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  1998 Thanksgiving Week Homecoming

While Joe and Tamra visited Joe's hometown of Olathe, Kansas their friends and fans kept them quite busy....and they loved every second of it!

cake.jpg (11230 bytes)
Cake for the welcome home party, brought in by
Bets Hawkin's; staff member

Togonoxie-fanclub.jpg (16202 bytes) Joe enjoying his visit after the show in Togonoxie, with his Kansas and Missouri Fan Club Staff members, next to Joe is; Left  Barbara Hurshener, Debbie Wurtenbuger and Joy, in front of him, sitting is James and standing is Crissy Holt and Dorothy Obbink. This was after he signed fans autographs. Staff  waited.  They were all fantastic in helping get all the events ready and participating setting everything up and making the week a big success for Joe.

Joe's very first record producer from Missouri "Summit Studio, Jack Wicker. Jack was the key board player for Joe during his home coming. Jack produced Joe's very first song, on his site, "Donna". Jack, "a great guy", great producer and great musician and Joe states, "You look hard and far now a days to find a guy as talented and sincere in his desire to help.

JackWicker.jpg (8966 bytes)

tam-kids.jpg (13905 bytes)
These little male fans are falling for Tamra

tam-linedance.jpg (9972 bytes)
Tamra gets little ones on floor for Line dance


sister.jpg (10395 bytes)
Joe visits with his sister Mary at his homecoming


GlensOpry-autographs.jpg (17755 bytes)
Joe signs autographs after his show at Glen's Opry

jt-3d-line.gif (5658 bytes)


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