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Change of plans: Joe will not be in the parade as Regetty Andy. He has been chosen by Opryland to escort Neal McCoy for the entire day and he's very excited about that!


From Joe:
The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade will be shooting short clips to Opryland Hotel. Tamra and I are going to be on one of their floats but unfortunately, we will be in total costume, as Ragetty Ann and Andy!!! Haha!! But it'll be fun!

We just did a gig on Halloween at a masquerade ball we were southern belle and gentleman that danced the waltz and other dances, while the whole room watched. A few actually split us up to dance with them. They thought it looked so fun and beautiful, so it was all in good fun!


Joe and Tamra were invited as guests of Skip and Shay Gosnell of Tabletop Productions to attend a combination anniversary/recording party for rising artist, Kim Anthony  his wife, Debi, in Nashville.  Also in attendance were Joe's parents, Hope and Johnny Tinoco of Olathe, Kansas.  Reports from all of the above sources are the same: The party was wonderful but more importanly, the meeting and making of new friends, all through net connections, was priceless. A great time was had by all and new bonds were created.   As Joe so eloquently put it, "WE MADE A BUNCH OF NEW FRIENDS, WHICH YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF!!!"
Joe's Mom, Hope, writes:

"Hey, wanted to say, we had a great time and met Shay and Skip and all her friends. We met Kim and Debi Anthony and had a great time watching his practice. They’re very nice folks and I wish him all the luck, and hope to become Internet friends with them both. Quite a few guests were there. We got lots of photos, too. Shay is real a sweet lady and ornery, always got the video on me. Her son Jeremy is a really cool kid, love him, so warm and really excited about being in the music business, he visited a lot and has such a warm smile. Joe and Tamra went along and they mingled and got along great with everyone as usual. They were asked to sing, but no way would they have done that, this was Kim's show, not Joe's and they wanted him to do his thing."
Look for more info on Kim Anthony at IFCO


Joe will be retuning to Nashville this Tuesday. At that time he will finally have access to his own personal computer. We know he will be both thankful and excited to see all those letters on his guest book and he will be personally writing to everyone as soon as he reviews all the comments, not counting all the e-mail he has waiting for him after four months at sea! So give him a
week or two and he will be responding.  There are some new and exciting events
and ventures in store so stay tuned!!


At this time Joe is performing on board the Disney Magic Cruise Ship until November 1st.

He will return to Nashville and go into the recording studio to work on his new CD.

Joe will be in Kansas City at the North Town Opry November 28th, Saturday evening to perform for his Kansas City Fans, family and friends! If you are in the area during that time, be sure to call and book your reservations by calling 816-471-OPRY and then Joe will be performing in Tonganoxie, Kansas at the Glenns Opry Show on November 21st, Saturday evening, for more information on that reservation, please call 913-962-0521 or 913-764-0426. Other performances in Kansas City Branson and Nashville and Olathe (his home town will soon be announced in October Updates.


We are going to leave for Lisbon, Portugal on the 30th of this month and we'll arrive in Lisbon hopefully on the 5th. We will load some passengers and float back to the States, so we'll hopefully be back in florida on the 15th, God willing!! So what that means is once we're on our way, there will be no contact from us until we get home and kinda setteled!!! Sorry!!!


Update/Fan Fair/Joe Tinoco

Members Of Joe's Fan ClubHi everyone,
Fan Fair (Nashville) is right around the corner. This is only the 2nd year since 1989 that Joe has not been able to participate with all the fun events going on with Fan Fair. Past years Joe's fans have come together with tour groups in his support and held fan club parties. The IFCO (International Fan Club Organization) provided Joe a place at the IFCO Booth where he would sign autographs and meet tons of great country fans while also showcasing on Noon IFCO Shows which led to his many appearances at the Famous Nashville Palace.

Joe and all his Fan Club staff want to say to all participating this year, "Have a great time, see ya next year".

This letter is from Joe Tinoco's Fan Club Staff. Surfing? Well, we hope you will surf over and check out Joe's Star Status page on the IFCO site read his own personal comments the IFCO girls have posted for him. While you are there please let him know by posting him a message there on his message board. You will find tons of updated news about country music and Fan Fair events posted by IFCO. Be sure and take a minute to say hello to Kay, Loretta and Loudilla Johnson while you're there.

NOTE: You may be participating in some of those events in Nashville. Most of us are aware of the fantastic things the IFCO girls Loretta, Loudilla and Kay Johnson have done to help promote country music and the unknown country artist as well as the big stars. We want to make sure that all of Joe's friends and fans are aware of the IFCO web pages and hope you will click over there and say hello everyone after visiting Joe's Star Status Page.

**Joe sends his best from Italy**

Don't forget, if you are participating or going to Fan Fair this year please give us all the scoop when you get back!!!!

Chip Hoehler

Chip Hoehler is the man responsible for getting Joe and Tamra signed to the Disney Cruise Line show.


This month has been adventurous, prosperous and exciting for Joe and Tamra Tinoco as well as the whole new band they'll be performing with. He temporarily left his home in Nashville, sadly having to leave his Retriever puppy, Chief, behind.

Last month Joe was flown to Vegas along with his new band, consisting of some of Nashville's finest country music musicians. They spent the whole month preparing; rehearsing as well as performing live. Not to mention seeing all the Vegas sites and hitting the jackpot for a hundred quarters!!!!

The first of June, Joe and the band were flown to Germany where they had a short stay-over and then hopped a flight to Italy. Upon calling his personal acting manager we found he will continue to rehearse on board the new ship while actually living on board a yacht right next to the two new Disney Cruise ships while waiting to sail to the United States.

News on continuing ventures, performances and events will be posted monthly.

Click Here to visit Susan CowanJoe and Tamra spent a February evening after being invited by a web friend, Country Music Singer Susan Cowan enjoying a fantastic show in Downtown Nashville, where Susan was showcasing. Susan sang an old favorite, "Don't Worry About Me", and yes, she was as great as promised. Susan is not only a great dedicated country music vocalist, she is a very freindly and warm person with a great big smile!

Joe finished his rehearsal in Nashville and will continue reheasal with his new band in Las Vegas through April 16th. He spent his last two weeks back in his home town area perfoming in Kansas City and enjoyed a get together with all of his fans at the Pleasant View Christain Churh where he and his wife entertained and gathered for a afternoon of fun and food. He left for Joplin and then to Springfield for a visit with more fans and freinds and is currently back again in Nashville preparing his trip to Vegas. On the first of May he is scheduled to go, with his band, to Italy and perform while there for about a month. He is working on a few songs for his new show and they are hot!! You may hear it if you take a cruise this summer!!





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