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flowers.jpg (11728 bytes) I love the story behind this picture! Joe was only 17 years old but made frequent concert appearances. During these concerts, his devoted fans would always bring him flowers, just as many fans do for entertainers. Joe, however, never threw them away, or let them lie on the stage. He gathered up every flower, took them home, and would spend hours into the night cutting the stems and arranging them in vases so his mother always had a houseful of beautifully arranged fresh flowers.
Joe's mom told me, "I always thought it was so nice that he never left a flower behind. He knew I didn't have the patience to do it right, so I went off to bed and he'd be up for hours working on them. When I got up, I'd have a houseful of beautiful flowers. Even now, when he comes home to do a show, he goes directly to the kitchen to look for vases. He always wondered what would happen to them when he goes on the road"
I don't think there's anything to worry about. Knowing Joe, he'll make sure his fan's efforts do not go to waste. ~ Marlene Slater /

jt-blondes.jpg (17905 bytes)
Joe appeared in this Stage Musical

jt-postcard.jpg (21551 bytes)
This is an actual Postcard featuring "Joe Tinoco" during Joe's era in Branson, MO.

colorfuljacket.jpg (26785 bytes)
I just LOVE this jacket!

beard.jpg (10541 bytes)
Joe decided to let his beard grow before leaving for Disney. Of course he's clean shaven again now, but I'm sure he'd like fans opinions about what they think. Let's face it, you can't ruin that face!



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