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Dear Friends: Whether or not you agree with the war in Iraq, the reorganization, or it's purposes...there is much more to be concerned about other than the politics of the matter.

As you all know, the Fans For Joe Tinoco is very involved in helping others in need with what we can do to help make this a little bit better world to live in. Dick McVey, Producer of the Nashville's Best Compilation CD has made request that we help out in some way with the Operation Iraqi Children. Here at the fan club we think that this is a very worthwhile endeavor and we would like you the fans to rally with us to help. So this is my thought. Let's bring a donation box on the bus during the Spring Tour, and we'll fill it with the everyday things school children need. I want to make individual little boxes to hold the supplies, etc.....Then when we get back I will make as many school boxes for the children as I can, and work with Dick McVey to send them to the soldiers in Iraq to give out to the children. So all I'm asking is you bring one item for the box, or as many items as you want to donate. This is voluntary, but your help is appreciated, and anyone that wants to get more involved in the project with me to help make the package to send out is welcome! The more we get involved the nicer it will be!! If you want to write a letter to the children, or our soldiers...just bring it along on the tour and I will see that it gets to Iraq. Our THANKS to the Fans for Joe Tinoco in all that you do to contribute to the continued success of Joe Tinoco and the Fan Club.
God Bless,
Rick Layne
Fans For Joe Public Relations

Subject: Operation Iraqi Children

Dick McVey
9 Music Square South
PMB 177
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone 615-264-3637
Website: www.dickmcvey.com

Original Message from Dick McVey, Nashville, Tennessee

On Monday, March 15th, Gary Sinise will be announcing his involvement with Operation Iraqi Children. I forwarded information to you about this project last week. The website www.operationiraqichildren.org has now launched and provides more information about this endeavor.

You can help by sending a few supplies to our soldiers for distribution to the Iraqi children. And, PLEASE, take time to forward this information to everyone in your address book.

This is an excellent chance to support our troops and for Americans to work together to make a difference in a child's life by offering them a better future.

Go to "School Supplies" on the website for a list of supplies needed and the address where the supplies can be shipped.

Please take a moment to send me an email to let me know if you send supplies or forward the message on to others. Thank you for your consideration.


The following is the address and a list of suggested supplies. Please make your shipment an assortment of items instead of cartons of a single item. Make sure that your school or organization's name and address is clearly marked on the outside of the package and enclose a self-addressed envelope on the inside of the package.

Send to:
Operation Iraqi Children/School Supplies
C/O MAJ Doris, Juliann M.
APO, AE 09391

Notebooks Notebook paper Pencils & Erasers Color Pencils Pens Crayons Drawing paper
Folders Rulers Whiteboard pens/erasers Metric Sticks Compass
Protractor Soccer Balls Stuffed animals Backpacks Small School Boxes to hold supplies etc..
Be Creative!

Please write letters and send photos to say hello to the Iraqi kids. You can ask that they send back pictures so that you can see who is benefiting from their efforts. You can begin an exchange with the school there and you can write thank you letters to our soldiers for serving our country.

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