.jpg (3337 bytes)Billy has a new single coming soon in Europe. It's "THE CIRCUS IS OVER"!
Please call your favorite radio presenters and ask them to play it. You can make this a big hit!!!
You can also send this MP3 to all of your friends and ask them to request it too!
Thanks for your help and support.

The Circus Is Over (in real audio)

Note from Marli: I created the MP3 file into a real audio file so you could stream the song.  If you'd like to have a copy of the MP3 please email Jutta with your request. Thanks!

Song Samples From Billy's CDs:
Choices   Would You Believe Me If I Lied

BillyYatesCD-HarmonyMan.jpg (4569 bytes)
     Billy Yates CDs

Visit the all new www.billyyates.com   today and join the FREE online club while you're there!

BMG Music Club: 12 CDs for the Price of 1 with membership
You only have to buy ONE CD to complete your membership. It's a win-win situation!
CRS Executive Memo

Extreme Makeover: Radio Edition Promotion Ideas
By:Renee Fonner
Apryl Battin
Darcy Lashinsky

We were asked to write a memo recapping Extreme Makeover: Radio Edition Part 2. We know you don’t want to read a long memo… you just want the attachment.

Click more to download for the promo ideas presented during the session from WFYR, KKCS, WQYK, KFDI, and KBEQ.

Happy Promotion Time!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for CRS 38! February 28 – March 2, 2007 more

Used with permission. Copyright 2005 Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc., all rights reserved. Visit www.crb.org

IFCO Fun Fest to Benefit Children's Hospital

The International Fan Club Organization's 2006 Fun Fest Show (Tuesday, June 6) will benefit the Monroe Carell, Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Vanderbilt Children's (constructed in 2004), has the only Pediatric Emergency Department in Middle Tennessee and treats all children, providing services from cancer treatments, organ and bone marrow transplants to broken legs and everything in between. Vanderbilt Children's is a non-profit teaching and research hospital, and relies on the support of individuals and others to help children get well and on their way. Announcement of the star-studded lineup is about to begin. Robert K. Oermann will Host the event. www.ifco.org

This article is just one of many from:
Tri-Son News
Biggest Little News Sheet In Country Music (Since 1963) • Volume 44 Issue #7 • March 2006
Loudilla, Loretta & Kay Johnson • P.O. Box 40328 • Nashville, TN 37204 • Ph. 615-371-9596 • Fax 615-371-9597



For the very first time ever the international cream of contemporary country music is set to play in Ireland this summer in a brand new two day festival, which promises to be as legendary as the musicians that are performing.

Topping the bill over the two nights is Kenny Rogers on Friday and Van Morrison on Saturday. Emmylou Harris, Dwight Yoakam, Nanci Griffith, Glen Campbell, Don McLean and Albert Lee are also some of the many stars that join the stellar line up of contemporary country stars to the play the first Midlands in Ballinlough Castle, Athboy Co. Meath.

The two day music festival will take place on Friday 28th July and Saturday 29th July kicking off in the afternoon and winding down at 11pm each night. Spread over one main stage and two smaller indoor tented stages located by the beautiful old castle, the venue will play host to an intimate crowd of 15,000.

Tickets go on sale on Saturday 18th February 2006.

The festival is set against the backdrop of Ballinlough Castle, built in the 17th century and located on a hill overlooking two lakes. Three miles from Athboy, Co. Meath this stunning concert venue is just 45 minutes drive away from Dublin.

Other artists confirmed for the festival are Buck Owens, Don McLean, Guy Clark and the legendary Glen Campbell who’ll be performing with his daughter, Debby Campbell. The Campbell Dynasty hits include “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,”, “Wichita Lineman" and "Galveston." Local acts include Niall Toner and the extraordinary Hayseed Dixie who do “The Ace Of Spades” like you’ve never heard before! More acts to be announced.

Midlands is brought to you by Pod Concerts, who stage The Electric Picnic in Stradbally each summer, and Rag Lane Entertainment who promote artists such as The Dixie Chicks and Jackson Browne. This means commitment to quality and attention to detail - there will even be a BBQ by the lovely lakes each day.

Tickets for Midlands, subject to license are available at usual outlets, www.ticketmaster.ie  / credit card hotline Ph. 0818719300, are priced from €60 and go sale this Saturday 17th February from all good ticket outlets.

Kind Regards
Darryl Downey

Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

Southland Entertainment Proudly Presents

Live In Concert
March 5 — 11, 2006
7:30 P.M.
MattCordell.jpg (3796 bytes)

Matt Cordell and Band
1st Place Winner “Tribute To The King” National Competition

Smith Family Theater
2330 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN
(Located at traffic light #1 in Pigeon Forge)

With Special Guest
DRameriz.jpg (3849 bytes)
D’ Ramirez

for reservations or information 865-429-8100 or 866-399-8100
This is as close as it gets to seeing the King Live!
Smith Family Theater

CD Stands
Fans can display an autographed CD. Artists can commemorate their work. Cdstands.com also provides products that help display and sell your CDs in stores. Get Your CD Stands Here!

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Jack-Misty-bw.jpg (4415 bytes)Last week I posted Jack and Misty's news with an incorrect URL. Here is the news cap again, with the correct link... Marli

To check out our new 29 song anthology CD on Omni Records, click this link.

To download 4 songs and cover art, click here:

All the best.
Jack & Misty

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


Laziness has been my inspiration. I became a musician to keep from getting a real job.

I do some of my best work while sitting still and staring out a window.

I don't sit on park benches anymore because strangers come up and wave mirrors under my nose to see if I'm breathing. Squirrels bury their nuts in my pocket.

I do a minimum of exercise to stay alive, but I don't like it very much. I brag about it after I do it.

I like hard working folks, (Somebody has to get the paper and fix the car,) but most of them look at me funny because I sleep through half of their day. I suspect that day people are a little prejudiced against us night crawlers.

I think I'm fairly healthy and look young for my age. I attribute my well being to things like these: I stay out of the sun, like a good vampire, and I don't use an alarm clock.

I never get indigestion from junk foods, but I always get sick on health foods. I don't like to take too many pills,
although I admit I walked around for many years with an illegal smile.

I believe if I stay away from doctors I'll probably live longer.

I smoked and drank my share early in life, and I've retired from all that hilarity. It was too much work anyway.

Most work saving devices were invented by guys who were looking for the easy way.

As long as I have a car, I won't jog. My car is not new, but it's paid for, so I don't have to go to work to make payments.

I take little walks late at night, so I don't need a treadmill. I don't want to wear out my body.

I don't recommend these practices to anybody else. They just seem to work for me.

A wise man once said: "One way to gain respect without actually doing anything, is to be an early riser."

Another wise man said this: "Never do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow. You might get out of the whole thing."

There was one more wise man, but he he didn't say much.

Jack Blanchard © 2006.

The Official Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Home Page
Jack & Misty CDs
Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."

Jack and Misty on MKOC

Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

Stardust with Col. Buster Doss

Look who has a song on the March Stardust Compilation # 60....More Details Later

SteveWallace.jpg (5398 bytes)STEVE WALLACE

Country Songwriter Steve Wallace of Anderson, Indiana has been writing country music for over 25 years all while battling a rare nerve disorder called 'Destine' which affects his muscles and speech. His influences have been Harlan Howard,Randy Travis,George Strait and Chely Wright just to name a few. Wallace has written over 200 songs and won over 30 national and International songwriting awards. Steve said the highlight of his career so far has been helping other people and organizations through his music,including the American Cancer Society,Leukemia Association Of America, and the prevention of child abuse in Madison county.

Just Go to www.scmr-n.com NOW!!


Visit the "JAMBOREE BY THE LAKE" Website and sign our Guest book PLEASE !! http://www.Jamboree-by-the-lake.com

You're invited!
Come join James C. Allen.

Description:  Fans for James C. Allen Traditional Music lovers keeping Our music real and alive.

Hi Friends of Country Music,
This is a personal invitation to join this group. Hopefully we can together from a group of independent artist where you can post , lyrics, events, tips, previews, even help post....we all could use a little help now and then on something...Just drop in to say hello. Post your new links to your songs. Just a group to support Country Music and The many Independent Artist out there.
James , Snny , and Susan hope you will come join and help us get this group started right.
Snny & James Allen

» Check it out!
Visit James C. Allen to see what you think.

Add This Group to My Browser Favorites

» Join the group and you can:
Post a message on the Message Board
Add some photos to the Photo Album


Musician's Friend

Shop for guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, amps, as well as recording, mixing, lighting, and DJ gear.
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International Dance Council - CID
CID Circular - February 2006

1. Phone calls free of charge
Members can call the CID President's Office computer (and any other computer in the world with Skype) totally free of charge.
2. Scholarships and fellowships, USA
Scholarships provide tuition for professional dance training in the United States, for at least one year. Fellowships provide salary assistance for a new member in a dance company. 400 grants totaling
4,000,000 dollars have been awarded.
3. Choreography fellowships, USA
To encourage professional dance companies to present new work, grants of 10,000 US dollars are disbursed to dance companies toward the choreographer's fee and expenses.
4. Folklore congress in Portugal
International folklore congress to be held in Portugal 27-30 April 2006 on the theme "The folklore people on the way".
5. CID Virtual Library
Please check if books you have authored or edited are included in the CID Virtual Library. The Library constitutes a most valuable tool for dance researchers (www.cid-unesco.org/html/virtual_library.html) and the best way to showcase your intellectual production world wide.
6. World Dance Congress in Athens
Choreographers, teachers, researchers, suppliers and others will have a unique opportunity to present their work to the largest gathering of high-level dance professionals ever. 1000 conferees from 50 countries of the 5 continents are expected to take part, twice as many as in previous congresses. To take place in Athens 25-29 October 2006.
7. European open in musical & showdance, Austria
In Baden/Vienna from 27 April to 1 May 2006. Qualification tournament to take place in the showdance world finals in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Open to professional and amateur dancers. Gala dance event on World Dance Day.
8. Training course for youth leaders, Germany
International training course for project managers, trainers, youth leaders and youth workers, 15-21 May 2006 in Bonn, Germany. Board, lodging and participation are free of charge. Travel costs will be reimbursed.
9. Dances proclaimed Masterpieces by UNESCO
Several dances have been proclaimed Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the Director-General of UNESCO Mr. Koichiro Matsuura. This is the third list.
10. Festival in Peru
Near Lake Titicaca, in the city of Puno, craddle of the Inca civilization, 8-21 May 2006. Ensembles from all countries of the world are accepted.
11. Advantages enjoyed by CID Members
Upon first registration or renewal, members (schools, companies or individuals) receive:
- Official letter of confirmation
- Receipt of payment issued by the accountant
- Badge to wear at all times
- Stickers for school and office entrance
- Various documents, posters, programs, DVDs
- A book as gift.
Members also enjoy privileges such as:
- Participation in the World Congress and regional congresses.
- Invitations to festivals around the world.
- Discount on various publications.
- Priority listing at the Who's Who in Dance (soon with their profile, at the portal).
- Participation free of charge or at a discount in events organized by members.
- Listing of books they have authored or edited in the CID Virtual Library (soon also articles in the portal)
- Receiving the CID Circular.

- The International Dance Council (CID) is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.
- It is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
- It is a worldwide forum bringing together international, national and local organizations as well as select individuals active in dance.
- It represents the art of dance in general and advises the UNESCO, national and local government agencies, international organizations and institutions.

International Dance Council - CID
President's Office
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