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Joe and Tamra Sing for Presidential Inauguration
Presidential Inauguration January 20th

A Tribute To Our Veterans

As you may know, for the Presidential inauguration, two inaugural balls are held; One in Washington, DC and one in a selected city. This year, Branson has been chosen as that city!

The ball will be held at the Chateau on the Lake on January 20, 2005. Joe Tinoco & Tamra Holden-Tinoco have been invited to sing for the US President.

Immediately after President Bush gives thanks to our Veterans, Joe and Tamra will sing the first song to start the ball room dancing.

Amanda will sing directly to the President Bush’s teen age twin girls during this event.

All three will also continue to perform through out the ball.

The Bush's will attend the ball via satellite.

The event will be hosted by Jay Leno or Larry King.

The event will be televised on CNN and other selected stations across the nation.

We will update you as more info becomes available.


Talya Nicole Tinoco Born 12-20-04!

Joe Tinoco and wife, Tamra Holden Tinoco now have an addition to their cast... baby Talya! Talya Nicole Tinoco was born Dec. 20 at 7:39pm. Weight: 7lbs 5.7oz. Height: 20in. She's beautiful and looks so much like her daddy.



We have visited Branson, Missouri every Christmas for the past 7 or 8 years. This year we decided to join the Joe Tinoco Fan Club Tour Group and found the trip delightful. Thanks to our tour guides Rick and Buck, our every need was taken care of.
The Big Red Tour Bus left Olathe at 6:30 AM Saturday morning and returned late Sunday evening.

We saw three great shows starting with Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat, after a great lunch at Whipper Snappers. We had dinner at the White House Theatre followed by a spectacular Showcase Jubilee Show produced by and starring Joe Tinoco and Tamra Holden. The first half was a traditional show followed by a Christmas theme the second half. This is by far the best variety show I have ever seen.

Then Joe and Tamra and family joined us on a bus trip through the fabulous Christmas Lights at the Branson Festival of Lights on the Bee Creek Parkway.

Then on Sunday, after a first class breakfast at Peppercorns, we met back at the Blue Bayou for a luncheon and baby shower for Tamra Holden Tinoco (their first child is due around the end of December). Next we pressed on to the Tony Kenny's Ireland Show at Music City Centre. This was one of the finest displays of Irish dancing and singing I have seen. After the show, Joe and Tamra got on the bus and presented the group with Child Alert Foundation gold pins in recognition for Joe's dedication to this extremely necessary and worthwhile cause. The Joe Tinoco Fan Club always does what they can every year to help charitable causes and we, the fans sure appreciate all the fan club does in these events. I understand that the fan club collected many gifts for the Veterans Hospital. The veterans, not being able to get out to shop for Christmas, will have many things to chose from through these efforts to give to their families this Christmas. After these announcements and presentations, we moved on a stop at Mountain Man Nut & Fruit shop where you could sample everything from soup to nuts.

Then we headed back to Kansas City. But wait, I can't forget the late dinner at Smith's family restaurant half way home at Collins on 13 highway (close to Clinton). This is the best home cooking around. We split a tenderloin dinner and it came out hot and juicy with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. They have a second location in Boliver, about an hour from Branson.
Everyone had a great time and our bus driver was tops, he drives the bus twice a year for the Joe Tinoco Fan Club tours. Rick Layne provided plenty of snacks and drinks on the bus and drew tickets for many prizes along the way. Try it next time; you will love the trip to Branson to see our favorite son Joe Tinoco and his lovely wife Tamra Holden.



Kansas & Missouri Country Music Fans!

Joe Tinoco will be in The Kansas City Area ... Richmond, Missouri on
September 19th, Sunday at 2:30pm to perform with Byron Jones' Farris Opry Country Music Show. You can hear the advertisement on KFKF 94.1 FM
Listen every Saturday Morning 6-10 "Brocks & Debbie Country Legend Show & News about the show.

This show is an exciting reunion of Stars Of the Past, Present & the
Future. Don't want to miss it. Kevin Jones & The North Town Opry Show along with Russell Foster, Delisa Dawn, Ted Cline, Fonda Bennett, Nini Blackburn & David Edwards & Shelly Prudden, Shirley Smith, Howard, Donnie Quinn, & Down Home Harmony.   All these Performers in one show at The Farris Theatre Sunday the 19th of this month.

301 West Main, Richmond, Missouri . Admission $12.00
For More Information call 81-471-6779

We still have a few seats on the bus for TINOCO's Fan Club Tour and would love for those out there to either come along of just drop us an e-mail to make specific plans to join us in Branson. This planned event is for November 13 & 14th, tons of fun things going on, so just call or e-mail us 913-634-8544 or 913780-4012

PLUS: Tune into the new Hispanic KC radio station KFKI, call and request Joe's songs, "Siempre Manana" and "Angel". They have his CD and plan on playing it, so if you call in should help! Thanks tons for your support.

Sign Joe's guest Book and get a chance to win his Gospel CD!!!!
Winners announced September 15th.


Fan Tour to Branson

Operation Iraqi Children

news-bush-tour-headline.jpg (10986 bytes)
Read All About It


Joe is on a new compilation CD recorded by Dick McVey Productions!
You may soon hear some of the songs on this CD playing on many of the stations & on internet and is now being played on some of the USA stations and over seas radio stations.

Please Call you local radio stations and request air play on Joe Tinoco's,   "Five Cards On A Mantle" written by Joe Tinoco and Bill Kidd. Also featured on this CD is "Super Star Holly Dunn" straight out of Nashville.

Order Now through the Fan Club at Fan Club discount cost ... Ours will be going fast!!!!

After that we will have to go through Dick McVey to hear this CD and Joe's latest song. This particular song of Joe's has not been released before.

"Five cards On A Mantle"
DJs ... Internet Country Music DJ's Interested in receiving one of these CD's for radio play ... please Contact Us and we will get the CD to you.

FANS ... If you would like to have a CD, please just write
Fans For Joe Tinoco and we will see to it you receive in with in the week.

Spring Tour to Branson

The “Fans for Joe Tinoco” fan club is planning our Spring Tour to Branson,
May 1st and 2nd, 2004, for three of the best shows in Branson, four meals,
luxury rooms, something special for our veterans, a little shopping, and more!!!

Including The White House Theatre Showcase Jubilee, & Dinner at The White House, A visit to the Russell Stover Candy Store, Luncheon at Fall Creek Steak House, The Shoji Tabuchi Show , Tour of the Veterans Memorial Museum, Waltzing Waters, with the magic of Frederick Antonio at 2 piano’s in sync with a fireworks water show, Musical Gospel Worship Show - Luncheon at Jim Bakkers Studio City starring producers Joe Tinoco & Tamra Holden, with Special Guest, Fan Club Party, Breakfast at the Radisson Hotel- Veterans Cafe, Ozark Shopping, and a guaranteed wonderful time .

Please contact us as soon as possible at 913-780-4012 so that we can include you in the group!

The cost is $259.00 per person due by March 1, 2004.

Thank you!! Hoping you can join us for a fun filled great time . See you soon!!

Sincerely, Joe Tinoco & Tamra Holden

Ricky L Layne

Press Release From Joe!

The latest update as to what has been happening in our world. Both Tamra and I are still writing and producing, choreographing and directing and starring in the "Live" made for TV "Showcase Jubilee" and the "Live" Magnificent 7pm show Monday through Friday. So in other words, not only are we working all hours of the night and day, but we are working in our sleep too!

We have learned so much in the past year, not only about performance, but the behind the scenes work of lighting, staging, camera work, editing, sound engineering, promotions and sales of a Live show concept to TV... along with the task of trying to solve all obstacles that a 17 person cast might bring to the table as a daily ritual!

We have been recording our Showcase Jubilee Live for the past 2 weeks in a row, we will take one week off and then we will record 2 more in a row... to let you in on how that works.... we will write 4 shows...and each show contains 30 different songs... which need to be perfected in approximately 9 hours of rehearsal, while at the same time doing a Live show nightly...
The Magnificent 7pm show is still receiving RAVE reviews from everyone... we are hoping for a stellar year in 2004. We have redone the whole stage, it looks great now... we have re-hung all of the lights and the lighting show is really amazing!! It looks amazing on TV!!! The crowds to all of our shows... Magnificent 7pm and the Showcase Jubilee on Saturday night have been much word is traveling fast about out all the new shows and the caliber of talent and entertainment we are now offering. That is a Wonderful thing!

We had a couple guests come to our Magnificent 7pm show and the Showcase Jubilee yesterday. It was the CEO and Director of SEA Records out of Nashville. They loved the shows, and were thoroughly impressed with our producing, voices and talent...they were very complimentary of us, which was nice to hear from Music Executives. Hopefully all of this hard work will pay off in the end! Our growth in knowledge about the BIZ is priceless!
Other than that..with our schedules being as busy as they are, we are trying to get enough sleep to keep us staying healthy, and thus far the Lord has blessed us.

You have all been fabulous hanging in there and with so many of you coming to our shows last year.
We do hope we see you all at one of our new shows soon in 2004.
Keep in touch. God Bless

With Love
Joe Tinoco and Tamra Holden

For all the latest updates....go to



It was awesome seeing that bus load pull in to the show and we want to thank each and everyone who worked hard making the trip successful and I gotta say... the bus ride was something we will not forget! Hope you are all recovering and hope you enjoyed the show! Be watching for your return Christmas!

A special thanks to Rick Layne, Buck Frechin, Hope Brunswick, Carol White and Dorothy Obbink! We know we are blessed to have you all as friends and fans! We are also blessed to have such friends as Josh Carroll and Nellie Norris. Thanks guys for being there Sunday morning at the Gospel event. Could not have done it without you!

Again Thank you from both of us... Joe and Tamra.


Just want you to be sure to check out your local TV guides for prime time TV CBS, NBC and ABC for our Jubilee Showcase on the week end of July fourth special airing . All these channels will be airing our show, it is selective (their choice as to what time and where) .... so where each of these channels will air and times can differ.  It will be any time during the weekend of the 4th of July holiday. We actually are not informed of all the specifics. That is why I am letting you know to watch the TV guide in you newspapers.

 Actually the show  is a unique patriotic show and we sure don't want  any of our fans, family  and friends to miss it!

Collin Raye (Country Music Super Star) is our guest and there are a lot of fun surprises on this show. Popular for many country music hits, one being Joe's favorite "Got A Lotto' Change In My Pocket".

 If you find (early) a specific time or date in your area be sure to share that information with me and I will inform others. Wish I could tell you more.

Thank you.
Love Ya,
Tamra Holden Tinoco


See the brand new photos of Joe and Tamra with Collin Raye!
Show info is in the Press Release below (6-2-03)


Tinoco Press Release
Joe continues opening acts in Branson, acts for super stars that come to
perform and be filmed live at The White House ....

CollinRaye with Joe and Tamra Joe & CollinRaye
Click on photos for larger view

Saturday night (May 31st) was another exciting night when fans beat the path to get good seats for Super Star Collin Raye and Stars Joe Tinoco and Tamra Holden and Amanda, to see them all perform live on The Saturday Night Jubilee. This particular show was filmed live and plans are for the show to be aired on National TV on July 4th, 2003. We will follow this public interest story and will remind you once again of this airing the day before.

Joe had been opening shows for the Legends Of Country Music since his high school days and continues to be a Friend Of Many Of The Legends Of Country Music ...   Click here for Joe's Opening acts.

Hopefully you have all tuned in to the latest song Joe wrote with Bill Kidd, the Title song "Americas Most Wanted" has now gotten the interest of a majors/Indies ... Nascar affiliated, at which time has been submitted by the Indies to a major. We all are keeping fingers crossed at this point! Hear "Americas Most Wanted" in Real Audio on Joe's Music Page!

Fans For Joe/IFCO

Pres: Rick Layne
Star Horizons
Friends of Country Music

913-634-8544 - 816-807-1129
Barb Brusnwick PR



Joe Tinoco Makes The Olathe, KS Headline News

Country singer/songwriter Joe Tinoco has traveled a long way since graduating from Olathe North High
School in 1990. From age 15, when he won a talent show at an Opry in Independence, MO., to appearing in
Magnificent Country, a country/variety show at the White House Theatre in Branson, MO., Tinoco has done
everything he can to make a name for himself in country music.
" It's been a long road for me in the entertainment business trying to get to where I want to be," Tinoco said. "I've had it much easier than a lot of people. I've been very blessed." Initially, Tinoco struggled with his love for both sports and entertainment, but finally settled with the latter after winning that talent show. " It was one of the first things I'd ever won, and I caught the bug from there," he said. After high school graduation, Tinoco left for Nashville, where, like a million others, he hoped to break into the country music business. For two months, he lived in a hotel while banging on doors with the hope that someone would let him in. "I was still real young and real new in the business and didn't really know a lot," Tinoco said. The struggle proved too great for Tinoco, so he decided Nashville wasn't what he needed after all. He moved back to Olathe, where his parents, Hope and John, still live and enrolled at the Johnson County Community College. By no means, though, did Tinoco give up his dreams. To the contrary, he started performing the Opry circuit across Kansas and Missouri. The owners of an Opry in Burlington took him to a talent show in Branson. During the finals, a music show producer spotted Tinoco and hired him on the spot. Tinoco subsequently moved to Branson and began opening for acts like Ray Price and Cristy Lane. " It's about making yourself be in the right spot where somebody can see you," Tinoco said. And hopefully there will be somebody out there watching who can do something a little bit better for you." In 1995, Tinoco felt he was ready to return to Nashville, where he has a permanent residence. Finally, doors started to open for him. He even got a chance to perform on the legendary stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Last year, though, Branson came calling again with an invitation for him to join Magnificent Country, which will run through early March. Tinoco felt it was a great opportunity for him to perform his own material and widen his name recognition. "It's very neat to see how people react to your own music and that Branson is letting me do that, "he said. "I've been very blessed to have received what I have, and this is another blessing." After going through so much during his career, Tinoco, whose goal is to become a major recording artist, has some sage advice for those who might want to follow in his footsteps. "If you're going to do it, you got to make sure that this is what you really want," he said. "Don't just think that it's going to be all roses and sunshine because it won't be. It's a lot of hard work. "My best advice to somebody would be don't drop yourself into the middle of something if you're not ready for it. Learn your chops at home. Get a local fan base if you need to. Then you start working yourself out, whether it be in Branson or the fair circuits in the states surrounding your state.


If you do not have something for Joe to do that makes things
happen,he is for sure going on with out you and make something big
happen!!! That's Joe .

Joe Tinoco
An Overnight Success ... NO!
Among the ranks of Superstars ... YES!

He just returned from 2nd trips to Mexico where he has been gearing up for new CD! Joe's perfromances are reviewed by every news reporter that visits show as super and as his fans know his Country Music shows are HOT!

"Live" and on TV "Coming soon".

The White House Theater. Be sure and see the Saturday Night
Country Music Jamboree. Talk of town!!!

Reservations:1-417-335-2396. Shows start off on May 2003!


With a combined cast The White House Theatre is filled with a power house of
talent. Guest appearances rarely seen on one Branson stage with musical
styles that range from Country to Broadway, and from Big Band to
Rock-n-Roll. The zany antics and high energy of the performers will keep you
coming back for more including occasional TV broadcasts. The Magnificent
Jubilee Show can be seen only on Saturday Night!!!

Country Music News
#1 Music & Fans
Joe Tinoco Florida Fan Club Staff

Ask about Joe's new demo ...
You like country?
Your gonna like this one.
Plus "Always Tomorrow, His new Spanish love song.

"Americas Most Wanted" CD Coming soon.
Plus "New" & Interesting"
Find out all about Joe in his own words from his latest country music interview ...

Joe Tinoco
By: Kenita Vanderslice

"Joe Tinoco was a wonderful, colorful entertainer in Branson! The show
was excellent and full of color. I interviewed Joe after a Sunday afternoon show."


This week all Local Johnson Country Fans can enjoy a special editorial
by the Olathe Daily News "Headlining " Joe Tinoco". We want to personally
thank the entertainment department at the Daily News for such a nice job.

Coming Soon .... Mark Your Calendars C
Four State Fair and Rodeo.

September 2003 PLUS
Watch for news about Joe Tinoco Concert Pending as plans are being negotiated
by his KC booking agent and Olathe, KS at the Old Settlers Days Festival and
Johnson County Fair in Gardner, KS and also the Santa Caligon
in Independence, MO, scheduling and times.

Keep watch on all bookings coming soon.

Meanwhile see Joe now "live" at The White House Theater, Branson Missouri.
Now Through March ....
Check too for Television listing on his Country Mania site.

Staff "Saundra"
Florida Office "Fans For Joe Tinoco

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