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July 26, 2005

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Who's on Jaci Rae's Radio Show this week

This week on Jaci's show - 8 - 8:30 pm PST / 11 - 11:30 pm EST Tonight's guest is Thomas King of Multimediary.com. Thomas is an entertainment and media specialist who will teach you how to get money for your band for tours and other events. He has successfully garnered national touring money for many others and you could be next! Don't miss this one.

When: Thursday, July 28th, 2005 8 PM if you're on the West Coast or 11 PM on the East Coast. This show can be heard around the world live. You can email the show to ask questions that the guest or I will answer
for you at dj@artistfirst.com

Be sure to catch every show! We have some very big guests coming up at the end of July, August and September (and beyond but the newsletter will be back up by then.) so don't miss a single one and be sure to go to my website: www.jacirae.com to find out who the guests will be!

Go to: http://www.artistfirst.com or go to: http://www.jacirae.com
Make sure to email the guest or me with any questions you have at
dj@artistfirst.com and we will answer them live.

The Jaci Rae Show on Artistfirst Radio Network
Who's on Jaci Rae's Radio Show this week - Don't miss a single show as Jaci talks with her friends in the industry who can help you succeed in your career. View the Schedule right here on MKOC!
Artist News

Wow, am I excited to share with you a phenomenal opportunity you are not going to believe.

My friend, Michele Blood and her co-author Rock Riddle have just released a powerful new book written for people committed to attaining their highest level of success, while making a difference in peoples lives. I'll tell you how you can learn more about their must read book in just a minute, but first I have to spill the beans on their incredible offer.

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* Advice for Children in the entertainment industry,
* Plastic surgery and the entertainment industry
* Songwriters in the New Millennium,
* Creating A Press Kit That Catches Their Eye,
* 12 Hours of Teaching from the Masters in Music, Success and Love Series.
* How to get publicity and so much more.
See more on this link http://www.musivation.com/BonusPageJuly05text.asp

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If you are an actor, writer, director or producer, or any sort of creative artist or you have ever dreamt of being one, or an entrepreneur, I will fill you in on how you can get priceless invaluable information, inspiration and step by step coaching to become truly successful in your chosen field AND in show business.

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The book contains over 504 pages of the most unique ideas, advice and magical steps to help you SHINE your star to become who you were born to be, PLUS of course the priceless in-depth interviews that I conducted over a one and a half year period, with the worlds most gifted and talented successful, positive celebrities, sharing with you HOW THEY MADE IT. Even if you do not have a career in show business their advice and success principals in this book will help you excel in any chosen career.

Do you ever have writers block or want to know how to let your creative juices flow to write? Find out on page 112 in this magical book, how you can let your creative writing juices and power flow and be the writer you truly want to be.

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Here is what others are saying about this amazing book.

Stephen Simon Founder of SpiritualCinemaCircle.com,
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2) Just send your confirmation receipt from Amazon.com to MusiVation@aol.com and you will be sent the 8 week course plus you will be automatically registered to win truly amazing one on one coaching sessions for 6 months. We will announce the winner on Friday, July 29 after you simply purchase 4 or more copies of the book. You will then have extra copies to gift to your friends and community.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping US change the world.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends, family and associates; they will thank you, as we do.

Love, Success and HUGE LOVE and GRATITUDE,

Michele Blood and Rock Riddle
The Rae of Hope Quote of the Day

"Our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." William Shakespeare, 16th Century English playwright
The Rae of Hope words of wisdom for your career

A miracle occurred yesterday, a new life was brought into the world.
While this is not about your career, it is a message of hope to those who
feel they have lost it and a message as well with a bit of warning.
I have always said that it's vitally important that we appreciate
those around us on a daily basis and make sure to let those we love know it.
We have this moment and only this moment.

While I have always been a firm believer in God and He is part of my
constant thoughts, I always doubted those people who said they died and
came back and during their trip they saw a white light. I thought they were out for publicity,
but still in the back of my mind I questioned if it were possible.

Yesterday I received my answer. A very dear and close relative of mine,
someone who used to be a Nun, but is now married and just had her second
child, official passed on yesterday. Another family member who was with her at
the time saw her going and 13 doctors frantically pulled in the crash cart to
attempt to resuscitate her. She had lost all of her blood in a rare tear that no
one had caught during the birthing process. She started to tell them she could
breathe and seconds later, she was gone.

By a gift of God, they were able to bring her back a little bit later and so two miracles
happened yesterday! A child was born and she was saved. Her story is incredible.
This is a woman who is very quite, shy and reserved, who will never tell her story to
anyone but family even if Oprah called, but I can tell it for her as long as she stays
anonymous because she doesn’t want the attention. It’s a tale of the white light, a hope
for life and a cautionary warning from me as I stated.

Simply put, she felt herself leaving her body, she was in a white room (not really a room,
but surrounded by blinding white light) and she was yelling for a family member and her
other child as loud as she could. Screaming ‘NO! I have to go back.’ She pulled and
pulled and she kept getting farther away. She couldn’t hear anyone or see anything but
herself and the whiteness. When she came back, the first thing she saw was my brother
in the distance calling to her and she pulled harder than ever to pull herself back.

Happily for us, God gave her the gift of life again and she was able to fight being gone
from us. So remember, love those who are around you. Appreciate every single moment
and go for your dreams because you only have this single moment.

Blessings. Jaci Rae - The Rae of Hope
Ultimate_Guide_3D-140x133.jpg (3772 bytes)
The Ultimate Guide To Music Success
new edition now available for instant download!
All the contact and information you need to make your
music career take off! Order Here

Other Jaci Rae Books
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Jaci's Music Samples
Crazy 3:22 Sample (Willie Nelson) http://www.jacirae.com/media/CrazySample.mp3
Can't Push A River 3:29 Sample (Stephanie C. Brown/Lynn Langham) http://www.jacirae.com/media/CantPushARiverSample.mp3

"There is so much heart and soul in Jaci's music! Incredible CD!"

--Chris Allen, KTCO Morning Crew, Big Kat 98.9, MN

Purchase "You Can't Push A River"

Job Postings

York Entertainment
Location: Sherman Oaks ca
Date Posted: 7/24/2005 12:28:05 PM
Description: Loose Cannon Films is looking for a bookkeeper to handle order entry, billing, and receivables, create reports, coordinate shipping, receiving, inventory maintenance, and create purchase orders. This is a fast past, fun extremely busy company that distributes films.
Requirements: Typing at least 50 WPM
Excellent computer skills especially with excel
Experienced with Quick Books
A problem solver
Quick leaner

Salary: $11-$13 per hour
Contact: Please email cover letter, resume & wage history
Via email: york@yorkentertainment.com
Do NOT send resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment


Phoenix Pictures
Creative Development Intern
This is a PART TIME Unpaid Internship
Location: Los Angeles CA
Date Posted: 7/11/2005 3:08:34 PM
Description: Interns will work directly with Phoenix Pictures development executives. The interns will assist production executives and the story department with general office tasks, story development, and script coverage. They will gain an intricate acquaintance with the production process and daily office procedures. Interns will also attend development/production meetings, while giving notes and coverage for projects. There is a weekly intern script discussion round table, where interns will review a script while receiving information on how to discuss a screenplay effectively. An internship at Phoenix Pictures is a real opportunity to gain experience, make contacts, and get a working knowledge of how feature films are produced.
Requirements: Must be eligible for school credit.
Contact: Please send email and cover letter with resume.
Via email: krosen@phoenixpictures.com
This employer will accept your resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment
Via fax: 310 244 0236


DreamWorks LLC
Executive Assistant to CFO
Location: Glendale CA
Date Posted: 7/22/2005 10:09:40 PM Job Code: LT/EC/EA
Description: DreamWorks LLC is seeking a well-organized, highly self-motivated, polished, team member. Responsibilities include scheduling, filing/tracking, answering phones, assembling call lists, assisting in travel coordination, rolling calls, and various projects as needed within multiple lines of businesses.

Requirements: Role requires minimum 3 years experience in full cycle support positions within the entertainment industry. Examples of targeted departments: Business Affairs, Finance, supporting a CEO, publishing industry, etc. Candidate should possess strong working knowledge of office management software (Excel, Word, Outlook, and Internet Explorer), typing, and executive travel coordination. Some college coursework desired, but not essential.
Salary: Competitive
Via email: jobs@dreamworks.com
Do NOT send resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment


Hallmark Channel
Manager, Original Programming
Location: Studio City CA
Date Posted: 7/22/2005 6:43:38 PM
Description: This position is responsible for managing original programming materials and various aspects related to the delivery and development of original programming. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to: managing all original programming materials; supervising productions; issuing bi-weekly production reports; providing script notes on film rough cuts; maintaining the Delivery Air Schedule for Original Productions and Behind the Scenes; participating in weekly meetings to address current and upcoming development and productions; collaborating with Director in identifying projects for production; collaborating with Director on script notes for green-lit projects; cast lists; participating in brainstorming and strategy sessions; acting as series liaison; and other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Requirements: •Must have minimum 3 years of experience in Long Form Original Programming; preferably in a broadcast network; cable network or production company.
•Must have prior experience in Project Management/Production Management
•Must have demonstrated Post Production knowledge
•Must have demonstrated proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
•Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
•Must have excellent organizational skills
•Must have excellent interpersonal skills
•Must have demonstrated experience in development; such as giving script notes, leading pitch meetings and calling agents for solicitation
•Undergraduate degree preferred
Contact: Human Resources
No phone calls please
Via email: resumes@hallmarkchannel.com
This employer will accept your resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment


Assistant Editor
Location: Hollywood CA
Date Posted: 7/22/2005 5:12:22 PM
Description: Production company seeks experienced Assistant Editor with experience using AVID and advanced syncing skills as there is a massive amount of footage. Must have solid cutting skills. Fast paced environment - A great attitude a must. 5 nights per week-graveyard shift.
Requirements: Avid expereince, synching skills
Contact: Please email resumes.
Please send resume in the body of an email, NOT as an attachment.
Via email: realityshow1000@yahoo.com
This employer will accept your resume as text in body of email
Do NOT send resume as an attachment


HERO Product Placement, Inc.
Multimedia Manager for Product Placement Company
Location: Sun Valley CA
Date Posted: 7/22/2005 6:36:25 PM
Description: We are seeking a Multimedia Manager to handle all our media related responsibilities. Main duties include capturing, logging, compressing and uploading television and movie footage. Other responsibilities include various office and administrative tasks.
Requirements: Must be extremely organized and able to work independently. Ability to multitask is a must. Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Photoshop highly preferred. Must be technically savvy and good at problem solving. It is important that you write well and can handle yourself in a professional manner.
Contact: Email your cover letter (no form letters, please) with your resume (pasted within the body of your email) along with salary history.
Via email: jobs@heropp.com
This employer will accept your resume as text in body of email
Do NOT send resume as an attachment


Rubenstein Public Relations
Generalist Publicist
Location: Midtown Manhattan NY
Date Posted: 7/22/2005 3:59:31 PM
Description: Rubenstein Public Relations, one of Manhattan's top public relations agencies, is currently searching for an experienced Generalist Publicist. Prospective candidates must be a self-starter who can work autonomously as well as in a team environment. Candidates must demonstrate a flawless knowledge of the media and be able to present a record of national and local print, television and on-line media placements.

If you are a media-savvy professional who will thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and handle accounts in all areas of entertainment- nightclubs, music networks, authors and artists, send us your resume.

We reward our associates for their hard work and offer very competitive starting salaries and excellent benefits.

Candidates must have 8-10 years experience.

Agency experience is required, preferrably 5+ years.

New York City based.
Requirements: This position requires a strong attention to detail There is a great deal of interaction with potential new clients, a strong commitment to follow through is necessary. The ability to discuss public relations and devise a media savvy plan, as well as strong organizational skills and attention to detail, makes the New Business Development position more effective. writing, grammar, microsoft word, are a must.
Contact: Please send resumes via email with the subject Generalist Publicist.
Via email: hr@rubensteinpr.com
This employer will accept your resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment


HSN-Home Shopping Network
Sr. Writer/Producer
Location: St.Petersburg FL
Date Posted: 7/22/2005 11:19:35 AM
Description: HSN, an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (Nasdaq: IACI), originated the electronic retailing concept in 1977 on a small AM radio station in Florida. The company has since evolved into a global multichannel retailer on TV, where HSN is now the 4th largest cable television network in the U.S.; the Internet, through hsn.com; and catalogs such as Improvements and Home Focus. In 2004, HSN generated worldwide consolidated sales of $2.4 billion.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
* Conceptualize and translate network/product brand positioning(s) into high profile image & educational promotion
* Research, write, produce, direct and supervise post production of promotion and on-air presentation support and other video production as assigned
* Develops concept, pitches/reviews with management, legal dept. and vendors for agreement (Idea may be directed from Sr. Producer)
* Creates 120 monthly, 4-5 stops shown daily
* Coordinates samples and on-call staff
* Manages crew
* Manages a budget, currently $14,000 month to be used for all necessary items to produce spots (Each spot costs approx. $100+)
* Able to manage and prioritize projects
* Strive to meet corporate goals of quality, esthetics, and look of the show Requirements: Minimum Requirements:
5-7 years of industry experience
Bachelor degree in Film/Television required or equivalent work experience
Avid experience
Highly detail orientated
Creative thinker
Ability to solve problems
Professional communicator with good oral and written skills
Multi task skilled
Creative capabilities of video production/graphic design equipment
Contact: Please submit your Resume, Demo Reel and a detailed description of what you were responsible for on the reel to the address.

Via fax: 727-872-6671
Via Mail: Human Resources
TV Recruiter
1 HSN Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33729


Special Sales Director --- Home Video Entertainment
Location: New York City NY
Date Posted: 7/21/2005 10:34:13 PM
Description: Leading home video entertainment company. Product line includes popular television programs, independent films, sports, concerts, children's entertainment and more. Sell DVD's to special sales channels, including mail-order, premiums and educational/library. Also develop the company's expanding content licensing business. Manage accounts and supervise special sales coordinator.
Requirements: Requires 5+ years special sales experience in the above-mentioned sales channels.
Contact: Apply in confidence through our executive search firm. E-mail your resume to Janice Meisler, Recruitment Specialist, at JanPlace Media Search. PLEASE STATE YOUR SALARY REQUIREMENT IN YOUR RESPONSE. No phone calls please.
Via email: infolink@janplace.com
Do NOT send resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment


Music/Talent Licensing
Location: New York NY
Date Posted: 7/21/2005 6:04:33 PM Job Code: ENTERTAINMENT CAREERS
Description: Music and Celebrity Talent
Licensing and Sports Marketing
Opportunities: Need proactive team
players. Requirements: Must have solid (at least 5 years) experience
with music/celebrity negotiations in advertising/marketing,licensing and BBA. Email resume to musictalent101@yahoo.com, please list ENTERTAINMENT CAREERS in subject line.
Contact: Please include cover letter and resume as part of the email (and not as attachment)
Via email: musictalent101@yahoo.com
This employer will accept your resume as text in body of email
This employer will accept your resume as an attachment


Sorry - we are required to put this - so here goes: Disclaimer: Jaci Rae and North Shore Records, Inc. by posting job leads, does not recommend or endorse any of the job listings. Check all referrals carefully and make sure to read all contracts carefully. We are not responsible for any misrepresentation or any wrong doings that may occur as a result of your work or any other information you obtain from these companies. Proceed at your own risk, all liability is your own and not the responsibility of Jaci Rae or North Shore Records.

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