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May 23, 2005

Hi All,

Here it is, the Sunday news on Monday... I figured y'all had better things to do with your weekend... ahem! Just kiddin', I just didn't get a chance to get the news done yesterday, so once again, a day late and many dollars short, here it is. ;)

MKOC Official Artists

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Top Artists Denmark May 15th. As Reported by Lonnie Ratliff Nashville

1…..Ernie Ashworth
2…..Dean Holmen
3…..Highway 40
4…..Erin Hay
5…..Hal Willis
6…..Judy Kanyo
7…..Mike Haduck
8…..Jose Daniel
9…..Matekis, The
10…..Troy Cook Jr
11…..Cerrito/Jett Williams
12…..Alan Jackson
13…..Jim Reeves
14…..Ove Stoylen
15…..Devin Scillian
16…..Cheryl K Warner
17…..Romeo & Lockwood
18…..Joy Adams
19…..Colin Clark
20…..Michael Elvin Hunt
22…..Clelia Adams
23…..Anita Perras
24…..Julie Taylor
25…..Tracy Millar
26…..B Jeff Stone
27…..South Mountain
30…..Servier Bjordal
31…..Ernest Tubb
32…..Heidi Hauge
33…..Good Bros
35…..Raymond Parker
36…..Buddy Lewis
37…..Jimmy & Jenny Eaves
38…..Arly Karlsen
39…..Hermann Lammers Meyer
40…..Dan Daniels
41…..Johnny Cash
42…..Graham Rodger
43…..Ian B MacLeod
44…..Karen Cruise
45…..Jim Fullen
46…..Ken Wentworth
48…..Kitty Houston
49…..Merle Haggard
50…..Stevie Cee
51…..Paul Wheater
52…..Tricia Jo Cora
53…..Rooster Quantrell
54…..Susie Hopman
55…..Tomboola Band
56…..Vernon Oxford
57…..Peter Borup
58…..Don Williams
59…..Andy Martin
60…..James Maddox
61…..Charlie Rich
62…..Ernest Tubb/Cal Smith
63…..Eddie Rivers
72…..Jan Rasmussen
73…..Kacey Jones
74…..Palo Duro
75…..Kathy & Lance
76…..Raymond L Boudreaux
77…..Washburns, The
79…..Tamra Rosanes
80…..Tommy The UK Cowboy/Paul Smith
81…..Vickie Lee
82…..Rustie Blue
83…..Country Delight
65…..Danny Mack
66…..Jim Rorie
67…..Debbie White
68…..Eddie Rivers
69…..Richard Draime
70…..Jeffrey Halford
71…..Ron Williams

Top Artists in Sweden (May 15th.)

1…..Dean Holmen
2…..Highway 40
3…..Jerry Lee Barker
4…..Ernie Ashworth
5…..Mark LaForme
6…..Bill Dees
7…..Danny Mack
8…..Jeannie Romeo & Alice Lockwood
9…..Tricia Jo Cora
10…..Tracy Millar
11…..Erin Hay
12…..Anita Perras
13…..Ray R Jones
14…..Kitty Houston
15…..Devin Scillian
16…..Joy Adams
19…..Cheryl K Warner
20…..Desi Kay
21…..Brittany Wells
22…..Joe Leggo
23…..Andy Martin
24…..Buddy Lewis
25…..Ernest Tubb/Cal Smith
26…..Jason Bassett
27…..Lilian & Manon
28…..Judy Kanyo
29…..Holly Williams
30…..Mike Lee
31…..James Maddox
32…..Don McLean
33…..Manon's Dream
34…..Kacey Jones
35…..Misty Morgan
36…..Kelly Caberly
37…..Loman Craig
38…..Julie Taylor
39…..Willie Harris
40…..Jose Daniel
41…..Roxane Legere
42…..Jaime Beaver
43…..Cerrito/Jett Williams
44…..Washburns, The
45…..Stoney Edwards
46…..Ray Emmet
47…..Ray Bruce
48…..Moore & Moore
49…..Ron Williams
50…..Hal Willis

Alex Cullum


Narvel Felts


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More Country  News


Jimmy Martin, one of bluegrass music's most colourful artists, died this week at a Nashville hospice from complications of bladder cancer. He was 77. Known as ''The King of Bluegrass'' and ''Mr. Good'n Country,'' Martin became known as a master of American roots music. In 1949, he successfully auditioned for Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys and his vocal contributions ushered in what is now known in bluegrass as the ''high, lonesome sound.''

As reported by Stuart Cameron in "Hot Country News, May 19th



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Sprint launches the new Brooks & Dunn song, "Play Something Country"!

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Look for a new Brooks & Dunn album coming this September.



Wade Hayes

WOWW!! A Word on Wade's World
May 20, 2005


WadeHayes.jpg (3477 bytes)* FAN GET TOGETHER - WADE WILL BE THERE!!!
2 hours of music and visiting with Wade
* NEW SHOW DATE - Nashville, TN May 24th
Benefit show along with other performers
UPDATES since the last WOWW! (4/29)
.... News
.... Gallery - Pre-Cruise Party
.... If you can't see the new pages ...

2 hours of music and visiting with Wade

You've been asking for fans to meet to see each other again. Wade said he'd like to see everyone, too. We're going to do it during Fan Fair (CMA Music Fest).

Friday, June 10th - 3 - 5 p.m.
Judge Beans BBQ
$15 - includes a buffet

We're not taking up money ahead of time, but YOU WILL NEED TO PRE-REGISTER.


WOWW! subscribers are getting the first chance at this.

E-mail me, put REGISTER ME in the subject line. I will e-mail you a registration confirmation with your name and registration number. That and $15 will get you in the door. The number will be used in arranging the meet and greet part.

Please give me this information when you register:

If you're registering more than one person, I need the info on each of them.

* NEW SHOW DATE - Nashville, TN May 24th
Benefit show along with other performers

Wade will join Trent Willmon, Clint Ingersoll, Luke Bryan and Eric Church in a benefit show for Jeannie Kinney. Jeannie battles Friedrieich's Ataxia, a progressive disorder of the nervous system and muscles.

Tuesday, May 24th at Judge Beans
611 Wedgewood Ave.
Nashville, TN
(I-65 - Exit 81 - toward fairgrounds)
6:30 p.m.
$10 cover charge


What a fun afternoon and evening! The Judge goes all out when he has a party. The music was tops and went on long after the radio remote had ended broadcasting. Nancy from King's Cruise Agency provided some nifty door prizes. The Judge added an outdoor event - build a temporary holding pen, spread some straw on the ground, line it off in a grid (132 squares) add a couple of Texas longhorns and you have a playing board for "Cow Chip Bingo." That's enough description - you get the idea.

Pictures and playlist have been posted.
or go straight to: http://www.wadehayes-woww.com/Gallery/wadehayesgallery.html

If you can't see new pages when they first go up, hit the refresh button on your browser button bar. Or look under the menus at the top for the Refresh command. Some browsers hold on to cache files for a v-e-r-y long time (can you say AOL). When they first load a page, they store it in their cache memory. That makes the page come up quicker the next time you go to it and they don't have to use extra band-width to go out and load it again - saves them operating expense. Sounds like win/win, but in a situation where pages change frequently and the browser is loathe to look for the new version, you see the old cached page, not the new one. I've tried to add some code at the top of the pages that change more often to tell the browser not to cache them. I hope it works for those of you who've written that you can't see an update.

You could be a great help to me in thinking and planning pages if you'd give me some feedback on page loading time. I know the pages are big (humongous, actually). Are you giving up before they load? I could make the pages smaller by making the pictures smaller and lesser quality - just putting thumbnail pics on a main page and linking each one to an individual pic. As you can tell, my personal preference is see all (or most) of the pics on a page. I'd appreciate hearing what your preference is:
~ Keep it the way it is, I like to see all the pics at once.
~ Put fewer and smaller pics on a page so it will load faster.



Wade and Trent Willmon, Shelly Fairchild, Jon Randall, and Jeff Bates are the performers on a 4-night Western Caribbean Cruise - to Cozumel and back - leaving Galveston, Texas on October 27th (Thu), returning to Galveston on Monday morning, October 31st.

October 27 - October 31st - Galveston to Cozumel and back.

I'm beginning to hear from "cruisers" who went on the first two trips about what a great time it was. And I'm hearing from Wade fans who've already signed up - sounds terrific!


A complete site - News, Bio, Music, Links and Archives, Fan Zone ... is now on-line.
We've updated the Gallery with coverage of the Pre-Cruise Party.
We'd love to have your pictures and your comments.

This site was chosen as the Country Stars Online Fan Tribute site of the week for the week of March 6 - March 13.

Occasionally, we'll publish a web page that can only be reached for a limited time through the link that we list in WOWW! It's a bonus for subscribers.

This time it's a picture - a collage from an appearance at the Putnam County (TN) Fair.


Gayle, our great Wade Hayes' supporter and talented computer programmer, has met the requests for a message board. She's set up an ad-free forum site for fans. She kicks it off with the first post - "Welcome Wade Hayes Fans."

Check-it out and add your comments here:

In addition, she's providing a forum space for concert reviews. Cari's kicked it off with comments about her favorite Wade Hayes' concert and she invites you to share your stories, too. (I'm looking forward to reading them.) I've started a thread for current concerts and posted the comments from Lorne and Susan about the November 6th show in Buffalo.

Post your Wade Hayes Concert Reviews here


You can view past issues of WOWW! beginning with 6/25/04 at this site

Were you there for the first fan club party at the lake? Laurie Paulik and Heather Baniszewski have an extensive gallery of photos on their Mountain West Music site. You'll enjoy reminiscing with their pics. Here's the link to their Wade gallery.



WOWW!, an e-mail newsletter to Wade Hayes fans, began in December, 1997. Subscribers reside in FIFTY (50) states as well as - Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Hong Kong.

Send replies, questions, comments, changes of address and requests to be added to the WOWW! list to

Keep us up to date on your address. When you make a change send us the old one (so we can remove it) and the new one so that we can add it. We don't want to lose you.


....... WOWW! News (Helen Neal)
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274

Messages for Wade can be sent to this address:
....... Wade Hayes
....... WOWW! News
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274
NEW Wade Hayes Site
Cheryl Hill's Wade Hayes Site
Country Stars Online Fan Tribute Sites
Venue Listings by States
Message Board for Wade Hayes Fans
WOWW! Archives
Mapquest - Maps and Directions

E-mail to WOWW!!


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May 20, 2005
From the Editor's Desk:


A recording artist or band may spend a year or two getting a new CD ready for release, then it’s up to the promotion department to figure out what to do with the project at radio. It’s always important to pick the single from the CD that has the least amount of negatives, and the smart promotion team these days will go for the track that can cross to multiple formats. The promotion folks can only hope that an artist has such a tool in the arsenal.

Looking at the charts these days, especially at adult contemporary, you sometimes wonder if you’re not looking at a Country chart. Many of the labels in Nashville have been pushing their artists in that arena and have been finding a very friendly audience. You can now see the likes of everyone in the Country area from Lee Ann Womack, Martina McBride, Faith Hill to Keith Urban and Faith’s better half, Tim McGraw. "This has given us a brand new market to tap into and it’s made a huge difference in sales for us", notes an insider during a recent industry luncheon.

One of the tricks these days that is being played may come from taking a friend with you into a format that the audience is familiar with. Take the case in point with Tim McGraw as he teamed with Nelly for the single "Over And Over" (Curb/Universal). McGraw was certainly introduced to an entirely new audience with this track and Nelly got a shot at getting play on stations that probably would have been less than friendly. Everybody won in this case and they ended up with a #1 single. Here a team effort really paid off and have you seen the duet roster lately?

Tim McGraw also found huge "crossover" success with his recent "Live Like You Were Dyin" (Curb) single. That track not only was a solid number one at Country radio, it also jumped to the top of the charts at AC Mainstream and did some serious damage at Hot AC as well. The track made so much noise at multi-formats that they even took it to Top40 where it picked up even more major impressions. If there was ever a case for crossover, this was it.

Many artists that are achieving success these days realize that making tracks that can work in multi-formats is the real key to a long and successful career. Rob Thomas, who has had a string a huge records with his Matchbox20 band has been crossing Hot AC, and Mainstream radio with his "Lonely No More" (Lava/Atlantic) single. Gwen Stefani is another crossover artist in those arenas and is also getting some multi-format play with a few of her new solo efforts.

When making a CD, it‘s a smart move to put a track or two in the mix that can have that capability. Some will even turn to a remake to two to get that point across and that may be a smart move as well. Artists today need to do anything and everything to try and get to the audience and the choices that they make when putting their project together from the song selection to the production is pivotal. The artist or band that thinks "crossover" here may just end up the real winner in the end.


NMW-ZineCover.jpg (3453 bytes)New Music Weekly, has graced the pages of Billboard, R&R, Gavin, Friday Morning Quarterback, Music Connection, Inside Connection and most recently Soap Digest has found great success with their charting system which includes Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, College, Americana, and Rock radio stations. Most recently with the formation of Backstage Entertainment's newly developed Spins Tracking System (STS) it has already impacted over 450 radio station since the beginning of 2005.

New Music Weekly has also been honored as "Magazine Of the Year" award at the recent Los Angeles Music Awards. The weekly music trade magazine which has fast become the top chart breaking publication for new music and artists scored top honors during the event held in Hollywood, California.

The magazine which is heading towards its sixth year of publication boasts over 500 reporting radio stations in the genres of Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, College, Jazz and Alternative/Rock.

NMW has also found success with its Future Hits compilation CDs which Volume 20 is currently in production. This multi-format music sampler enables recording artists to get their music to the hands of radio station program directors that will support new artists regardless of label affiliation. In addition, New Music Weekly owns and operate the New Music Radio Network which services it's syndicated radio specials to hundreds of Country and Mainstream radio stations .

New Music Weekly is also gearing up for their second annual NMW Awards which is set for November 2005.

STS (Spins Tracking System) has revolutionized the way radio and record executives look at charts. A technology used t o deliver the most highly accurate chart information available. STS is the industry leading weekly provider of information that covers music played at commercial and non-commercial radio. STS delivers a wide variety of airplay charts that track releases in Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, AAA, College, Jazz, World, RPM, Hip Hop, Loud Rock and Alternative genres. STS is a service of Backstage Entertainment.

Contract info:
Backstage Entertainment
Tel: 310-325-9997
New Music Weekly
Tel: 310-325-9997

Get the latest charts now!

(C) 2006 New Music Weekly. All rights reserved. New Music Weekly, Future Hits, NMW, NMWeekly, Spins, SDCS, Spins Data Calculation System are all trademarks of New Music Weekly.

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Glenn Cummings

Lisa Berg - Berg & Associates
615.293.1969 - lberg@bergandassociates.net

Glenn Cummings To Perform At CMT DukesFest 2005

GlennCummings.jpg (6419 bytes)Nashville, TENNESSEE---Glenn Cummings (Gulf Coast Records) will be taking center stage at CMT DukesFest 2005 in Bristol, Tennessee at the Bristol Speedway on Saturday, June 4 at 12:00 PM. DukesFest is an event that reunites original cast members of the hit series "Dukes of Hazzard" and their fans, approximately 50,000 are expected to join the celebration.

“I am a huge fan of Dukes of Hazzard and by watching all of the same episodes, now on CMT, that I grew up watching, I get to relive the adventures of the Duke family! It's going to be very exciting to meet all of my favorite stars from Dukes of Hazzard and to perform for them and all of their fans," said Glenn.

In addition to appearances of the show’s stars, DukesFest will feature stunt shows performed by the original "Dukes" stunt drivers, two days of country music, a major Mopar show featuring two days of world class drag racing at the Bristol Dragway and a cruise-in featuring scores of "General Lees.” For information on DukesFest, go to www.cootersplace.com

Glenn's current single, "Good Old Days," is No. 34 on Music Row and No. 45 on the R&R Indicator. He will be performing at CMA Music Festival at the Greased Lightning® Daytime Stages and Tootsies Orchid Lounge, in addition to appearances in the Wrangler® Fan Fair (exhibit hall) at his booth (#326). Glenn is also available for interviews during CMA Music Fest, to schedule an interview call Berg & Associates at 615-293-1969 or email press@bergandassociates.net

For more on Glenn Cummings visit www.gccountry.com. To download high-resolution photos, go to www.bergandassociates.net, click on "Clients" and then on Glenn's name.

To request information or for an interview contact:
Berg & Associates
3304 Misty Winds Ln
Nashville, TN 37138

GlenCummings-CD-Big.jpg (9473 bytes) Get Glen Cummings New CD, "Big" HERE
Current Single, "Good Old Days"
One of my personal favorites, "Loving You Is Easy"
Hear all song clips on Amazon.com
Download song clips from Glen's Official Site



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Erin Hay in Sweden - Gotland Country Festival

ErinHay.jpg (4628 bytes)GOTLAND
Gotland Country Festival, Kneippbyn 2005-06-10--12
Båda dagarna: Blugrass!!!
Fredag: Mats Rådberg & Rankarna, Christina Lindberg, Western Satellites, Rancheros, Bad Boys, Susans Cowboys Lördag: Erin Hay, Tennessee Five, Red Jenkins, Ring of Fire, Rancheros

CLICK HERE FOR PDF File of Festival Advertisement - http://www.kneippbyn.se/pdf/COU05LO.pdf

Astu Stompers
Gotland Line Dance!

Western Riders club Gotland http://www.wrg.nu/
Kneippbyn www.kneippbyn.se

E Mail Erin Hay at: ErinHay2002@yahoo.com
Visit Erin Hay Website at: www.ErinHay.com


Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Happy Birthday Misty!
MistyMorgan-Bday.jpeg (9742 bytes)

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


Musicians and artists tend to equate what they do
with who they are.
I know my work and my life are closely entwined.

Some people look forward to holidays and weekends.
I don’t like them.
The inactivity drives me nuts.
I could never retire.

Maybe this is partly the reason for my recurring dream.
The plot has been the same every night for years
but the characters and scenery are different each time.

The constants in all of the dreams are these:
I am in a strange place,
I am trying to solve problems that confront me,
and I’m trying to find my way to where I belong.

Sometimes the place I’m trying to get to is my hotel room,
or the place where our show is supposed to be,
but most often I’m trying to get home.
I’m not ever sure what or where “home” is.

I walk down streets searching for something in these dreams
and when I turn around to go back,
the streets are different,
as though I made a wrong turn somewhere.
I usually wind up in a dangerous neighborhood.

Often in these dreams I’m trying to call “home” on the telephone.
Occasionally a member of my immediate family answers.
In the dreams I seem to forget that they have all passed away.

I had one of the worst ones this morning.
It seemed to go on for days.
Near the end, a woman took my arm and asked
“Are you all right?”.
I said this:
“I think I may have Alzheimer’s.
I don’t know where I am.”

I can’t afford therapy,
but writing about it helps.

Anyway, I woke up today after the usual dream,
and thought this:
These dreams are a lot like my life.
The “home” part is the puzzle.
Where is this “home”?
Could my long gone loved ones possibly be there?
Could it be what people call Heaven?

I still don’t have any answers,
but these are a couple of new and interesting questions
that will keep me thinking for a while.

I make a lousy religious or spiritual person,
because I think too much.
Questions make faith difficult.

There is a Randy Newman song
from the movie “Michael”,
that goes like this:
“This world is precious to me,
but Heaven is my home.”

That would be really nice.

Jack Blanchard
© 2005

Please visit our Home Page at:


I come from a funny family.
Each of us was usually trying to make the rest laugh...
A bunch of smart alecs,
but it was fun.

We had a front sun porch on our house
with windows on three sides.
We'd gather out there in the warmer weather
and God help anybody who happened to walk by.
Our victims never heard our wisecracks,
but we were in there stifling our laughter.

Dad was the funniest one.
He could imitate people we knew,
recite nutty poems in foreign accents,
and make comic faces,
but he was best at ad lib puns.

I'm not going to do any of the family material here.
My point, if I ever get to it, it this:
I write and say things that make ME laugh!
I don't know where they come from.
I think it may be a family curse
or some kind of a squirrelly spirit
possessing my brain.

Maybe one of my ancestors was elected Village Idiot,
and hangs around our family,
making us act silly.

I just saw a picture taken at a recording session in Muscle Shoals.
In the picture I had just said something funny,
and you can actually see the nutcase spirit
flowing in and out of my head!

I swear this photo is unretouched.
JackB-Ghost.jpg (9200 bytes)
If you don't see the picture, go to this page on the intertnet: tinyurl.com/7nmnt

Jack Blanchard
© 2004, 2005

Please visiy our home page: www.jackandmisty.com  


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Jaci Rae

Jaci Rae's smash hit, "Can't Push A River," has touched the hearts and musical souls of people around the world. Be sure to get your copy today! This is what just ONE Grand Ole' Opry Star has to say about Jaci: "This is a great CD! The first 2 songs are Terrific. All in all its a great CD and it should do well for her." Ernie Ashworth, Grand Ole Opry Star and Country Hall of Fame Inductee

Jaci Rae Website

Barry & Holly Tashian & Geo IV & V Tour

George Hamilton IV and former Nashville neighbours Barry & Holly Tashian are teaming up for a tour of Ireland in August. Also coming along is George Hamilton V, so it's going to be a real family affair.
The following is a list of dates already confirmed.

Aug.15th. Arrive Dublin Airport, and drive to Omagh, Co.Tyrone.
Aug.16th. Mellon Country Hotel, Omagh, Co.Tyrone. ( 048-81661224)
Aug.17th. Hillgrove Hotel,Monaghan Town, Co.Monaghan.
Aug.18th. The Royal Hotel, Roscommon Town, Co.Roscommon.
Aug.19th. Drive to Cork. Aug.20th. Rockies Pavilion, Blackrock, Cork City. ( 087-2944821.)
Aug.21st. Colfers, Carrig-On-Bannow,Co.Wexford. ( 051 - 561159.).
Aug.22nd. Village Arts Centre,Kilworth, Co.Cork.
Aug.23rd. Free.
Aug.24th. Return Home.

Inquiries to Roger Ryan,
4 Silverdale Road,
Cork. Ireland.
Phone: 00353-(0) 21-4294412. Mobile: 00353-(0) 87-2944821







Your 2005 Nominees are!(Updated daily until 5/31/05)


Entertainer Of The Year:
Jose Daniel, Martha Welch, Kellene, KC Williams, Col.Robert Morris, The Mississipian, Charlie Helmick, Antonio Rosales, Beau Renfro, Ann Brehm, Stevie Cee, Mark Fields

Country Music Legend
Hal Willis, Jimmy Eaves, W.C. Taylor, Col. Robert Morris, Martha Welch

Male Vocalist
KC Williams, Rudy Grant, Mark Fields, Jose Daniel, Tommy "the UK Cowboy", Richard Draime, Eddie Harris, Bill Barnes, Keith Blocker, Charlie Helmick, Col. Robert Morris, Pat Goodson, Antonio Rosales, Beau Renfro, Stevie Cee, Jimmy Eaves

Female Vocalist:
Kellene, Kim Carson, Margie Cumbie, Connie Goodson, Michelle Knight, Ann Brehm, Shannah, Martha Welch, Miranda Leake, Joy Grim

Best New Artist(Rising Star Award)
Dwight Twitty, Kari Kirk, Christa Mcvoy, Ann Brehm, Tricia Hinds, Keith Blocker, Jerry Lane, Marisa Bondy, Norma Lee, Roger Liles John Henry, Kenny Gholson, Krista Dudley

Best Duo
Paul And Helen Mateki, Pat and Connie Goodson, Romeo and Lockwood, Mark Fields and Ann Brehm, Ed and Kay Hunt

Best Vocal Group
The Tailgaters, American Thunder, Kimmie and Klause

Young Artist:
Jessica Mae, Marisa Bondy

Favorite Country Album
Hot Country Meltdown-Various, Jose Daniel "At His Best"

Label Of the Year:
KMA, Stardust,  Miranda Records, Ciruit Rider, Rising Horse, Ready Records Worldwide

Producer of The Year:
Keith Bradford, Buster Doss, Col Robert Morris, Curtis Andrews, Dan Gold, Col Jason Hawkins

Promoter of the Year:
Rhonbob Promotions, Miranda Promotions, Col Robert Morris

Magazine Of the Year:
Powersource, New Music Magazine, Country Crossroads

Songwriter of The Year:
Martha Welch.Kim Carson,Rhonnie Scheuerman,Roger Liles, Kellene,Norma Lee,Dan and Ruby Gold.Col Robert Morris,Judy Wilkerson,Preston Starks

Lifetime Achievement Nominees:
Rhonnie Scheuerman, Buster Doss, Keith Bradford, Col Robert Morris, Martha Welch

Disc Jockey Of The Year:
Larry Simpson, Tommy Dean, Wayne Graham, Joe Berry, The Mississippian, Roy Cost

Award Of Special Recognition:
For reaching Out in a time of need, by giving of herself and her time unselfishly:Martha Welch....Col Robert Morris for making it possible for Indie artists to enter the Country Music Hall Of Fame. DJ Sandra Lee, Buster Doss, W.C. Taylor, Miranda Leake

Booking Agent Of The Year
Linda Odom/Country Music Showtime

Video Of The Year
Jose Daniel /She Took My Cash Jose Daniel /Alex And Me
Charlie Helmick, Joe Berry /Live At the Newberry Opry House

Pioneer Awards
Martha Welch, Ernie Ashworth, Jimmy Eaves, W.C Taylor, Col Robert Morris

Gospel Male
Jose Daniel, Pat Goodson, Curtis Andrews, Mark Fields, Robert Clarkson, Ernie Ashworth, Jimmy Eaves, Richard Draime, Jim Russ, W.C. Taylor

Gospel Female
Martha Welch, Connie Goodson, Ann Brehm, Judy Wilkerson, Sandra Sisk, Helen Mateki, Joy Grim, Margie Cumbie, Gladys Jones

Gospel Group or Duo
Pat and Connie Goodson, Ed and Kay Hunt, Jimmy and Jenny Eaves, Steve and Kim Hinze

Song OF The Year
Stand On Faith/Matha Welch... She Took My Cash/ Jose Daniel... God Knows An Angel/ Kim Carson... Shannon's Song/Roger Liles...The Truckers Last Ride/Col Robert Morris... Second Hand Ring/Jose Daniel... Midnight with Elvis/Shannah.... You Are Breaking My Heart/The Mississppian... The Demo/Jose Daniel, He Thought We Were Worth Calvary/Ann Brehm, My Truck/Kellene, Drifting and Dreaming Through The Fifties/Richard Draime

Promoter(Large Events)
Col.Robert Morris, Buster Doss,Miranda Leake

Best Television Show:
Music City Explosion, Nashville Video Showcase

International Entertainer of The Year:
Rudy Grant, Jose Daniel, Martha Welch,Col Robert Morris, Shannah, Kellene, Mark Fields, Ann Brehm, Tommy "The U.K. Cowboy", Paul Mateki, Ernie Ashworth, KC Williams, Stevie Cee

International Male Vocalist Of The Year:
Mark Fields, Jose Daniel ,The Mississipian, Charlie Helmick, Eddie Harris, Antonio Rosales, Stevie Cee

International Female Vocalist Of the Year:
Foxx, Martha Welch, Kellene, Shannah, Ann Brehm, Joy Grim

International Gospel Performer of the Year:
Martha Welch, Ann Brehm, Mark Fiekds, Robert Clarkson, Jose Daniel

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Road to be called 'Tennessee Waltz Parkway'
By Candis Ann Shea
Times staff writer

ReddStewart.jpg (8035 bytes)The Ashland City Council unanimously approved renaming the town's bypass to the Tennessee Waltz Parkway in honor of songwriter Redd Stewart during its regular May meeting. Stewart, also known as Henry Ellis Stewart, was born in Ashland City in 1923 and became famous for co-writing the song “Tennessee Waltz” with Pee Wee King. Stewart died in 2003. Several residents attended a number of council meetings to petition officials to change the bypass name in honor of the songwriter. Ann Mitchell, who is Stewart's second cousin, spearheaded the effort and gained 202 petition signatures in favor of the name change.
“A lot of us in the family thought it was a good idea cause we knew what contributions he had made to country music.” Mitchell said. Local musician Tricia Walker lobbied the council to approve the name by singing the well-known song, according to City Manager Murray Hawkins.

“After Tricia came and sang a song and gave a little history on it, there wasn’t any question after that,” Hawkins said. The Tennessee Waltz Parkway will encompass the entire area from the south end of Highway 12 to the north. The older portion of the bypass previously held three names across different sections of the road - West McQuarry, Industrial Bypass Road and Lindahl Parkway. The council was forced to rename the old and soon-to-be opened bypass area to eliminate confusion with 911 calls, Hawkins said. “That is what brought the name to the table,” he added.

Hawkins said the council was not able to use Stewart’s name as the bypass’s new designation because it would cause 911 confusion with similar streets names in town. “It was named the Tennessee Waltz, which is what he was most famous for,” Hawkins added. “It’s a very distinctive road; 911 is certainly not going to be confused.”

Hawkins speculated that the parkway might end up with a nickname, as a city worker already referred to the parkway as the “Waltz.” The final portion of the newly-named parkway, which is less than a mile long, is undergoing guardrail installation and should be open in about 30 days, Hawkins said. “It’s been a top priority in this town for the last five to six years,” he added.

"Tennessee Waltz"/"You Belong to Me"
(Keeping Redd's music & legacy alive!)

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