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Route 66

Five Cards on the Mantel

Rub it In

Dry Those Teardrops

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Little Things

Better Move it on Home (duet)

America's Most Wanted

You Show Me Yours


Live Fast, Love Hard and Die Young

American Soldiers


Five Cards On The Mantle On Nashville's Best Compilation CD with Holly Dunn
Please check In with your local stations and request "Five Cards On A Mantle" and let them know it has Holly Dunn as the Headline singer on this CD. If they have not received the CD, yet would like one, let us know & we will see to it the Nashville associates send one in for them to play.
This is not an easy task as many only play songs coming in from the Majors. But getting Indies radio play gets attention of the majors, so help Joe out in this respect. Thanks again.
876 Springfield Hwy - Goodlettsville, TN 37072 * Phone 615-264-3637 * Email:

Artificial Girl


Set 'em up Bartender

Little Bit of Donna

We've Got Love

Lady Liberty

Little Things

joes cd cover 2.jpg (10043 bytes)

Don't You Blame This On Me

Someone I Never Knew

Giddy Up Pickup Truck

Funny Money Honey

What Should I Do

Getting Close To You

My Old Man's Smile

Mr. DJ

Some Joe Music Trivia
"A Little Bit Of Donna" is a  blast from the past! Joe wrote and recorded this song when he was 18 years old
...... A 1988 Collector's song!

You Are The One (Duet)

We Belong Together (Duet)

Duets - Joe and Tamra

Thank You Girl (Joe)

Fool Chain (Tamra)

Coon Creek

Poetry in Motion

She Stopped Dreaming About Me

"Pure Country"

She Played me Like a Jukebox

I'd Do Anything it Takes

One Minor Problem


Don't You Blame This On Me

Lady Liberty

MP3 CD, "Country Angel"

What Should I Do

Giddy Up Pickup Truck

Someone I Never Knew

Little Things

Somebody's Praying


Amazing Grace

I've Got a Feeling

He Is Able

In The Garden

Ain't Got Time For You, Devil

Precious Lord

I Can Only Imagine

The Lord's Prayer

Joe & Tamra, Together
Awarded 1999 "Duet of the Year"
by Indie Tracker Magazine and
Online Country!

christmas-cd.jpg (9037 bytes)
Christmas Music from Joe & Tamra

Joe teaches "Lady Liberty" to students. 
All songs are Copyright of Joe Tinoco 
Producer Dick McVey, Nashville, TN

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