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May 4, 2005

Hi All,

I hope you're all doing well and gettin' ready for a great weekend. Can't believe it's almost here.. .I've been so busy, this week has literally flown by me. The only way I know it's been a long week is that my tailbone feels like I've been sittin' on a bed of rocks! This ol' PC chair is about to get the best of me... even with a piece of foam on it. LOL

You should really enjoy the news today. There's some new artists to introduce you to and as well as some "old MKOC favorites". As most of you know, I haven't been able to accomplish reviews for quite some time and there were still quite a few emails in my mailbox of those seeking reviews. Even though some of them had been laying here for a long time, I kept them so that I could eventually reply to them in one way or another. Since I still am not caught up enough to accept new reviews, I invited them to send me their information to put in the news. So, there's two artists with previous reviews on MKOC, and two who are brand new to MKOC. While I can't review them, I can introduce you to them and give y'all a chance to hear them. I sent out a lot of emails yesterday, so there may be more coming soon. At any rate, give all these folks a hearty welcome and lend them your country ears!


MKOC Official Artists

Joe Tinoco

Coming Soon to Branson, Missouri
"Welcome Home" -  America's Tribute To Vietnam Veterans
JT-wewereall.jpg (7215 bytes)
Joe Opens .. June 13th in the "Starting Ceremony" with his tribute song "American Soldiers" (click to play)


Red Johnson

RedJohnson.jpg (3730 bytes)Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not know I will be Inducted into the "Minnesota Rock-Country Hall Of Fame" on May 6th and 7th, 2005. The event will be held at The Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota.
The flyer is on my web site http://www.mkoc.com/RedJohnson  
Thanks for your interest,
Red Johnson

Watch the "Midwest Country Show" on RFD TV Each Saturday at 8 PM and Monday at 2 PM Central Time!! Direct TV chan. 379 and on the Dish Network 9409 (Satellite)
For show dates check my site Red Johnson - Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter and for my Good Sam Club activities go to Minnesota Good Sam Club and show dates at Midwest Country check Midwest Country - Home

Red Johnson


Boots 'n' Saddles Radio
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Top Twenty Sweden May1st.

1..........Highway 40
2..........Hal Willis
3..........Erin Hay
4..........Bill Durham
5..........Cheatin' Heart
6..........David Ethan
7..........Dean Holmen
8..........Shelley Buffitt
9..........Dottie West
10.........Ernie Ashworth
11.........The McNichols
12.........Mike Hadduck
13.........Tracy Millar
15..........Al & Brenda Hooper
16..........Amber Digby
17..........David Cline
18.........April Anne
19..........Bad Bob
20..........Big Bull Band


More Country  News

Hunter Payne Releases “NAILED” – And It All Goes To Charity!

HunterPayne-CD-Nailed.jpg (6744 bytes)How do you release a new album and do the right thing at the same time? Well, singer-songwriter Hunter Payne has an answer. All profits from Payne’s new CD, NAILED, will go to aid the victims of last December’s tsunami.

Why? “I’ve never been in this for the money in the first place,” says Hunter, whose last release, ONE LAST CHANCE, garnered tremendous success throughout the internet and on network television. “ It’s always been important to me to give to charity, so I thought ‘why not eliminate the middle man?’”

NAILED features some of Payne’s signature ballads but also steps farther into the rock realm than his previous work. The tracks somehow manage to highlight both his evocative vocals as well as the talents of some of LA’s finest musicians, including members of The Wallflowers and Warrant. Like the best of the Beatles’ albums, no track sounds like another, though they all fit into a cohesive whole.

“This was the most fun and rewarding project I’ve ever been involved with,” adds Hunter. “It was almost like the songs tracked themselves. Throughout the sessions it was obvious to everyone what needed to be done - and that something very good was happening. It was effortless in that regard. And a true pleasure.”

Hunters also spearheading another project to benefit the tsunami victims - a series of All–Star Compilation CDs. “This isn’t brain surgery. It’s very simple. We’re asking major musical artists to donate tracks – maybe the demo of a hit, or an alternate studio version, or a live version, or a rarity track. To date songs have been donated by Ray Charles, Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Alanis Morissette, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, John Sebastian, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Spinal Tap, Phantom Planet and The Blind Boys of Alabama

So….., is Hunter all right working for free this year? “Are you kidding? It feels great!”


See the MKOC Review and hear the song clips of Hunter's last CD, "One Last Chance"
Here's my favorite song from that CD: When the Night Leaves Her Lonely


Country Recording Artist Jaime Beaver

Last year Country Recording Artist signed a three-year contract with a record label out of Canada and began working on a new CD Album. The album was close to being completed and a video was scheduled next. Then came the bad news, the record label went bankrupt and the young artist could not believe what had happen.

For the past year she has been attending Indiana University and will complete her first year of college on May 6, 2005. Since, she misses her music so much she has decided to put her education on hold and concentrate 110% on her music. She says, "someday I will complete my education, but for now I want my music."

Over the past six weeks, working with Gary Bradshaw and his company, "Western Heart Promotions" Jaime released three of her songs off her new album, "The Best Of Jaime Beaver." Results were just unbelievable said Jaime, after not releasing any songs over the past three years I was in shock with the results. On the Independent Mainstream Country Charts for the period of April 16-May 1st, 2005 Jaime was at # 23 in the world which includes both Major & Indie Artists. In the country of Australia she was at # 10. Jaime is well know by the DJ's & radio stations overseas thanks to Gary Bradshaw, but because of limited airplay in the U.S.A. she is only known on a local level. All Indie artists get little radio airplay in the U.S.A., but in the Foreign Market they care less if you are a Major Artist or an Indie Artist as long as they like your music they will play your songs! If the DJ's & radio stations did that in the U.S.A. you would hear a lot more about some great Indie artists.

Jaime will be performing at the Jamboree On The Mountain in Monteagle, TN being held on May 6-8, 2005 along with over 200 Indie Artists. Nothing as big as this has ever been done for the Independent Country Artists and thanks to Buster Doss it's taking place in the U.S.A. with both cable TV & radio coverage.

In the months ahead Jaime plans to tour in the US & Overseas and will begin working on a new album. Look for this young talented artist to make a name for herself in the Country Music Industry.

Web Sites:

J & B Enterprises
Larry beaver
3216 W Greenbrier Lane
La Porte, Indiana 46350
Email: lbeaver@csinet.net
Cell Phone: 219-363-8768

JaimeBeaver011.jpg (8256 bytes)

Entertainment Lawyer:
Shapiro & Vasilatos, P.C.
Scott Shapiro
218 North Jefferson Street
Suit 201
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Email: scot@shapirovasilatos.com
Phone: 312-559-8339

See the MKOC Review of Jaime from her first CD, done at the age of 12, "Shade of Blue"
Here is a favorite song: Saving You Just For Me

U.S.A. FCM Productions, Inc.
PO Box 93
Waterloo, NY 13165
Email: fcmaus@fcmproducions.com
Phone: 1-800-675-913

Overseas Western Heart Promotions
Gary Bradshaw
4557 West Bloomfield Road
Glendale, Arizona 85304
Email: gbradshaw3@cox.net
Phone: 602-896-9910

Be sure to visit the site listed above to hear Jaime now that's she's all grown up. I have no doubt that her talent has blossomed as beautifully as she has so you won't want to miss this gal!



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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Jack-Misty-bw.jpg (4415 bytes)

See Jack and Misty's MKOC Reviews for 2 of their many albums:

- CD Review- "A Little Out of Sync",  2001, song clip: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
- CD Review, "Back From the Dead, Vol. 2", 2000, song clip, You Come So Easy To Me

Hear more songs on their review pages listed above!

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


We dropped out of the Country Music Industry
in 1979 due to health problems.
A couple of years later we both felt great,
but we’d lost our place in Nashville,
and our manager had died.
After recording on a half dozen major labels
we were without a recording contract.

We went to work anyway.
playing a wide variety of gigs
from country shows to a string of New York jazz clubs.

Some of the most ornery groups were in The Animal Circuit:
Moose, Elks, Eagles, senior clubs, Condos, RV Parks,
and on and on.

You cater to the guy who books the bands
like you’re competing for the Brownie Award.
You just get him to like you
when they vote in a new bunch.
The new “Entertainment Chairman” hates you
because the other guy liked you.

If there is one loudmouth who complains about you
it can kill return bookings.
Contracts mean nothing to these people.

At one club
the Entertainment Geezer came up to us and grumbled this:
“They aren’t dancing as much as
when we have the 17 piece band!”
There were three of us on stage,
which is all they were paying for.

There is always one couple
who has been taking ballroom dancing lessons
and demands a tango.
If you play it, everybody else sits and sulks
while the tango nerds stalk each other around the floor.
It can kill a set and spoil your lunch.
A rose should never be carried in any body cavity.

The oldest guy in the place always wants Rock & Roll.
He says things like:
“We ain’t dead yet!”,
and “Let’s get down!”
I whisper to Misty:
“I didn’t think he could get up.”

They like their fast songs medium,
and there slow songs medium.
Set your metronome at 147 and leave it.

A club owner once told Count Basie:
“Our crowd likes to dance at 120.”
The Count said:
“That’s too bad. We start at 9.”

People tell me what singer they think I’m imitating:
Hoyt Axton, Leon Redbone, Willie Nelson,
and Shirley Temple.
I had to stop singing “The Good Ship Lollipop.”

They don’t understand
or want anything original.
It makes them walk funny.

If you can fake a rhythm guitar
and have prerecorded background tapes,
that will work.
Talent is not required.

We only go out for the bigger country shows now,
but the Animal Circuit has taught me this:
The less musicians get paid
the less respect they get.

We’ve never been able to compete in the small time,
and it’s not that we haven’t tried.

Jack Blanchard
© 2004, 2005.

Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com


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Katelynn Knutson ­ AristoMedia ­ 615-269-7071 ext. 132 ­ katelynn@aristomedia.com
Danny Combs ­ AristoMedia ­ 615-269-7071 ext. 125 ­ danny@aristomedia.com

IFCO Announces MORE ARTISTS for 38th Annual IFCO Fun Fest Show

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The International Fan Club Organization¹s (IFCO) 38th Annual IFCO Fun Fest Show will be held at 7:30 p.m. on June 7th at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Headliner Craig Morgan will be joined by special guest Trick Pony. Other great artists include Jason Aldean, Con Hunley, Aaron Lines, Connie Smith, Chalee Tennison, Jimmy Wayne, Bryan White, Mark Wills and the IFCO Center Stage "Star Search" Winners. More to be announced. Robert K. Oermann will be the night¹s host.

On top of the evening¹s other festivities, IFCO will present Bill Anderson with the prestigious IFCO Tex Ritter Award. The award, established in 1974 to honor Country legend Tex Ritter, recognizes recipients for their contributions to Country music and its community. Past winners include Mother Maybelle Carter, Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb, Charlie Daniels, Robert K. Oermann, RCA Records and The Oak Ridge Boys.

Since 1995, IFCO has staged its annual show in the historic Ryman Auditorium. The show has consistently played to a sold out house. Sales for this year¹s IFCO Fun Fest Show will benefit St. Jude Children¹s Research Hospital. This is the third straight year IFCO has worked with "Fans Care" for St. Jude Kids.

"We are grateful to the Johnson sisters and IFCO for including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in their fund-raising efforts again this year." Teri Watson, Director, Radio & Entertainment Marketing ALSAC, St. Jude, said. "We appreciate the opportunity to be part of this wonderful evening and thank the fans for their participation and desire to help the kids!"

Scheduled performer Bryan White noted, "I am extremely excited about doing this year¹s IFCO show! It has been too long since I last performed on the show and I know it is going to be a lot of fun. More importantly, I am grateful to be a part of drawing awareness to and raising money for St. Jude¹s Children Research Hospital."

IFCO is widely regarded as the foremost authority on establishing and operating fan clubs. Founded in 1967 by Loudilla, Loretta and Kay Johnson, IFCO has become a respected force in the entertainment industry acting as a clearing house for fan clubs and a consumer watchdog for Country music fans.

For more information about purchasing tickets for the event, please visit www.ifco.org or call 615.371.9596. Ticket costs are $38 for Platinum seating; $32 for Gold seating. There is a special $5 Military Discount. Visit the website for more information. All seats are reserved.

IFCO Shindig Party & Show

What: Great artists + Great food + Great fans = IFCO Shindig
When: Friday, June 10th • Time: doors open at 6:00pm
Where: Texas Troubadour Theater • (Music Valley Dr.) Nashville, TN
Who: Everybody Welcome! • Seating (capacity) is limited! • Free Parking

Order Tickets NOW: (Visa and MasterCard) $20
• Phone: 615-371-9596 • Online: www.ifco.org

Performances By ~
• John Arthur Martinez - New Dualtone CD "Lone Starry Night" and latest single "Home Made of Stone"
(Song of the Year winner at the Texas Music Awards in Feb. 2005). He first gained national popularity in
2003... when he finished second on the USA Network's national talent competition Nashville Star (also performed at the IFCO "Fun Fest" Show that year).
• Kelly Lang - Latest CD "It's About Time." 3 time winner on Ed McMahon's Star Search; regular on Ralph
Emery's Morning Show; Nashville Now; Church Street Station, Music City Tonight, finalist on USA Network
Nashville Star... Singer, songwriter, artist (original oil paintings).
• Billy Yates- New CD "Harmony Man" (set for release May 17, fourth release on Billy's own M.O.D. Record
label. Appearances during CMA Music Festival include his fan club booth at the Convention Center, his
fan club party (8th), IFCO Shindig (10th), and Sports Zone stage (11th).
• Center Stage Star Search Contestants: Austin Cody, Leah Durelle, Tresa Street, Taylor Ware
(Visit the Center Stage Star Search page for information.)
.. And more to be announced!

The Shindig event is FOR the fans and is a great opportunity for the artists to show their appreciation TO the fans.
The evening will include ~
* Refreshments: Assorted light snacks and cold beverages (water, soda...)
* Show: Performers listed above... and more!
* Meet-N-Greets: All performers will be available for meet-n-greets. Additional artists will ALSO be
there to join the fun: The 4Guys, Skyla Spencer and more!
* Souvenir Merchandise... CDs, photos, fan club memberships, etc. available for each artist.

Come, Join Us For An Evening of Fun, Food and Entertainment!

International Fan Club Organization (IFCO)
Loudilla, Loretta & Kay Johnson, Presidents
Mail: P.O. Box 40328, Nashville, TN 37204-0328
Ph: 615-371-9596 * Fax: 615-371-9597
eMail: 4info@ifco.org  * Website: http://www.ifco.org


Ring Tones

Find a Ringtone of Your Favorite Song
Country Ringtones


Paul Larson

Paul Larson- Through the Window

PaulLarson.jpg (9498 bytes)“Paul Larson’s country/folk-rock album, Through the Window, tells many positive stories of life in the Utah mountains and canyons through acoustical, finger-picking ballads. His voice and guitar playing soars through the songs comparing life to his gloriously-described outdoor environment around him. These songs and imagery remind the listener of what artists like John Denver were creating and Paul Larson’s music is carrying it forward into the future.

The opening song, “Through the Window,” immediately hooks the listener into the rest of the album, followed by “Captain’s Son” and “Perfect Day” where Paul channels Gordon Lightfoot and James Taylor, which should get any fan of folk music something to look forward to.

The complete album is a musical treat to anyone who has an appreciation for earth-rooted songs and this side of the music world will hear much more of Paul Larson to come. More about Paul can be found at: www.paullarsonmusic.com   or www.alphamusicgroup.com/Folk.html

By Chris Armogida
GidaFolk Magazine
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 2005

“Paul Larson, whose home state is also known as the Mormon state, is Utah. The reason that’s important is because it so carefully characterizes his music. His voice is gentle and never over-extended while the guitar plucking is equally enjoyable and laid-back, but the space is vast.

The music is as diverse as Utah’s landscape and offers something you don’t find too often in singer/songwriters in the folk roots rock genre…true genuine spirit. The musicianship is tight and the songs are well written. He might just be able to make a good decent living as a songwriter.”

By Smother.Net Webzine
Manassas, Virginia
April 2005

“If the album “Through the Window” aims to reach beyond our time of contemporary pop/rock and sugar coated teenybopper fluff, then Paul Larson has done just that. Like song-writing icons from the early ‘70s, i.e., James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and John Denver, Paul brings forth nocturnal and earth-toned sounds of acoustic folk.

Paul begins with the ethereal saga of “Captain’s Son,” floating along an atmospheric rhythm of nighttime waves and ambient guitars. “California Evening” is rollicking fun, with the twang from ‘90s country music before recalling an early Billy Joel (“Travelin Prayer” from “Piano Man”). In the mannered “Through the Window” Paul finishes with embracing vocals (traces of Taylor pops to mind), while plucking a lonely, solo guitar. Meanwhile, it feels as if he’s made himself at home, causally conversing in a comfortable chair complete with an aromatic offer of black, steaming coffee. And speak of steaming, the whimsical “When It Comes To Trains,” rolls by (with images of a young Denver conducting) a reflective and bittersweet “Perfect Day.”

Through the ups and downs, Paul Larson’s themes of comfort, solitude, and nature has a gentle and direct way of relaying honest, folk music.”

By Cory Graham
Monmouth, Oregon
April 2005

Website: www.paullarsonmusic.com
Other sites of interest: www.alphamusicgroup.com -  look under the "Feartured Artist 2" link.


TheRescue.jpg (5032 bytes)

' Forever Young' the second single released from the new album 'Forever Young' entered the Hotdisc Independent British Top 10 at #9 and the Country Hotdisc International Top 40 at #40 this week.

Gravel Road Records Limited invite you to visit THE RESCUE at www.the-rescue.co.uk


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CD Review - GENE BROWN 'COUNTRY' - Breakin' Wild Horses

Breakin’ Wild Horses
Caribou Records – CRCD 020
Produced by: Bob Hamilton and Gene Brown
(10 Selections – Playing Time 30:06)

GeneBrown.jpg (5217 bytes)Breakin’ Wild Horses / When It Comes To You / Round The World / Funky Rock And Roll / Takin’ Life Easy / Harvey’s / Lady From The Night / The Kind Of Man / You’ve Got What It Takes / The Truest Kind Of Woman
Hobert Eugene (Gene) Brown has made his home in Whitehorse (Yukon), for the past four decades…where he has toiled as a songwriter (with Nashville cuts by Red Simpson, Jerry Naylor,etc.), and as a musician (steel player) working shows behind Bobby Bare, Dave Dudley, Canada’s Family Brown and Dallas Harms… and even working with Susan Raye for a two-year stint on a weekly TV show out of Portland, Oregon. In light of this solid list of credits, it’s hardly necessary for him to now add the term “Country” after his name. Gene Brown is most definitely ‘country’, and this much overdue album of his work, certainly proves the point.

Gene Brown 'Country' delivers the kind of album that country traditionalists will devour. Gene Brown writes ‘em and sings ‘em ‘country’, with a vocal style that will remind you at times of Johnny Paycheck and at other times of Faron Young. He supports his singing and songwriting here with his own tasty steel, dobro and bass guitar licks and it’s all wrapped up with some straight-ahead country arrangements and production touches by Bob Hamilton (of Undertakin’ Daddies fame).

There are several highlight moments here, but nothing compares to the hurtin’ country tune The Kind Of Man. This is a “killer” song penned by Brown (worthy of a Haggard or Jones cut), and on this particular effort, Gene Brown sounds eerily close to the late Mel Street. If Canadian ‘country’ radio is looking for the real thang, they’d better click into this one.

Also of special interest here is Funky Rock And Roll, and although the song is somewhat dated in its message, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the ballsy delivery and the sincerity of it all, makes this one of the better cuts on the package.

Other entries of note include the whimsical Round The World, with it’s Marty Robbins ‘island’ flavor; Takin’ Life Easy (which Faron Young devotees will be especially fond of); and The Truest Kind Of Woman, on which Gene Brown is able to evoke memories of the late Johnny Darrrell. A novelty tune, Harvey’s (about a jewelry salesman) is also notable. In fact there’s really not a ‘miss’ among the ten selections presented here.
Breakin’ Wild Horses was produced and recorded at Bob Hamilton’s Old Crow Studios in Whitehorse, Yukon; and features in addition to Brown’s own guitar work, some truly remarkable lead guitar stylings by Real Fagnan (remembered for his days as a member of Terry Carisse’s Tracks unit); and some fiddle magic by Calvin Volrath… all of which makes the album a ‘country’ delight.

Through the years Whitehorse (Yukon) has given us such balladeers as Al Oster and Hank Karr, and more recently the Juno nominated Undertakin’ Daddies…you can now add Gene Brown 'Country' to that list of ‘northern stars’.

For info / copies visit
Subscribe to Country Music News; it's packed full of stories and the latest CD reviews, all delivered right to your door every month.


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That's all Folks!

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