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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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May 27, 2005

Hi All,

This will be all the news I will post until this weekend. I'm going to see the Little RIver Band in concert tomorrow. I've wanted to see them perform for years and lead singer, Wayne Nelson, a friend and board member of Child ALert Foundation has invited me as a guest of the band. Actually, he's been inviting me for years, I just was never able to get to where they were for one reason or another. Finally, I'll get to see the show and my pal! It's been a long time! You can see LRB posted on MKOC at: LRB

I should add, that if this PC doesn't straigten up and fly right (that's how Ma used to threaten me.. LOL) it's goin' off to the repair shop. It was working fine until I installed a map program... and removed some files from a "temp" folder that were said to be causing failures. It's beyond me how a temp file should harm anything once it's gone.. I mean, temp means temporary for cryin' out loud. Anyway, it's taking me hours to accomplish what could be done in more than half the time as I have to wait for each movement I make to activate and respond. Needless to say, I can't put up with that very long.. I'm not even married! ;) SO, if you don't hear from me for a week or so, you'll know the ol' PC is in the hack shop.. say some prayers.. I need this ol' puppy! ;)

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The Jaci Rae Show on Artistfirst Radio Network to Interview Child Alert Foundation

Vincent A. Albers III, President  and Cofounder of the Child Alert Foundation will be interviewed on the Jaci Rae Radio show Oct. 6th, at 8PM Pacific (11:00pm East Coast)

For more information on the Child Alert Foundation, visit our website at: www.childalert.org/

For more information on Jaci's radio show visit her website at: www.jacirae.com or http://www.artistfirst.com

Please try to tune in.. we value your opinions and support!

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Tuesday, 07/26/05
Sony paid 'bribes' to get songs on radio
(As reported in the "Tennessean.com" News)

N.Y. attorney general says label heads in Nashville, elsewhere knew about it

Staff Writer

Sony BMG Music Entertainment promoters engaged in everything from bribes to fake call-in requests to get music on the radio with the knowledge of top executives, including those in Nashville, according to a settlement announced by the New York Attorney General's office yesterday.

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer called the broad agreement and a $10 million penalty that Sony BMG will pay to charity "a model for breaking the pervasive influence of bribes in the industry."

Get the full report at the Tennessean: Sony Paid Bribes"

Many thanks to Colonel Buster Doss of Stardust Records of Nashville for passing this on.

Artists: Think of how useful this could be as a PR tool!

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Gallup 'N Dawg Music
1949 Boyce Road
Nunnelly, TN 37137
931-729-7008 or 7009

July 18, 2005



Three days of great music and great people.what more could you want? The Fourth Annual PINEYFEST Songwriters Weekend will be held Thursday through Saturday, July 28-30 at MOLLY'S PLACE, located on the Square in downtown Centerville, TN.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings there will be live...and very lively music from 7-10 pm at MOLLY'S PLACE as songwriters perform their own material. Writers will range from seasoned pros with years of hits & road touring under their belts to newcomers yet to be discovered. Numerous guest writers and artists will also be performing.

Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1-5 will include Music Business Sessions such as:

* Bobbie Gallup.head perpetrator and honcho of Gallup 'N Dawg Music will provide a crash course in how to get the most and best experience out of a trip to Nashville.for all those out of town songwriters who can only visit on rare occasions. She will talk about those unwritten rules and expectations; where to go for advice and assistance; how to set up appointments and cowriting sessions; plus the skinny on open mics, performance venues and showcasing.

* Bill Littleton, editor of THE BRIDGEWORKS and long time writer and publisher about the music industry will present a session regarding The Guitar As Your Cowriter, and will discuss Basic Music Theory along with music pros Bob Young and Ed Cantwell

* Barbara Cloyd, hit songwriter (I Guess You Had To Be There - #1 for Lorrie Morgan) and songwriting consultant, who auditions and books talent for Nashville's world-famous Bluebird Cafe, will be listening and offering constructive critiques to help writers understand what works and doesn't work in their songs. Writers can bring cds or perform live.

* Jim Troutner, owner of Troutner Music Productions will present a session on musical arrangement for the non-musician.or how to handle the voice in your head if you don't sing or play an instrument. Jim is the former Music Director of the choral group, UP WITH PEOPLE which performed at Super Bowl Halftime Shows, Olympic Festivals, and venues across the US and around the world.

* Ed Cantwell, former owner of Silver Tongue Music, will discuss the ins and outs of home studios.from set up to getting the most out of recording. If it has strings..Ed can play it! He knows whereof he speaks.

* Andy van Roon, President and Founder of FilmNashville will talk about how to get your music into films, especially indie films and documentaries. Andy has written and produced numerous films and documentaries and heads the biggest film organization in TN.

If you are interested in gaining insights from music business insiders, performing or just coming to enjoy some great music...don't miss PINEYFEST 4. The cost is $10/day.

For more information, contact Gallup 'N Dawg Music at 931-729-7008 or 7009 or Troutner Studios at (931) 729-4752.

MOLLY'S PLACE, on the Square, Centerville, TN

Schedule of events

7-10 Reception and Music

1:00 Getting The Most Out of a Trip to Nashville: Bobbie Gallup Do's & don'ts -those unwritten rules and expectations for songwriters
¨ Who can help you: ASCAP/BMI/NSAI
¨ Setting up appointments, cowriting
¨ Places to perform, open mics, contacts
3:00 The Guitar as Your Co-writer & some Basic Music Theory: Bill Littleton, Bob Young and Ed Cantwell
4:00 Arranging Music for the Non-musician: What about the "voice in your head".Jim Troutner, Troutner Music Productions
7-10 Music

1:00 Setting Up and Getting the Best Out of Your Home Studio: Ed Cantwell
2:30 Song Critiques: the inimitable Barbara Cloyd, who auditions talent for performing at the world-famous Bluebird Café. This will be Barbara's 4th Pineyfest.
4:00 Getting your Music into Films, especially indie films. Andy van Roon, Director, FilmNashville
7-10 Music

If you are interested in gaining insights from music business insiders, performing or just coming to enjoy some great music...don't miss PINEYFEST 4. The cost is $10/day.

For more information, contact Gallup 'N Dawg Music at 931-729-7008 or 7009 or Troutner Studios at (931) 729-4752.

Bobbie Gallup


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International Songwriting Competition

1. Contest Deadline reported on 6.15.05 Incorrect - Read on for actual date of deadline:

2. New Judges Added

Loretta Lynn; BeBe Winans; Darrale Jones (VP A&R - Urban, Atlantic
Records); Keith Wozencroft (President, Capitol Music UK); Danny Epstein
(Music Supervisor, Sesame Street); Glen Barros (CEO/President, Concord
Records) and more.

For Immediate Release, July 26, 2005

Tom Waits, Issac Brock (Modest Mouse), Loretta Lynn, Darryl McDaniels (Run
DMC), Benji Madden (Good Charlotte), President of Universal Records and
other celebrities to judge 2005 International Songwriting Competition

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is now accepting entries
for 2005. One of the largest songwriting competitions in the world, ISC
offers entrants a chance to compete for over $100,000 in cash and prizes,
including an Overall Grand Prize package of $10,000 (US) in cash and $20,
000 in merchandise. ISC winners benefit from extensive press and publicity,
gaining exposure and recognition from an international music market of
industry professionals and fans. For more information on what ISC winners
have been up to, visit http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/news.htm.

Internationally renowned for its high-caliber judges, ISC offers entrants a
unique opportunity to have their songs heard by some of the most
influential decision-makers in the industry.

Judges for the 2005 competition include:

Monte Lipman (President of Universal Records); Tom Waits; Loretta Lynn;
Macy Gray; Joss Stone; MercyMe; Amy Ray (Indigo Girls); Darryl McDaniels
(RUN D.M.C.); LeAnn Rimes; Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse); Jeff Stinco (Simple
Plan); Steve Vai; John Scofield; BeBe Winans; Peter Hook (New Order); Benji
Madden (Good Charlotte); Charlie Musselwhite; The Donnas; Keith Wozencroft
( President, Capitol Music UK); )Cameron Strang (President, New West
Records); Dan Storper (President of Putamayo World Music); Michael McDonald
(President, ATO Records); Bruce Iglauer (Founder/President of Alligator
Records); Alexandra Patsavas ( Owner, The Chop Shop Music Supervision -
credits include The OC, Grey's Anatomy, Without A Trace, Carnivale, Rescue
Me ); Glen Barros (CEO/President, Concord Records); Darrale Jones (VP A&R
Urban, Atlantic Records); Chris Parr (VP Music Programming & Talent
Relations, CMT); Barbara Sedun (VP Creative, EMI Music Publishing Canada);
Tara Griggs-Magee (Executive VP of Gospel/Urban Music, Sony Records); Leib
Ostrow (CEO of Music For Little People), Thomas Brooman (Co-
Founder/Artistic Director, WOMAD); Cory Robbins (Founder/President, Robbins
Entertainment); Emily Wittmann (Vice-President, Nick Records); Danny
Epstein (Music Director, Sesame Street/Sesame Workshop); Patrick
Moxey(President, Ultra Records/You Records/Sequence Records/Escondida
Music/Empire Mgmt.) and more to be announced.

2005 categories: Pop/Top 40, Rock, Gospel/Christian, Country, R&B/Hip-Hop,
Performance, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, AAA/Roots/Americana, Jazz,
Dance/Electronica, Blues, Children's Music, Teen (18 yrs. old and younger),
Instrumental, World Music, and Lyrics Only.

Deadline for submission is October 14, 2005.

Entries are accepted online or through regular mail. For more information,
an entry form or to enter online, visit

International Songwriting Competition
211 Seventh Avenue North, Suite LL-20
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 615.251.4441
Fax: 615.251.4442


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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


I get large amounts of mail from amateur songwriters, many of them past acquaintances who feel something is due them for associating with me before I was of any practical use.

The following is a typical letter I got a while back.
(Notes in parentheses are mine.)

* * *
"Hi, Jack!

Sorry about taking so long to answer your letter
(Note -- Eight Years),
but we've had company from out of town.

We were just talking about you the other day after we noticed your record albums in the stores up here. You look great, even with the long hair and strange clothes. Have you put on weight?
(Note -- He killed any chance of a favor from me right there.)

Do you remember the cold winter night I gave you a lift down to the gas station to get kerosene for your heater, after the gas and electric companies had shut you off? I'd have run you all the way back home through the blizzard too, but I didn’t like the kerosene smell.

Well, you finally made it, didn't you? Everybody up here always knew you would. We were just kidding when we used to call you a no-good bum. HA HA. We were just trying to put some spunk into you, and you'll have to admit -- IT WORKED!

Since you are an old friend I am giving you first crack at the enclosed original song. If you don't record it I'll have to send it to Johnny Cash, so let me know right away, and don't worry it's copyrighted.

Your old kerosene buddy,

(Here is the hit song he enclosed.)


When I'm gone you'll find that I won't be here anymore.
When I go I'll say goodbye and walk out through the door.
Then you'll see it won't be me that's with you as before.
When I'm gone you'll find that I won't be here anymore.

When I'm gone if you're alone you'll know that I'm not here.
When I go if I’m far away you'll know I won't be near.
Then you'll see it won't be me that's with you as before.
When I'm gone you'll find that I won't be here anymore.

Goodbye - Goodbye - I think you ought to know...
It doesn't mean I'm going to stay,
It means I'm going to go.
Goodbye - Goodbye - The sun comes up at dawn.
You'll find I won't be here no more,
Honey, when I'm gone."

* * *
Here’s what I wrote in response:

"Dear Robert,

In unbiased critical appraisal I must admit that your lyric has a certain steadfastness, not leaving the slightest worry in the listener's mind as to the protagonist's departure. It drives home the point, and makes its title known, with a repetitiveness highly valued in the commercial field.

Its simplicity is to be complimented as well as its portrayal of a situation in which each of us has found himself at one time or another.

The first-person style and identifiability of the characters only strengthen the argument that you have invested the total of your talent in this one grand effort.

In consideration of the above and in sincere gratitude for the kerosene you took me to get, I cannot, in good conscience, stand in the way of you and Johnny Cash. Please send it to him and take all the credit for yourself.

Don't mention me at all.
You deserve it.

Your old friend,
Mr. Blanchard
(c) 2005, Jack Blanchard.


Our friend and mentor, Bill Hall, once told me that somewhere around 95% of all number one hits are love songs.

I think he was trying to get me off my unorthodox writing about birds in dirty underwear, robbery and murder in a dark old city, a guy being buried, and seems to know what’s going on, a country singer falling in love with a fire hydrant, and songs about birth, death, and beyond.

Maybe he was testing me. I loved Bill, but it didn’t work.

I still write songs about odd subjects, but I write love songs too, when they come to me.

I think that good songs come out of the air, from space, or from God.

When this one started to come through, I knew it had to be written.

(To listen to the song, click here):


My ship of life sails stormy seas,
Tossed and turned with every breeze,
But I've found Safe Harbor in your love.

Let the winds of time turn bitter cold
On sails all torn and growing old
I've found Safe Harbor in your love.

Just breathe your love to me.
Let me feel it soft and warm,
And I can weather any storm

If my ship is lost on waves of foam
Just shine your light and guide me home.
I've found Safe Harbor in your love.

Jack Blanchard.
© 2005.

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."

Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com

Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

NASHVILLE SKYLINE: "If I Ran Nashville It Would Not Be the Same"
By: Chet Flippo
(NASHVILLE SKYLINE is a column by CMT/CMT.com Editorial Director Chet Flippo.)

This will never happen, but if I got a chance to run Nashville, here's what I might do:

• I would establish a Song Market, like the Farmer's Market downtown, with stalls of songs with lyrics on display and demos available for listening. Not just for record labels' A&R staffs and artists and the like to listen but also for the interested public to browse. Talk about an endless writer's night. Computer kiosks could link to writers' catalogs for quick and easy browsing. Songs can be kept alive and eternally available instead of being banished to dusty shoeboxes once they're been passed on by the labels. And artists who feel like it can drop in and sing for the public and for prospective buyers. Too many worthy songs never see the light of day. Allow them at least some possible exposure. Get some daylight and sunshine on this whole procedure.

• I would decree a ban on Sippy Cup songs. Well, I don't believe in censorship, so I won't ban songs. But I could establish a Sippy Cup Song Protectorate where such songs are stored in lead-lined vaults, with armed guards scanning visitors very carefully to establish a need-to-know status for each person. Sippy Cup songs would be allowed out of the Protectorate only for limited visits to L.A. and Branson and Disney World.

Read the full story at CMT's Nashville Skyline

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