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My Kind of Country


April 17, 2005

Hi All,

Yes, once again, a new idea... more work for me, but if that's what it takes to get the news out and make it appealing to for you to read, that's what I'm gonna do. From now on I'll be posting the news on the MKOC website at MKOC NEWS and using my "E-news" service to send notices that the news is out with a link for you to land on the news page.


MKOC Official Artists
Joe & Tamra Tinoco


Ray Hildebrand & Tamra Holden TinocoIt's Ray Hildebrand, SINGER SONGWRITER OF THE 60'S .. YOU JUST MIGHT REMEMBER "HEY HEY PAULA."
RAY is a sponsor of this radio show Kansas City on 1140AM KCXL.

Last week he did a terrific comeback appearance at the White House Theatre there in which he sang with Tamra Holden-Tinoco , wife of local Joe Tinoco, who is producer of this show.

This is some interesting news for locals who may want to go there to Branson and see a great show and find locals on the show. The stars love seeing the home town folks come and folks from Kansas City and around Kansas City are always treated with extra special care by Joe Tinoco ...
I believe they did say that Ray Hilderbrand will be working on other appearances there at the White House Theatre a later date, at which time there may be other come back artist along with Ray .. Bringing back the earlier days. Fun For All ... You may want to go to http://bransontonight.net/index.html to find out more on these events .. radio out of Kansas City .. A Branson connections.

See more photos of Ray and Tamra Here

Welcome to the It's Branson Tonight Radio Show Web Site!
"It's Branson Tonight" airs every Sunday afternoon in Kansas City on 1140AM KCXL as well as simulcast live via the Internet.

Just tons of fun t his week end and wanted to shared the event in hopes of generating more fans to join us this summer.

Prizes, drawings and bingo and gospel shows and two major shows .. the best in town ... Shopping at the malls ...

Fans love to eat and they all did just that .. a night out at the Baldnalbers s for dinner and then
to the White House Theatre!

The Sunday morning breakfast was catered in to the motel by Joe and Tamra and they sang along with
Branson's two youngest stars Matt and Molly. Of Course Talya was there to greet all the fans too and she too was the high light of the morning.

Keep us in mind and join us on the next tour.
For more information on our next trips pleas call Rick, or Dorothy .. 913-780-4012
Joe & Tamra's New show production is Spectacular and you sure do not want to miss it this summer.

Be sure to sign the guest book at http://www.joetinoco.com and/or http://www.mkoc.com/JoeTinoco/
to be eligible win the prize in the "May guest book signing."
Winner announced on May 1st.

Fans For Joe Tinoco Networking
Fans For Tamra Holden
Nashville,Tennessee/IFCO.. Rock Island, Illinois ... Branson, Missouri, Olathe, Kansas ... Kansas City, Kansas ... Nokomis, Florida ... Independence, Missouri ... Pothawatomie, Ohio

Official Joe TInoco Website
Joe Tinoco Fan Club Site
Branson Whitehouse Theater
Support Our Soldiers
Tamra Tinoco Fan Site
Management Joetam Productions


Red Johnson

Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not know I will be Inducted into the "Minnesota Rock-Country Hall Of Fame" on May 6th and 7th, 2005. The event will be held at The Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota.
The flyer is on my web site http://www.mkoc.com/RedJohnson  
Thanks for your interest,
Red Johnson

Watch the "Midwest Country Show" on RFD TV Each Saturday at 8 PM and Monday at 2 PM Central Time!! Direct TV chan. 379 and on the Dish Network 9409 (Satellite)
For show dates check my site Red Johnson - Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter and for my Good Sam Club activities go to Minnesota Good Sam Club and show dates at Midwest Country check Midwest Country - Home

Red Johnson


More Country  News

Lee Ann Womack

Hear Lee Ann's latest release, "He Oughta Know By Now" and see the latest news.



Country star Aaron Tippin's father, Willis Tippin, was killed in an unfortunate traffic accident in Martin County, North Carolina this week.Willis Tippin's truck crashed into a logging truck. He had just turned 78 years old.

Also, steel guitar legend Jerry Byrd (85) lost his battle to Parkinsons Disease in Honolulu. He was one of the most influential players in country music history. Many of the top steel players looked up to him as the "godfather of steel guitar". One of his best ever cuts was a moving version of "Danny Boy". His Hawaiian style of playing led him to finally move to Hawaii in 1970.

This report is from and edited by broadcaster and journalist Stuart Cameron of Country Hot Disc
Our web site is at www.hotdisc.net
Our e mail address is country@hotdisc.net



Notes From The Fringe
Article # 2

By: Bill Littleton

Hollywood would have us believe that outrageous behavior is required for celebrities; what they don't tell you is the turnover rate for celebrities who are, in the words of my grandfather, "more trouble than they're worth."
Within country music circles, the turnover doesn't get very high because the tolerance for outrageous behavior is limited. In all honesty, "behavior" is perhaps not the right term here, because what people SAY is often more unsettling than what they DO. Over the years, we've all known people who are designated "their own worst enemy;" in Granddaddy's words, "More trouble than they're worth."
Here's how it works. I would invent a name but don't dare risk a real person out there with whatever I come up with, so we'll use the Number System, which is Nashville enough, I reckon. Artist I, Artist II, and Artist III.
Artist I is argumentive and has a better idea than anybody on everything. He's had a few hits and has been into a different management deal with each one. Oh, yeah, and a different producer with each, which confirms his feeling that HE's the one who knows what's going on.
But down the road, the quality of producers willing to work with him and the labels willing to let him produce himself wither down to zero. He borrows money to start his own record label and has to take a job in construction to pay the loan off.
Artist II is a good guy and understands the process, BUT he's got a list of sensitive points long as his arm. He gets defensive about his home state, his home town, his church, his political party, his sister's favorite charity, a different ethnic group each week, and ... well, surely more. In short, people who work with him learn that they have to be damn careful as to what they say around him because he'll jump on his stump and condemn anything he perceives as "bashing." Well, they might do that for a while, but creative people have more to do with their time and energy than dance around on eggshells. So Artist II eventually finds himself with no support team.
Artist III might not be the world's best singer or the world's best entertainer, but he understands that the people involved in his career are first and foremost involved in their own careers, so he fosters an aura of mutual respect and support. If he has an issue with someone, he deals with it with THAT person and lets it go, so the whole team can focus its energy on making good music and entertaining the friends and neighbors. Is it any wonder Artist III is still out there after all these years, while the other guys are on a lot of "Whatever Happened...?" lists?

There's nothing noble about being a pain in somebody's butt, especially if that person is between you and your potential audience.

There is always a chair with your name on it at Uncle Willam's Place http://members.ispwest.com/billlittleton/

And it ALWAYS comes down to the music: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/billlittleton.htm
You are welcome to send your comments to Bill Littleton at: billlittleton@ispwest.com



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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Jack-Misty-bw.jpg (4415 bytes)

April 4 - April 10, 1970
Thirty-five years ago this week, one of the strangest country hits ever reached the top of the charts. "Tennessee Bird Walk," by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, spent two weeks at Number One. The group's follow-up, "Humphrey the Camel," hit the Top Five later that year, giving the husband-and-wife duo from Buffalo, New York, their two biggest hits.

THE-DAWN-BREAKERS.jpg (7238 bytes)I just found this old record on EBay
and want to share it with my friends.
It was the first recording session of my life.
(Mid 1950's)

on Coral Records
(Clockwise from lower left: Budy Baker, Jim Warne,
Don Fronczak, and me.)

Just click here to listen:

There was no tape to record on.
No overdubs, no mixdown.
If we screwed up, the engineer threw the acetate disc in the trash
put on a new one,
and we kept doing it until we got it right.

The song is an old standard: "The Things I Love".
I wrote the vocal and instrumental arrangements
and sang one of the harmony parts.
I didn't sing lead in those days.

While we were recording,
I played the backup piano and sang at the same time.
Tough work for a high school kid.

It's not country, but nobody's perfect.
It's a piece of history, at least to me.
Hope you enjoy it.

Jack Blanchard
(Recorded at Howell's Studio, Buffalo NY)

In case you Haven't heard... The duet. "TRY"

Misty's solo, “Still Comin’ Down from You”

New on Stardust Records #53
Thanks, DJ's!
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


What makes a recording a hit?

First, let’s just tackle an easier one...
What makes a recording good?

Publishers and writers usually say it’s the song.
Lyricists say it’s the words.
Composers say it’s the music.
The artists say it’s the vocal performance.
The musicians say it’s the arrangement.
Producers say it’s the whole package.

I tend to side with the producers,
but, being good doesn’t guarantee a hit.
Sadly, it’s not a quality contest.

There are plenty of things along the way
that can kill a great record,
or make a bad one popular.
Most of these involve money and politics.

For instance,
if you are releasing a single next week
and an artist who is managed by the label’s vice-president,
is also putting out a single the same week,
which one do you think will get the promotion?
This was our experience with one of the major labels.

There are less politics in the Indie field,
but there are still problems in selecting a single
that will help your career.

Things to consider...
Twenty-four hour programming:
If the song is too slow, DJ’s might not play it in the daytime.
They like to keep the audience awake in the morning
and during drive time.
If it’s too fast they may not play it after dark,
when listeners are trying too relax.
Medium is the safest tempo,
but there are a lot of hits that don’t follow this rule.

A story lyric? A singalong? A novelty? A ballad?
And on and on.

If you’ve had some recent airplay with ballads,
do you need a similar follow-up
or a change of pace?

Some DJ’s like the old time sound,
and some like it more modern.
No matter which you choose, somebody won’t like it.
That’s okay.
You don’t need everybody to like it.
Just apply some skin thickener.

Here’s how we pick singles.

We listen to all the potential singles we have
and narrow it down to a short list,
our criteria being “What WE like”.

Although we’ve learned that we can’t second-guess the public
that’s usually what we try to do next.
We analyze tempo, lyric and music content, vocal performance, etc..
We get discouraged and angry,
bang each other on the head,
give each other wedgies,
and say we don’t care.
Then we try again.

When we have it down to two or three,
we take a poll of our friends.
If we don’t like the poll results,
we throw them away.

We listen to the short list over and over
until we can’t hear it anymore.
We try listening from the next room,
from the backyard,
from inside the toilet tank.

We finally pick one and send it in to the record company.
As soon as the mailbox slams shut,
we start thinking we sent the wrong one.

We begged the record label not to release our biggest hit:
“Tennessee Birdwalk”.

I thought “Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain”
had too many chords for country music.

Our most popular songs have been
fast, slow, funny, serious,
and unexpected.
We press on regardless.

I think the only good rule is this:
Don’t put out anything that is so bad that it will embarrass you.

When you play it for friends,
you don’t want to have to cough
to cover certain parts.

Jack Blanchard
© 2004, 2005


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FREE INVITATIONS - Expires 4/30/05
FREE NOTECARDS - Expires 4/30/05


Wade Hayes


Wade and Trent Willmon, Shelly Fairchild and Jeff Bates are the performers on a 4-night Western Caribbean Cruise - to Cozumel and back - leaving Galveston, Texas on October 27th (Thu), returning to Galveston on Monday morning, October 31st..


I'm beginning to hear from "cruisers" who went on the first two trips about what a great time it was. And I'm hearing from Wade fans who've already signed up - sounds terrific!

There's more -- Join the cruise performers for a "Spring is Here" celebration at Judge Bean's BBQ on May 4th, 7 pm. Call it an early meet and greet or just a fun party! Come on out. There will be a live radio broadcast. (95.5 The Fox) and WSM-650 AM. The AM station does an online stream (meaning you can hear it on your computer anywhere in the world). Go to http://www.wsmonline.com. The live stream is free, but you do have to be registered first. Register early.

May 4 - Spring is Here - 7 pm
Trent Willmon, Shelly Fairchild, Jeff Bates, Wade Hayes
Judge Beans BBQ
611 Wedgewood Avenue
Nashville, TN 37207



A complete site - News, Bio, Music, Links and Archives, Fan Zone ... is now on-line.

Updates since the last WOWW! (3/20)
~ Triplets who've followed Wade since they were 3 - now pictured on the Fan Zone Page
~ Gallery: Sunlite Studios (Owensboro) completed

We'd love to have your pictures and your comments.

This site was chosen as the Country Stars Online Fan Tribute site of the week for the week of March 6 - March 13.

Occasionally, we'll publish a web page that can only be reached for a limited time through the link that we list in WOWW! It's a bonus for subscribers.

This time it's a picture - a collage from an appearance at the Putnam County (TN) Fair.


April 20th - cards can be sent to

Wade Hayes
c/o WOWW! News
P O Box 148274
Nashville, TN 37214

Gayle, our great Wade Hayes' supporter and talented computer programmer, has met the requests for a message board. She's set up an ad-free forum site for fans. She kicks it off with the first post - "Welcome Wade Hayes Fans."

Check-it out and add your comments here:

In addition, she's providing a forum space for concert reviews. Cari's kicked it off with comments about her favorite Wade Hayes' concert and she invites you to share your stories, too. (I'm looking forward to reading them.) I've started a thread for current concerts and posted the comments from Lorne and Susan about the November 6th show in Buffalo.

Post your Wade Hayes Concert Reviews here

Were you there for the first fan club party at the lake? Laurie Paulik and Heather Baniszewski have an extensive gallery of photos on their Mountain West Music site. You'll enjoy reminiscing with their pics. Here's the link to their Wade gallery.


Reported from:

WOWW! News (Helen Neal)
P. O. Box 148274
Nashville, TN 37214-8274

Messages for Wade can be sent to this address:
Wade Hayes
WOWW! News
P. O. Box 148274
Nashville, TN 37214-8274

NEW Wade Hayes Site
Country Stars Online Fan Tribute Sites
Venue Listings by States
Message Board for Wade Hayes Fans
WOWW! Archives
Mapquest - Maps and Directions
King Kountry (KKNG) Radiothon Pics
E-mail to WOWW!!

Read the full WOWW Newsletter at WOWW! Archives




8900 Olympic Blvd. • Beverly Hills, CA 90211 • Tel (310) 860-9170 • Fax (310) 860-9171
email: info@luckmedia.com  • web: www.luckmedia.com


Steve Levesque/Guy McCain 310-860-9170
info@luckmedia.com  , www.luckmedia.com



Howard Bellamy of the legendary country music duo The Bellamy Brothers married Jennifer Wright on Wednesday, April 6th in Las Vegas at the Little Church of The West. Partner David Bellamy and his wife Susan were also in attendance. The newlyweds plans for a honeymoon are very simple according to Howard Bellamy, “We’re on the road so much, spending time at home would be our idea of a great honeymoon.” Howard surprised his delighted bride with a 4.5 carat wedding ring.

2005 marks the 30th anniversary of The Bellamy Brothers soaring to the top of the pop charts with their mega-hit “Let Your Love Flow.” They hit the top of the country charts with “If I Said You had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)”. A string of gold and platinum records followed as they racked up fourteen number one hits. David and Howard Bellamy have been juggling time between touring and recording their just released duet project Angels & Outlaws Volume 1 (Curb Records). Thirty plus guest artists from many genres of music, such as Alan Jackson, Montgomery Gentry, Hal Ketchum, Lisa Brokop, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Pat Green, Trini Triggs, George Jones, Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson, Rhonda Vincent, Tanya Tucker, David Allan Coe, Charlie Daniels, Bobby Bare and John Anderson have recorded their vocals on over twenty of the Bellamys greatest hits and three new selections for a two disc series.

Bellamy-Chapel.1.jpg (8747 bytes)
Jennifer and Howard leaving The Little Church of The West

Bellamy-Presents.1.jpg (12008 bytes)
Jennifer and Howard Bellamy at an intimate reception at Zeffirinos restaurant at The Venetian Hotel

Bellamy-4some.1.jpg (8278 bytes)
David Bellamy, Susan Bellamy, Jennifer Bellamy, and Howard Bellamy


For more information, go to www.bellamybrothers.com   or www.luckmedia.com


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MaggieAustin.jpg (7867 bytes)Maggie Austin's current single, "Taking Time", is almost to the top of the Indie World Country Chart! It went from #8 last week to #5 this week. "Taking Time" can be found on Mark Trail Music's compilation disc #9, track 14, and January's CHi Hotdisc, track 17.

Maggie Austin's blend of traditional country themes and contemporary country delivery have made her an innovative and ground breaking artist. Her music is enjoying worldwide exposure, with her music being aired in Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the USA in California, Texas, New York, Vermont, and New Mexico. She has appeared on the cover of Blazing Boots, and has been reviewed on CountryInterviewsOnline.net and in Strictly Country, Rikk's Reviews, Smother, Rambles, and Country Stars Online.

Maggie Austin recently became a sponsor of Cell Phones For Soldiers, a program helping soldiers call home to their families. She has since received numerous requests to discuss the program. Maggie will donate $1 from every Time & Again CD sold from CDBaby www.cdbaby.com/cd/maggieaustin and $.25 for every download from MPeria www.mperia.com/artists/maggie_austin to the CPFS fund.

For more information, please contact Laura at wildfirepublicity@comcast.net or 615-825-0019. Photos, Time & Again cd, Taking Time MP3, and interviews available to the media upon request.

Taking Time clip



Wildfire Publicity
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633


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Date 06-08-2005

Nashville Video Showcase
Venue: Live Television Broadcast
Location: Nashville Video Showcase 105 Paxton Court Hendersonville, TN Time: 5:30 pm Cable TV Show - Nashville Video Showcase - Showcases New talent from all over the world. Will be broadcasted live on: Airing on Cable TV Channel 19 - Nashville, TN Tues - 11:00 am, 8:00 pm Wed - 4:00 pm Fri - 7:00 pm Airing on Cable TV Channel 3 - Hendersonville, TN Tues - 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm You will also, be able to watch it from their website live! Visit their Site at: http://www.nashvillevideoshowcase.com/

Date 06-09-2005

CMA Fan Fair Promotion Nashville TN
Venue: Music Row Nashville
Location: Miranda Artist "Anne Brehm" will be performing live at this event along with some great other artists. Visit the website of Fanfair 2005 at: http://www.Go2FanFair.com  or call: 1-800-424-0734 Times for this event: 3:00pm until ?

Date 06-10-2005
CMA Fan Fair Promotion Nashville TN
Venue: Kelly's in the Historical Printers Alley
Location: Live events throughout the day, this begins at 3:00pm until ???. Call the number listed for ticket and pricing information. 1-800-424-0734 Or visit their website: http://www.GoToFanFair.com

Date 06-11-2005
Miranda CD Party
Venue: Live Entertainment and more.
Location: This event is going to be full of fun and music and more! For more information contact: Miranda Records & Promotions at the number listed. Location: 1761 Jefferson Ave. Cooksville, Tennessee Contact Miranda Promotions 334-361-9060 or visit website: http://www.mirandapromotions.com

Date 08-05-2005 to 08-07-2005
Texas River Best Of Country Music Awards
Venue: Live performances from some of the best!
Location: Come on out and enjoy the music and watch your favorite artists showcase their talent. Tickets are as follows: In advance $100.00, after June 15th will be $125.00 at the door cover/entrance fee Call: Miranda Promotions to purchase in advance or for more information Contact: Miranda Promotions 334-361-9060 www.mirandapromotions.com  Location of Event: 100 Central Freeway Wichita Falls, Texas

Curtis Andrews



That's all Folks!

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