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  The Latest Tool for Online Advertising
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Flash "Jump-Over" Advertisement is the newest phase in technology for online marketing
Below are 2 demos to show you what's possible by using

"First Impressions Studios" advertising with Flash Media.

This is only a demo to show you what's possible by using "First Impressions Studios" advertising with Flash Media.
The Jump-Over will open in a new window. Allow a moment for the audio to load. If you want to watch the J-O again, simply click the link on that page.

Jump-Over Advertisement Demo of Keith Bryant!

Jump-Over Advertisement Demo of John Sines, Jr.!

First Impressions Studios
presents an

MKOC has partnered with First Impressions Studio
as the "EXCLUSIVE" provider to Independant Music Artists.
Only through MKOC can you get the massive discounts for using FIS to create your ads.

Now through May 30, 2002
Enjoy Gigantic Discounts on
WebbX Solutions 12-Month Membership!

Choose one of the following WebbX e-Marketing Solutions:

Silver Package: $25/month*
1 JumpOver e-Commercial
3 Background Graphics/Music Files
500 Impressions
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Gold Package: $35/month*
2 JumpOver e-Commercials
6 Background Graphics/Music Files
500 Impressions
Save over 75%

Platinum Package: $45/month (Best Value!)*
3 JumpOver e-Commercials
9 Background Graphics/Music Files
500 Impressions
Save over 80%

Get First Impressions Studios’
Powerful and Cost-Effective Advertising

WebbX Solutions at a Fraction of their Regular Price!

This Exclusive Offer was created soley for the Independant Country Music Industry
It was designed to give you the same chance to advertise like the major
corporations but at a cost to fit your budget.
Offer is Good for a Limited Time Only!

Note: WebbX MailCenter is not available with this offer.

Start your WebbX e-campaign today by typing
Special Code MS530-02 on the order page.

WebbX Solutions…Shouldn’t e-Marketing Be This Easy?

Simply go to: WebbXSolutions
Upon clicking the animated "Sign up" button on the left, enter the promotional code MS530-02 and
select from the different packages.

Get WebbXSolutions via MKOC

Visit the FIS and take a test drive!
Use the online test area to see how easily anyone can create their own advertisements.

These demos were created and produced by
My Kind of Country

The photos and music used for these demos are copyrighted to
Keith Bryant & John Sines, Jr.
My Thanks to Keith & John for allowing me to use them as demos


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