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Quotes & Raves About Joe Tinoco

Fans, Critics & Industry Rave about Joe Tinoco

Critics Rave!

Branson Show Critic Ranks Magnificent Seven in the Top 7 Shows of Branson! Follow this link to hear what Branson show critic, Heath Hawkins has to say about the Magnificent Seven Show starring Joe and Tamra.

Dick McVey, Nashville Studio Engineer: Regards to getting a major contract.

"Many singers come here to Nashville and really don't belong here. Joe is one of those who BELONGS HERE."

"Our last night in Branson we spent at Joe Tinoco's show 'The Saturday Night Jubilee'. The show was just as good as Nashville's Grand Old Opry. Everyone going to Branson should catch one of the shows Joe offers at the White House Theatre."
Vince Koehler/Entertainment News


"Those two are one of the best duet acts I've seen on the Grand Ole Opry Show."
Jerry Strobel of the Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, TN

"It has been a real pleasure to get to know Joe and Tamra . In addition to being very talented individuals they are also quality individuals."
Philip Lyon - Nashville, Tennessee Music Attorney

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Joe and Tamra as lead vocalist in the Roadhouse Band in Rockin' "Bar D" on the Disney 'Magic.' Not only great voices, both have proven to be real crowd pleasers".
-Cliff Perry - Director Of Disney Cruise Line Entertainment

"He has a terrific "Legit" look and projects intelligence, confidence and warmth." - New York Casting Director Peter Sklar

"He is one of today's brightest young stars, on stage he sings with a voice of maturity and experience far beyond his years. Off stage he is down to earth, easy going, likable young man." - Chriss Hobby, Entertainment News Editor, Bull Shoals, Arkansas Country Music

"ONE HOT SINGER" - Jimmy Lancaster, Branson Daily Entertainment Editor Branson, Missouri Country Music

"Brought back by public demand, a crowd of 4500-5000 wildly responded!" - Judy Walton President "Old Settlers Association" Fairs, Kansas Country Music

"Has a voice of an Angel." - Latin Heat Industrial Magazine Burbank, California

"He gives 100% to any project he is confronted with. We were lucky to have him." - Debra Kurshner, Drama Coaching, Producer. Belton , Kansas

"Tall, Dark and Handsome with Super Talent." - Tony James Show Biz Talent Producer and Editor of Branson News letter. Branson, Missouri Country Music

"No Video or cassette tape can ever do justice to his talents, gotta see him to believe it!" - MayAnne IFCO Showcase Coordinator , Nashville, Tennessee Country Music

"When Joe gets that record contract, his records will soar to the top." - Mr. Tye, Choir Director

"Beautiful voice, I would love working with him." - Jan French, Westside story "Maria" Director of Conservatory Cinn., Ohio

"Whether Tinoco becomes a star early or later on down the road, he has got both desire and talent to succeed." - Staff News Writer Al Espinoza Olathe, Kansas

"Joe brings with him , professionalism, he is dependable and has been fun to work with. We have been extremely impressed with the younger generation he attracts. We strongly recommend him." - Karen Williams Country Music "Producer " Kansas City, Missouri Country Music

I've watched lots of performers come here and Joe projects something "on stage", you don't see much of anymore. He is a real people pleaser." - Ilene Williams Country Music Show Coordinator Kansas City, Missouri Country Music

"If we're not hearin' more about this boy in a year or so, I'll be very much surprised." - Chuck Seals (Dan Seals' Brother} Nashville, Tennessee Country Music

"The effort he put forth was significant in making this one of our best shows ever. Looking forward to more exciting projects in the year ahead." - Tom Hall, President Board Of Directors Full Circle

"It is only through his talent that this video was a success." - Educational President Davis Paxton. Patterson

Fans Rave

Many performers come through here and there are few like Joe! Really like Joe who has it all together.
Bob Wehr, Branson Missouri

Just wanted to send a note to you and crew of Birth of the Beat:
My family has been going to the Nashua (NH) community concert series for over three years now. We range in age from 30 to 75. All of us were absolutely amazed at the amount of energy and talent in this show. This was, without a doubt, the absolute best show we have seen in Nashua!

We couldn't stop talking about the wide ranging abilities of each member (including the band). I particularly enjoyed the humor you brought to the show as Willie and Ricardo. The energy was nonstop and very addictive. I can't imagine how you guys (y'all) do this night after night!

Please pass along my family's applause and gratitude for a show well done to
the whole crew.

Thank you for the history lesson, the reminder of what a great show truly is and a night over flowing with talent,
Ken KCROOKS@PhoenixControls.com

Saw the show Birth of the Beat in Nashua, NH last night. Spectacular is the only word that comes to mind. Nothing less. My wife and I have a season pass to the Community Stage. If we were to miss all the remaining shows, last nights performance was more than worth the cost of the season passes. Congratulations to the entire cast and musicians, and much happiness to you and your husband.

Best regards,
Nancy & James JJaniak@Kronos.com

Hi Joe and Tamra,
Saw you last night in Tupelo, Mississippi. The whole show was fantastic, but especially enjoyed you two. And especially the Latin Elvis, Ricardo! I think that was probably the "hit" of the show maybe because Tupelo as you probably know was the birthplace of our great Elvis. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your
performances and that you made me rethink my recent decision not to renew my seasons tickets to the community concerts.
I wish you both the best.
Patricia Sparks pspark@bellsouth.net

On Mon. Night Sept 25th at Nashua, New Hampshire we went to see "Birth of the Beat". It was the best show that we have seen. We have been to shows in Nashville, Myrtle Beach, and Foxwoods Casino, and by far this was the greatest.

The cast was wonderful but Joe Tinoco was the star. He is so talented and we hope this will be the start of something big for his career.

Ann Magararu (amagoo@aol.com)
Louise Feliciano
Maureen Flaherty

Saw your show Saturday, Nov 18 in Tyler, Texas. As a choral conductor I
usually get caught up in technical and musical detail, lessening my
enjoyment of the concert. That was not the case Saturday evening. It was one
of the most enjoyable shows I have attended. I would come to Kilgore on
Monday but I have a trio rehearsal at church. Thank you for you show and may
God bless you personally and professionally. Jack Jones jjones@gower.net

Hello Joe , I'd just like to say that I was very impressed with your company's performance and that I really enjoyed the privilege of working backstage for your show. Keep up the outstanding work and I hope that you make it back to Tyler again to share with us your awesome talents.
Sincerely, Carlos
From: Tyler, Texas

Joe and Tamra,
We went to your Concert in Anoka, Minnesota. We loved your show you and your
group had so much energy. I think it was one of the best Community Concerts we have been to. Thanks again for coming to Minnesota, hope you will be coming back again. Ron & Gloria wildugly@qwest.net

We all enjoyed the show "Birth of the Beat" last Sunday in Independence. It was WONDERFUL! You and Tamra are both so talented and have so much energy. I would recommend for everyone to see the show if it comes to their town or city. Everyone that saw the show last Sunday would love to see it again. We love you and Tamra and are anxious to see you again soon. Dorothy Obbink obbinks@home.com

Dear Kids:
A reminder - the redhead with Dorothy Obbink. Just want you to know how beautiful I think you are and also I recently visited Branson - spoke to some friends of yours. Ticket manager at Jim Stafford's and Debbie Breit. I was attending Destination Branson for Travel Agents. Both said to tell you kids "Hello". I'll be seeing you somewhere on your tour YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!
Love, Zoanne Thatcher

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