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Joe Tinoco In The Movies

"Blue Valley Songbird"

Star: Dolly Parton
Co-Star: Billy Dean

Joe surprised and delighted everyone when he appeared in "Blue Valley Songbird" playing the part of Dolly's "birthday present", the "Stetson Cowboy", who is a male stripper! It was all done in completely good taste. Joe danced while pealing down to his sparkling, metallic blue bikini briefs!

Stetson Cowboy
Joe as the "Stetson Cowboy"

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"Mr. & Mrs. Bridge"

Starring: Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

Joe played the part of a young defendant with Paul Newman as his lawyer. Joe said of the movie, "I enjoyed working with Paul Newman. His first question to me was, 'What is there to do in Kansas City?'" Joe obviously didn't have a problem finding things to occupy his time!

Joe with Paul Newman

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Steven King's: "Sometimes They Come Back"  

Joe played a teen age high school rebel student


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"Kansas City"

Starring Harry Belafonte

Joe played a gambler in the back room


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Fans Rave About Joe's Performance in "Blue Valley Songbird"

More info on the above movies can be found at IMDb

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