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May 7, 2005

Hi All,

I'm not gonna bother y'all with my jibber-jabber.. there's way too much news for you to enjoy!

MKOC Official Artists

Joe Tinoco

Coming Soon to Branson, Missouri
"Welcome Home" -  America's Tribute To Vietnam Veterans
JT-wewereall.jpg (7215 bytes)
Joe Opens .. June 13th in the "Starting Ceremony" with his tribute song "American Soldiers" (click to play)


Red Johnson

RedJohnson.jpg (3730 bytes)Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not know I will be Inducted into the "Minnesota Rock-Country Hall Of Fame" on May 6th and 7th, 2005. The event will be held at The Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota.
The flyer is on my web site http://www.mkoc.com/RedJohnson  
Thanks for your interest,
Red Johnson

Watch the "Midwest Country Show" on RFD TV Each Saturday at 8 PM and Monday at 2 PM Central Time!! Direct TV chan. 379 and on the Dish Network 9409 (Satellite)
For show dates check my site Red Johnson - Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter and for my Good Sam Club activities go to Minnesota Good Sam Club and show dates at Midwest Country check Midwest Country - Home

Red Johnson


Narvel Felts


Boots 'n' Saddles Radio
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Top 50 in Denmark 
(As reported on Lonnie Ratliff's International Country Music chart board)

2..........Mike Haduck
3..........Tracy Millar
4..........Dean Holme
5..........Big Bull Band
6..........Hal Willis
7..........Tricia Jo Cora
8..........Clelia Adams
9..........Ernie Ashworth
10.........James Maddox
11.........Arly Karlsen
12.........Dean Holme
13.........Heidi Hauge
14.........Ken Wentworth
15.........Al & Brenda Hooper
16.........B Jeff stone
17.........Ramsey Kearney
18.........Jimmy & Jenny Eaves
19.........Rustie Blue
20.........Mike Headrick
21.........Jim Fullen
22.........Patsy Cline
23.........Sherry Kennedy
24.........Wolfe Milestone
26.........Dan Roberts
27.........April Anne
28.........Burleigh Grimes
29.........Erin Hay
30.........Debbie White
31.........Hermann Lammers Meyer
32.........Jason Clark
33.........Izaak & West
34.........John Story
35.........Jerry Hanlon
36.........Jose Daniel
37.........Jerri Arnold
38.........Leifen & Friends
39.........Kathy & Lance
40.........Lynn Hartline
41.........Morten Anderson
42.........Ove Stoylen
43.........Merle Kilgore
44.........Mike Lee
45.........Paul Mateki
46.........Pat Hannah
47.........Ryan James
48.........Rooster Quantrell
49.........Smokin Joe
50.........Sivert Bjord


More Country  News

Trisha Yearwood

TrishaYearwood-CD-GeorgiaRain.jpg (5898 bytes)Trisha Yearwood has a brand new single, "Georgia Rain," from her upcoming album (in stores this September). Watch for the video coming soon.

Also, Trisha is spending Mother's Day helping others. Here's what she said about the event:

“Hi everybody! I want to tell you about something really cool I’m doing for Mother’s Day. Major League Baseball and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation have created a “Strikeout Challenge” Mother’s Day program to highlight breast cancer awareness and early detection.

I will be singing the National Anthem at the Cincinnati Reds/Los Angeles Dodgers game in Cincinnati on Mother’s Day, May 8th. You can support this cause by pledging donations to “Strikeout Challenge” via MLB.com from May 1-8. Check out the website! It’ll give you all the information. I’m very excited about this event! This is just the beginning. We’ve all been touched by this disease.

If you feel inspired, do what you can to help. I’m proud of Major League Baseball for stepping up to help fight the good fight against women¹s cancers. Play ball!” ­ Trisha

Universal Nashville - MCA Mercury - Dreamworks

Buy Trisha Yearwood CDs Here



Jack Greene & Candi Carpenter

JackGreene-CandiCarpenter-2005-promo.jpg (12951 bytes)Happy Mother's Day to all you terrific moms out there! We're headed out to do the D.A.R.E. benefit in Billings Montana for Mother's day again this year, and we can't wait!

On April 9th, Jack hosted the "Midnight Jamboree" at the World Famous "Ernest Tubb Record Shop" here in Nashville. Jack brought me on as a guest about a quarter of the way through the show, and I performed three songs including our duet, "Phantom Of The Grand Ole Opry". WSM's Jennifer Herron was the MC that night. If you missed the show, don't worry! You can still listen to the archive at http://etrecordshop.com/mj.htm (I also performed with Jack on the September 18, 2004 show & with Billy Walker on the June 19, 2004.) On behalf of the entire "Greene Team" I'd like to thank David McCormick, The Texas Troubadour Theatre staff, Dana Clark, & our wonderful fans for staying up late with us!

On April 16th The Yesterday & Today Show performed at the beautiful Charlotte Performing Arts Center in Charlotte Michigan, only about 20 miles away from my old home town of Lansing. The house was standing room only and packed to the rafters! Our opening act was a man named Riley McLincha, who is not only a singer, but is in the Guinness Book of World Records for his mathematical abilities, and invented a sport called drubbling (running while dribbling three basketballs) which landed him a spot as a guest on the Today Show, and made him the answer to a question on a Trivial Pursuit card! That show was a lot of fun, many thanks to everyone who made it a success!

Thank you and God Bless!
Candi Carpenter

Grand Ole Opry Star, Jack Greene    Buy Jack Greene CDs Here


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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Jack-Misty-bw.jpg (4415 bytes)

Listen to our current Stardust single"High on You":


See Jack and Misty's reviews on MKOC:

- CD Review- "A Little Out of Sync",  2001
- CD Review, "Back From the Dead, Vol. 2", 2000

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


“Never try to teach a pig to sing.
It’s a waste of time, and it annoys the pig”.

Rulan T. Proudfoot was born ignorant
and had been losing ground ever since.
Nothing annoyed him like a new idea.

He had one problem:
He looked intelligent.
This caused people to draw him into discussions,
hoping to gain enlightenment.

It didn’t take long for the average stranger
to notice that Rulan disagreed with everything.
Rulan didn’t know he was ignorant,
but he did know how to drive an intellectual to drink.

His opinions had been gathered
by taking the opposite side to everything anybody tried to tell him.
Once he took that side,
his viewpoint was set in concrete.

He married a woman who was bent on changing him.
He married her because his mother told him not to do it.

Lydia Ferrit Proudfoot was a strong intelligent wife,
who saw Rulan as a diamond in the rough,
that just needed polishing.
She started on that project by drawing him into little talks
about art and current events,
and planned to work up to religion, politics,
and high culture.

She started taking a little wine early in the day,
and by their first anniversary
the gin made it hard for her to even say “politics”.
She was saying “politisks”.

Rulan was happy as a mink.
He hadn’t budged an inch on any subject.

Their argument stopped abruptly one evening
when a UFO landed on the birdhouse,
scaring the crap out of a bird sleeping inside.
It was a small UFO.

Tiny green aliens climbed out
and began speaking in earnest to the bird,
who didn’t look happy.

The aliens weren’t happy either,
not getting any response from the bird.
They argued among themselves for several minutes,
and then took off over the water tower.

Meanwhile, Lydia had been shocked sober,
and Rulan was waiting for her take on the situation,
so he could get on the opposite side.

She said:
“We just saw a space ship land on our birdhouse!”
Rulan was startled to find that he had no case against her.
His face turned a lovely purple
as he stormed through his brain cells
in search of an opposing argument.

There was a long silence.

Without a word,
he went through the house, out the front door,
and never came back.

Jack Blanchard
(My thanks to Fred Allen and any others I may have plagiarized here.)
© 2003, 2005



Mike Miller is one of our closest and oldest friends. He helped us when we were down, more than once.

We just got his first CD in the mail: "CROSS COUNTRY" by The MIKE MILLER BAND.

The CD is GREAT!
The cuts range from Country, through Outlaw, Southern Rock, and Reggae.

We'd like to have you hear this song DON'T IT LOOK LIKE GEORGIA"
Please click this link to listen:
I wrote the song and Misty and I love Mike's treatment of it.

This is Mike Miller's club band. He plays lead guitar and is the singer.
Their Home Page is www.mikemillerband.com

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

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Hunter Payne


People have been writing wondering how the Tsunami CD project is going and how NAILED is doing, so here's the quick skinny:

- The TSUNAMI RELIEF CD Project is blowing up. The response from the music community has simply been incredible and very gratifying. Tracks have been donated by:

Ray Charles, Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Alanis Morissette, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, John Sebastian, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Spinal Tap, Phantom Planet, The Blind Boys of Alabama and we're in talks with several other major artists. Looking for a Fall release. All proceeds to the tsunami victims.

- "NAILED" continues to get great press (latest review below) and is now available at CDBaby.com as well as iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody. In stores this summer!

Hope you're well and happy.
All the best,

Hunter Payne

Country Reviews (Huh? That record ain't country!)
by George Peden

Hunter Payne: Nailed

HunterPayne-CD-Nailed.jpg (6744 bytes)Melodious, moody and mysterious – bang that tag on Hunter Payne’s work. The former radio jock, movie dabbler, jazz vocalist and self-taught guitarist returns with ten edgy cuts on his second release, Nailed.

"I wanted to let you know that I’ve just completed a new record which is, well, killer," writes the singer/songwriter who started his career at 16 in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, opening shows for Bonnie Raitt. "It’s the best work I’ve ever done. The record features some of LA's best musicians, including guys from The Wallflowers and Warrant."

Well, as the saying goes, "If you can’t praise yourself, who else is there?" But, and I add, Payne is on the mark. His recent work shows a progression from his earlier album, One Last Chance, which we reviewed here several years ago. This time there’s a broader writing style and a deeper introspection, pushing up against soft rock boundaries more so than country.

If your music leanings favor easy Beatle-esque sounds and style, a singer who mines deep for emotion and a balladeer whose lyrical content is open and honest, then, Hunter Payne is your man.

From the opening track, the harmony-driven "What I Wouldn’t Give," an infectious hum along exploring involved commitment, through to the folksy "My Yesterday," Payne fills the canvas with focused emotion. A breakout comes with "Stuck On The Money". With a distinct psychedelic feel of fused guitars, layered 60-ish sounding harmonies, the track, if nothing else, proves Payne is a talent who defies a pigeon-hole.

Look for the album’s release, on Groove House Records, later this month. Standout tracks include "Oh, Carrie Jo," "Why’d you Have To Be So Nice," and the acoustically satisfying "Hold On, Darling"


See the MKOC Review and hear the song clips of Hunter's last CD, "One Last Chance"
Here's my favorite song from that CD: When the Night Leaves Her Lonely

Ring Tones

Find a Ringtone of Your Favorite Song
Country Ringtones

Aldo Calabrese Releases Open Road To Radio

Galaxy Entertainment of Nashville has announced the release of the second single from the new album of country rocker, Aldo Calabrese. The song, Open Road was released on May 2, 2005 to radio stations throughout the U.S., South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

"We've been anxious to get this song out since we first heard the finished recording and expect it to be a huge summertime hit. We've also enlisted the aid of James Williams Promotions of Nashville to promote the single to radio. Mr. Williams worked on the promotion of Aldo's Last album and was instrumental in its success. Given his track record, along with the dynamics of this album and Aldo's one of a kind sound and style, we're very confident that Mr. Williams will bring success to a new level", said Galaxy President, Eric Straton.

Further promotions will include television appearances along with additional internet and satellite radio.

The album's release date is expected to be in June and will be available through Aldo's website and live performances, several internet retailers, and varies retailer stores throughout the U.S. More information, updates, promotions and events can be found at http://www.aldocalabrese.com/.

Visit http://www.aldocalabrese.com  for the latest news, updates and tour information.


Rustie Blue Update!

A Note from Rustie Blue,

RustieBlue.jpg (3997 bytes)Hi everyone, I don't have a way to send a big newsletter, so I'm sending my thank you's through my manager, Robert Keister. Bill Anderson and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you all playing "Chip Chip" and for voting for us in the ECMA Music Choice Awards 2005. Also a big thank you to our fans and to Rafel Corbi of the ECMA for all of his hard work!! Bill and I are both thrilled, and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you all one day! Thank you all too for all of the airplay that you have been giving to my new single, The Devil May Care and to my song "Honky Tonkin' Diva." on Bluesprings Music Group/Lure Records. Thanks to Ken Pearson & John Denny for all of their support and hard work!

Thanks to everyone that has been reviewing and helping promote my new album "Chip Chip." I couldn't do it without you all!

Lots of love

Hi all,

First let me say that it has been a very long time since I have sent out an actual Rustie Blue Update as I've been just sending out a few press releases, etc. There has been allot happening since the release of Rustie's new album, "Chip Chip"; Therefore, please forgive me if I have left anyone out. If I have, just send me an email, and I'll see that it goes out.

Rustie Blue and I would like to thank all of the DJ's that are playing Rustie's new single, "The Devil May Care" on your radio program; It's doing very well overseas and in the U.S. as well! (CLICK BILLBOARD LINK BELOW TO VIEW CHART) Last week Rustie's single went to #9 on Stuart Cameron's HotDisc Chart, #7 on the "HotDisc Independent top 10, debuted on Top Trax, and also for the week of April 15th showed up on the Billboard Monitor here in the U.S. Thank you all so much!! "The Devil May Care" is also currently #22 at the Indieworld Country Chart and #2 on the WWMC.

Request "The Devil May Care" at your favorite station!

We are currently updating Rustie's radio page with request lines, etc. Go to: http://www.rustieblue.com/djlinks.htm It is not up to date yet, but we are working on it. If you know if any stations that should be included here, let me know.

Billboard Radio
Rustie's album "Chip Chip" is also currently #15 in the top 20 at http://www.musicboxtv.com in France.

For Immediate Release
April 24, 2005

Laura Claffey
Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 614-748-9627
Fax: 760-437-4633


Rustie Blue is making her way up the charts with "The Devil May Care," the second single off of her Chip Chip album. It is currently # 9 on the CHi HotDisc Chart and #29 on the Indie World Country Chart. This month, Rustie made her debut on the Top Trax chart, as well. Billboard Radio Monitor has taken notice of “The Devil May Care” and listed it in the Going for Adds section. This upbeat, traditional country song is a sassy tune about a relationship gone bad. It can be found on CDX #365 track 15, Mark Trail Music compilation #10, and on the April CHi Hotdisc.

"Chip Chip," Rustie Blue’s duet with Bill Anderson, was released to radio in early August 2004, and became the title track to Rustie's third album, released in October 2004. Rustie Blue and Bill Anderson won the Vocal Collaboration of the Year for “Chip Chip” in the 2005 European CMA Awards Choice!

Rustie has been featured in many publications including Country Weekly, Music Row magazine, Southern Country, Country Music Round-Up, and Country Gazette. Rustie was also featured on the cover of both "H.E.E.T." magazine January 2002 and Blazing Boots in February 2005! She has made numerous TV appearances, such as, Fox 28 WTTE, Nashville Video Showcase, and a well known "Bingo Show" broadcast on TV Denmark 2 across the entire country and Greenland.

MP3s of Chip Chip and the Devil May Care, Chip Chip albums, interviews, & photos available by request. Radio is also encouraged to contact Kacey Jones, of Airplay Specialists, who is promoting "The Devil May Care."

Rustie Blue & Europe 2006

Ken Pearson of, Bluesprings Music Group & Robert Keister of Center Stage Productions are currently accepting bookings for Rustie Blue in Europe for 2006. If you are involved with a Festival, Venue, etc., and would like to book Rustie, please contact me at rdkeister@rustieblue.com or Ken Pearson at kdp35@yahoo.com

Rustie Blue to appear at Mark Trail's Showcase at the Legendary Douglas Corner during the CMA Festival June 9th with other great artists/5:30-8:30. Visit Mark Trail's website at: http://www.marktrailmusic.com 

Anyone interested in setting up an interview with Rustie while she is in Nashville for the Mark Trail Showcase, please contact me at rdkeister@rustieblue.com and/or Laura Claffey of Wildfire Publicity at wildfirepublicity@comcast.net  If your in Nashville, pick up your copy of Nashville Music Guide. You'll find Rustie Blue and information about the Mark Trail Showcase in the May & June issue.

Go here to read review by Max W. Achatz

Spotlighting April & May 2005
Jukebox Extra (Germany)
Max W. Achatz

Fire in the blood and power in the voice - that´s the first impression from Rustie´s third album Chip Chip. The title track was written by Grand Ole Opry-Star Bill Anderson together with Melba Montgomery, and Bill is also singing duet with Rustie on that single, who grew up in southeast Ohio. The former nurse has been noticed very much in the last years not only in the states, but also in Europe as support act for stars like Aaron Tippin, Bill Anderson, Daryle Singletary, Jeff Carson and David Lee Murphy. At these concerts the proved everybody, that even a yet not well known person can have a huge effect on the surprised audience, provided that the voice is big enough and the songs are good. Both fits on Rustie, this is proven by the new album produced by Mike Headrick. In 15 Songs the singer with the long red hair and the voice deep out of the throat shows a wide spectrum of musical expressions. Between Bill Anderson you´ll find well-known song authors like Becky Hobbs, Billy Yates, Don Goodman, Judy Rodman and Deborah Allen. To the 14 originals and the very well done remake of the gospel-classic "Satisfied" from Martha Carson the vivacious singer ads the Uptempo-Song "Honky Tonkin´ Diva", which she wrote with her producer. A standard in the repertoire of Blue are songs from Dolly Parton, because in the past she even acted as Dolly´s double on stage in productions like Center Stage Legends in Concert Show. As like a bow to the country-legend, with "Smokey Mountain Queen" she now recorded a great acoustic tribute-song, which is without any doubt one of the highlights of the album. With Chip Chip Rustie Blue has sung in her best album ever, and it´s fun to listen, how she lights up every little corner of traditional country music


Rustie Blue - Chip Chip
Buy it from InSound Get this on iTunes
Nashville has opened its doors to yet another great performer in Rustie Blue whose rearing in the rural portion of southeastern Ohio hopefully has prepared her for the pending super-stardom that is certainly right around the corner. Her vocals are dynamic and she has a drawl that’s certainly Southern but not so Southern that it’s completely accented. Her nod towards Dolly Parton includes a tribute on “Smokey Mountain Queen” as well as borrowing a bit of Dolly’s style throughout “Chip Chip”. Included with the album is a duet with none other than another country legend in Bill Anderson who shares writing credit on a smattering of other songs on the album. Great groove and a perfect guitar country pop swagger, “Chip Chip” is a rare gem these days. Visit: www.smother.net

- J-Sin

Rustie Blue interviewed by Jerry Mac at "Country Music Planet." Jerry has also made Rustie a Citizen of The Country Music Planet. Thank you Jerry for your great support!! Go to http://www.countrymusicplanet.com/rustieblue to listen to the interview.
Rustie Blue is a special guest on Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show. The direct link to the site where Rustie's show can be listened to is http://www.countrymusicplanet.com/rustieblue. When and if you link to the radio show from any other site on the Internet, we ask that you link to this address (http://www.countrymusicplanet.com/rustieblue). The only thing that makes it possible for us to continue to produce these shows is the hope that some of the visitors to the site that host the shows will click on our advertising banners posted there, so we ask that no one link directly to the sound file, because this will do nothing but eat up our very expensive bandwidth.
Rustie has become a citizen of The Country Music Planet and there is a link through her name to http://www.countrymusicplanet.com/rustieblue at our home page under "Citizens Of The Country Music Planet". Our home page is http://www.countrymusicplanet.com
Most folks visiting our home page will find our radio shows very easily by clicking on a link at the top of our home page that says, "Click here to go to Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show". Once they are there, they will see "Special Guest: Rustie Blue". By clicking on the link there, they will be taken to http://www.countrymusicplanet.com/rustieblue.
It was definitely my pleasure having Rustie as a guest on our show.

Jerry Mac

Check out other interviews below by clicking on links!
Christian Lamitschka of Country Home Germany (English Version)
Christian Lamitschka of Country Home Germany (German Version)
Country Legends Association with Frank Del
Toss Music (Texas) with Philip Corder

Rustie featured now at www.ReelSoundofMusic.com   Check out their website! Thanks JoAnne; It looks great!!

We would also like to thank "Roots Music" for featuring Rustie!! They have been really supportive to Rustie!! Go To the below link to check the feature out. http://www.rustieblue.com/what_people_are_saying.htm

Thank you also to New Music Weekly for including the article about Rustie and Bluesprings Music Group!! We really appreciate all you do!!

Thank again to "Blazing Boots" Magazine for including Rustie on their March/April Cover and for also including her in this months issue as well! You can also get your copy of original line dances that were created for Rustie by Dave Eddison, Editor of Blazing Boots, Setsuko Motoki's, Japan, and J Dan & Wynette Miller, Europe (you'll find them at www.rustieblue.com on her main page).

Thank you all for your support to Rustie Blue; You can go to Rustie's website to read additional news. If you know of anyone that would like to join Rustie's mailing list, go to http://www.rustieblue.com/mailinglist.htm to sign up!

To purchase "Chip Chip" and/or other albums of Rustie's go to http://www.rustieblue.com/merch.htm   You can now also listen to sound clips at Rustie's website.

Thanks again,

Robert Keister
Center Stage Productions
512 West Sixth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130
(740) 653-1916

Ken Pearson
Bluesprings Music Group
413 W. 64th St.
Anniston, AL 36206
(256) 820-0803




AnneBrehm.jpg (5574 bytes)Anne Brehm is making a name for herself, that is for sure, with her dynamic voice and the ability to leave her audience awestruck with the power that she portrays through her voice and stage presence! She has a great career ahead of herself and she is going to go far! Everyday more and more people are learning who this powerhouse voice belongs to and they are requesting her music all overseas and New York. She has hit the charts running with such songs as: “I’m Ready Anytime”, which was written by Curtis Andrews, CEO/ Pres. Of Ready Records. This was Anne’s first release on the Ready Records Label. This song made it in the Top 40 Independent Gospel Charts for 28 weeks, reaching as high as #3, and as low as #26. After that Anne came out with LeAnn Rimes Version of “Side Of Angels”, which stayed in the Top 40 Independent Country Charts for 16 weeks, with the highest spot being #17, and the lowest spot being #39. Then she released her single “He Thought That We Were Worth Calvary” from her debut album entitled “He Held On”. This song climbed the charts fast and went as follows on the Top 40 Independent Gospel Charts, Sept. 2004 # 9, Nov. 2004 (WENT TO NUMBER ONE), which was Anne’s first number one song! Jan. 2005, #16 and Feb. 2005, #39. Currently she is now on the Top 40 Independent Gospel Charts with her original gospel song, written and composed by her and her co-writer, “Harold Stall”, entitled “Be Still And Know”, which is currently at #23, and rising fast! So as you can see, she has the voice to be reckoned with and any major label lucky enough to grab onto this talented young lady is sure to make them proud! If you want to go and see and hear some great talent, then go to just one of her shows, and you will see exactly what I’m talking about! Now she is on her way to Nashville, TN., which came about through her promoter “Miranda Leake” of Miranda Records & Promotions. This has been a dream of Anne’s since she was a little girl and I know she is going to knock their socks off! All major labels, and I am telling you first hand, you don’t want to miss this performance, I can guarantee that you won’t regret going and seeing her perform!! Here is her schedule where she will be! I am proud to say that I am a big fan and always will be! To learn more about her shows and times, visit her website at: www.annebrehm.net

Lisa Malio
Tampa Tribune
May, 2005

Date: 06-04-05
Alabama Food For Children Benefit Jamboree
Venue: JJ's Country Music Building on Hwy 43 just north of Greenhill

Date 06-08-2005
Nashville Video Showcase
Venue: Live Television Broadcast

Date 06-09-2005
CMA Fan Fair Promotion Nashville TN
Venue: Music Row Nashville

Date 06-10-2005
CMA Fan Fair Promotion Nashville TN
Venue: Kelly's in the Historical Printers Alley

Date 06-11-2005
Miranda CD Party
Venue: Live Entertainment and more.

Date 08-05-2005 to 08-07-2005
Texas River Best Of Country Music Awards
Venue: Live performances from some of the best!

The Official Website Of..Anne Brehm


[NashvilleMusic] Live Music This Weekend 5/6 and New Website

Saturday May 7th

ABOUT TIME ~ 9:30PM- 1:30 AM ~ Heather Stokes and Organized Chaos - no cover www.HeatherStokes.com

Bluebird Café ~ 6:30 In The Round with Paul Craft, Wil Maring, Casey Kelly, Phillip Lammonds and Robert Bowlin, no cover; 9:30 In The Round with Kent Blazy, Lane Turner, Monty Holmes and Corey Batten, $10

Caffeine ~ 8Pm-9PM ~ Serenatta Romantic Latin Ensemble , $5 www.pablogarzon.com

Dad's Lounge ~ 9PM ~ Joy Ride - www.joy-ride-band.com

Jump, Jive, & Swing ~ Living Word Community Church Auditorium Swing Lessons (beginner and intermediate) are from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, with dancing until post-midnight to the best Big Band Swing music from the 40's to today. Cost is only $7 - http://www.radiodazebigband.com/

Roberts Western World ~ 6-10PM ~ Don Kelley ~ 10-2AM - Brazil Billy

Sunday May 8th

Airborne Jumpin's Sunday Night Edition.Free dance lessons at 5, Then from 6 to 9 Free appetizers,Wood dance floor

Bluebird Cafe ~ 6:30 Sunday Spotlight: Adie Gray, no cover; 8:00 Writers Night hosted by Jeff Pearson with
special guest James Slater, no cover

Delta Lounge ~ 8PM ~ Peter Moon Band

Second Fiddle ~ 2-6PM ~ Karree j Philips and Totally Hot

CHECK out THIS NEW WEBSITE for Rachel Rodreguiz - and keep up with her performances, she can be seen every Friday and Dan McGuniess and various other places! GO Rachel!

From Rachel: Hello everyone, I hope this email finds you doing well. Good news....I finally have my new website up and running and wanted to share this first with close friends and family. Please feel free to pass on the link to your friends as well. As Always thank you for your support.
Love, Rachel

From: "Robert Way Brown" < seekingtheangels@yahoo.com >
Date: Fri Apr 29, 2005 0:48pm
Subject: Watch NEW video of Bruse Springstiens > Devils & Dust

Watch NEW video of Bruse Springstiens > "Devils & Dust" Music Video


"Suns of March" Releases 2nd Single, "Bulletproof Heart"!

SunsOfMarch.jpg (9955 bytes)Montgomery, AL - January 18, 2005 - After 6 months of working relentlessly to promote their 1st single, San Jose, Suns of March took a well-deserved holiday. This was a period for the band to work on material for a new album and reflect on 2004's course of events. Now the band is primed and ready to call upon the international music scene again in 2005 with the release of their 2nd single and title cut, Bulletproof Heart.

The last half of 2004 was monumental indeed for Suns of March. The group was completely tireless in their efforts to get the word out about the Suns of March sound. This non-typical country/rock band from the southeast United States is rapidly introducing the rest of the world to the sincerity of their style of music, and sincerity is truly what guides Suns of March when they create music. Having been classified as everything from country to grunge, the group is unwilling to stray from their roots and heritage to fit into any specific genre, infiltrating over 40 countries through sales and music sharing.

When asked how he felt about would-be music consumers sharing the bands music on-line without buying it first, lead-singer Michael Wright said, "sure we lose potential sales through music sharing, but you know, if someone really likes us and believes in what we are doing and the type of music we are creating, I believe they will buy our CD and the next and the next. That's the type of people we want buying our music. If someone hears about Suns of March through downloading one of our songs for free and doesn't buy the CD, then I say to them, thanks for giving us a listen and I hope you like the next single enough to buy our disc." But then, why should Wright and the rest of the band be worried about a little free music slipping through the cracks here and there when figures show their coverage on the international scene has increased buy over 650% in the last 6 months. "People think its cool when they find out we are a rock band with a violin player. We're even getting offers from countries on the other side of the world to play festivals. That's a big deal to us. We're hoping to put together some different tours soon in areas where we haven't performed yet," says Wright.

Having shared the stage with artists such as Brad Cotter, Damon Johnson (Brother Cane), Diamond Rio, Edwin McCain, Joan Jett, Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Josh Turner, The Kicks, Lance Miller, Loverboy, Matt Lindahl and McQueen Street, the group has gained enough experience to garner the help of legendary producers Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins, Jerry Cantrell) and Rodney Mills (Pearl Jam, REM, Journey) on their recent project "Bulletproof Heart."

In addition to all of this, Suns of March also finished as a semi-finalist out of thousands of entries in the 2004 Independent Music World Series, the only contest the group has ever entered.

The highly esteemed UK based web-zine, MetalUK.com, referring to the Suns of March EP, said, "Granted, there are enough 21st century references to keep modern rock fans happy, with 'Bulletproof Heart' having a twist of grunge thrown in for good measure and 'San Jose' having some Ju Ju Hounds / Col Parker balladry thrown in. But with a fiddle pushed to the front of the mix, they're never too far away from their roots. This sampler has 4 tracks from their latest 12-track release, "Bulletproof Heart", and it does the job perfectly, whetting the appetite for more. Expertly produced by the band, they made the sensible move of wheeling in Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins) to mix and the legendary Rodney Mills to master it, making it sound as fully rounded as any multi million dollar production."

The review web-zine "Music Morsels" described Suns of March as "Gritty rock and roll with blues and heartland flavorings and killer harmonic vocals ala Jason Ringenberg are the norm from this Montgomery, Alabama act. "Bulletproof Heart" kick starts the disc with a Circle of Power type guitar driven bite, followed by the anthemic Southern rocker "San Jose." "I Learned It From You" has a gutsy country vibe, while "Sentimental Moonlight" is a smoky ballad. They show several distinct personalities, but also a healthy
amount of talent."

Referring to the bands first single, The Valdosta Times said, "'San Jose,' a Suns of March song on the band's CD, 'Bulletproof Heart,' is a grinding mesh of Old West rock, like galloping through a desert with an electric guitar and a posse hot on the trail. Or think 'Gunsmoke's' Matt Dillon carrying a Stratocaster instead of a six-shooter: That's the gritty nature of this band's beast."

The Auburn University Plainsman described Suns of March as "a breakthrough Southern rock group, that melds alternative, classical and Southern-style genres."

Upon seeing Suns of March perform with Diamond Rio, The Aumnibus said "A rock band with an electric fiddle and a mandolin! Blasphemy in the music world one might think; however, just listen to the group's vocal and instrumental combinations and you will have the 'Suns of March experience."

Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins, Jerry Cantrell) said of the groups first CD, "Bulletproof Heart mixes rock, country, pop and alternative to create a record full of great songs that are fun to listen to. It sounds like a band having fun making a record."

In writing about Suns of March, Montgomery's Journey Magazine said, "Suns of March have melded together a unique blend of vocals and instruments with an overall vision that makes this CD rare and special. I was impressed by how quickly I was singing along and feeling the passion behind the music - eventually not wanting the CD to end. As the word gets out on this project and Suns of March, their fan base will skyrocket."

Finally, Blue Cat's, one of the United States' most esteemed live music venues in Knoxville, TN said of the group, "Suns of March is always a pleasure to work with...from the load in to enjoying a high energy fun show. They definitely know how to work the crowd and their fans are some of our best clientele. Every time I work with them I know it is going to be a success."

Suns of March is still one of the newest groups out but has already been generating the type of recognition and hype you would expect from a seasoned, well-established group. They are breaking new ground and once the word is out regarding their musical integrity, uniqueness, and people's ability to relate to their songs, many will come to know Suns of March as a permanent fixture to the international music scene. ###

Hear the Suns of March 1st two singles in mp3:
"San Jose"
"Bulletproof Heart"

Todd Michaels
Michael Wright Mgmt.
PO Box 231173
Montgomery, AL 36123-1173
United States
334.260.9947 - Fax



CJ The DJ in Malta

Please allow me to introduce myself.

The name is Carmel J. Delia, (That's as in Mr.!). I hail from the Mediterranean island of Malta, Europe, where Country Music is quite big but since we here rely solely on imports and that only comes from big established companies we hardly ever get the chance to lay our hands on material produced by people like you, which is a shame really.

Now it just happens that I work as a Club and Radio DJ and I will be more than happy to promote your works via my job.

If you so do wish to avail yourself of my free service, all you have to do is furnish me with any material (CDs, preferably, or mp3s\wav files and a brief Bio) you may have of yourself, either by email, on this address:

cjd@nextgen.net.mt  or cj@cjdelia.com

or by regular mail at the following address:

CJ Delia,
70, St.Lawrence Street,
Senglea, CSP 06,


I would like to inform you that I intend to let listeners win signed CD's, pictures, etc. by means of competitions in my radio shows.

So if you can make some of your material available for this purpose I am more than sure that listeners will be all the more keen and interested in you and your music.

Whilst I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future, I anticipate your response at your earliest.


CJ Delia


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Roy Cost Radio Show

Roy Cost has been in country music professionally since his days singing Bob Luman songs at KCON Radio, Conway, Arkanss in 1958. He did his first radio show at KWHN, Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 56. Cost had a regional hit in 1959 with The Shadows entitled "New Heartache". The flip, "Wind Down" became a popular record at WLAC in Galleton, Tennessee on Randy's Record Shop. The group became popular favorites on Little Rock's, "Steve's Show" a dance party similar to American Bandstand. His first personal national exposure came with "East Of Tulsa" in 1969. It was produced by Larry Rogers at the famous Lyn-lou Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. It became a chart record on KXLR and the giant Little Rock station, KAAY. Being a favorite with truckers it was programmed by Bill Mack of WBAP, Mike Hoyer & Billy Cole of WHO, Ralph Emery and Grant Turner of WSM in Nashville. Because of that record he was able to appear on such shows as the syndicated TV show, Ozarkland Jubliee, as a regular on The Arkansas Opry, and made appearances on Ralph Emery's Opry Star Spotlight and Grant Turner's Early Morning show on WSM. He was the instrumentalist of the year for 84 at the Arkansas Opry and The Arkansas Academy of Country Music.
In the seventies the late Floyd Cramer, and friend got him a publishing deal with Tree Music at which he worked with Bob Jennings until Bob's untimely death. In the 80s Cost signed with Pyramid/Fifties States Records of Nashville and did "Susie Jones". Another record in 65 was produced by the legendary Bill Black at the Lyn-lou studios entitled "You Can Count On Me/"Ketchy", The first week it was the number one song on the popular Little Rock station, KALO.
Cost did a record in 1973, "Drinking Beer & Shooting Pool". As a member of "Autumn Mist" the group had "Anchorage Coal Fields" in 1975 and an album in the 90s entitled "Steppin Out". He is a writer of Judy Cupit's regional Christmas hit entitled "Santa, Bring Daddy Home To Me", Doss Tipton''s "Family Man" and more recently Keith Kuykendall's CD of "Sincerely We Are Through".
Roy Cost's lastest album is "When A Man Loves A Woman". Cost had a CD of Bob Luman's 1956 tune of "A Red Cadillac & A Black Mustache". In 2001 he recorded "The Twelfth Of Never" and in 2002, "The Unchained Melody". Cost's own most popular CD tunes are the 9/11 patriotic song entitled "The Day The Sky Fell", "Roy Cost's Greatest Hits" and "Stolen Moments"
In the near future Cost plans his own version of "Last Date" and narratives of his and Floyd Cramer's friendship. He and co-writer have just finished a semi-religious CD entitled, "Grandma".
Roy Cost was made a member of the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame in Burns, Tennessee in April of 2001. Some of his best shows have been appearing with Ernie Ashworth at his own school where he was principal, with David Houston at the Arkansas Opry, playing keyboard for Bobby G. Rice in Searcy, Arkansas, playing guitar for David Houston and Dixie Harrison at the Arkansas Opry. He toured with recording artist, Dixie Harrison through the late eighties.
He has a regular country music program at www.roycost.com and does a gospel show on Sundays. His former bands can be seen by typing Roy Cost in the search at Google.

45rpm Records, pictures etc. . can be furnished upon request.

Roy Cost
2108 Arkansas Avenue First Picture: Roy Cost
Conway, Arkansas Second Picture: The Music Shoppe
(501) 329-5889 Third Picture: Autumn Mist
email roycost@conwaycorp.net 


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E’van O’Donnell
& the 1st Edition

Since taking to the road seven months ago E’van O’ Donnell has certainly taken the dancing scene by storm. With 3 hit singles under his belt and 3 music awards, this country music star and his band have become one of the most popular and entertaining bands in the industry. E’van and the 1st Edition have come together to bring the best of Country Music to the best dancing people they know. The Irish people.

The success of his debut album” Out Of The Shadow” brought E’van many radio "On-Air" interviews and guest performances at many of the top festivals not only in Ireland but also in Scotland and the U.K.

At age 28, E’van O’Donnell is a singer acclaimed for putting the "country" back into Country Music and leader of a quintet who have collectively and individually won more than a dozen Country Music Awards.

E’van & the 1st Edition have been performing all over Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England for the past seven months.

“E’van really has a way of saying something different,” says Raymond Stuart of Sharp Records. “I’m always amazed at how he can come up with a little turn of a phrase or a little guitar lick or an entire approach to a melody that is different. And there is the energy and a personality that the 1st Edition put into it. They’re a band that all of us will talk about for a long, long time to come.”

E’van says, “We really tried to push the boundaries of our music. We worked very hard at trying to make every live performance a special experience for our fans. It was important to all of us that we never get comfortable with what we were doing at the time. We constantly developed new arrangements and a new approach to our live shows without losing the feeling that made our songs successful in the first place.”

Do you come from a musical background ?.
“Both my parents are very interested in Country Music so I was constantly around singing as a child. My Dad had a chip van in Raphoe in Donegal and I used to help him on Saturday nights when Frankie’s Night club had the Big Country Bands Playing. I would sneak around the back door of the clubs and listen to some of the greats Big Tom, Larry Cunningham, Gene Steward and Brian Coll. But, I think the biggest thing was probably when I picked up my dad's old guitar and started making music on my own for the first time. I loved it so much that after I finished school I decided the country music was to be my life.

How would you describe your music?
"When people ask me what kind of music I play, I usually just tell them country because it's the easiest thing to say. But it's actually a mixture of a lot of stuff. Me being from Donegal, I love anything that has a lot of soul to it, whether it's country, blues, trad, or whatever. I've kind of blended everything I like into our stage show. I don't want to go too into it because I'm curious to see how the listeners are going to describe my music. So for now, I'll just call it country."

What goals do you have for your music?
I want my music to cross genres without me losing credibility within country music. I feel like country music industry gets so freaked out if someone doesn't have the typical country voice or style. They think that radio won't play it. But I think radio will. I think the country listeners are craving something new and fresh.

Who's your biggest musical influence?
I grew up playing and singing with my family at home and I would say they had a huge influence on me.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
George Jones, Brian Coll, Waylon Jennings, Big Tom and the Mainliners, Gene Stewart, The Royal Showband just to name a few.

What do you do for relaxatio?
I like to drive a lot. It might sound crazy but I like to drive around in my car, listen to CDs or the radio and just relax. I used to like to mow my lawns a lot but in the past year or so it seems the allergies get too crazy from the mowing and affect my singing. I like to watch television, particularly football. I spend a lot of time with my family.

In terms of where I see myself - all I can say is that the people have been very good to me and I've had a great start to my career. I've been singing professionally for just one year. Other artists have been wonderful to me .Anyway, I sing from my heart, I love country music and I love the people that respond to it. You never see yourself as others do but I've always been and will continue to be proud to be part of country music.

How does it feel to have your second major label album out in less than a year?
“I feel really good. It's doing really well. It's great to have an album that's actually out in places you can actually go buy it. I had an album out before that I just sold out of the back of my band wagon at little gigs. It's cool to walk into a store and see my CD. I'm really excited”.

What was it like to have your first single; "Patches" become so popular?
“I still can't believe it! It doesn't happen very often. I am just really excited for everyone, my band and my manager John, and everyone at Trax & Sharpe records. Basically everyone who worked really hard to get us there”.

Do you have a favourite song from your new album, INTO THE LIGHT?
“The first single, "It Takes an Irishman to Sing an Irish Song" has done really well for us. The second single, "Written in Stone" has also done really well. I don't really have a favourite song though. "Loving You"-- that's a really fun song to play live but it's hard to pick a favourite. They're all really my favourites which is why they're on the record”.

How does it feel to have Mick Flavin sing on your new Album?
“Great. I was shaking like a Chihuahua. Mick is the King of Irish Country Music and A legend. Who would not be proud to have him sing with you .It is the first time in Irish Country Music that two male artistes have sang together on a recording and I am very proud of that fact”.

What is the most enjoyable part of performing?
“Watching people having a good time in the audience”.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
“I like the traditional type artists the best. I love Alan Jackson's music, I love Randy Travis. Mike Denver is a good one and he always tries to keep it fresh. I like Declan Nerney also - he's come up with some pretty clever songs. I love a lot of Vince Gill's stuff - he has a beautiful voice. I guess nowadays, it comes down to the song as opposed to the artist. Many of the traditional artists no longer get the airplay so that you know they have something out, so it comes down to the song.

Who do you consider amongst the best of the "new" Country Acts?
“ Mike Denver. Hands down”.

Who would you like to tour with and why?
“Don Williams --- because he is Don Williams.

What upsets you most about the current state of country music?
“The lack of air play on the National Stations”.

What message would you like to give to country fans that are out there reading this?
“Most importantly, I'd like to thank all the country fans that have supported me over the past year. They have been incredible to me and given me an unbelievable start in country music. It's hard for me to believe that I have been doing this for only a year and I still look out at our shows and see all different ages, of people. Some are young and others just regular country folks that have been listening to country music for years. We truly have the best country fans in Ireland, and I love them all. I'd also like to remind people that if you love country music, you need to speak up for it. I'm worried that the format is going to be lost and I know from my shows that people miss country music on national radio but they need to speak up and let the music business and media know. Country fans need to support country music by buying albums and going to the dance venues for country artists or the music will just fade away. And that would be really sad”.

Reported by Roger Ryan

SongU.com -- Hurry! Only 2 days left

What our members are saying this week:

"The Artist's Way course was fabulous, and so is SongU.com!!" - Bev H., CO

"I love SongU.com!" - Melanie J, KY

Hi everyone,

Hope you're having a great Mother's Day weekend. For all our mom's out there who manage to juggle songwriting and raising a family, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. I also wanted to let you know that in honor of the special day, we've extended our new quarterly billing special through Monday, May 9th (details below).

Mamapalooza! SongU.com Moms Rock The Bluebird
If you're in Nashville on Tuesday, May 10th, be sure to stop by the Bluebird Cafe. The fourth annual Mamapalooza festival is taking place in several major cities throughout the United States, including, San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas, New York, Washington DC and Nashville. After member and super mom, Sue Fabisch, sent out a note in the campus news, several SongU.com members responded and they've organized a terrific show at the Bluebird Cafe that begins at 6:00pm. Joining Sue Fabisch at the Bluebird, will be SongU.com faculty, Gracie Hollombe and SongU.com members, Shelley Jacobson, Merilee Stewart and Melanie Johnson. It's bound to be a great show.

WB Recording Artist Lauren Lucas: A Note From Her Mom
Continuing on our mom theme...our friend, co-writer and Warner Brothers Recording artist, Lauren Lucas is up for the Cover Girl "Fresh Face Of Country Music." Lauren's mom sent us the following note this week, so we're passing it along -- "Please VOTE for Lauren for the Cover Girl 'Fresh Face of Country Music' for the ACM awards on CBS May 17th. You can vote for Lauren through May 17th. She has some stiff competition and it's an honor to have been chosen as one of the three nominees. You should see Lauren on some primetime CBS TV spots leading up to the ACM awards show on May 17th and you can cast your vote at: http://www.cbs.com/specials/40acma/voting/." By the way, if you read Lauren's bio on the site, you'll notice that Danny and I wrote one of the songs for the Broadway show, "Urban Cowboy" with Lauren. Good luck Lauren!

Gold Stars
We love it when our own SongU.com members are out there slugging away against the big music industry beast and winning some battles. So high-five's to all our members who recently had their songs recorded by independent artist, Jaya, including: Lorna Flowers, Dean Larson and Peter Spero for "Boy’s Night Out", MB for "Bring Your Heart Back To Me", Todd Klocke for "Just Give Me A Sign", Shelley Jacobson for "I Like It Like That", Lisa Medill and Lorna Flowers for "Next To Nothing" and Robin Brock for "That Scares Me".

Applause to new member, Matt Collins, whose song, "Daddy's Little Girl" was the grand prize winner in the recent Windrift Songwriting Competition and Keith Taggart of Liverpool, who was the grand prize winner in the recent NSAI/CMT contest with his song, "That's Where I Call Home". And congratulations to our members who won or placed in the recent Great American Song Contest (GASC), including first place category winners and new members, Jud Caswell, Michael Mish, Brian Morris and Jim Pearce. Also, a high-five to long-time member, Doug Brzak for receiving the Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting award in the GASC contest. And while we're at it, kudos to Heidi Little and Rachel Sage for being runners-up in the Windrift Songwriting Competition, Lance Sims for being an honorable mention in the NSAI/CMT contest and Ditalian Cole for an honorable mention the recent Song Of The Year contest. Finally, take a bow Randy Thomas whose song, "Back Yard Fun" recently hit #1 this week on the indie-music country chart. Keep up the great work everyone!

In honor of Mother's Day, we've extended our quarterly billing special through Monday, May 9th. Take advantage of our new quarterly billing special and get great a value on your SongU.com Platinum Membership. Just sign up before May 9th and you'll get your first three months of learning, connecting, coaching and pitching for just $55. As a bonus, you'll also receive one free song evaluation and a free licensed version of Virtual Studio Systems Lyricist Software (over a $75 value). It's a value that's hard to beat. Just use redemption code QUARTER when signing up at www.SongU.com  

We hope to see you "on campus" soon.
Best wishes,
Sara Light
Courses, Coaching, Connections

* This special is limited to new members only. Visa or MasterCard required. No hassle cancellation policy: If you are enjoying SongU.com, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member of SongU.com at the current membership rate $75.00 per quarter (about the price of a guitar lesson a month). If you decide that SongU.com isn't the right fit for your needs, simply let us know and we'll deactivate your account, no questions asked. No obligation. Money back guarantee. View all Platinum Member benefits here.

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World Cup Fans Sober Up On Worm Attack
A variant of the Sober worm has been appearing as an enticement to fans seeking World Cup tickets...

MP3 Files Targeted Across P2P Networks
A recent outbreak of the Nopir worm takes aim at file-swappers, but does not discriminate between illegal swapping and legitimate music files created by owners.

Your Computer Has Spyware
In the findings of one software company, 88% of all consumer PCs it surveyed have spyware residing somewhere on their drives.

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