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April 17, 2005

Hi All,

I hope y'all are having a great weekend and if you're lucky, not in the path of the snow showers that are placing many areas. It's gotten cold here in the valley and has been very wet, but the accumulation of snow is up on the hills where they've had around 4-6 inches. Think I'll stay put in the valley. ;)


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Joe & Tamra Tinoco

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"Somebody's Praying"

"American Soldiers"

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Official Joe TInoco Website
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Red Johnson

Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not know I will be Inducted into the "Minnesota Rock-Country Hall Of Fame" on May 6th and 7th, 2005. The event will be held at The Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota.
The flyer is on my web site http://www.mkoc.com/RedJohnson  
Thanks for your interest,
Red Johnson

Watch the "Midwest Country Show" on RFD TV Each Saturday at 8 PM and Monday at 2 PM Central Time!! Direct TV chan. 379 and on the Dish Network 9409 (Satellite)
For show dates check my site Red Johnson - Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter and for my Good Sam Club activities go to Minnesota Good Sam Club and show dates at Midwest Country check Midwest Country - Home

Red Johnson


More Country  News

Buddy Jewel's New CD Release

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Times Like These
Buddy Jewell
Best Price $13.99

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BUDDY JEWELL, is celebrating the much-anticipated release of his sophomore album, TIMES LIKE THESE, coming April 26th!

Buddy and Sony Music Nashville also want to give one lucky fan the experience of a lifetime . . . a trip for two to the 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas! enter

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Shop At Home Network has invited GAC Artist of the Month Buddy Jewell to appear on the network in conjunction with his new album release, Times Like These (April 26). Jewell will co-host and perform in a one hour segment on April 24 at 6pm ET.

Buddy will perform 3-4 songs live, take phone calls from fans and be interviewed by Nan Kelley (Host of Grand Ole Opry Live). Shop At Home will pre-sell Buddy's new album, as well as some specially-designed "Buddy Boxes" created especially for this appearance. The show will re-air on April 25. This is the first time for a country artist to pair up with Shop At Home Network for his/her album release. Find SHOP AT HOME on your cable or satellite service or Watch It LIVE Online!

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April 21, 2005
For Immediate Release

Lisa Berg - Berg & Associates
615.293.1969 - lberg@bergandassociates.net

Bryan Switzer Retained By Gulf Coast Records For Consulting

Nashville, TENNESSEE---CALI Holdings, Inc., announced today that Bryan Switzer has been retained by Gulf Coast Records for artist and radio consulting. (CALI Holdings, Inc. is the parent company for Gulf Coast Records and is a publicly owned company with the trading symbol CALI.OB).

Bryan Switzer brings a unique and diverse background to the Gulf Coast Records team. Switzer’s career expertise ranges from grassroots promotion to Vice President and General Manager with Atlantic Records Nashville and Universal South.

During his tenure as Vice President of National Promotions, Switzer was instrumental in helping Atlantic established the careers of many artists including John Michael Montgomery, Tracy Lawrence, Confederate Railroad and Neal McCoy.

As Senior Vice President National Promotion and Artist Development, Switzer was responsible for developing and implementing a marketing plan, resulting in the labels debut artist, Joe Nichols, scoring back-to-back #1 records and propelling Nichols to stardom. Switzer also spearheaded the efforts that earned Pat Green, a successful Texas performer, his first national Top 5 single and Platinum album.

"We’re extremely honored and excited to have such a distinguished Country music executive join the team at Gulf Coast Records. With Bryan’s expertise in Artist Development and National Radio promotion we look forward to bringing the label to the next level," said Jim Jenkins, CEO of CALI Holdings Inc.

Gulf Coast Records’ flagship artist, Glenn Cummings, has released his second single, "Good Old Days," from his debut album Big. "Good Old Days" is currently No. 37 on the Music Row charts and No. 48 on the R&R Indicator. For more information visit www.gccountry.com.

To request information contact:
Berg & Associates
115 Enclave Cr.
Nashville, TN 37211

Invitation from Mark Trail

Hi all,
I wanted to pass this message along from Mark Trail. (Mark Trail's message below).
Thanks so much for your support!!

Center Stage Productions
Robert Keister
512 West Sixth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130
(740) 653-1916

DJ's & Friends, Please feel free to post your playlists here on our new playlist Board....Thank you, smile and have a great day!
:o) Mark

http://pub27.bravenet.com/forum/2280094574   (The Nashville Country Music Playlist Board)

www.marktrailmusic.com/charts.html   (charts page where link can be also found)

Mark Trail
Mark Trail Music
P.O. Box 23401
Nashville TN 37202
Active Membership:
Country Music Association (CMA)
Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA)
PH: (615) 874-5635
E-mail: mtrail@marktrailmusic.com
Website: www.marktrailmusic.com


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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Somewhere in Minnesota on a flatbed...
Jack-Misty-Minnesota.jpg (20988 bytes)
Misty, Jack, and Joey Nelson rehearsing for an outdoor show.

Thanks to our DJ friends worldwide
for keeping our music alive!
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Stardust of Nashville

Listen to "High on You":

The Music Room
Click here...

On the board today there are 367 informative, instructive, entertaining, and inspiring messages for songwriters, artists, and others.

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Some lousy entertainers get rich and famous,
while good ones often wind up homeless...
selling their kneecaps to buy cheap wine.
Is it talent? Is it Luck? Is it lunchtime?
Is anybody interested?
Not in the least.


Business was off at the ballet.
The theater manager was sharp enough to realize
that not everybody liked the ballet.
Some people liked trombone playing.

He did an extensive talent search
and found a ballerina who could play the trombone.
He offered her big bucks
if she could learn to do them both at once.

The house was packed on opening night.
The ballerina danced "Swan Lake" brilliantly,
playing the trombone all the way.
Until the last act,
which called for a pirouette
and a seventh position trombone lick at the same time.

She tripped over another swan,
blew her teeth to the audience,
and did an ad-lib five-minute pain dance.

The swans and the trombone had to be surgically separated
by a team of proctologists.

I know this story is true because I was that ballerina.

Jack Blanchard

© 2003, 2005.

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Rustie Blue & Airplay!

Hi all,

Rustie's new single, "The Devil May Care" is off to a great start at radio in the U.S. and overseas, which I will be sending out a newsletter next week for updates. This is just a short mailing; I neglected to include the below message in my earlier mailing today.

I would like to invite any DJ that is spinning Rustie to report their playlists also to the STS (Spins Tracking System).

To read more about the STS System, please go to: www.spinstrackingsystem.com and sign up!

New Music Weekly is accepting new reporters to New Music Weekly's STS System for the next few weeks. You can contact them directly by email at staff@newmusicweekly or by phone at 310-325-9997. You can also send me an email if your interested.

Thanks again for all of your great support that you have been giving to Rustie in the past years. Hope you all have a great weekend!

If there is anyone that is on Rustie Blue's mailing list that feels they are on the mailing list by mistake, please send me an email or unsubscribe at the bottom of the mailing.


Center Stage Productions
Robert Keister
512 West Sixth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130
(740) 653-1916

Notes From The Fringe

Article # 3
By: Lonnie Ratliff

"You gotta peel a few taters & mop a few floors"

I suppose one of the things I have never understood about some singers is how unprepared they are to actually be singers. Oh they will practice singing and playing their guitar for hours on end but that is where they seem to think it should end. You ask them about even the most basic element of how to run their business as a singer and you get this classic "I'm ready to be took to the cleaner by a scam artist" answer "Oh, I'm not interested in the business part I just wanna sing" is that classic answer. Well let me tell you, Nashville is full of people getting rich off these singers who are not interested in the business side of music. This type artist is also the one who wastes more time looking for a manager than it would take to learn how to manage themselves. My answer to anyone who says they need to find a manager is "Manage What" ? ?
If you ain't making no money or already have been approached by a major label then there is nothing to manage. If you don't pay attention to what you are doing and learn for yourself how this music business works and why it works the way it does then the one thing you WILL LEARN is that "The only thing harder than getting your first "deal" is GETTING OUT of your first "deal."

I always look at the music business like I would any other business. You start out by doing everything yourself and you only hire other people when you can afford them. If you want to open a cafe and you happen to be the best cook in the county but are on a shoe string budget then you have to do the cooking (which you are good at and really love) but you also have mop the floors and peel the taters ( kinda sucks ) because you have no money to pay tater peelers & floor moppers. The good thing about this is that once everyone in the county figures out how good a cook you are and your cafe is packed for dinner every day you can then afford to hire some help. When that time comes, because you've already done the work yourself you will know how long it should take to peel a peck of taters and you will have learned that you also need to change the water in the mop bucket a few times to get the floor good and clean. With this insider information you are now gonna know who a good kitchen mopper or tater peeler is just by talking to them and when you hire them you will have someone who will help your "Business" not bankrupt it.

It isn't easy to learn all one needs to know about the music business and the smart ones will keep on learning as long as they are in the business and their knowledge will be reflected in their success. You can't make a couple of phone calls or read a book and figure it all out in one afternoon but you can figure it out eventually. It's not "Rocket Science". You are just singing songs and entertaining folks who already like music. By now you have probably already figured out that you can sing. All you gotta do now is turn that into a career instead of an expensive hobby.

Always keep in mind that most of the people you know probably hate their jobs. If you can figure out how to make a living singing you will be one of the lucky ones who can spend a lifetime doing something they love. That should be worth peelin' a few taters and moppin' a few floors. Just set your mind to figuring out how the business side of your music works.

As that other famous "Okie" Will Rogers once said there are three ways to learn how to do something 1. Some will learn by reading books 2. Some will learn by watching what others do 3. And there will be those who just have to piss on the electric fence to figure it out. I guess in the end it doesn't matter how you learn as long as you learn.

Lonnie C. Ratliff
Record producer for Erin Hay, Dick Damron, Susie Hopman, Ken Johnson, Britni Hendrickson, Ron Wayne Atwood, THORNBIRDS, Brent McAthey and the Dysfunctional Family Band.
Click Link to listen to MUSIC SAMPLES http://NashvilleCDStore.com

You can E Mail Lonnie at NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net


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Now entering his 19th year in the music business, and with 20 albums to his credit, you’d think that Paddy O’Brien would be taking things a little easier, but you’d be wrong.

Despite all his achievements, and he’s had quite a few of them over the years, Paddy O’Brien is still as enthusiastic as ever about the country music business.

Known locally and internationally as The Friendly voice of Country Music, Paddy certainly lives up to his reputation and has built up a huge and loyal fan base over the years. One of the first Irish artists to set up his own website, Paddy was always ahead of the posse when it came to promotion, and this has stood him in good stead since he embarked on a career in the country music business.

" I was born and reared in the village of Aglish, Co.Waterford, Paddy told me recently, and my early musical influences would have been Brian Coll, Big Tom, and on the American scene Marty Robbins and Slim Whitman. I always loved music, particularly country music, and after forming my own band we played the usual circuit such as weddings, socials, Macra Na Feirme dinners etc. Lour programme would consist of some country music and the hits from the charts.

At that time the charts consisted of mainly Irish artists, whereas nowadays they seem to be focussed on International acts.

In 1983, I recorded my first cassette tape called Easy Listening in Brian O’Reilly’s studio in Fermoy. This was followed a year later by another cassette called Memories. In each case I funded the recordings myself, and managed to get quite a few airplays on local radio stations. Paschal Mooney had a very popular radio programme on RTE at that time and was always keen to play Irish artists, particularly new ones whom he knew would need a break. He heard one of my tapes and started playing some of my songs on his show, and this proved to be a great help to me in the early days of my career. It really all started from there, and I went on to represent Ireland in the Gold Star competition, and from there I formed my own band and took to the road.

In the early days we played the dance hall circuit as there were no concert venues then. Nowadays the scene has changed quite a lot. Most of the dance halls are closed and trends have changed to where people now tend to go to lounge bars for their entertainment. Thankfully there are still some dance venues still around so we have the best of both worlds really.

Things have also changed dramatically on the recording scene here, and all for the better, I think. There was a time when you had to go to Nashville if you wanted to record a top class country album. Here in Ireland we now have state of the art recording studios and top class musicians who can record material that matches up to anything coming out of Nashville. That’s certainly a welcome change and a great boost for the Irish recording industry.

The country music industry is a very big employer here, when you consider the number of people who are directly and indirectly involved bands, recording, promoting etc.

I fell country music is on a high here at the moment and it’s nice to see so many young people wanting to come into the business. The business needs this new and vibrant talent not only to sustain it, but to help it grow and ensure it’s survival.

How many albums have you recorded to date?.

" I have recorded 20 albums so far. 15 of those are complete albums without any song being repeated and the other 5 are compilations etc.

I have always liked singing the odd gospel song in my stage act. Songs such as Will The Circle Be Unbroken, always go down well at my shows, so I have decided to record an album of gospel songs.

Do you find it difficult to get airplay for your records ?.

" I am very fortunate that I am now well established both here at home and abroad and this helps me to get airplay on radio stations here and in England in particular. Local radio came on stream just at the right time to help up and coming new artists as our National Radio appeared to lose interest in Irish talent. Prior to that I would have to say that Paschal Mooney and Larry Gogan would have played my records. TV wise I have also been very lucky and I have appeared on many of the afternoon shows on RTE and two of my videos were regularly shown on the CMT (Country Music Television) Channel, which had a worldwide audience.

A new trend in the business and a very welcome one too, is the weekend festivals in various hotels throughout the country. At a time of the year when hotels are going through a quiet period, country music has helped tremendously to boost their business, and is proof positive of the popularity of country music.

Another welcome trend for both the artists and the fans alike are the Cruise Ship tours. This is also a welcome break for the artists who can relax for a week or so in the one place and also get an opportunity to perform and socialize with lots of fellow artists whom they might never get to see otherwise."

What do you think of the present state of country music in Ireland?.

" To me the business is in a very healthy state, and there is a great upsurge of interest in it right now. There are a lot of young new and talented artists coming on the scene, and that can only be good for the industry. Only last week we had a major showcase of Irish talent at the Helix Theatre in Dublin, consisting of 12 Irish country music acts which drew a capacity crowd of 1,100 people to the venue. I was fortunate to be one of the performers on the night and I felt very proud to be part of such a memorable night. It was the night when Irish country came to town, and hopefully was something which will be repeated at other venues throughout the Ireland". Are you happy at this stage in your chosen career?.

" I am very happy with the life I have chosen and I will continue as long as I have the health and desire to do so. If I can add a little joy and happiness to people’s lives through my singing, then I feel it has all been worthwhile. As well as making a living yourself, it is wonderful to know that in doing so, you have enhanced peoples lives in some way by bringing enjoyment to them.

If I can look back on my life feel that I have in some small way achieved that, then I’ll be very happy".

Roger Ryan.
March 2005.
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Country Music really came to town last week in earnest when the Irish Country Music Association staged their first Showcase of Irish talent at the Helix Theatre in the DCU complex in Dublin City.

Despite a lot of well intentioned advice to the contrary, the organizers decided to go ahead with the project and after a lot of planning the show went ahead last week and sold out the 1,100 seat Helix Theatre.

The show began on time at 8.00PM and was due to end at 11.00PM but actually overran by an hour, but I didn’t hear anybody complain—they were all too busy having a good time.

Noel Mc Caul of Dublin’s Country radio station, proved an excellent MC for the evening and his intro’s and links were both witty and informative. Backstage Paul Egan was in charge of production and ensured that everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

This was an unique and exciting experience for all the artists as they normally perform with their own bands at dances each week up and down the country.

Overall the show consisted of 12 acts with each performing 4 numbers, and the first half lineup was Johnny Mc Evoy, Shawn Cuddy, Paddy O’Brien, John Hogan, and Louise Morrissey. Louise closed the first half of the show and during her act she introduced new singing star James Kilbane who sang one number.

The Louise Morrissey band provided the backing for each of the acts in the first half, and following an intermission, the Jimmy Buckley Band took over for the second half.

Barry Doyle kicked off the second half of the show and he was followed by John Mc Nickle, Colette, Robert Mizzell, Thomas Maguire & Fhiona Ennis, and Jimmy Buckley.

Following Jimmy Buckley’s act, the entire cast assembled on stage and in a moving and sincere tribute to the late Johnny Loughrey, they sang Will The Circle Be Unbroken. A two minutes silence was also observed by the entire audience in memory of the popular entertainer who succumbed to cancer recently.

Overall it was a great night’s entertainment and a great night too for Irish country music, and one that will hopefully be repeated in other venues throughout the country. As Jimmy Buckley said during his portion of the show " It’s really great to see such a large crowd here tonight especially when you consider that it’s all Irish talent her and not one International act in the house."

In a night full of top class entertainers, the ones that really stood out for me were, the high energy performance of Robert Mizzell, who used the entire stage to good effect, and the best overall performance of closing act Jimmy Buckley.

The one little regret I had about the event ( and this is not a criticism) was, it was a pity we didn’t have a programme to take home with us a souvenir of a truly historic and memorable for Irish country music.

Roger Ryan


There are a lot of similarities between John Mc Nickle and Daniel O’Donnell when he was starting out on his road to stardom.

Like Daniel, John has the uncanny knack of being able to communicate with his audience, and always makes time for the chat with his fans after the gig. Of course the fact that he looks well and has a good singing voice are also contributing factors to his popularity.

When speaking to John recently at a full-house gig in the Rhu Glen, Co Kilkenny, he told me, "Things are going really for me since I hit the road with my own band. I suppose I couldn’t have asked for a better start than the showcase we had in Nashville last November, when country superstar George Hamilton IV came along and joined us at the hotel."

I was present at this showcase and when speaking to George later he predicted a very bright future in country music for John. George actually joined John on stage at the Hall of Fame Hotel in Nashville and following their performance together he declared to all present,

"A star is born here today my friends, and I predict that we will be hearing a lot about this young man in the future."

That’s loud praise indeed from a man who knows a thing or two about country music, and who has toured and performed with some of the biggest names in the business.

" I actually received my first big break through working with Daniel O’Donnell at the big festival in his hometown of Kincasslagh, Co.Donegal, said John. Daniel had invited me up to sing at the festival and as luck would have it, Kevin Mc Cooey happened to be at the show and caught my act. He came to me after the show and asked me would I be interested in fronting a band and going on the road.

Needless to say I was delighted, and jumped at the opportunity to have a band of my own, and thankfully things have worked out really well for me."

What connection did you have with the festival in Kincasslagh?.

"My Grandmother came from the same place as Daniel’s Mum, so I knew Daniel very well, and I had actually performed at the festival for the previous three years. Actually it was Daniel who first suggested that I should put a band together and get out there on the road and start singing professionally. So, when the offer came from a person of Kevin Mc Cooey’s standing in the business, I didn’t have to think twice, I just jumped in with both feet."

Did you have any prior experience in the music business?.

"Before I became really interested in country music, I used to be a Chef, and I would do the odd wee bit of singing at the weekends in concerts and such. I was always interested in country music though,

and following a few visits to Nashville and watching some of our Irish artists in action, I became really hooked on the music and decided that I would like to make a career out of it. On my last visit to Nashville I also went to Branson to see Daniel in action and there and then I decided that this was the life for me. Any doubts I may have had were quickly dispelled when I saw just how popular Daniel was in America and the way the crowd responded to him. There’s nothing quite like the buzz you get from performing on stage before a responsive audience."

"Now that I have made the major decision to go full-time into the country music business I feel quite happy that I have mad the right decision and thankfully things have been going really well for me."

Of course if things don’t work out for him, he can always go back to being a Chef, but somehow I can’t see that happening.

John Mc Nickle is one of the newer breed of singers in Ireland whose fresh and vibrant performance has brought a whole new dimension to the scene here. He is certainly a welcome addition to a scene that is going through a huge upsurge of popularity here in Ireland right now. Long may it continue.

Roger Ryan

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Hi Marli, please listen to this lady sing!!
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I am John Capener, a songwriter in the UK.



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