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April 26, 2005

Hi All,

Seems I got a little side-tracked this week. I started this newsletter on the 26th of April. Then I was buried in server problems as 2 of my websites were inaccessible. I worked on that so long, with no results as yet... and I won't tell you how angry I really am.... that I totally forgot to complete the newsletter. Now that I started to create today's news, I found that I had this newsletter still laying in my files waiting to be completed. Welp, that's me, slow but sure... well, sure sometimes. LOL!

At any rate, today you have 2 newsletters filled with some HOT country news and photos to go with it. Enjoy!


MKOC Official Artists

Red Johnson

Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not know I will be Inducted into the "Minnesota Rock-Country Hall Of Fame" on May 6th and 7th, 2005. The event will be held at The Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota.
The flyer is on my web site http://www.mkoc.com/RedJohnson  
Thanks for your interest,
Red Johnson

Watch the "Midwest Country Show" on RFD TV Each Saturday at 8 PM and Monday at 2 PM Central Time!! Direct TV chan. 379 and on the Dish Network 9409 (Satellite)
For show dates check my site Red Johnson - Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter and for my Good Sam Club activities go to Minnesota Good Sam Club and show dates at Midwest Country check Midwest Country - Home

Red Johnson


More Country  News

SOLID Karaoke Challenge Raises Over $3,000

For Immediate Release.


(NASHVILLE, TN) – SOLID (Society of Leaders in Development) Nashville held their 2005 Karaoke Challenge event Tuesday, April 19th at Jody's Bar Car. Hundreds of Nashville Music Row executives, SOLID members, songwriters, and friends came together to raise more than $3,000 with a portion of proceeds going to the family of local Nashville publisher Bobby Cottle, whose wife is battling cancer.

Based on entry fees ranging from $5 to $10 and other donated funds, the Karaoke Challenge was a huge success for all involved, raising twice the funds as the previous year’s event. Songwriters Craig Wiseman (Live Like You Were Dying), Tony Mullins (How Forever Feels), and James Slater (In My Daughter's Eyes) also made appearances to sing some of their favorite songs from artists such as Shania Twain, Johnny Cash, and Madonna.

SOLID President Andrew Stokes called the 2005 Karaoke Challenge, "a resounding success. This is an important moment for our organization, and we are so grateful to all of the people who came out in support of SOLID and Bobby Cottle's family. It's great to see members of our community having a such a great time for such a worthy cause." One event attendee said of the event, "Seeing those songwriters on stage singing songs like Man I Feel Like a Woman was hysterical. I'm glad I came and can't wait for next year. Plus, it's all for a great cause."

For more information and contact info go to www.SOLIDnashville.com

# # #

The SOLID Karaoke Challenge is a unique event where attendees are challenged by their friends and co-workers to sing on stage. Challengers donate money to hear their favorite tunes sung by anyone they choose. The person being challenged has the option of singing or matching the donation and opting out of a performance.

SOLID, founded in 1997, is a non-profit organization comprised of young music business professionals dedicated to ensuring the future success of our industry. Members of the organization come from all facets of the music community, therefore, contributing to the diversity, productivity and integrity of the group. SOLID provides individuals with the opportunity to take on responsibilities and utilize their skills... helping others... teaching others... leading others.

* * *
Press Contacts:
Ebie McFarland 615-777-6995 x. 25 / ebie@websterpr.com
Donica Christensen 615-467-6677 / Donicasinclairpr@aol.com

PHOTOS (Compliments of SOLID)

1-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (6865 bytes)
Mark Weiss

2-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (6004 bytes)
Justin Levenson, Renee Lopez

3-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (6588 bytes)
Laura Clark, Sarah Hamner, Brook Sweeny
4-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (8589 bytes)
Aaron Scherz, Kelly Daniel, Ally Clark, Charlie Daniels Jr.
5-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (6752 bytes)
Songwriter James Slater
6-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (8043 bytes)
Lacey Chemsak, Karen Light, Jamie Ellis
7-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (6619 bytes)
Katie Pope, Miranda Kirk, Jill Triplett
8-SOLIDKaraokeChallenge.JPG (7099 bytes)
Andrew Stokes, Lisa Gamertsfelder, Alicia Lanier



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Ken Overcast

Hi Marli,

It's great to be alive, isn't it? Spring is wonderful! I asked an old neighbor of mine how he was doin' a couple of days ago and he answered, "Great! I made 'er 'til green grass again!" That's a good attitude.

In fact, I feel so durn good about the green grass that we're going to discount all of our CD and book orders that come in by telephone by 10% and won't charge a dime for the S&H. (The bookkeeper will probably want to kill me, but she'll get over it.) You have to call our toll free number to get the discount though. Here it is: 888-753-7611. Better call right away, we can't do that forever so the offer is only good until the end of this month.

We just got around to doing our drawing for March, and Karen Barksdale of Danville, Virginia is the name that came out on top this time. We're sending Karen an autographed copy of our book, "Yesterday's Yarns." (That's a book of stories that are all the truth except the part I made up.)

We've started to move the cattle out to the summer range, and they think it's as good an idea as we do. I guess that green grass looks pretty good after six months or so of snow banks and hay.

We've got the Montana Storytelling Roundup coming up this weekend in Cut Bank, Montana. There are going to be a lot of great entertainers there, and although I know it's not a REAL short trip, I guarantee that you'll enjoy it if you make the effort.

Our new book, "Shootin' the Breeze, Cowboy Style" is still on schedule; it's out for a few pre-publication reviews and will be ready by this fall. Our syndicated radio program is still plugging away, with between 45 and 50 stations on board now. Boy, there's a lot of turn-over in that radio business. That's a little hard to understand for folks like us that tend to plan things forever.... I guess maybe we dance to a different drummer than some of the rest of the industry. That's OK, I guess.

Gotta run.... got chores to do. Here's a little tale just for fun. PS: Don't forget that special deal.... 888-753-7611.
Meadow Muffins
Lucky Billy
© 2005 Ken Overcast

I'm not a real big movie go-er, but one of the ones I remember from the foggy expanse that occasionally serves as my memory was one called The Sting. You don't have to worry about me giving you the whole rundown.... I couldn't remember enough of it to do it justice anyway. Besides, nobody hates second hand movies more than I do, so I'll spare you the pain. I DO remember the main thrust of the plot, though. It was about a bad guy that was set up and summarily fleeced by a bunch of cons in an elaborate scheme. I guess maybe I liked it so well because it appeals to a part of my criminal nature that perhaps more than just a few of you share. Ever'one likes to see a bad guy get what he's got comin', even if you have to bend the law a little to give it to him. Here's a couple of sayin's for you: "All's fair in love and war," and "It really ain't a sin to steal from a thief." I know you've heard the first one, and the second one is a little snatch of one-eyed wisdom that I'll share from under my hat. That's the premise of the movie, and what this little story is all about.

Now Billy really isn't a bad guy. At least not like the guy in the movie, but he was doing a bunch of braggin' about how lucky he was, so his ol' buddy Dick set him up and beat him out of a couple hundred bucks.... just to give him a little dose of badly over-due humility. After all, what are friends for?

The two old bachelor cowboys were on their way down to Nevada in their old rattle trap pickup a few years ago and Billy was continually crowin' about how lucky he was and that Dick just might learn a thing or two if he'd pay close attention when they reached all of those casinos.

"Dad blame it, Billy," Dick answered his braggin' partner, "you ain't so lucky. If you was lucky, you'd be rich by now." "When it comes to cards and games and stuff like that I'm the luckiest guy alive," Billy snorted back.

"You don't know sick-'im from come-here,"Dick snapped. "I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll betcha a hunerd bucks you lose the first deal you get into when we roll into town."

"That 'll be like takin' candy from a baby! I'll jus' take that dumb bet o' yers.... an' what's more I'll betcha a hunerd more you jus' made a bad bet!"

"Yer on!"

Little did Billy know he'd just been slickered; humility lesson number one, coming right up. He'd never even set foot in Elko, Nevada before and because Dick knew the place pretty well, he immediately set his plan into motion. He wheeled the old pickup into a grocery store and came back out with a twelve pack of Billy's favorite liquid refreshment. "I thought you might be gettin' a little dry," Dick grinned to himself as Billy eagerly ripped the cardboard off his new prize. "We'll be to town in about an hour and a half." Billy took the bait hook line and sinker..... just like his pardner knew he would. There's a few things a fella can count on and Billy's unquenchable thirst is one of them.

As the lights of the outskirts of Elko peeked over the horizon, Dick's plan was right on schedule. Billy was needin' to find a restroom pretty bad. He'd asked Dick to pull over a couple of times already, but always got the excuse that they were almost there, so maybe he should wait.

"Don't forget our bet, now'" Dick reminded his pardner as they went into the little place he'd specifically chosen.

"I ain't forgot! I'll be right back and take yer money. Right now I've got more important things on my mind!" Billy headed to the rear of the establishment towards the neon sign that indicated where the restrooms were.

"I'll wait right here," Dick called over Billy's shoulder.

"You can pay up as soon as you lose that first game."

It was the perfect setup. Little did Billy know that Dick had picked the specific place to stop, exactly where
Billy would need to go when they got there, and precisely what he'd do that would make Dick his two hundred bucks. Billy simply didn't have all the facts to make an intelligent decision. The urinals in the establishment Dick had chosen were each equipped with a little fake fly about halfway up on the inside. That little fly was so wired that when it came into contact with Billy's recycled liquid refreshment, it completed an electrical circuit that turned on all of the neon lights in the entire place, and activated the sign above the bar that read: "You lose! Score: Fly 876542, Cowboys 0."

Billy made his way back to where h'd left his old pardner to the sounds of bells, whistles and applause, with Dick proudly pointing at the flashing "You Lose!" sign behind the bar. "Well, well if it ain't Lucky Billy! Looks like you owe me two hunerd bucks!" For some reason, humility is always a lot more fun when it happens to someone else.

Keep Smilin'.....
and don't forget to check yer cinch.

Ken Overcast is a recording cowboy singer that ranches on Lodge Creek in North Central Montana where he raises and dispenses B.S. www.kenovercast.com


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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Jack-Misty-25years.jpg (3904 bytes)
Can you believe it's been 35 years?

Jack-Misty-Award.jpg (17202 bytes)

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


I can't tell a songwriter how to write,
but I can describe some of my methods
that others may find helpful.

On a serious lyric I try to avoid cleverness.
It sucks the sincerity right out of it.

First I stare out the window a while and mentally
put myself in a place and situation,
and see where it goes from there.
In my case,
most of them are places and situations I've been in.
I set the scene with a few details I call "furniture",
to get the feel of it, then the story develops from that.
I have some examples.

"Dandelions that grow along the highway,
Silver gray they blow away like foam.
Trucks roll by and make the blackbirds fly away.
Seems like there ain't no goin' home."

I was broke and hitchhiking in the rain
outside Phenix City, Alabama.
I had a hangover, a new sore tattoo,
and no home to go to.
Until then I'd thought I was the happy wanderer.
I was hitching vaguely northward because
I had remnants of a family somewhere up there.

"Spent what I had left in Phenix City.
Nothin' in my pocket but my comb.
The way I look this morning ain't so pretty.
It seems like there ain't no goin' home.
Oh, it seems like there ain't no goin' home."

I had walked away from a couple of relationships,
thinking there would always be another
waiting in the wings.
I found you can't depend on that.
These were not perfect relationships,
but on that journey, I could have used a partner.

"Over on the hill I see a farmer,
Workin' in his field behind a mule.
There'll be smoke from the chimney of his cabin,
In the evening when the air is turning cool;
And a woman cookin' supper in the kitchen.
That's not for me, you see my freedom's all I own.
Here and there I get my share of lovin',
But it seems like there ain't no goin' home.
Yeah, it seems like there ain't no goin' home."

After a lot of rides to nowhere that left me stranded
in desolate places,
I wound up in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania with the flu.
It was cold
and all I had for warmth was a fold up plastic raincoat.
The town was having a centennial,
and a bunch of good-natured men, including a sheriff,
wanted to arrest me for not having a beard,
as I was sitting shaking in the Greyhound station.

I had somehow come up with bus fare to Buffalo,
where relatives agreed to take me in,
but the bus driver didn't want to let me on the bus
because of my shaking, and the awful way I looked,
and the wrinkled plastic I was clutching around myself.

But it must have turned out all right because I'm still here.

And I got a song out of it.

You can hear a fast loading LO-FI version of this song here:

Jack Blanchard
© 2004.


Rusty Diamond was a Country recording artist,
with releases on Starday and Stop records,
but his main talent was getting money from rich girls.
One of these angels, a very sweet buxom blonde from Chicago,
bought into Rusty's career to the tune of $48,000 in one week.

He hired me as his producer
and we flew to Nashville to record some hits.

Rusty passed out $20 tips to waitresses, porters,
and anyone who had his hand out.
To Rusty the important thing was the public gesture.

In Nashville,
he called up one of the finest men's stores
and had them bring a truckload of assorted clothes to our motel.
We selected a few thousand dollars worth,
and he paid the driver in cash.

Returning to Miami,
a crowd awaited us at the airport.
Women stood in line to kiss Rusty,
while photographers flashed pictures.
Police directed traffic
as we pulled away in a new rented Lincoln limo.
I found out later that Rusty had hired the whole crowd,
photographers, cops and all.

Rusty moved into an oceanfront suite
and hired a valet/bodyguard, for about two grand a week...
a guy about six foot eight.

About this time,
the blonde's father heard about her business venture
and hopped a plane for Miami,
hopping mad.

He threatened everybody in sight with jail sentences,
if he couldn't arrange for the guillotine.
Rusty not only calmed the old man,
but hit him for another thirty thousand.
He was an "artist" all right.

The last I heard of Rusty he was broke
and running from his bodyguard,
whom he had neglected to pay.

When Rusty had a buck he made Howard Hughes look like a bum.
He never realized
that just being himself would have been good enough.
Once, when we were alone, I saw him in tears,
saying that nobody really cared for him.
But he set it up that way.

Wherever he is now,
we'd like to tell him that we're still getting little royalties
from his old records,
an indication that he had some musical talent too.

Also, we'd kinda like to see him again,
even if he is broke.
I wonder if he'd believe that?

Jack Blanchard

© 2004, 2005

Our Home Page:

Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan CD Catalog



To all Anne Brehm Fans:

You can now visit the following link POST YOUR REVIEWS HERE and post your reviews of her original songs! This would greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance for your support of this artist!

Curtis Andrews
Ready Records Worldwide



Maggie AustinMaggie Austin's current single, "Taking Time", is still going strong on the Indie World Country Chart! It went from #5 last week to #3 this week. "Taking Time" can be found on Mark Trail Music's compilation disc #9, track 14, and January's CHi Hotdisc, track 17. The Indie World Country Chart is based on airplay from about 100 US & 30 foreign radio stations.

Maggie Austin's blend of traditional country themes and contemporary country delivery have made her an innovative and ground breaking artist. Her music is enjoying worldwide exposure, with her music being aired in Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the USA in California, Texas, New York, Vermont, and New Mexico. Fans can listen to an interview with Maggie at http://countrymusicplanet.com/maggieaustin She has appeared on the cover of Blazing Boots, and has been reviewed on CountryInterviewsOnline.net and in Strictly Country, Rikk's Reviews, Smother, Rambles, and Country Stars Online. Maggie is currently in the studio working on new music.

Maggie Austin recently became a sponsor of Cell Phones For Soldiers, a program helping soldiers call home to their families. She has since received numerous requests to discuss the program. Maggie will donate $1 from every Time & Again CD sold from CDBaby www.cdbaby.com/cd/maggieaustin and $0.25 for every download from MPeria www.mperia.com/artists/maggie_austin to the CPFS fund.

For more information, please contact Laura at wildfirepublicity@comcast.net or 615-825-0019. Photos, Time & Again cd, Taking Time MP3, and interviews available to the media by request.

Taking Time clip



Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

For past press releases and news, please visit http://www.yourmailinglistprovider.com/pubarchive.php?Wildfire



RustieBlue.jpg (3997 bytes)Rustie Blue is making her way up the charts with "The Devil May Care," the second single off of her Chip Chip album. It is currently #11 on the CHi Chart and #29 on the Indie World Country Chart. This month, Rustie made her debut on the Top Trax chart, as well. Billboard Radio Monitor has taken notice of “The Devil May Care” and listed it in the Going for Adds section. This upbeat, traditional country song is a sassy tune about a relationship gone bad. It can be found on CDX #365 track 15, Mark Trail Music compilation #10, and on the April CHi Hotdisc.

"Chip Chip," Rustie Blue’s duet with Bill Anderson, was released to radio in early August 2004, and became the title track to Rustie's third album, released in October 2004. Rustie Blue and Bill Anderson won the Vocal Collaboration of the Year for “Chip Chip” in the 2005 European CMA Awards Choice!

Rustie has been featured in many publications including Country Weekly, Music Row magazine, Southern Country, Country Music Round-Up, and Country Gazette. Rustie was also featured on the cover of both "H.E.E.T." magazine January 2002 and Blazing Boots in February 2005! She has made numerous TV appearances, such as, Fox 28 WTTE, Nashville Video Showcase, and a well known "Bingo Show" broadcast on TV Denmark 2 across the entire country and Greenland.

MP3s of Chip Chip and the Devil May Care, Chip Chip albums, interviews, & photos available on request. Radio is also encouraged to contact Kacey Jones, of Airplay Specialists, who is promoting "The Devil May Care."

The Devil May Care clip



Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

For past press releases and news, please visit http://www.yourmailinglistprovider.com/pubarchive.php?Wildfire


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by Lonnie Ratliff

Please add your thoughts and comments below

"You gotta peel a few taters & mop a few floors"

I suppose one of the things I have never understood about some singers is how unprepared they are to actually be singers. Oh they will practice singing and playing their guitar for hours on end but that is where they seem to think it should end. You ask them about even the most basic element of how to run their business as a singer and you get this classic "I'm ready to be took to the cleaner by a scam artist" answer "Oh, I'm not interested in the business part I just wanna sing" is that classic answer. Well let me tell you, Nashville is full of people getting rich off these singers who are not interested in the business side of music. This type artist is also the one who wastes more time looking for a manager than it would take to learn how to manage themselves. My answer to anyone who says they need to find a manager is "Manage What" ? ?
If you ain't making no money or already have been approached by a major label then there is nothing to manage. If you don't pay attention to what you are doing and learn for yourself how this music business works and why it works the way it does then the one thing you WILL LEARN is that "The only thing harder than getting your first "deal" is GETTING OUT of your first "deal."
I always look at the music business like I would any other business. You start out by doing everything yourself and you only hire other people when you can afford them. If you want to open a cafe and you happen to be the best cook in the county but are on a shoe string budget then you have to do the cooking (which you are good at and really love) but you also have mop the floors and peel the taters ( kinda sucks ) because you have no money to pay tater peelers & floor moppers. The good thing about this is that once everyone in the county figures out how good a cook you are and your cafe is packed for dinner every day you can then afford to hire some help. When that time comes, because you've already done the work yourself you will know how long it should take to peel a peck of taters and you will have learned that you also need to change the water in the mop bucket a few times to get the floor good and clean. With this insider information you are now gonna know who a good kitchen mopper or tater peeler is just by talking to them and when you hire them you will have someone who will help your "Business" not bankrupt it.
It isn't easy to learn all one needs to know about the music business and the smart ones will keep on learning as long as they are in the business and their knowledge will be reflected in their success. You can't make a couple of phone calls or read a book and figure it all out in one afternoon but you can figure it out eventually. It's not "Rocket Science". You are just singing songs and entertaining folks who already like music. By now you have probably already figured out that you can sing. All you gotta do now is turn that into a career instead of an expensive hobby.
Always keep in mind that most of the people you know probably hate their jobs. If you can figure out how to make a living singing you will be one of the lucky ones who can spend a lifetime doing something they love. That should be worth peelin' a few taters and moppin' a few floors. Just set your mind to figuring out how the business side of your music works.
As that other famous "Okie" Will Rogers once said there are three ways to learn how to do something 1. Some will learn by reading books 2. Some will learn by watching what others do 3. And there will be those who just have to piss on the electric fence to figure it out. I guess in the end it doesn't matter how you learn as long as you learn.

Lonnie C. Ratliff
Record producer for Erin Hay, Dick Damron, Susie Hopman, Ken Johnson, Britni Hendrickson, Ron Wayne Atwood, THORNBIRDS, Brent McAthey and the Dysfunctional Family Band.
Click Link to listen to MUSIC SAMPLES http://NashvilleCDStore.com

You can E Mail Lonnie at NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net

"click link below" and POST YOUR COMMENTS & THOUGHTS WHERE IT SAYS Post A Response - Thanks


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