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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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Dec. 11, 2006

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Hi All,

I hope y'all are more perpared for Christmas then I am! I don't know where the time (or my energy) goes, but it's sure gone by fast. During the times I was able to work, I had to concentrate on creating a web site for a new client here in my home town. It's for a used car lot. It's not done yet as the owner is so busy herself that she hasn't been able to get all the info to me for the site, but I have worked hard on the design. Between that and other off-line duties, I've let time slide by without a notice till Ma asked me if I'd gotten my Christmas cards done yet.. Ahhhhh.. I haven't even started them! Ugh! If anyone out there has a spare brain they don't need, please send it on over.. I don't care how long it takes to download it! ThinkingSmileFace.gif (2007 bytes)

I'd like to welcome all the new subscribers who have patiently waited for this issue and the rest of you who have stood by me, waiting as well. You're a great bunch of country folk and I appreciate each and every one of you!

There has been so much news piled up while I was unable to send it that I decided to create this newsletter with the most recent news. If possible, I'll create another newsletter with some of the other news from last month.. things that aren't as "timely" such as artist info, etc.

Sean Bennett MKOC Featured Artist

Seargent First Class, Sean Bennett - Currently Serving In Iraq

Sean wrote me last week with a song he'd recorded just one day before being shipped out to Iraq. I just loved the song and his style and I waned to be able to "grant" his Christmas wish to help his song get heard and hopefully some of you DJs out there will give it airplay. Visit Sean's page on MKOC to hear the song and find out more about this soldier and his music Just click the pic!.

MKOC Christmas
If you haven't visited yet, please be sure to drop by the MKOC Christmas section of the site. There's tons of great Christmas song clips from many of your MKOC favorites like Narvel Felts, Joe Tinoco w/ wife, Tamra Holde-Tinoco and many, many more. There's also poetry and a special MKOC Christmas card dedicated to y'all!

MKOC Store
Still got Christmas shopping to do? Looking for something special for yourself? Check the MKOC Store where you'll find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers and more! Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.

Netflix, Inc.

MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio - Songs are rotated with each newsletter.
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Narvel Felts

Narvel FeltsBe sure to check out "News From Narvel" to see his reports of each month of the year about his 50th Anniversary Tour!

New show dates have been added to Narvel's site. Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!


Joe Tinoco

modeling_pics.jpg (3718 bytes)"TNT" PRODUCTIONS
Producers and Entertainers

We currently Produce and Star in Branson, Missouri's GOLD AURORA AWARD WINNING "Magnificent 7pm Variety Show" at The White House Theatre.

We are always on the look out for Talented Singers who can Dance. So if you think you have what it takes to work hard, maintain a positive attitude and a friendly personality then we want to hear from you!

Visit TNT Productions for all the information

Joe Tinoco on MKOC

Joe's Show Business          Tamra Holden         The White House Show

Click Here To Listen To Joe's Gospel Recordings

Weekly Updates

More Country  News

Doug Stone

Doug Stone is ready to re-emerge with a new country album, readies for a show in Jackson

By BRIAN GOINS - Jackson Sun - Jackson, Tennessee

DougStone.jpg (6942 bytes)It's no secret: Doug Stone is from the country, and he likes it that way. OK, so that's a stolen line from a song by Tracy Byrd. It's the song that Doug Stone delivered a few lines from during a phone interview recently. In conversation, Stone is jovial and and genuinely enthusiastic about his craft.

Born in Atlanta, Stone spent most of his youth in Newnan ('Well, I hit puberty there, let's put it that way'), a small Georgia town probably most famous for being the home town of Alan Jackson.

'Oh, it's the best place in the world to grow up. Everybody knows everybody. Just like that song...' said Stone, as he breaks into a line from 'I'm from the Country,' laughing.

'It was great, man. I had a lot of great friends down there,' he said, adding that he knew Jackson way back when. He recalled one instance where Jackson was looking for work.

'He called one day, (and talked to our) bass player and said, 'Do ya'll need any singers.' We had three in the band at the time,' Stone laughed. 'He said, 'Naw, we don't need anymore singers.' But Alan's done really good.'

Stone was influenced most in his youth by his mother, a country singer herself. She started teaching him to play guitar at age 5, and by age 7, arranged for him to open for Loretta Lynn.

'Real nice woman,' he said of Lynn in his drawl, adding that years later he did a 'Legends' concert honoring her for TNN and asked her if she remembered him. 'She said 'Yeah, they called you little Dougie Brooks.' She was so sweet. Just a really good, downhome person. She's really the real deal.'

Stone rose to fame in the early 90s, around the same time that Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks and other big names who emerged to rejuvenate the genre. His real last name, Brooks, was changed to Stone to avoid confusion with Garth Brooks at the time. Stone's breakthrough hit, 'I'd Be Better Off (In a Pine Box),' was a throwback song for its time, comparable to the styles of George Jones and Conway Twitty.

Stone followed up with several memorable hits in the 90s and early 00s, with songs such as 'A Jukebox and a Country Song,' 'Addicted to a Dollar' and 'Warning Labels.'

Those are all instant classic country songs, but Stone has branched out and really likes the direction that the country music is headed.

'You know, country music is kind of wide open now. We got a lot of stuff - you know, The Eagles are country now,' he laughed, adding that he really digs Rascal Flatts. 'You can do just about anything you want to do.'

His last album, 'In a Different Light,' featured some old standards such as 'Georgia on My Mind,' 'Tell it Like It Is' and 'Crazy Love.'

'We thought that we'd go ahead and do some stuff that I'd been wanting to do for a long time,' he said, adding that some of the songs were suggestions by different people at his current label, independent Lofton Creek Records. The album also has a re-release of 'In a Different Light,' a song that is one of Stone's favorites - originally released in 1990 on his self-titled debut album on Epic.

'It was amazing, because the label wasn't going to release that song to radio. I went in and jumped up and down on his desk, more or less,' Stone laughed. 'I said, 'Man, you're crazy if you don't release that one.' It ended up being my first No. 1 across the board, Cashbox, Billboard, R&R and all of them.'

Being on a smaller label is nice for Stone, he said, referring to it as more of a family.

'You have more control. It's like working with Ma and Pa. That's what I call 'em,' he laughed.

Stone is working on a new album to be released in early 2007 of all country songs - but he is looking forward to breaking out of the mold a bit.

'On this new album, I put - I call it 'Crock,' country-rock. Half country-rock and then half good country, the old country stuff. Hopefully everybody will get something out of it,' he said.

Three of the songs on the new album will be songs that Stone has written himself, he said.

'I love the whole thing about music. I grew up doing my own demos. I play keyboards, bass, drums and a little bit of keyboards. I love doing the writing, I love to produce 'em, I love to play 'em and get out on the road and play in front of people, too ... get their live reaction to 'em.'

There's also been talk about doing an album 'kinda like what Rod Stewart did. You know, picking up all those old-time songs,' he said.

But you can come to his show at The Palace in Jackson expecting to hear those good old hits of his.

'I do most of my hits,' said Stone, who tries to fit in all he can, but will undoubtedly miss someone's favorite.

'Of course, I can't do 'em all. People always come up and say, 'Well, you didn't do my favorite one.''

But his favorite part of the show is getting to meet the fans after the performance - the people who love the music.

'Tell all the fans to come on out, we're gonna have a real good time and get to sign autographs and see each other,' he said.

dId YoU kNoW?

* Stone's first gig was opening for Loretta Lynn at age 7. But when he was coming up, he'd play just about anywhere, including skating rinks and the like.

'I'll never forget, one of our first playing gigs. They paid us $25, and there were five of us in the band,' he said.

* Stone has had health problems, including a heart attack and problems with his vocal cords.

'What happened to me is that I lost my voice in '95,' he said, noting that the voice clinic he went to couldn't find exactly how to help him. He kept trying to sing around it, but it wasn't until he found a coach, Renee Grant-Williams, that he started to find his voice again.

'It's taken me about 10 years to get (my voice) back,' he said.

But there's nothing that could put a halt to his passion for music.

'I never really quit,' he said, and he's obviously not lost his sense of humor throughout it all. 'I've been doing shows - some of 'em were good, and some of 'em were bad. It was kind of like a box of chocolates, you never knew what you was gonna get.'

* When asked what artist he'd pick to do a CMT 'Crossroads' with, Stone was stumped at first.

'I have no idea. I'd have to sit down and think about that,' he said. But then, off the top of his head, Stone answered: 'I like Keb Mo. I like the blues a lot. He's really a good artist and has great lyrics to his songs. That's why I like him.'

It gives you insight into Stone's own varied taste in music.

"I go way back,' he said. 'I grew up with the Beatles and Elvis. Country ... like Don Williams, Don Gibson, Hank Snow and Hank Williams and all them guys.'

* Stone has tried his hand at acting.

'I got to do the movie 'Gordy.' It was a pretty cool kids' movie - Disney put it on,' he said, but he's not too optimistic about future acting gigs.

'Well, I just knew that DeNiro and Spielberg would be calling me up, but they ain't called me yet,' he joked. 'I enjoyed it. It's kind of crazy. You get in makeup at about 6 o'clock in the morning, then at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon they start working you.'

What does one do in the downtime? 'Twiddle your thumbs,' he joked. 'That's about it. Read your lines... because they give you a script every day, but then the next day it is a different script.'

* Stone has five children, a couple of which show interest in music.

'My youngest daughter, I think she's gonna be a singer because she really digs it. She's eat up with it like I was,' Stone said.

What: Doug Stone in concert
When: 9 p.m. Dec. 15
Where: The Palace in Jackson, Tennessee
Tickets: $15-$30. Call 660-6153

Doug Stone Web Site

Doug Stone CDs Here!

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Collin Raye

CollinRaye-12DogsOfChristmas.jpg (15008 bytes)Collin Raye brought his Family Christmas Tour to Idaho Falls Civic Center in Idaho, Falls, Idaho on Thursday, December 7th, and he brought more than just his recognizable voice. Not only did Raye perform with a symphony orchestra, but he also had the help of some of the local, younger fans.

During the concert, Raye enlisted the help of 12 local children to help sing “The 12 Dogs Of Christmas.” Children ages 3-12 who had previously auditioned as one of their favorite dog breeds, joined Collin on-stage for the parody of “The 12 Days Of Christmas.”

“’The 12 Dogs of Christmas’ was originally written by Emma Kragen when she was just seven years old,” Raye said. “She’s now 16 and the book with a CD that came from her efforts has sold 490,000 copies.”

Additional cities Collin plans to visit on the tour include Bakersfield, California; Santa Rosa, California; and Ventura, California.

For additional shows, photos, and updates, please visit www.collinraye.com
Photo courtesy of Jamie Prestwich, Post Register, Idaho Falls, ID

Buy Collin Raye CDs Here

Ebie McFarland, Publicist
Webster & Associates Public Relations
WebsterAssocLogo.jpg (3750 bytes)
P.O. Box 23015
Nashville, TN 37202
p. 615.777.6995 x. 25
f. 615.369.2515

Country Superstar Charlie Daniels Headlines Outback Bowl DeBartolo Pregame Show

Bowl Media contact:
Mike Schulze (813) 874-2695

Charlie Daniels contact:
Kirt Webster, Webster & Assoc. PR (615) 777-6995 x30
Paula Szeigis, CDB, Inc. (615) 443-2112 x 123

Country Superstar Charlie Daniels Headlines Outback Bowl DeBartolo Pregame Show

CharlieDaniels.jpg (5967 bytes)Tampa, FL -- Game officials announced today that legendary country superstar Charlie Daniels will perform the National Anthem at the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida on New Year’s Day. The college football bowl game will match the University of Tennessee against Penn State University in front of a sellout crowd in Raymond James Stadium.

“The Outback Bowl has a reputation for its dazzling DeBartolo Pregame Show that includes college bands, dancers, military fly-bys and sky divers. Charlie Daniels addition as our anthem singer makes our presentation even more spectacular for the fans,” Outback Bowl President/CEO Jim McVay.

Daniels, known for his fiddle playing, has been a music icon for over 40 years and has become an integral part of the American popular culture. CDB music, as Daniels likes to call it, is an exhilarating mixture of rock, country, bluegrass, blues, and gospel. Although geared to the mindset of the southern lifestyle, Daniels strikes a chord with all Americans since his music at times can be rebel rousing with the spirit that embraces the American ideal.

Charlie Daniels energy and strong support for our nation is evidenced by his many accolades. His volunteer spirit and down to earth philosophy exemplifies this true American patriot. He will be performing at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, FL on December 31.

The Outback Bowl will be televised internationally on ESPN TV in HD and can be heard nationally on ESPN Radio and in the Tampa Bay market on 620 WDAE AThe Sports Animal.”

For information on the Outback Bowl, events, attractions and hotels in the Tampa Bay area go to the bowls web site at www.outbackbowl.com

Webster & Associates Public Relations
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P.O. Box 23015
Nashville, TN 37202
p. 615.777.6995 x. 25
f. 615.369.2515

Rhinestones & Roses Fashion Show Celebrates Manuel!

(Nashville, TN) -- The “Rhinestones & Roses” fashion show, held Sunday, November 5, 2006, was intended to take spectators on a visual once-in-a-lifetime journey celebrating the past, present, and future of Manuel fashion. The show was held at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Manuel is the fifth of eleven children and was born in 1933 in the small town of Michoacan in South-west Mexico. His fashion career began when he was a small child being taught to sew by his older brother, Adolfo, while his mother tutored him in the craft of hand embroidery. He left Mexico for Los Angeles when he was barely seventeen and by the time he was twenty-three he was already recognized as the most influential designer of elaborate clothing for film stars and country, rock, and pop music icons. He moved to Nashville in 1989 and celebrities from all over the world continue to come here for the sole purpose of having Manuel create an original work of material art for them to wear on stage or in films.
Rhinestone_GMS_051.JPG (9548 bytes)
Country music star Buddy Jewell wearing a coat owned by recording artist Eddie Montgomery that he wore to CMA Awards 2005 in NYC; with Co-host Brad Schmitt looking on.
Rhinestone_RR_058.JPG (15442 bytes)
Little Jimmy Dickens wearing a suit made for him by Manuel.
Rhinestone_GMS_113.JPG (13832 bytes)
Exclusive “States” designs by Manuel modeled.
IMG_7545.JPG (6144 bytes)
Manuel (the original Rhinestone Cowboy) with a rose.

Artists clothed in Manuel fashion over the years include Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr., Neil Young, Sylvester Stallone, Little Richard, and Montgomery Gentry--to name a few.

Photos courtesy of Ad Media.
Ebie McFarland, Publicist
Webster & Associates Public Relations
WebsterAssocLogo.jpg (3750 bytes)

John Sines, Jr.

Sines Of Conviction
"NEW" – Available Now!
JohnSinesConviction.jpg (5320 bytes)

"I have designated 10% of the profit of each CD sold to go to the Child Alert Foundation."


Gary Gene Bolton

* * *
GaryGeneBolton-UDontKnowMe.jpg (4456 bytes)Driven By A Compelling New Version Of The Title Track
And The Spirited First Radio Single “Me And My Baby,” The Disc Was Produced
By Veteran Arranger/Producer Richard Egizi And Features Top Shelf Backing Musicians,
Including Guitarist Mitch Holder and Bassist Nathan East

Gary Gene Bolton may have titled his new album You Don’t Know Me after his stunning new rendition of the Eddy Arnold/Cindy Walker standard, but he’s through keeping his talent as a singer/songwriter under the radar.

When they hear “Me And My Baby,” his rollicking debut single now shipping to mainstream country radio stations across the U.S., fans are not only going to know Bolton but also embrace him as a maverick. Driven by the eleven heartfelt tracks on this collection, he is helping make country music safe for traditional, old-fashioned storytelling again—and not a moment too soon.

Perhaps it was simply a matter of time before the genre rediscovered the kind of warm and soulful singing and songwriting that inspired Bolton to pursue his budding career in the first place. Influenced by legends like Charlie Rich and Kenny Rogers, Bolton—who moved to Los Angeles some years ago from his hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas to pursue his dream--one day simply started looking closely at the world he lived in and jotting down (then singing) what he saw.

“You Don’t Know Me is really about expressing my observations about life, partly reflecting who I am and also touching on the people and things I see and experience around me in terms of life and love,” he says. “The first track ‘With A Little Bit Of Love’ is the very first song I ever wrote. I moved out West and recorded other people’s material for years and thought I’d give writing a shot. I don’t remember how the idea got stuck in my head but I didn’t have the confidence to complete it. Then once I did, I could just tell it sounded good and I knew I could do this.

“Becoming an artist is an incredible process,” Bolton adds, “full of a lot of struggles, but I’ve grown through all of those experiences and they have made me a much stronger writer and singer. I think I bring a lot of living into my music and have something genuine and authentic to offer. And I think people respond to that kind of honesty.”

Like many independent artists trying to make their mark, Bolton worked with numerous high-profile folks behind the scenes to bring his ten originals and the classic cover tune to magnificent musical life. You Don’t Know Me was produced by Richard Egizi and co-produced by Randy Farrar.

Bolton is also supported by some of the industry’s finest and most versatile musicians: bassist Nathan East; pianist Tom Canning; guitarists Mitch Holder and Robin Johnston; pedal steel, dobro and banjo specialist Greg Leisz; drummers Rayford Griffin and Gary Mallaber; violinists Sherril Babtist and Chas Waltz; and vocalist Teresa James.

While “Me And My Baby,” a joyfully upbeat track about the unexpected love of your life feeling that can happen from an innocent first date, will be the world’s introduction to Bolton’s numerous talents, his real strength lies in telling compelling stories through highly emotional, traditionally arranged ballads.

After the encouraging and inspirational “With A Little Bit Of Love,” he takes a look at “Whatever Happened To Main Street”—a poignant, wistful tune which he wrote upon hearing a young female student at USC (where he was working a day job) tell him that her father was about to lose his business. “While it mourns some of the small town values and traditions that are fading away in America, the song is as much about the future as the past,” says Bolton. “It’s about what matters most in life and about the importance of individualism."

“For The Children” is about a couple learning the importance of sacrificing for their children, trying to survive the good and bad times so that their kids can find their way. Even more powerful is “Does A Mother Cry,” an intricate four and a half minute movie in the making about an adopted boy who tries to fulfill his lifelong desire to meet his natural mother. Bolton also explores the good ol’ fashioned theme of cheating on “With A Perfect Stranger.”

He also marvels that many of his friends in foreign lands like Italy seem most responsive to the unabashedly romantic “You’re The Only Beautiful Woman (In The World).” Sometimes, in the midst of more complex emotions on an album, a simple, direct love song is the best way to express what the artist is feeling.

Having performed over the years at numerous venues throughout Los Angeles—including the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City--Bolton is a seasoned live performer who can’t wait to get out and play the songs from You Don’t Know Me for audiences around the country.

“For me, this album is the culmination of an exciting creative journey, and I’m excited to share my own music with people for the first time,” he says. “I can be a very self critical kind of person and I really felt like the songs I presented on this album had to be the best I had ever done—and I believe they are. It took a while, but I believe these are songs that people can both enjoy and identify with. I’m excited by the response I’ve received so far. I think everyone out there who loves good, solid country music will like this album.”




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RedGorilla Music Fest Now Accepting Showcase Submissions - Enter Now


RedGorillaMusic.jpg (7944 bytes)December 4, 2006 -- RedGorilla Music Fest is now accepting showcase submissions. Whether you are a band or solo artist, you can submit your music for consideration to showcase at RedGorilla Music Fest in Austin, TX from March 14-17, 2007. Go to http://www.redgorillamusic.com for an artist submission form. Submissions are accepted online through Sonicbids or through the mail.

RedGorilla Music Fest launched four years ago as the DreamScapers Artist Showcase and has grown each year under that name. This year, the event has a new name - RedGorilla Music Fest - but its mission is the same: to promote up-and-coming independent music in all genres and help independent artists further their careers. Approximately 150 bands and solo artists will participate in shows in venues on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. RedGorilla showcases will take place from Wednesday, March 14, to Saturday, March 17, in clubs on 6th Street, right in the heart of all the action. The event continues to be a "No Badge Required" event. It is free to attend and is open to the general public.

RedGorilla Music Fest takes place during one of the most important music weeks in the year. It is the music industry's premier destination for the year, and thousands of fans and music industry professionals descend upon Austin to network and check out new talent at the various music festivals around town. RedGorilla Music Fest offers showcase slots to bands and solo artists so that they can take advantage of this excellent opportunity. RedGorilla Music Fest is all about showcasing and making it the best experience possible for the artist and the audience.

Over the years, some of the hottest up-and-coming acts have been showcased by RedGorilla Music Fest. As a result, RedGorilla Music Fest has received international media attention and a reputation for being the showcase for new music. Showcasing acts have included: Family Force 5 (Maverick), Dropping Daylight (Octone), Luna Halo (American), Bang Bang Bang (Warner Bros.), The Colour (EMI/Rethink), The Silent Years (No Alternative), Ligion (Maple Jam/ICON), Red Monroe (3 Concentric), The Muckrakers (Label X/Toucan Cove/Universal), FLOREZ, The Parlour Boys, Year Long Disaster, Radiant, Absent Star, The Hero Factor, The Gaskets and many more.

RedGorilla Music Fest is not affiliated in any way with SXSW or South By Southwest, Inc.

For more information, go to http://www.redgorillamusic.com or call the RedGorilla office at 615-251-4920.
1307 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206
phone: 615.251.4441
Fax: 615.251.4442
eMusic is the #1 site for independent music, with a library of over 1,000,000 MP3s from more than 90,000 albums. eMusic sets itself apart from other services by offering MP3s free from copy protection. This means that eMusic customers truly own the music they download. Our MP3’s play on any portable music player (including the iPod), can be downloaded to unlimited computers and allow for unlimited CD burning. Other digital music services either charge extra or do not offer the flexibility eMusic provides to their customers. Also, eMusic is an international site, which means that any customer from any country throughout the world can subscribe and download from eMusic. Every new customer to eMusic can download up to 50 MP3s over 14 days free of charge. That’s $50 worth of free music, and it’s yours to keep! About eMusic

Legendary Bluegrass Musician Releases First Solo Album of His 40 Year Career

JackCookeBanner.jpg (9837 bytes)
(Columbus, NC) - "I'm never going to work. I'm going to let this guitar do it for me." The words of a teenage Jack Cooke to his sister say it all. . After over 40 years as a sideman, Jack Cooke is releasing his first solo release, Sittin' on Top of the World, on February 20th. Jack has played a large part in the evolution of America's traditional music form as the lead vocalist for the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe and as an integral part of the Stanley Brothers and Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys' success throughout his 37 year tenure with the group.

Sittin' on Top of the World was a labor of love for Grammy Award winner, Jim Lauderdale, who approached Jack about working on a solo release. As producer, Lauderdale helped line up some of Jack's good friends to help him out on the record. The result is an all-star lineup including Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury, Mike Bub, David Gisman and others.
Jack's legacy is known throughout the bluegrass world and his playing has influenced innumerable musicians.

Find Jack's CD with song clips from Pine Castle Studio HERE

For review copies or questions:
Ethan Burkhardt
"To me Jack Cooke is one of the true unsung heroes of our business. He has always been a loyal sideman providing just what was needed to help the "star" shine and be able to step up and deliver when his turn came to shine. We have waited too long to hear the music and voice of Jack on his own album." - Grammy Winner and 5 time IBMA Bass Player of the Year, Mike Bub

"Larger than life, and a great bass player to boot! He was such a part of that band and their success. It is so cool here 35 years later that Jack knows my name. He was a hero then, and he remains a hero today!" - 2005 IBMA Dobro Player of the Year, Phil Leadbetter

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Opryland owner wants to build new tourist attraction in Nashville

Staff Writers - TENNESSEAN.COM

Gaylord Entertainment Co. is asking the city for permission to build a new tourist attraction near the Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

The Nashville entertainment company, owner of the Opryland Hotel, the Grand Ole Opry and other resort hotels around the country, told the Metro Planning Commission that it wants to expand its operations on 105 acres on the eastern side of Briley Parkway.

The expansion will require rezoning 80 acres of residential land, as well as 25 acres now designated for light commerce, according to a Gaylord filing made late Thursday afternoon with the city. The Planning Commission and the Metro Council will have to approve the requests before any project can move ahead.

Gaylord’s filing did not list specific plans, but it does request a change to “commercial attraction” zoning, a classification set aside for entertainment venues, amusement parks and other tourism-related activities.

In its filing, Gaylord said it plans to expand the entertainment-based industry that has built up in the Pennington Bend area since the company opened its hotel and convention center and the Grand Ole Opry House in the 1970s.

“No other geographic area within the greater Metropolitan region compares with the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center and its immediate environs as an acknowledged world-class entertainment/conference destination,” the company wrote.

Brian Abrahamson, a Gaylord spokesoman, declined to elaborate on the filing, but he would confirm that Gaylord Chairman and CEO Colin Reed held meetings on Monday night and Tuesday night with residents in the Pennington Bend area to update them on where the company stands in its intentions to develop the land.

Metro Councilman J.B. Loring, who represents the district and attended the meetings, said Reed talked about Gaylord's desire to create some kind of attraction that would embrace the company's country music and Opry heritage.

"He said there's nothing in the mill at this time, but that there are some thing being talked about," Loring said. "He wants to keep people informed. He wants to be a good neighbor and I think he is being a good neighbor."

During Gaylord's most recent earnings call with investors on Nov. 6, Reed said the company is in the midst of exploring development opportunities for the vacant land.

"We are continuing to look at options on how we create more appeal for a destination for Nashville and obviously for our business," Reed said, explaining that the site is as big as the one where the hotel is currently located. "How we do it, with whom we do it - we're continuing to work on that."

On that same call, Reed also told stock analysts that strong demand had forced Gaylord to turn away booking for roughly 2.5 million room nights in the first six months of 2006, prompting the company to consider expansions at all three of its operational properties in Nashville, near Dallas and Orlando, Fla.

Loring said Reed explained this situation to the Pennington Bend residents, telling them that there are some things on the horizon for the property where the hotel sits beyond its on-going $45 million room renovation. "He told them, 'We've got the money and we want to put it into this community,'" Loring said.

Abrahamson said the company had nothing to add beyond what Reed had already said in his public comments with investors.

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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

An audio Christmas essay by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Click this link to listen: http://www.kokosuniverse.com/avi/jm/wma/christmas.htm
DJ's who would like an mp3, please email us.

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."
Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com

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RootsMusicAssoc.jpg (4133 bytes)
The Roots Music Association would like to introduce the newly appointed folk advisory council member.

Advisory Council Member: Folk Delegate
Mark Holt - Lewiston, Idaho

MarkHolt2.jpg (9723 bytes)"...you can't peg Mark Holt into a neat little musical category...Mark Holt is a genre unto himself." Autumn Sakai (Talent Buyer, Seattle, Washington)

Mark Holt has been performing acoustic music in a variety of genre's for thirty years. To watch him in cowboy boots, jeans, a mock turtle neck and dress coat, he looks as eclectic as the mix of music he plays.

Mark was enticed to the stage at the age of 12, the Yakima, Washington native joined a music school shortly after. The school put him in a band formed to showcase students and sell lessons to others. The school went under, but the band stayed together. When Holt was a teenager, a talent scout took him under his wing. The man took him backstage at Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard and Ernest Tubb concerts and gave him a bit of advice he would never forget. "He told me you have to be something different' you want people to know it is you when they hear you, you need to sound like yourself, and not like anybody else."

Mark fell in love with Folk & Bluegrass Music, performing at his first festival in 1980. Mark Holt was selected in 1989 as a "Showcase Artist" for the International Bluegrass Music Association's Trade Show & Fan Fest, Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine w/ freelance writer Joe Ross featured Mark in its September 1996 Issue.

Mark was asked to perform as a "Showcase Artist" at the 2003 Academy of Western Artist's Expo & Awards Show, which led to being featured in the July 2004 Issue of "American Cowboy" one of largest western lifestyle magazine's in the World. Mark got the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas in 2002 & 2004 for the National Western Art Show & Sale, held during the Wrangler PRCA National Finals Rodeo, "being in Vegas during the NFR is always a thrill, but seeing your name in Marquee Lights over the Las Vegas Strip, that is a professional milestone"

"I've spent my musical life keeping my feet in multiple genre's of music, partly out of necessity, and partly out of my love and respect of all music's". "I've performed all over the country, and road dogged the rest of it, I hope I can bring my experience's of being a touring artist and knowledge of working in multiple genre's to the RMA." "I would like to thank the Roots Music Association for the opportunity to serve on it's founding board."

Robert Bartosh
Roots Music Association

* the Mark Holt Trio @
RiverCity Bluegrass Music Festival
featuring: Emmylou Harris
January 5th, 6th & 7th, 2007
Red Lion Hotel & Downtown Convention Center
Portland, Oregon

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NewMusicWeekly.jpg (5749 bytes)

by: Chuck Dauphin

Los Angeles, CA - Ahh…that time of year. The smell of Christmas Trees, Apple Candles, and joy in the air. For music reviewers, it’s that time of year where we shine the spotlight on our favorites from the past year. Some might say this is an easy way out of 2006, as it’s possible to write the bulk of this article pretty early on…..I won’t say I did that….but I just bought my tickets to the Super Bowl and can’t wait to cheer on the Titans……LOL….Just kidding!.....Seriously, as we look back on the year that was, we will break our "Years’ best" list into two parts. This week, we will look at what I think were the twelve best singles of 2006, and then next week I’ll run down my favorite albums of the year…..Away we go…..!

12. "Two Pink Lines," Eric Church (Capitol)……..Every now and then, you hear and approach to a subject that you haven’t heard yet. This excellent song about a pregnancy test scored high for the talented newcomer!

11. "Like Red On A Rose," Alan Jackson (Arista)……It wasn’t as right between the eyes as a lot of Jackson’s singles, but his ability to stretch as a stylist surprised me a lot.

10. "That Girl Is A Cowboy," Garth Brooks (Pearl)……This song reminded me of riding around with ROPIN’ THE WIND in the cassette deck….A pretty good era!

9. "Before He Cheats," Carrie Underwood (Arista)…..Country’s latest "girl next door" turns feisty and it works!

8. "Want To," Sugarland (Mercury)…..For personal reasons, this song struck a chord, but Jennifer Nettles handles the song very nicely.

7. "Leave The Pieces," The Wreckers (Warner Brothers)…..Michelle Branch as part of a Country duo? You’ve got to be kidding me…..You mean it actually works? It does!

6. "Give It Away," George Strait (MCA)…..In a year that saw his induction into the Hall Of Fame, George delivered one of his best efforts in years. The spoken intro was genius, but coming from "Whisperin" Bill Anderson, what did you expect?

5. "Building Bridges," Brooks & Dunn (Arista)….Until "Believe," I was merely a casual B&D fan….not anymore…Plus…any song with Sheryl Crow on it has my vote!

4. "Tennessee Girl," Sammy Kershaw (Category 5)…..It wasn’t about politics, saving an endangered species or any cause of the day. It was just three minutes of fun, and Sammy Kershaw does that better than anyone!

3. "When I Get Where I’m Going," Brad Paisley with Dolly Parton (Arista)….In a year that I probably paid more attention to lyrics than ever before, this one hits me right between the heart….even after the 321, 427th listen.

2. "Bring It On Home," Little Big Town (Equity)…..Can you say the phrase "Radio Friendly?" While this record was that, it also showcased the unbelievable harmonies of this group to the max.

HONORABLE MENTION: "8th Of November," Big & Rich (Warner Brothers)….I know they’re an acquired taste….maybe a little left of center…but kudos to them for writing and performing one of the year’s best songs.

1. "The Last Ten Years (Superman)", Kenny Rogers (Capitol)……OK, It’s a fact that he could sing the phone book and I would be a fan. That fact aside, this is an incredible piece of music…..One that is guaranteed to make you think. It takes a legend to pull off a song of this caliber…and he more than does that!

New Music Weekly, has graced the pages of Billboard, R&R, Gavin, Friday Morning Quarterback, Music Connection, Inside Connection and most recently Soap Digest has found great success with their charting system which includes Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, College, Americana, and Rock radio stations. Most recently with the formation of Backstage Entertainment's newly developed Spins Tracking System (STS) it has already impacted over 450 radio station since the beginning of 2005.

Contact Info:
New Music Weekly Magazine
Tele: 310.325.9997
Backstage Entertainment

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Pat James

Hi everybody !
PatJames.jpg (10182 bytes)Indie-Music.com, one of the most important resource on the internet dedicated to promote, help and support independant artists (indie), has just released its "Best of 2006 - Top 25 Artists" in its monthly online Magazine. Here is how the magazine's editors describe their criteria :"...With thousands of songs posted on Indie-Music, choosing the Top 25 Artists with MP3s on the site was a daunting task... We screened the songs and chose artists based on performance, production and song quality. We also factored in song popularity based on website plays, chart positions, and listener ratings..."

Enough with suspense and introduction, PAT IS ONE OF THE TOP 25 !
His song "It's all Coming Back" was posted on Indie-Music website at the beginning of 2006. This led to Pat's CD "It's my Life" being reviewed by one of Indie-Music's writers this past summer. But this great news was totally unexpected!
Traditional country is certainly not the leading musical trend these days. So being chosen among thousands of songs and artists of ALL categories is an even bigger achievement. Pat is definitely the best of all!

If you would like to visit Indie-Music website, just click here :

That's it for now, have a great week!

Circle Cross Music


CD-icon.jpg (2186 bytes)
Buy Some Like It Country
PatJamesCD-ItsMyLife.jpg (1918 bytes)
Buy It's My Life

Pat James on MKOC


O-Day! 12% off + Free Shipping! Valid 12/10/06 - 12/14/06 11:59pm MST
Introducing Trinity Lane (Formerly Anne Brehm)

TrinityLane-simpleCD.jpg (6391 bytes)Anne has been singing since the age of four, which began in church and continued throughout school and she continues to follow her dreams. Born in Trenton, New Jersey, and brought up in the Southern State of Florida, she has the roots of Country and Gospel music, in her veins. Her mother sang with the Legendary Eddie Rabbitt and Tex Ritter for several years. She spent several years in front of the TV watching the Grand Ole' Opry and she always said as a child growing up, that she would someday sing on that stage where the legends stood. That is her long life goal. Anne grew up with two sisters and one brother. Anne competed in several competitions over the years, including State Competition through The Orange Blossom Country Music Assoc. In 1999. She walked away with two awards, first one was Horizon Award for Female Vocalist and the second was Horizon Award for Female Entertainer of the year. In 2002, Anne signed with the well established Record Label “Ready Records World Wide” and she was with them for several years. While signed with this label, Anne hit The Music Review Charts in New York several times over. Every song that she placed on a Compilation CD hit the Top 40 charts, both on Country and Gospel Music. In September 2004, Anne had her first Number One song on The Music Reviews with “Worth Calvary”.

Shortly after this, Anne signed on with Miranda Promotions International, run and owned by Miranda Leake. After signing with Miranda Promotions International, Anne performed on several shows, including two Major TV shows in Tennessee. The first was Nashville Video Showcase, now known as Smart Country TV, and the other was Music City Explosion, owned and operated by Keith Bradford, Producer of KMA Records. She also performed at Fan Fair in 2005 at Music City Café, on Music Row, as well as Ms Kellies, on Printers Alley. In 2005, Anne also performed in Wichita Falls, TX through The Texas River Best of Country Music Awards Show and Convention. Anne was nominated for nine categories, and walked away with Duo of The Year with Mark Fields and International Female Vocalist of The Year.

In 2006, Anne signed on with Ameri-Star Entertainment and left Ready Records Worldwide to further pursue her musical career. Shortly after signing with Ameri-Star, Anne shot her first music video “Worth Calvary” produced by Deke Little, President of Ameri-Star Entertainment and Miranda Leake of Miranda Promotions International.
In 2006, Anne performed at The Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards Show and Convention. While there she walked away with two awards, first being Gospel Video of The Year with “Worth Calvary” and the other was Silver Elite Performer of The Year. Shortly after the Convention, Anne performed at Fan Fair 2006, again at Music City Café, on Music Row, as well as Ms Kellies, on Printers Alley. After returning from Fan Fair, Anne went back to Nashville to record her upcoming CD “Simple Country Girl” through KMA Records. While at KMA Records Anne had the pleasure of meeting World Renowned Country Music Legend Singer Songwriter Don Lloyd Chapel of Nashville Tennessee. Anne’s promoter Miranda Leake and KMA Records owner Keith Bradford made the contact and arranged for The Legendary Don Chapel to come in during her recording session, to experience what they believe to be a Star performer.

This is how the Professional name of "Trinity Lane" was chosen and awarded and endorsed by the legendary songwriter Don Chapel, at Nashville, Tennessee, in an effort to help promote Anne's musical career. Now Trinity has her Newest CD available "Simple Country Girl" which you can purchase at www.cdbaby.com/cd/trinitylane. She also Just released a New Single entitled "When Angels Cry" which you can purchase at CD Baby as well, by going to www.cdbaby.com/cd/trinitylane2

Click Here to View Trinity's EPK

Trinity has won the following Awards:
2006     Gospel Video Of The Year with "Worth Calvary", through the Tennessee Country Music Alliance
2006     Silver Elite Performer Of The Year through the Tennessee Country Music Alliance
2005     Duo Of The Year with Mark Fields through the Texas Country Music Assoc.
2005     International Female Vocalist of The Year through the Texas Country Music Assoc.
1998     Horizon Award for Female Vocalist & Female Entertainer through Orange Blossom Country Music Assoc.

Patricia Conroy
* * *
Talking to Myself

PatriciaConroy.jpg (3422 bytes)Everyone's talking about Patricia Conroy and her soon to be released CD Talking To Myself. Despite a release date still months away, her latest project is already creating a buzz.

Her first album in six years marks a new chapter for the accomplished artist. Known for number one hits such as “Bad Day for Trains” and “Keep Me Rockin’” the Canadian star wrote or co-wrote all 11 tracks of what insiders claim to be a milestone in her already impressive career.

Strong songwriting is evident throughout the CD which explores many emotional themes – from infatuation in “Everything You Do” to maturation in “Wild Card” to a gutsy determination such as the resilience displayed in “Save Your Breath”. Conroy says the songs were birthed from a lot of introspection, especially the title track.

“Talking to Myself” speaks about the struggles to reach elusive goals and the futility of those efforts at times.

“I didn’t write the song as an anthem,” commented Conroy. “I was simply expressing what I was going through. From the strong response, I must have touched an emotional nerve.”

The rest of the tracks reveal the steely resolve of women as they face heartache and trials. Despite moments of despair and questioning, the women Conroy sings about find their inner strength eventually.

From an early age, Conroy has felt music’s power to connect people and move them emotionally. Born in multicultural Montreal, Patricia was raised in an environment influenced by the French culture, her father’s strong Irish roots, and her mother’s love of country music. She speaks fondly of the songs that flowed through her home as a little girl, which ultimately led to the pursuit of a music career years later.

With eight number one singles and five number one videos, that career has proven to be very fruitful. Recently Conroy added yet another award to her collection at this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards for “Independent Female Vocalist”.

Talking to Myself was produced by husband Bob Funk and co-produced by Kevin Churko of Shania Twain and The Corrs fame. It’s an innovative album with a fresh sound and an emotional depth fans will find hard to resist.

The recently released single and video for “Talking to Myself” hit the airwaves in Canada in October.

The official release date for the album is January 30, 2007 on Fontana North/Universal Music Canada.

For more information on PATRICIA CONROY contact:
Louis O'Reilly at O'Reilly International
306 Records/ O'Reilly International
At (306) 955-4976 or info@oiem.net
Contact: Louis O'Reilly

Patricia Conroy CDs Here


‘Midlands a triumph …..Midlands rocked’- the Westmeath Examiner. ‘Midands was magical’ – The Guardian
‘Awesome....suberb…fantastic..hopefully first of many’ – Clare Fm

MIDLANDS – returns 2007, with a brand new location and an even more diverse musical mix Saturday July 28th/ Sunday 29th July. Tickets and camping for the festival will go on sale this Saturday 9th December, at 9.00am.

Considered one of the best contemporary music festivals last summer, Midlands was the first of its kind in Europe with a stellar line up of some of the worlds’ country greats . Next years festival promises to be even better with an even more diverse mix of music and a brand new location, equally as stunning but even more central than this year.

Only 50 minutes from Dublin, Belvedere House set on a 160 acre estate, of magnificent parkland, lakeshore walks and woodlands, located on the outskirts of Mullingar town is a perfect setting for next year’s Midlands festival. And with its instant accessibility, numerous hotels and B&Bs on its doorstep, and a layout that will enable organisers to locate the camping site even closer to the stages, this new venue is sure to be a hit for all who attend.

And even more good news, promoters have promised an even more diverse line up than last year. The festival will cater for all tastes, and all ages, keeping the country element for which its famous, but also extending the musical reach. There will be the usual international country greats both mainstream and more diverse; in addition the promoters will introduce what’s best in traditional , contemporary and World Music.

We will deliver the best possible line up and setting for Midlands. We have listened to all your comments from the Midlands this summer and taken heed. Challenged and eager to deliver on last year's success , we have decided to augment the country music line up to include other musical genres such as World music, ensuring an even greater music mix at Midlands, with the same audience appeal. Last summer's location in Ballinlough proved a stunning backdrop for the festival, however Belvedere House is magnificent and even more accessible from all parts of the country, with numerous hotels and B&B s, practically on its doorstep. Camping was a huge part of last years festival and this year there will be even more facilities and it will be much closer to the stages. John Reynolds - Pod Concerts , Darryl Downey- Raglane.

Midlands- where under 12’s go free, will appeal to all ages, with its greater music mix and very special blend of what's best in contemporary music.

Tickets for Midlands, subject to licence will available at usual outlets www.ticketmaster.ie / credit card hotline Ph. 0818719300
or for UK /N.Irl: 08702434455.
Tickets go sale on this Saturday 9th December at 9.00am

Save money with InstrumentPro.com special promos.

Howdy ,

Merry Christmas! I'm sorry this is a little long. Hang in there, there's a GREAT story at the end.

KenOvercast.jpg (8959 bytes)Well, I hope you've been good this year. Everyone knows that Santa checks his list pretty close. I'm afraid it might
already be too late for me, but I'm sure going to try really hard between now and the Big Day.

Raetta Winebrenner from Lander Wyoming was the winner of our November drawing. Here's what Raetta can expect in her mailbox:

1. An entire year's subscription to "American Cowboy Magazine" compliments of the fine folks at www.americancowboy.com

2. A brand new CD entitled "Right Place To Start" by the late (and legendary) Buck Page, founder of the Rider's of the Purple Sage.

3. An autographed copy of "Honky-Tonk Town" the colorful history of Havre, Montana, one of the West's wildest, by author and historian Gary A. Wilson.

4. A carton of "Fresh Cab", the world's best mouse proofer (in my opinion), compliments of everyone over at www.cranecreekgardens.com   (featured on the cover of "Country Woman" magazine)

5. A personally autographed copy of our popular book of cowboy stories, "Yesterday's Yarns, Real Tales from the Real West".

The shippin' is done, the calves are weaned and it's trying to be winter around here. But then.... I guess it IS December, and this IS northern Montana, so what can we expect? Actually we've had a great year, both on the ranch and off, and we're mighty thankful for that.

We're also mighty thankful that our latest CD, "Montana In My Soul" went to number one on the music charts last month. Take a look: www.kenovercast.com/Press/RootsMusicReport/roots_music.html  

November was a pretty hectic month, with a lot of things going on both personally and professionally, and things are slowing down some in both areas just a little. One of the most exciting things we have going on here in the immediate future is a concert on December 13th for the Giving Back Foundation in Billings.

This is a non-profit outfit that has teamed up with the Montana Stockgrowers Association to throw a big fundraising auction and concert to raise money for farmers and ranchers that have been hard hit by the fires and drought this last year. You can get all the details here: www.ranchersandfarmers.org You sure don't want to miss that if there's any way of makin' it.

Don't forget that a CD of cowboy music or a book of cowboy stories is the perfect stocking stuffer. Here's where to get yours: www.kenovercast.com or by calling our toll free number 888-753-7611. Order early so you can be sure of getting it there in time.

Merry Christmas! We've got a new grandbaby due between now and then, so there's a lot of excitement and anticipation around here.

Ken Overcast is a recording cowboys singer and author that ranches on Lodge Creek in northern Montana where he raises and dispenses BS. www.kenovercast.com

Buy Ken Overcast's CDs Here

Bear Valley Records
PO Box 1542
Chinook, MT

Child Alert Foundation

That's all Folks!

Just in case I don't make it back here before the holidays, I want to take this time to wish y'all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As always, Thanks for being there and take care,
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