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Joe Tinoco starts touring in Texas "this next two weeks." His fans head to Independence Missouri November 26th for his "Birth Of The Beat" appearances that week end.

Next Stop: Joe will be recording his new Christmas CD in Nashville, month of December.

Joe will continue to meet with Top Nashville Producer who will be introducing Joe to majors upon returning to Nashville.

Joe Tinoco has been a dedicated hard working Multi-talented Rising Star since 1987. Now at 28 years of age he continues to be a Celebrity to many. We are all keeping out fingers crossed that his introduction to majors brings him all his hopes and goals closer, goals he has he has been reaching for, for a long while. Not!!! And Overnight success!!!

Tamra Tinoco, Hot and Multi-talented and rising fast, is along on USA Tour with Joe! She is a true professional in all respects and dynamite vocalist and Hot duet partner.

Joe will be Featured guest Singer at The Opryland Hotel December 15th Nashville, Tennessee.

December 20th Joe heads to Kansas City, Missouri to entertain his hometown Fans!


Birth of the Beat Tour Hits Topeka, KS Newspaper!


Fans Rave about "Birth of the Beat" Tour


Joe and Tamra Tinoco's show rehearsal in Nashville is going great, the show is on
schedule. New CD Compilation . "Birth Of The Beat" will be releasing the CD soon. Joe and Tamra spent this week recording for this CD .. We will let you know more about when they are available.
Joe is now spending all spare time with new songwriter friends, getting married to a few of his soon to be presented songs to majors. This may not be until January. He has not given us a specific date. He and Tamra truly want to say thank you for the many great song writers that have been sending him songs.
Don't forget the Faith Hill Video, "Faithfully Yours" on sale now!
Both Joe and Tamra were interviewed in Nashville on this CD.

By Rebecca Rammer
Rough and Tough Newsletter

Time Warner Cable's National
Crystal Apple Award Winner 1998, Cocoa, Florida Saturn Elementary students have a school performance in Feb. about the Statue of Liberty. Their performance will be video taped and entered into 2 national competitions for creativity in teaching. Joe has graciously approved their use of his Lady Liberty music. We'll try and keep you posted on this event.
Joe's site contains
Joe Teaches "Lady Liberty" to Students


From the Offices of: Fans For Joe TINOCO
E-mail Address:

    Joe just returned to Nashville from North Carolina after participating in
the CAF Benefit. He performed with other artists, from around the world,
dedicated to helping the "Child Alert Foundation." Thanks to Shay and Skip, "Tabletop Productions" and Marlene Slater of "MKOC" the world may be a little more safe for our young ones. God Bless them all.
    This week Joe will be filming a part in Nashville for the Big traditional "New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade" we all enjoy on television each year. He will be on the same float as many of your favorite musical artists. He will be portraying a photographer. So be sure to tune in on Thanksgiving Day and watch for him. Last year he was a day manager for Neal McCoy. He enjoyed working along side Neal. It was a very interesting job, making sure Neal was on cue all day!
    Next week he is off to Baton Rouge, La., where he will sing and entertain for Gaylord Production's Christmas Shows. From there he hops on yet another plane to Dearborn, Michigan, to continue performing and spreading Christmas cheer. So if you do not personally hear from Joe for a while, it is because he is on the road. But we will keep you updated as to how things are progressing!
    MOVIE: We have received a lot of feedback on his movie part in the "Blue Valley Songbird," which premiered on Nov. 1st on Lifetime TV, everyone has been very supportive and send their best wishes! Although some were surprised, they all had rave reviews of Joe's performance! The movie will have 3 Encore Performances through November. Dates are the 7th, 13th, and the 28th, on Lifetime TV.
    Tamra is doing a Dynamite, Fabulous job singing (Spotlighted) on the Lee Greenwood Show and they just started a brand new, beautiful Christmas show. We have yet to see it, but have heard rave reviews! We'll keep you posted! Lee Greenwood donated his sheet music of God Bless the USA and an autographed photo to the CAF Benefit Auction. Joe proudly delivered it! If you are in the Pigeon Forge area be sure to see the show. Definitely an event to be seen. Pictures of Tamra singing, on Lee's stage, will be posted next week on Joe's Country Mania site.
The site Country Mania is updated monthly and now has CAF photos posted.
With more to come soon!
    Keep your eyes open for the next CAF Benefit, being held in Nashville, TN., in December! Terri Lynn will be the host for this great cause!


As you all know Joe is featured in Dolly Parton Movie "Blue Valley Song Bird." He has just been invited to the Premier (Screening) this coming Monday. He is allowed one guest to come along. Joe has invited his Producer Dick McVey of McVey Enterprise (Nashville) to attend with him. Tamra too would be going too, but is in Pigeon Forge and can't get away from her terrific performance on the Lee Greenwood show.

We all anticipate seeing this part Joe has in the movie along with the fact we all love Dolly's and know she makes a terrific movie star too. Previews are now airing and it looks like a hot show! Not to mention Billy Deans part!

Don't forget, Tamra TINOCO is also cast in this movie as a groupie and we believe she may be in many of the Honky Tonk or bar room scenes. Movie airing Lifetime Channel November 1st 9PM Central time, check you local cable stations.

PS: Remember a lot of what we say about the movie is speculation, we haven't seen it, right! But we will be sure and check with Joe after Monday. Thanks for supporting Joe and Tamra.

Fans Rave about Joe's role in "Blue Valley Songbird"

------------- & -------------

Tamra has talked to Lee Greenwood about the
CAF benefit and Lee has donated an autographed picture and and autographed
and dated sheet music of his big song, "God Bless the USA", dated on 10-30-99!


Joe and Tamra Awarded 1999 "Duet of the Year"
by Indie Tracker Magazine and Online Country!

Well, in case you are wondering what we are referring to ... we are talking about
the "Online Country Talent Awards Show" We are so excited about winning "The
Best Duet Award of 1999" If it weren't for all of you cool Internet friends
that we have made, it would not have been possible! So thank you so much for
taking "Your Time" to vote for us!!
Just hang in there with us...a lot of new and exciting ventures are on the
way!! Until then, take care, keep visiting our sites...and we'll see ya soon!
Joe and Tamra Tinoco


See Joe and Tamra evenings and week ends at the famous
GRAND OLE OPRY in Nashville, Tennessee.
Have your photos taken, as Joe greets you or after a fantastic show by the Greats and Legends of Country Music (members of the Opry) and if you are lucky,  maybe even get ya back stage! Joe will greet you with a big smile and be in garbed in tribute to Hank Williams Senior as Tamra greets you with her beautiful smile in tribute to Patsy Cline.
If you go to Nashville, have fun get some great photo memories to take home with you.
Let us know you were there.
Tell them MKOC sent you!

hank-patsy.jpg (9615 bytes)

Joe and Tamra TINOCO have both received this week, in the mail,
five beautiful Gold Sealed Certificates of Achievement Awards, for excelling
in Country Music and for their nominations 1. Joe for Country Christmas
Album. 2. Tamra for Christmas Album 3. Joe, Male Vocalist . 3. Tamra Female
Vocalist 4. Joe and Tamra Duets. Theses were all presented by the
Nashville Indie Tracker Magazine out of Nashville, Tennessee "Online

Joe will be returning to his home town where he has been invited back to
entertain for Olathe's Wild Wild West days. This is a yearly tribute to the
"wild west" and all country event. Lots of fun and entertainment and Joe will
be the headliner as he is welcomed back to his home town for this event.
IN CONCERT, October 9th.
The last event Joe had in his hometown was in 1990 when he left home from
graduation and he drew a crowd of 5000 Fans, Olathe knows these fans
and old friends and high school buddies will be waiting his return.

Last but not least, don't forget to keep watch on your local televisions
cable station for Dolly Parton's new up coming movie. Joe is going to
be a big surprise in this film and watch for Tamra she too was cast in this movie.
Airing sometime in November
"Blue Valley Song Bird " Co-starring Billy Dean.

Keep watch as more news materializes on Joe and Tamra.
Joe wants to thank everyone out here for their continued support. Love y'all.
Keepin' it Country!


Joe has been cast and now today, being filmed in Super Star Dolly Parton's new upcoming Movie "Blue Valley Song Bird." The movie is a made for TV. Today July 19th Joe is working on the set. More to come. Stay tuned. He previously played the part of a crippled teenager, a court room scene in which Paul Newman was his attorney. He receive CREDITS in the Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward movie, "Mr. & Mrs. Bridge" as well being cast as a teen age rebel in Steven King Novel CBS TV World Premier Movie "Sometimes They Come Back". Read his's all there. ;)

Joe received word of the landing the roll in Dolly's movie while he and Tamra were in Orlando, FL meeting with Disney. Since they left did the gig on the maiden voyage of Disney's Magic Cruise ship, they have been in close contact with Disney on several occasions. While in Florida, Joe and Tamra were able to visit with many members of Joe's family who were there on vacation. ALL received free passes to enjoy Disney World!


Joe will be at the IFCO Booth during fan fair and all fans and country music folks are sure welcome to stop over and say hello. Be sure to pick up a few Joe TINOCO fan club items. Get a free personally signed

autograph! Exact time and days will soon be listed as to when to visit him.


From Barbara Harshner: "Trip to Nashville"
I got back Thursday afternoon, and was faced with these cold, gusty winds and cloudy skies. What is with Kansas City?? This is yucky weather here, and Nashville was perfect temp and beautiful! I had a great time! I met Kim Anthony, (for those of you who don't know, he is a musician friend of Joe's). Kim and his band were having a practice session in a beautiful clubhouse, and during a break, they had Joe get up and sing a song with his band. I enjoyed meeting everyone there I had been writing to and getting e-mail from. Everyone treated me like an old friend! I stayed at Joe and Tamra's house with his parents, and two LARGE Labs which was very generous of them--Joe and Tamra didn't mind either --LOL--  and that was a nice surprise to me, because I expected to stay in a hotel.

My reason for going was to attend the recording session for their new 4-song demo, which includes one of mine which Joe put the music to. We believe all four songs are hit material, and they did a fantastic job with them. Producer, Dick McVey was a lot of fun, and they all worked very well together. The musicians were fantastic, and I think they got a lot done in a short time. I attended only two sessions while I was there because Dick had to go out of town and the 3rd session was Thursday afternoon, after I had to leave; so unfortunately, I didn't get a copy of the finished product. But Joe > ran off a copy for me to bring home, which was VERY nice of him to do, since it was not mixed yet, and needed a few things "fixed". But believe me--they sound GREAT!!

The rest of the time we spent shopping, and "touring" Nashville, eating out and spending lots of money, which isn't hard to do there!! Joe and I worked on a couple of songs at his house, and I showed him a few things on the guitar. That's about it! For those of you who don't know them at all, when performing they are high energy and dynamic!! At home they are very simple, quiet, people who like to cook out in the backyard and play with their dogs! Of course that's while I was there--they may be throwing a wild party now that I'm gone!! LOL
Well, I'd better sign off now. It was a great week, and I would LOVE to do it again.
Write me back--unless my song goes platinum, I'll be here for a while!! LOL


Tinoco's Perform for Youth Symphony
Jim Stafford, Joe Tinoco and Tamra Tinoco were special guest artist who were happy to be able to share their talents at a fund raising concert Jan 31st, in benefit if a planned Youth Symphony's trip to the International Orchestra Festival in Banff,Alberta, Canada. Conductor of the Symphony was Robert Holden (Tamra's father). Mr. Holden is in his fifth year as conductor of the
Springfield, Missouri Youth Symphony and is currently serving as supervisor of
Music for the Springfield Public Schools. Superb Performances by all!


From Joe:
We did a New Years Eve concert at Lake of the Ozarks, at Tan-Tar-A Resort it went real well! Their normal singer got sick so they asked Tamra and I to get up and sing so we did. It all went great!!!!! We were singing with a "big band" - lots of horns and fun stuff! It was different. We did some 70's and 50 - 60's music and Tamra did some of classic Big Band tunes! all in all it was a neat way to bring in the New Year!! The next day we had to wake up at 6:30am drive to Missouri, pack and leave immediately, because it started to ice storm so our 7 and a half hour trip home ended up taking us a little over 12 hours but we're safe and all is well!!!


From Joe:
"We will be performing in a benefit concert for Springfield Youth Symphony, who are a select group from Missouri, to go to Banff, Canada to perform there. We are doing a few songs with the orchestra there to help them reach there goal. other entertainment on the show ill include Jim Stafford, and the Springfield Youth Symphony. So far that's all news, just going around banging on doors, still paying those dues!!"


joe-kim-jeromy.jpg (13574 bytes)
Jeremy Ault, Kim Anthony and Joe

Joe and Tamra joined Kim Anthony and his wife, Debi, in Nashville during their Anniversary party, which was also Kim’s rehearsal party last month. They met Shay and Skip Gosnell of Tabletop Productions and their son, Jeromy, along with other struggling artists. (Skip and Jeremy are in Kim’s band) Since Then, Joe has been asked to go on tour with them. It is another decision Joe is thinking on. Joe returned to Nashville and was flown by Opryland for a Christmas event in Dearborn, Michigan. He will perform at the mall there until end of next week. Tamra has numerous gigs with Opryland in Nashville while Joe is away.



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