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Meet Little Miss TNT...

Talya Nicole Tinoco

Talya Sings to Daddy

Talya has literally grown up on the stage and is a true ham but according to the magazine,
 "Our Kids USA" Little Miss TNT is "Branson's Littlest Princess"... and rightly so!
Top right: Talya sings, "Little Things" to Daddy & it's not hard to see she's Daddy's Little Princess, too!
(click pics for larger view)

  Baby, Take A Bow!  

Talya Quilt Made by Rick Layne

Talya's life is a "real" Cinderella story..
at least it was on Halloween of 2006!

Rick Layne made this quilt for Talya! Rick is in charge of all of the fan tours as well as working with the Fan Club (click pic for larger view)

Are you watching me??
(click pic for larger view)

I know I'm cute
(click pic for larger view)

Dancing Star
(click pic for larger view)

Talya Sings to Chief
Taken 2 days before Chief passed away (cancer) at 12 & 1/2 years old


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