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joehank.jpg (12731 bytes)         tam-patsy.jpg (12736 bytes)
Joe & Tamra at the Grand Ole Opry Show
in tribute to Hank Williams Senior & Patsy Cline where you can see them weekly!

chely-joe.jpg (13007 bytes)

Chely Wright and Joe back stage at the Grand Ole Opry

Porter Wagoner helped Chely a lot when she first went to Nashville, she to is from Kansas and her father is a great supporter of
Joe's, he is the one who gave Joe a big start by taking him to Branson after he graduated from High School, Joe spent his teen age years on her fathers Opry show in Burlington, Kansas. Long story and lots of fun memories there. Joe mentioned how Chely is a beautiful girl as well as wonderful personality.


ifcojoe.jpg (12808 bytes)
Joe during Fan Fair '99 behind the
IFCO Booth

BillyWalker-Joe-Tam.jpg (17125 bytes)
Grand Ole Opry Star, Billy Walker with Joe and Tamra

janiefrickie-tam.jpg (11799 bytes)
Jainie Frickie and Tamra at the Opry


randyjackson.jpg (14116 bytes)
Randy Jackson (Promoter) and Joe

IFCOgang.jpg (14280 bytes)
IFCO Gang with Joe Fan Fair '99

littledickens.jpg (10403 bytes)
Little Jimmy Dickens and Joe


gill-tam.jpg (7597 bytes)
Vince Gill & Tamra
daniel-tam.jpg (8670 bytes)
Daniel Lee Martin & Tamra
paulbrant-tam.jpg (6328 bytes)
Paul Brandt & Tamra

sherriaustin-joe.jpg (11714 bytes)
Sherrie Austin and Joe (backstage Opry)

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