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Joe was recently in the studio recording cuts for his new CD.
Well, we have some "inside" shots of just how grueling a task it is to lay down tracks!


The photo to the right will be the cover shot of the new CD

cd-photo.jpg (13633 bytes)


mcvey42.jpg (10311 bytes)
Joe getting song ready for musicians to lay

mcvey21.jpg (11090 bytes)
Dick McVey going over Joe's material

joekey~1.jpg (9183 bytes)
Tamra and Jack await the explosion as Joe lends a
"helping hand" to Producer, Dick McVey.

mcvey3-2.jpg (11615 bytes)
The "Peace Signs" go up as Dick swats at Joe much for help.... Better stick to signin', Joe!

All in all, the whole gang had a great time working together and as you can see,
took time out to play as well.
Stay tuned to find out when the CD will be released.


Musicians that did the session for Joe were:
Keith Kittle - Drums
Dick McVey - Bass
Steve Strum - Rhythm (not shown)
Mike Baker - Lead Guitar (not shown)
Tim Atwood - Key Board strings was (not shown)

The Name of songs on Joe's new CD:
Not yet released - Unpublished
"WE BELONG TO-GATHER" - upbeat tune written by Joe and Tamra
"YOU ARE  THE ONE" - beautiful Love song, written by Joe (Duet) with Tamra,
"FOOL CHAIN" - Cool Up beat rocking tune. Words and music by singer
songwriter, Judy Rodman (Sung by Tamra Tinoco)
"THANK YOU GIRL" - slow Love ballad written by both Joe and Barbara Hershner

Update 2007: Visit the music page to hear all the songs on this long since released CD

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