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New Fan Club Tour

Don't stay home this fall and winter. Get out and go along with us!!!!
If you think you've seen Joe Tinoco around Nashville around 10-88-2006 you probably have. Joe is a talented country Singer/Songwriter who is following his music journey in which all roads lead him to and from Nashville while still pursuing his own productions in Branson, Missouri.

He is currently working on his New Christmas Spectacular which will start November 2nd.
The New production getting raves is Phantom Of The Ghost. A Must for all Broadway Lovers. The whole show just revamped for 2008. Be sure and get to Branson.

Tour with Rick in December. CHRISTMAS TOURING
This is a real deal of a price for what you get. Call Rick Layne at 913-780-4012. Travel with us on Cross Roads (those living near and around Kansas City) or join us in Branson for a real treat.

Motel (swimming indoors) Full Breakfast, Full Dinner Friday Night. See the New gospel Production being filmed live while you are there with us on Saturday at 1pm. See The Magnificent Seven Show Production Friday Night.
Christmas Gift exchange and party Sunday and Christmas shop at the New Beautiful Landing Mall and down town Branson. Come on Call Rick. Joe, Tamra and Talya always try to participate with all of us. They will love seeing you all.

New CD
Joe is now gearing up for his next CD out in December. Stay Tuned.


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This page was updated on 09/20/2008

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