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March 16, 2006 Pg. 2

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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
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SUNSET TRAIN: THE SONG.(on Stardust Compilation #60)

Before I wrote the story, I wrote the song.
And now we've released it as a single.
You can hear a preview here:

Here's a little background for DJ's.

We wrote and recorded THE SUNSET TRAIN in 1970, in a 4-track studio, with no overdubbing, so it may sound slightly different from today's digital recordings.

The song has never been released before, and we've now made it a Stardust single for historic and artistic reasons. In other words, we like it, and we hope you do too. It's been neglected for 36 years.

Many thanks to our good friend Col. Buster Doss, who knows music, and understands where we're coming from.

All the best.
Jack & Misty

Stardust Records...Stardust Compilation #60


(Intro recitation):
"Since his wife passed away,
the old man spent a lot of time with memory things.
He'd sit by the hour,
and stare at the old picture of The Sunset Train,
and talk to her like she was still right there by his side."

(1st verse. She sings):
I remember the day you gave that picture to me.
You hung it on the wall and called me to come and see.
Our little apartment had windows looking out on an alley,
But the picture on the wall was like a window to a beautiful valley.

(Chorus. Both sing):
The picture on the wall Seemed like a windowpane,
with the steam risin' high in the sky above a lonesome plain.
We could almost hear the old locomotive strain,
And the red caboose was followin' The Sunset Train

(2nd verse. He sings):
Years of love went by and now you're gone.
I don't want to face another lonesome dawn.
When the mail and the papers start piling up in the hall,
The neighbors'll come in,
And find the picture still on the wall.

(Chorus. Both sing):
And the picture on the wall will seem like a windowpane,
With the steam risin' high in the sky above a lonesome plain,
And they'll almost hear the old locomotive strain,
(He sings):
But I'll be gone, and so will The Sunset Train.
(Both sing):
We'll be gone, and so will The Sunset Train.

We'll be gone,
and so will The Sunset Train.

Jack Blanchard © 2006.


"The Sunset Train" is not just another song from the distant past. It's a testament to how far ahead of the curve Jack and Misty were back in 1970. One of the best songs Jack Blanchard has written in his long career as a songwriter, the story is kind of like a country music take on the great Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray".

The story in a song just gets better with each listen. Jack and Misty turn in a top rate performance in a song that demands their best efforts to tell the story right.

Jack and Misty tell the tale as if they are the ghosts of the two lovers in the song... And by the end the listener will feel the love
that the two departed lovers still feel... as they look down upon the scene from the final destination of "The Sunset Train".

Dan Michel, DJ and Program Director
WPMB and WKRV-FM, Vandalia, Illinois

The Official Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Home Page
Jack & Misty CDs
Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."

Jack and Misty on MKOC

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Stardust with Col. Buster Doss

Produced by Colonel Buster Doss

Just Go to www.scmr-n.com

ErinHay.jpg (4628 bytes)ERIN HAY
on Compilation # 60 !!


Visit the "JAMBOREE BY THE LAKE" Website and sign our Guest book PLEASE !! http://www.Jamboree-by-the-lake.com

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DREA LYNN sings "UNDER A MOONLIT NIGHT" on Compilation # 60 !!

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Darryl Worley

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Sammi Moore

April 7 through April 9, 2006


Ernie Ashworth

Hi every one,
ErnieAshworth.jpg (5562 bytes)It has been quite awhile since I have written a letter but I have been kept quite busy with taking care if Bettye.
I don't know if you knew it or not but Bettye fell a few weeks ago and fractured her pelvis bone and the cup it fits in. She was just getting her strength back from the lung cancer operation and then this happens. She was in the hospital for several days and since she came home she has a lady who comes to our house 2 times a week and does therapy. She has Bettye to use her walker and walks her down the hall in our house and this is really helping Bettye. I also I have her do this on days the therapy lady does not come. She will be going back to the doctor soon and I am sure he will be doing x-rays and I hope it will be good news. I want to thank Rhonnie Scheuerrman, Gary & Sherry Bradshaw for all their help for keeping the DJs world wide informed about Bettye and I appreciate all they do for me and I thank the E world wide DJs for all their support of my recordings. I want to thank the folks all over the world for their prayers for Bettye and they are appreciated. Hope all of you have a wonderful day.
Ernie & Bettye Ashworth

www.ernieashworth.com   Ernie on MKOC     Get Ernie Ashworth CDs Here!

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Walt Cronin

Gousters-CD.jpg (6429 bytes)My name is Walt Cronin. I have collaborated with a friend and professional musician named Zander Schloss. Zander has been on the L.A. music scene for 25 years. He's the bass player for "The Circle Jerks" still on tour. He's also written with the late Joe Strummer of "The Clash," Scott Weiland of " Stone Temple Pilots," and a number of soundtracks of Alex Cox's films ( Repo Man & Sid and Nancy ) I feel very fortunate to have written with Zander on our new CD called "The Gousters" (pronounced gow-sters). It's a very eclectic sound with country, rock, traditional country and some really sweet ballads in the alternative genre. Please take an opportunity to listen and learn more about us at our website www.thegousters.com You can download our music at this website or I can mail you our CD for review or airplay.

Please check out our latest rating by Roots Music Report listing "The Gousters" at # 43 in it's first week of the Top 50!

Thanks for listening,
Walt Cronin
The Gousters
Walt Cronin

Win Tickets for CMA Music Festival at CountryHome – Germany’s Premier Country Music Magazine -

International Office, Germany – March 10th 2006 – CountryHome, Germany’s Premier Country Music Magazine, announced today that they are giving their readers a chance to win tickets to the biggest country music party in the world. The CMA Festival/Fan Fair will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, USA from June 8th – 11th, 2006.

Drawings for the tickets will begin on April 1th, 2006 and the final drawing will be held on April 30th, 2006. The drawing results will be posted on the website in English, French and in German since CountryHome has many readers from America, Australia and New Zealand as well as Europe. The promoters at CountryHome would like to give all of their loyal readers a chance to win tickets to the largest, and most famous, country music party in the world.

Additional information on this promotion and CountryHome magazine, can be found online at: http://www.countryhome.de/gewinnspiele.htm

You will find additional information, photos and features from CountryHome's previous coverage of CMA Music Festival/Fan Fair, as well as important links to the official CMA Fest website at http://www.countryhome.de/.

Please direct questions regarding this press release to:
Christian Lamitschka, Staff Editor/Journalist
E-Mail: Info@CountryMusic-Magazin.de

CountryHome – Le Tout Premier Magazine De Country Allemand –
Editor / Rédacteur en chef : Christian Lamitschka
An der Pfingstweide 28
61118 Bad Vilbel
Téléphone : ++49 6101 544613
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Fax : ++49 6101 544622
E-mail : Info@CountryMusic-Magazin.de
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CRS News

Extreme Makeover: Radio Edition Promotion Ideas

By:David H. Solomon
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Washington, DC

On February 16, 2006, David H. Solomon (a partner at the Washington, DC law firm of Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP and former Chief of the FCC Enforcement Bureau) and James R.W. Bayes (a partner at the Washington, DC law firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding LLP) spoke about sponsorship identification and payola issues on a panel moderated by Malcolm Mimms, Jr. of the Mimms Law Firm of Nashville, Tennessee. more

Used with permission. Copyright 2005 Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc., all rights reserved. Visit www.crb.org

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"Love Holds On" by Joni Compretta

JoniCompretta.jpg (5573 bytes)I have just uploaded "Love Holds On" by Joni Compretta on her SoundClick website where you can listen or download an advance copy for your radio show. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=477417

If you have trouble downloading a copy just e mail me and I can send you an mp3 file (I do not have any hard copies) It will be released on the next WHP Compilation if you need a hard copy so watch for it. E Mail Lonnie Ratliff if you need me to send you a file. NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net

We would love to get your feedback on this song. Do you think your listeners will like it and do you like it.

E Mail Joni at: jonicompretta@yahoo.com
E Mail Lonnie at: NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net

Listen or Download file here

Love Holds On

Lookin' out at the lights shinin' across the bay
Out there somewhere tonight you're a million miles away
My life's gone on without you and I hardly ever cry
But I still dream about you when the moon is full and the tides are high

In between the lines of black and white
Love holds on, love holds on
Stronger than the binds of wrong and right
Love holds on love holds on

Lookin' down at the sea from your house up in the hills
Do you ever think of me or are the memories lying still
We couldn't change our lives even if we wanted to
But when you close your eyes some restless night I'll be haunting you

In between the lines of black and white
Love holds on, love holds on
Stronger than the binds of wrong and right
Love holds on love holds on

In between the lines of black and white
Love holds on, love holds on
Stronger than the binds of wrong and right
Love holds on love holds on

Writer: Carol Hashe
Publisher: Okie Acres Music

Visit Lonnie Ratliff Country Music Blackboard and Message Board

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WildfirePR-logo.gif (10873 bytes)
Wildfire Publicity
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

Skyla Spencer

SkylaSpencer-flameguitar.jpg (15609 bytes)Skyla Spencer signs a guitar at CRS 2006 for the Jericho Project, an organization where local businesses are donating instruments to prison inmates to help rehabilitate them in the way of music. The inmates formed a band called "The Prison City Band." The signatures were to show inspiration and support.

While at CRS, Skyla also signed another guitar that would be auctioned off to raise money for the Red Cross in a North Carolina division.

For more information, MP3s, the You Said You’d Call Me album, print quality photos, or to schedule a phoner, contact Laura Claffey with Wildfire Publicity at Laura@wildfirepublicity.net or 615-825-0019.


Maggie Austin

MaggieAustin-NMWsm.jpg (5321 bytes)Maggie Austin met and interviewed with Buck McCoy (syndicated radio show host for New Music Weekly and Backstage Entertainment) during CRS 2006. Maggie's "Rain on a Tin Roof" is currently #6 on the NMW Country Top 30 Indie Chart, and #29 on their Country Main Chart.

Maggie Austin is currently working with CMA award winning musicians on her debut full-length CD, due out this year.

Maggie Austin is a sponsor of Cell Phones For Soldiers, a program helping soldiers call home to their families. She has since received numerous requests to discuss the program. Maggie will donate 25cents for every download from www.MPeria.com/artists/Maggie_Austin to the CPFS fund.

For more information, please contact Laura at Laura@WildfirePublicity.net or 615-825-0019. Photos, Rain on a Tin Roof MP3 and single CD, and interviews available to the media by request. Radio is encouraged to contact Gus with Gulfwind Records.





Get Maggie Austin's MaggieAustinCD.jpg (3021 bytes)"Time and Again" CD

Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

Mark & Kimberlee's "one last dance" sent to Americana Radio

(from the CD "Acoustically Native" currently on Mark Trail Radio Comp # 15)

ColumbiaGorge.jpg (4323 bytes)Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully..
Stuart Duncan.. mandolin
Mark Fain.. bass fiddle
Kimberlee Holt Tully.. sand paper
Mark Holt.. vocals, acoustic guitar
produced by multi - Grammy winning Bil VornDick
recorded at Mountainside Audio Labs.. Nashville, Tennessee

Mark & Kimberlee "One Last Dance" currently on Mark Trail Radio Comp # 15

"Ok, I have to admit, I've been holding on to this CD for awhile. ( Man, I Love This CD )."
Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully's "Acoustically Native" caught the attention of everyone in the office and it was unanimous; this is one tight CD, an instant hit."
"If you like bluegrass, you'll like this! If you like old country, you'll like this! If you like Metallica and you want a change, you'll probably like this!"
"You have the green light... go buy it now..."
-- Chris Lonsberry

CD: * Acoustically Native..
Artist: * Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully

with special guests:
Stuart Duncan.. fiddle & mandolin
Mark Fain.. bass fiddle
Randy Kohrs.. dobro
Scott Vestal.. 5-string banjo
Pete Huttlinger.. acoustic & gut string guitars
Tim Tappan.. piano
Kathy Chiavola.. harmony vocals
produced by multi-Grammy winning: Bil VornDick
Recorded @ Mountainside Audio Labs.. Nashville, Tennessee

* Midnight Rider..
* Why Me Lord..
* El Paso City: a tribute to Marty Robbins..
* bonus track: Cowboy Up / "Riding For America"..

(photo: Mark Holt @ Columbia Gorge Music Festival, Washington State)

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Ameri-Star Entertainment & Miranda Promotions International
Are Major Labels For Artists Promotions

In This Issue:

1. Visit Miranda Stars Opry
2. Miranda Stars Opry Road Tour - Schedule
3. Miranda Welcomes WIQR AM Radio, Prattville, AL.
As The Official Miranda Stars Opry Radio
4. Miranda Stars Opry Welcomes Classic Country Internet World Wide Radio Paltalk.Com
5. Miranda Promotions International Welcomes New Artists
6. Miranda Promotions International Welcomes Back "Martha Welch"
7. Open Auditions - Send in your demo material for consideration.

1. Visit Miranda Stars Opry
Come on over and listen to some of the best talent on the net, brought to you by Miranda Promotions International and Ameri-Star Entertainment, Nashville, TN. Place your votes and tune in for special events, prize give a-ways and more. Both stations featuring the following artists and more are being added daily.
1. Keith Bradford - MC / Artist 2. Anne Brehm
3. Arkansas Banjo 4. Casey Colmen
5. Charlie Helmick 6. Dean Holmen
7. D. Robinson 8. James Seagrest
9. Jessica Mae 10. Jerry Lane
11. Joyce Ramagatie 12. Kim Carson
13. Kitty Houston 14. Pete Rose
15. Rebecca Lou 16. Bo McGuire
17. Roger Liles 18. Roy Cost
19. Tricia Hinds 20. Kitty Wells
21. Martha Welch
2. Anne Brehm
6. Dean Holmen
8. James Seagrest
10. Jerry Lane
12. Kim Carson
14. Pete Rose
16. Bo McGuire
18. Roy Cost
20. Kitty Wells

Visit Miranda Rising Stars:
Dutch Twitty
Ed & Kay Hunt
J.W. Lance
Bill Harris

More added daily, so keep tuning into "Miranda Stars Opry"
Listen Here: WWW.Soundclick.Com/mirandastarsopry  
Listen Here: http://WWW.Soundclick.Com/mirandarisingstars
Listen Here: WWW.mirandapromotions.net/index2.HTML

Check out these great video's -
Anne Brehm - Worth Calvary
*Nominated for Video Of The Year and Song Of The Year - TCMA*
Dean Holmen - Dear Hank
*Nominated for Country Video Of The Year - TCMA*

2. Miranda Stars Opry Road Tour - Schedule

March 24th, 2006
Miranda Stars
Opry Show
Blue And Gray
Sports Bar
Pre-Opry Show
And Kick Off Party
Montgomery, Alabama
Show time is: 8:00pm
Free Event - More Information Contact:
Deke Little - (615) 429-4165
Anne Brehm - (863) 439-4931
March 25th, 2006
Miranda Stars
Opry Show
Doster Community
Prattville, AL
Doors open at 6pm
Show starts at 7pm.
Ticket Information Contact:
Deke Little - (615) 429-4165
Anne Brehm - (863) 439-4931
April 13th-16th 2006
Tennessee Country
Music Alliance
Awards Show
Nashville, TN
Times To Be Announced
Ticket Information Contact:
Deke Little - (615) 429-4165
Anne Brehm - (863) 439-4931
June 24, 2006
Miranda Stars
Opry Show
Poe's Dinner Bell
Cookeville, TN
Times To Be Announced
Ticket Information Contact:
Deke Little - (615) 429-4165
Anne Brehm - (863) 439-4931
July 29th, 2006
Miranda Stars
Opry Show
The National
Guard Armory
London, KY
Times To Be Announced
Ticket Information Contact:
Deke Little - (615) 429-4165
Anne Brehm - (863) 439-4931

We will be adding more as they become available, come on out and enjoy the music, and the fun!

3. Miranda Welcomes WIQR AM Radio, Prattville, AL. - As The Official Miranda Stars Opry Radio.
WIQR AM Radio in Prattville, AL has agreed to advertise our upcoming shows in the Alabama area. They have also been invited to be our WSM for the shows as well. This is great news for all of us, and we are very grateful to them for their support of The Miranda Stars Opry.

4. Miranda Stars Opry Welcomes Classic Country Internet World Wide Radio Paltalk.Com
You can now listen to all of The Miranda Stars Opry artists on Classic Country Internet World Wide Radio. Download for free Paltalk and visit them today. Then just go to music/country/Classic Country Radio. Hope to see you there.

5. Miranda Promotions International Welcomes New Artists:
Judith Lynne
J.W. Lance
Tom Myers
Pete Rose
Kitty Wells
Rebecca Lou
Roger Liles
D. Robinson
Renee DuRue

6. Miranda Promotions International Welcomes Back Martha Welch:
Martha Welch has returned from a medical leave, blasting us with her wonderful talent and she is soon to release her Newest CD "Just A Cloud From Heaven" This album is going to receive great radio play and more I am sure. We are proud to have Martha back with our team and look forward to this New CD and her being with us in the shows to come. Watch for this CD and get your copy today:

7. Open Auditions - Send in your demo material for consideration:
If you are a artist or songwriter and you are looking to get your material heard. Send us your demo material today for consideration. Visit us at www.mirandapromotions.net to find out where to send it. Look forward to listening and letting you know what we think. All items received will be listened to and carefully considered. Thank you and look forward to helping you reach your goals and help you to reach for the stars!


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This week's quotes:

"I just found out that I won Grand Prize in the God-Song lyric-writing contest for the second year in a row -- woo hoo! I truly and sincerely thank YOU GUYS for making me a better songwriter!" - quote submitted on 3/10/06 by SongU.com member, Kim M., TX

"I just have to say that after many years of searching the internet for a workable, usable, inspiring site for songwriting, I finally found it when I came across SongU.com. I feel like you really are interested in my career and want me to be successful in this business. The song evaluations have been insightful and empowering. And there is a real sense of community at SongU.com, so thank you all." - quote submitted on 3/2/06 by SongU.com member, Michael K., Canada

Hi everyone,

Remembering that life is short, Sara and I decided to give ourselves a little break and take our 3-year old daughter, Mia, to the "magical kingdom" of Disney World last week. Indeed there was magic...the beautiful weather, the amazing displays of fireworks and most importantly being able to see Mia's priceless expression as she whirled around on the spinning teacups, ran under a little waterfall in Dinoland, and hugged Winnie the Pooh.

Back home and back to reality, we have to look a little harder to find the magic. Certainly in an industry as tough as the music business, there is no magic formula. But at SongU.com, hardly a week goes by when a member hasn't written to say that they've just won a contest, signed a song agreement, been offered a contract or staff deal, gotten a hold or had their first song forwarded. And I think that's because at SongU.com, we believe that by learning to write better songs and providing outlets for those great songs, magic can happen. That's why we give our members as many of the tools they need to succeed as possible. So our members can take any of our self-paced or instructor-led courses for no additional cost. They also get their own member website and can participate in regular co-writing challenge. Plus they have regular opportunities to pitch their songs to music industry publishers, producers and artists (also at no additional cost).

Here's a bit of magic that our members have created in the past month by working hard, writing great songs and pitching them.

SongU.com Pitching: 12 Successes for 10 Writers In The Past 14 Days!
In the past two weeks alone, over 10 SongU.com members have received a note of interest and contract offers from one of our Spin N' Pitch guests. Way to go guys!

* Kendra L, Nita V, Donnie C., Shelley J, Lorna F., Bobby D. and M.B. for being offered single song agreements from a Los Angeles based hit-R&B/Hip-Hop publisher/producer.
* Wil H. whose song caught the ears of major music publisher.
* Mark K. whose song was chosen by a young and very talented female recording artist for her upcoming project.
* Donna G. whose song was picked up by The Slideshow Company for use in weddings, DVD's and other media use. Previous SongU.com members are already generating royalties from their use of songs placed with The Slide Show Company.

More Successes: Co-writing Team Sign Contracts and More...

* Congrats to the following co-writing teams we helped pair up on their recent successes: Debbie P. and John C. who recently signed two of their co-written songs to single song agreements; Rebecca H. and Bo L. who had their song "Just Like Lou" picked up by the ALS society (Lou Gehrig's Disease); Ed W. and Sandra J., who had their song recently recorded by performing songwriter Melanie Johnson.
* Way to go Bill E. who in the past month signed six songs with Nashville Publisher, Songtown Music.
* Applause for Rebecca H. on catching the ears of Skaggs Family Records...one of the bands they work with listened to her songs online at SongU.com and wants to perform her song, "California Freight Train". We hope it turns into a cut for you.
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Hope to see you "on campus" soon ;-)

Danny Arena
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Fundraising Campaign for American Cancer Society/Relay for Life

Hello everyone,

A very dear friend, Mary Ann Kuhn of Madison, OH, is organizing the 2006 Fundraising Campaign for American Cancer Society/Relay for Life. She's been a member of this organization for many years and knows first hand, the hardship of losing loved ones to cancer. Details of the event are listed below.

And just in time for your Easter holiday needs, Malley's Chocolates of Cleveland, OH has joined with Mary Ann for additional support. If they sell $1,000.00 worth of candy by April 10th through the web site below, Malley's will donate 33% of all sales to the American Cancer Society. Those of you receiving this email who don't live in N.E. Ohio, Malleys will ship your order anywhere in the U.S. The company is to Cleveland, what Hershey is to PA. The chocolate is incredible! Here is the web address to place your order: http://secure.malleys.com/fund_raising/index.asp?id=16098

Please pass this message to Friends, Family, and Co-Workers.

Thank you all very much and God Bless,

Aldo Calabrese

The Relay for Life Fund Raiser to Benefit the American Cancer Society.
Saturday March 25th, 2006
Perry Tarbuck Center
4325 Manchester Ave.
Perry, OH 44081

$ 5.00 Admission Fee (Includes: 10 Tickets &
Informational Grab Bag)

Doors Open at 12:00 noon
Drawing starts at 1:30pm

Additional Tickets for regular raffle items 10 /$ 1.00
Big Table Items $ 1.00 each or 6 / $ 5.00 (Included in these items is a Corner Cairo Cabinet from Kraftmaid)
50/50 Raffle $1.00 each or 6 / $ 5.00

Refreshments will be available for purchase

For Tickets, Information, or to make a Donation.
Please Contact:
Mary Ann Kuhn 440-413-0855
Maureen Kiss 440-357-6103
Michelle King 216-287-9584
Nancy Stancombe 440-428-3531

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