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My Kind of Country


April 17, 2005

Hi All,

I'm listing this news seperately from the other news sent out today simply because it's so long and detailed. This way, it doesn't get lost in the other news and it also cuts down on the length of the other newsletter. LOL.. always something!

This news contains:
1. Information for Student Resarch
2. USA Songwriting Competion


Information For Student Research

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Laura Thompson and I am a HND Performing Arts student at Teesside University, England. I am currently in my final semester and undertaking a research project that deals specifically with Country and Western Music. I am looking for information on the following:

• Worldwide and U.K record sales and/or significant increases/decreases in the sales of Country and Western albums/singles. I require this information in order to analyse the social and political influences that may have caused these changes. I would also like to be able to recognise geographically where Country music has remained popular and where it is no longer seen as popular music.
• Prominent artists in Country and Western music, album and single sales, specifically those artists that have been present in the U.K charts over the past 10 years.
• Any data that has been collected regarding those who listen to Country music in the U.K. (i.e. the age group / sex / area of the listeners)
• Finally I am looking for footage, interviews, photographs and/or recordings relating to both the origins of Folk and country music from the black minstrels, travelling medicine shows, fiddling competitions etc... Up to the present day (promotional videos etc…)
I understand that some of this information may not be available but if you can offer any help with the above or provide any alternative contacts on this subject I would be very grateful.

Many Thanks

Laura Thompson

E-mail: starzkaraoke@hotmail.com

Address: 24 Felton Lane
TS19 8TR





Yes, the 2005 USA Songwriting Competition is accepting entries and we would like you to send in your song entries now. Win a top prize of $50,000 prize package. Also winning songs will get radio airplay. Win cool gear from Sony and Steinberg, such as the top-of-the-line Nuendo and Cubase digital audio/MIDI software and more.

Sponsors of the 2005 Competition are: Rolling Stone magazine, New Music Weekly, Sony, Steinberg, Audio-Technica, Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Sam Ash Music Stores, IK Multimedia, Terratec, East West Sounds, MixDownMedia.com, Indie Bible, Garritan Music Software, Acoustic Cafe, Livewire Contacts, Loggins Promotion, Singer magazine, Electronic Musician magazine, Superdups.com, XM Radio and SonicBids.com

Also, there a 10th anniversary BONUS - receive a Rolling Stone magazine subscription (1 full year! $12.97 value). That's great value just by entering! All entries must be postmarked by May 31, 2005 or earlier (while stocks last). Please obtain the entry form at:

** For online MP3 entries (powered by SonicBids.com), please go to:

*** IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) Featured Artists Spotlight

Featured Artists of the Month are:

~Joe Nolan
~Bonnie Pink (JAPAN)
~Andy Hill & Renee Safier and Hard Rain
~The Creaking Tree String Quartet (CANADA)
~Ina May Wool

For more details of the artists, please visit: http://www.inacoustic.com/artists2.html

"NEW MUSIC NOW Vol 2" - THE USA SONGWRITING COMPETITION COMPILATION CD sponsored by SUPERDUPS.COM. USA Songwriting Competition's CD Compilation is out. It includes the top winners such as Patrice Pike and more.

You can now purchase our cool USA Songwriting Competition T-shirts, Hats & other stuff online:


Audio clips as well as information on featured up and coming acts heard on Acoustic Cafe, a popular radio show is featured on USA Songwriting Competition's site. It is syndicated in over 60 radio stations nationwide.

April's featured Artist is the bluehouse. March's Artist was Ellipsis. For more information, visit:

XM Radio Unsigned

1221 Ave of the Americas
PH: 212-584-5334 FX: 212-584-5200
Charlie Dyer cdyer@siriusradio.com
America's only 24/7 radio station for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Provocative, entertaining, even titillating! Plus news, interviews and music from GLBTrecording artists.

The Electric Croude WCVE
23 Sesame St. Richmond, VA 23235
PH: 804-560-8172
George Maida George_Maida@wcve.pbs.org
The show is a one hour weekly sampler that airs Saturday night in central VA. As far as music goes, the show is very eclectic and I play both acoustic and electric. The only genre I don't play is Rap.

Roots Rock Radio
PO Box 1307, Sykesville, MD 21784
PH: 410-978-9807
Richard Roots@RRRadio.com
The home of indie Roots Rock-Radio shows, podcasts, articles, reviews, and more of Indie Roots Rock, garage Rock, alt Country, & rockin' Rhythm & Blues artists.

Ron Trigwell relaxradio@perthinternet.com
Australian Internet Radio Station supporting Independent Artists worldwide. We play most genres of music except the Heavy Youth Genres of today.

What's the Buzz WCNI
247 Haley Rd. Ledyard, CT 06339
PH: 860-572-2705
John Fogg Jr. buzzradiowcni@aol.com
A weekly 3 hour show. Christian Rock, Pop & Hip-Hop. I am happy to play the music of independent artists.

PO Box 15739
Boston, MA 02215
FemFrequency radio show #001 has been recorded and will be airing on our website in the next few days. It features some great new releases, as well as some classics ... by artists such as Juliana Hatfield, Patti Smith, Tootsie, and many others.

*The list of radio stations are brought to you by INDIE BIBLE. You can find the Indie Bible in these stores: Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble, Sam Ash, Virgin Records, Tower Records and Mars Music. All USA Songwriting Competition subscribers can get the $5 discounted Indie Bible. Go to:

===[ REFER A MUSICIAN FRIEND TO US ]==============================
Tell a musician or songwriter to sign up for this FREE informative e-mail newsletter of USA Songwriting Competition with chock full of opportunities for the musician or songwriter, please e-mail them on where to sign-up:


Aruna (2004 USA Songwriting Competition 1st prize winner - Pop) recently signed a music publishing deal with Pen Music Group, in Los Angeles, Pen Music specializes in placing songs in films, TV shows and commercials.

Frickin’ A (Honorable mention winner in the 2004 USA Songwriting Competition) has scored a major track placement on the charts. Frickin’ A recorded song "Jessie's Girl" was the #2 Most Added song at Top 40 Radio in its first week, and within two weeks landed in Billboard Magazine as a 'Future Hit' on Mainstream Radio with a higher rating than new songs by Kelly Clarkson, The Killers and Maroon 5. While doing MTV Spring Break concerts in Florida, they celebrated the release on March in an compilation album "NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 18", released by Universal Music.

~Were you a finalist or past winner of the USA Songwriting Competition and have some interesting news on yourself? If so, please e-mail us at:

*Mixposure.com - Offering free music promotion, band pages, mp3 hosting, reviews, interviews, a music forum, featured artists, charts, awards, battles and more!

*ARTISTBLAST.COM - Music Artist Community
showcasing Independent music artists and unsigned bands. Our main focus is promotion of independent music artists to record labels, producers, and music industry professionals. Free music artist hosting, MP3 Hosting, Charts, Internet Radio Broadcasts. We handle ALL Genres! If your an independent music artist looking to get your music heard by the right crowd then you owe it to yourself to visit us today and add your free listing at:

*ExtraPlay.com - Unsigned band music, profiles and reviews. ExtraPlay.com Radio broadcasts unsigned band music world wide, 24 hours a day, everyday, non stop. Unsigned band and unsigned artist songs from both the UK and the US. We'd like to hear your music. If you'd like to make your sound available and broadcast on our radio, register today.

*Durango Songwriter's Expo
The 2nd annual Durango Songwriter's Expo/Santa Barbara Wine Country will take place June 2-4 at The Rancho Santa Ynez Marriott, just north of Santa Barbara. Over the past 10 years The Durango Songwriter's Expo has become one of the nation's premier singer/songwriter events, and with over 40 music industry pros and hit songwriters and registration limited to 200 attendees, it truly is an intimate and memorable event. Sponsors include ASCAP and USA Songwriting Competition

*XM Radio - Sign up for XM Radio to get XM Unsigned, the radio program hosted by DJ Billy Zero

*The Local Mix

*Bathtub Music - An online CD store dedicated to selling and promoting all genres of independent music with FREE CD SETUP for musicians. Artists can also sell other music merchandise (t-shirts, posters, etc.), sign up to be included in their customizable LISTENING STATION, and much more.

*Top 40 Charts - music magazine devoted to the music industry: It maintains over 40 internationally recognized music charts that track the most popular songs or albums in various categories on a weekly basis.

*LATIN MUSIC ARTISTS.com (LMA) is the leading subscription based service pairing up Latin bands, artists and songwriters with the music industry, film/TV music opportunities and promotional opportunities

*Florida Music Festival 2005

*MediaFeast - devoted to helping independent artists reach new fans. Featuring current services such as selling prepackaged CDs or on-demand CDs (avoid paying hundreds of dollars up front!), and upcoming services will include tour-planning resources, distribution to all the major digital stores, and online radio.

*Muzik Reviewz - an Musicians Promotion Outlet, with the musician/artist/band always in mind. We offer music news, artist reviews, cd and demo reviews, interviews, press release, etc.

Music Promotion and Internet Marketing for musicians

*NACA (National Association for Campus Activities)

*Music Industry Showcase - Australian based Music industry showcase aims to unite the music entertainment industry where music goods and music services will be educated and promoted to musicians, music teachers, music students and people with interest in music.

*Auctionsongs.com - place to sell your songs

*Canadian Music Direct

*Berklee Press

*Music2deal.com facilitates a direct link between professionals in music business worldwide. Music2deal.com is offering the first 3 places of the contest a 6-month membership at music2deal.com, so the Songwriter can offer their material to the professionals of the music business at:

*ArtistNow.com provides the most comprehensive, professional, on-line networking site for the Arts & Entertainment industry. ArtistNow.com has been designed to give artists and industry professionals an interactive medium to showcase or discover talent, interact with colleagues and network with industry members.

*Hal Leonard

*Rolling Stone Magazine

*New Music Weekly

*Loggins Radio Promotion



*Livewire Contacts

*IK Multimedia

*Songwriters Showcases of America
Producing original music shows and festival since 1999. We also provide many other music related services geared towards performance opportunities. The new SSA National Gig Network is designed to connect original music artists with venues throughout the US. Venues and artist can now sign up for this program for FREE. For information on SSA events and programs go to:

*Onlinegigs - Automated Booking & Promotional Tools

*Orlando Bands

*Songsalive! - a non-profit organization supporting and promoting songwriters and composers worldwide.

*Hot Indie News

We cover all genres and we are looking to expand greatly across the globe into the electronica and DJ realm. Send us an email and let us know. We will get you an address to send your material to.

~~ Have a great week!
....Jessica Brandon, Artist Relations ~~

Jessica Brandon
Artists Relations
USA Songwriting Competition
*World's Leading International Songwriting Competition*

That's all Folks!
As always, Thanks for being there and take care,
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