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March 16, 2006

Hi All,

I guess we all knew that run of Sundays was too good to be true.. sooner or later, I always get waylaid and the news is put on hold. Not to worry, I saved it all and even though it takes up 2 pages, it's all here for y'all to enjoy!

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MKOC Store
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Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio - Songs are rotated with each newsletter.
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Narvel Felts

New show dates have been added to Narvel's site. Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!


More Country  News
Tootsies Records Hosts "Heart of Gold" afterparty

Steve Smith Neil Young Willie Nelson _ John Stone 1.jpg (14454 bytes)

Steve Smith, owner of Tootsies Orchid Lounge, is pictured here with Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and Tootsies recording artist John Stone at the after party for Neil’s movie “HEART OF GOLD.” World Famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge hosted the party in celebration for Willie Nelson, as Tootsies is where he started in country music as a songwriter.

Photo credit: Randi Radcliff

Get CDs Here: Neil Young   Willie Nelson


Ebie McFarland
WebsterAssocLogo.jpg (3750 bytes)
Publicist Webster & Associates PR
P.O. Box 23015
Nashville, TN 37202
615.777.6995 x. 25
E-mail: ebie@websterpr.com 

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Gary Allan


GaryAllan-oval.jpg (3384 bytes)Nashville, TN March 8, 2006 --- Country superstar Gary Allan earned nominations this morning for Album of the Year and Single Record of the Year for the 41st Academy Of Country Music Awards. The buzz surrounding Allan’s album TOUGH ALL OVER has been uncontrollable since the album made its debut at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and #3 on the Billboard Top 200. With sales of over 100,000 units its first week in stores, the album quickly went gold and is on its way to platinum.
Read more!

NASHVILLE, TN (March 8, 2006) – Nominations have been announced for the 41st ANNUAL ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS. Gary Allan has been nominated for Album of the Year (TOUGH ALL OVER) and Single of the Year (BEST I EVER HAD). Congratulations Gary! Read more!

Don't miss Gary on the road! Click here to for the most current tour information!

Watch the Video for "Best I Ever Had"
Listen to "Best I Ever Had"

GaryAllanCD-ToughAllOver-N.jpg (4325 bytes)
Gary Allan's New CD, "Tough All Over"
featuring the hit single "Best I Ever Had"

More Gary Allan CDs Here

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers's Water & Bridges will be released on March 21st!

KennyRogers-WaterAndBridges-CD.jpg (4091 bytes)

Water And Bridges
Kenny Rogers
Price:        $13.97
You Save:        $5.01(26%)

To be released on March 21, 2006. You can pre-order your copy at a savings of 26% by following the link above.

Amazon.com Review
Could Kenny Rogers be a continuous, viable presence on country radio today? Probably not. In 1999, "Buy Me a Rose" made him the oldest artist to reach #1 in the history of the country charts. And to the contemporary tattoo-and-tank-top record buyers, that rates the Gambler a great-grandfather--hey, maybe as old as Hank Williams, ya think? Nonetheless, Water and Bridges, his first studio effort in three years, is an impressive comeback. Produced by Dann Huff (Faith Hill, Keith Urban), who keeps the backing leaner than you might expect, the album spotlights a mature man looking back and surveying his life with clear-eyed honesty and more than a little regret. What strikes a listener most is both the quality of songs (by such veteran writers as Craig Wiseman, Annie Roboff, and Mike Reid) and how authentic and soulful Rogers seems throughout, particularly in dealing with the recurring theme of loss. Whether contemplating a long-ago abortion, a lifelong rift with a parent, or the tug of home--even when home is no longer there--Rogers always underplays the sentiment, adding weight to his pathos. "The Last 10 Years (Superman)" and "The Petition" seem a little too obvious and maudlin, but Huff and Rogers make up for it with the extraordinary "You'll Know Love," a sophisticated and anguished ballad of nearly paralyzing grief. Call it just one of many surprises on this album of unexpected and serious depth. --Alanna Nash


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Toby Keith

Toby has a new CD called "White Trash With Money" to be released on April 11, 2006.
TobyKiethCD-WhiteTrash.jpg (3834 bytes)
You may
order it now and it will be shipped to you when it arrives.
Price:  $10.98
You Save:  $8.00 (42%)
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Heartworn Highways Soundtrack

LOS ANGELES - HackTone Records and Shout! Factory announce the CD release of Heartworn Highways, the whiskey-warm companion album to the cult documentary
of the same name. Recorded in 1975-76 in Nashville and Austin, Heartworn Highways captures the birth of an alt-country movement light-years from the spit-polished Music Row. Armed with little more than a camera and microphone (and maybe a case of Jack), the filmmakers captured lightning in a bottle, spotlighting a particular band of brothers - Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Rodney Crowell, John Hiatt, Guy Clark and perennial outsider David Allan Coe - at the dawn of their careers. They also captured inspired performances from relative unknowns Gamble Rogers and Larry Jon Wilson that will convert listeners into fans on the first listen. What they walked away with is a document of the fierce, raw talent burning at the core of some of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time. The CD, produced with the direct involvement of the movie’s original producer, Graham Leader (In the Bedroom, etc.) and editor, Phillip Schopper, features 20 audio performances recorded for the film, as well as key dialogue excerpts. After more than six months of painstaking audio restoration from the raw Nagra tapes, each song has been restored to its unedited length, speed corrected, and remastered to stunning audiophile quality.

Naturally, the first-ever recordings by Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, and John Hiatt - not to mention previously unreleased acoustic performances by David Allan Coe, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark - demand treatment. Rather than doing a literal soundtrack, HackTone started from scratch, compiling an album from all of the recordings made during filming in order to create a stand-alone listening experience that captured the essence of the film. They eliminated songs featured in the film that were irrelevant to the new wave of artists it was conceived to document; they also included several tracks from artists that were omitted from the original film. All of which says nothing of the meticulous audio restoration, done by GRAMMY®-award nominee Alan Silverman and Heartworn Highways editor Phillip Schopper, which restored all of the recordings to their original length and captured all the richness and warmth inherent in their original performances. It’s this exacting attention to detail that makes the Heartworn Highways CD a deeply intimate listening experience as well as a historical document of incredible value. Please contact me for any further information or to receive a review copy.
Nicole Poulos
2700 Pennsylvania Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

HeartwornHighways-CD.jpg (8124 bytes)
Get Heartworn Highways CD


Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

8900 Olympic Blvd. • Beverly Hills, CA 90211 • Tel (310) 860-9170 • Fax (310) 860-9171
email: info@luckmedia.com • web: www.luckmedia.com


Dynamic Vocalist Earns Title "Best New Artist in Country Music"

MichelleRene.jpg (6423 bytes)Continuing to make exciting news in the country music world, Midas Records Nashville announces the signing of Michelle René, winner of the 24th annual Colgate Country Showdown, held at Nashville's legendary Ryman Auditorium in January. A poised entertainer with a remarkable resume', the Arizona native now boasts a savings account $100,000 richer as a result of the big win.

"I really didn't enter the Colgate Country Showdown expecting to win the money or a recording contract," René says of the contest, which over the years has turned several young newcomers into country music superstars. "I entered to gain experience and exposure. It's been an education. I've performed in front of a lot of people and with my new home at Midas Records, I'm truly in the music business."

Midas Nashville’s A&R Department is helmed by Grammy-nominated country hitmaker Keith Follese and acclaimed country music publisher Brad Allen. Two of the most notable behind the scenes creative forces on the country scene today, Follese and Allen established a working partnership in 1998 with the publishing venture Encore Entertainment, which has flourished on the strength of over 200 cuts placed with major recording artists.

Follese says, "Michelle René has star written all over every note she sings. We are thrilled to be involved with an artist destined for such a bright future."

Dean Unkefer, President of SPI, which manages the Colgate Country Showdown says, "The Midas Records Nashville affiliation is an exciting opportunity for Michelle, and a great way for us to showcase her upcoming single on our Showdown radio stations and in local tie-ins with Colgate retailers."

Michelle René's first single, "Kick It Up A Notch" will debut on country radio stations May 1st preceded by two months of syndicated TV airing of the 24th Annual Colgate Country Showdown National Finals, covering 90% of US households. And Great American Country (GAC) will broadcast multiple airings of the Finals beginning May 1st. Midas Records plans a major promotional tour.

Midas Records Nashville can be reached at 1108 16th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212. Phone: (615) 401-6567
    Midas Records                                          Colgate Showdown
For more information on Midas Records Nashville contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com  www.luckmedia.com  or www.midasrecords.net

Hear Michelle's music on her web site at www.michellerene.com 

Kate Russel

Contact: Steve Levesque, Guy McCain
Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com  or www.luckmedia.com

KateRussell-CD.jpg (5244 bytes)Country Cookin’ From The Land Down Under:
Aussie-Bred Singer/Songwriter
Set To Unleash Her “Powerful Stuff” On Nashville
* * *
The Single, Which Ships To Major Reporting Country Music Stations April 17, Was Co-Written
And Produced By Rich Mouser (Oleander, Tears For Fears, Dream Theatre, American Pie 2)
* * *
Russell’s First Full-Length CD, Also Called ‘Powerful Stuff’, Is Scheduled For An Early Summer 2006 Release

With the release of “Powerful Stuff,” her debut single for Urunga Records, Kate Russell is determined to show American country music audiences that Aussies can put more than just shrimp on the Barbie—they can create great “country barbecue music,” too.

Set to ship to major reporting country stations April 17, “Powerful Stuff”—and her debut album of the same name, scheduled for release in early summer—showcases the multi-talented musician, composer, singer and songwriter’s wide range of musical gifts. She may be based now in the U.S., but, like her male superstar counterpart Keith Urban—a major influence, naturally--there are equal parts Sydney and Nashville in her musical soul.

“It’s the kind of fun, dancing, rocking music you want to hear while you’re socializing at a barbecue,” Russell says of the collection, which was produced partly in Los Angeles with Rich Mouser (Oleander, Tears For Fears, Dream Theatre, the American Pie 2 Soundtrack), with additional production in Nashville by Clyde Brooks (Ronna Reeves, Perfect Stranger). Russell, who handles the lion’s share of the songwriting throughout the ten-song collection, co-wrote the title track with Mouser.

The recently-shot video for “Powerful Stuff” tells the story of a jet-setting James Bond-like character all the women believe is just that, “powerful stuff.” She adds, “He’s the guy always getting off jets and out of fancy cars, hanging out at nightclubs, the guy with all the goods. I think he is, too, and at the end of the song and video, I end up with him. It’s a high impact song but also a pretty tune, and fits my edgy voice well.”

Elsewhere, the songs on the album Powerful Stuff are about personal relationships and life experiences—stories, Russell believes, listeners will find instant common ground with. On the provocative ballad “Talk Is Cheap,” she offers a great lesson for women who don’t want to believe the worst about their latest love. In part, the lyrics go: “News travels fast on the grapevine…Guess you can’t hide three kids and a wife. Well, that’s nice…Was I the spice in your life?” On “Bittersweet,” Russell tackles the realm of internet dating from the perspective of a woman who doesn’t want to get as deeply involved as her male suitor.

“I think I’m writing the best songs of my life,” she says. “I’ve reached a place that I want to be with my writing, and I’d like to branch out and write songs for other people, too. Usually in Nashville, everyone is co-writing everything and vocalists are looking for the best outside songs. It’s rare when an album comes out with most of the songs being written by the artist, but I have a lot of great stories to tell and am not afraid to share them with the world.”

Co-producer Clyde Brooks says of Russell: “Kate is an artist that brings soul and lyrical imagery to everything that she sings. She is an eclectic singer/songwriter that approaches her artistry from a standpoint of integrity. It has been a pleasure to work with her both musically and personally.”

For more information on KATE RUSSELL contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com  www.luckmedia.com  or www.katerussellonline.com

Country Stars & Alive Records' Michael Lee Austin    and Brandi Valentine at CRS

Alive Records recording artists Michael Lee Austin and Brandi Valentine were welcomed to their first CRS by Chief Strategic Officer Ed Benson and COO Tammy Genovese. During their meeting, Austin and Valentine signed up to become active members of the organization.

Both Austin’s title track single from his recently released debut album Labor Pains and Valentine’s first single “She’s Got A Way With Men” from her soon-to-be released debut album Deeper have been garnering airplay at over 150 country stations nationwide.

TammyGenovese,-Austin-Valentine-EdBenson.jpg (5992 bytes)


Pictured, left to right, CMA COO Tammy Genovese, Austin, Valentine and CMA President Ed Benson



Alive Records recording artist Michael Lee Austin trekked to Nashville last month for his first Country Radio Seminar. Austin promoted his debut album Labor Pains and its title track single which has been garnering airplay at over 150 country music radio stations nationwide. Being a country music fan, Austin was excited to run into Ronnie Milsap, Kix Brooks and Craig Morgan.

Austin-RonnieMilsap-Valentine.jpg (6752 bytes)
Austin, Ronnie Milsap and Valentine

Austin-KixBrooks-Valentine.jpg (3790 bytes)
Austin, Kix Brooks and Valentine

Austin-CraigMorgan.jpg (6438 bytes)
Pictured left to right, Austin and Craig Morgan

Alive Records recording artist Brandi Valentine went to Nashville last month for her first Country Radio Seminar. Valentine promoted her soon-to-be released debut album Deeper and its first single “She’s Got A Way With Men” which has been garnering airplay at over 150 country music radio stations across the nation. A country music fan herself, Valentine was thrilled was she crossed paths with Billy Dean, Montgomery Gentry, John Corbett and Trick Pony's Ira Dean.

Valentine-JohnCorbett.jpg (3615 bytes)
Valentine and John Corbett
Montgomery-Valentine-Gentry.jpg (3625 bytes)
Eddie Montgomery, Valentine and Troy Gentry
BillyDean-Valentine.jpg (5249 bytes)
Billy Dean and Valentine
IraDean-Valentine.jpg (3956 bytes)
Ira Dean and Valentine

For more information on ALIVE RECORDS, MICHAEL LEE AUSTIN, or BRANDI VALENTINE, contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com, www.luckmedia.com, www.aliverecords.com, www.michaelleeaustin.com, or www.brandivalentine.com

PETE KRONOWITT: Singer/Songwriter Launches Heartfelt Website

PeteKronowitt.jpg (13197 bytes)

For more information on PETE KRONOWITT contact:
Steve Levesque or James Levesque at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com  www.luckmedia.com or www.petekronowitt.com


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Jaime Beaver Fan Club Up-Date and news

JaimeBeaver-Porch.jpg (8537 bytes)Jaime relaxing outside her apartment in Texas. She loves performing five nights a week at Cowboys Red River located in Dallas, Texas. Visit the web site at www.cowboysdancehall.com. Jaime recently March 2nd, opened-up for Jason Aldean , latest single, “In A HickTown.” If you get a chance stop in to see Jaime perform she would love to meet you. Email the club and let them know what you think of their facility.

Up-Coming Concerts:
Jeff Bates - Friday, March 24, 2006
Emerson Drive - Thursday, April 13, 2006
Neal McCoy - Friday May 5, 2006
Chris Cagle - Friday June 9, 2006

House Band:
Adam Schwin Lead Guitar/Vocals
Brad Swiger Drums
Kevin Christian Keyboard/Vocals
Junior Knight Steel Guitar/Band Leader
Jaime Beaver Female Vocalist

Jaime on MKOC

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Van Preston
Van Preston music on CMT.com and radio

News Release:
Van Preston's song, "What Goes Around, Comes Around", written when she was just eighteen, is in the top 15 songs in the 2006 CMT/NSAI Songwriting Competition, out of over 6,000 entries. Van's song and bio will be featured on cmt.com until April 23. The song is included on her 2005 debut album.

Van's first single, "Absolutely Broken" was just released in February to over 2,000 secondary radio stations, and has been receiving great feedback to date. The video for her song,"Toy", is currently airing on Music video shows as well as airing on Sprint video phones in New York, LA, Miami, and Virgin phones in London and Dublin.

Unconventional Records

VanPreston-CD.jpg (2478 bytes)
Get Van Preston's CD


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