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Joe, Tamra, and part of the Disney Crew

Country Music Rockin and Rollin, Sailing the Atlantic Ocean via Disney Magic

Word has it that Joe Tinoco and Tamra Holden - Tinoco are loved by all on board; crew and audience, Mickey, Minnie Pluto all the gang!!!!

The show is great and all your current favorite country tunes and rock and roll tunes from the 70's are keeping Joe, Tamra and the dance floor at the "Rockin’ Bar D" hoppin'!!!!

Some of Joe's Fan Club Presidents and staff just returned from a fantastic Disney Magic Cruise and while there they had the honor of being Joe's guest! They wined and dined, while being escorted to Disney’s Magic Island. They shared the day with Joe and Tamra while anticipating the great time at the "Rockin Bar" listening to Joe and Tamra sing heart warming duets and participate with the audience in line dances!!

Fantastic photos of the great time were brought back will soon be shared by the Fan Club here on Joe's site sometime this week.

Joe wants to thanks Dorothy Obblink, Saundra Camillo, Lou Galotte, Dorothy Gervy, Barb Brunswick and John and Jack Obblink, Ed Gravy, Robert Holden, Dawn Holden and all the others who are so supportive and other fans and family who are soon coming on board to share this great experience of a lifetime!!!!

Not to mention meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!! We even got to take a photo of Joe, Tamra and Mickey enjoying a chow line on Disney's magic Island.

Meanwhile, Joe is spending any spare time writing his own material (songs) and pursuing his dreams on board. He will be back in Nashville (where he resides) in October to attend an IFCO (International Fan Club ) business meeting. Word has it there is a big concert being scheduled in Kansas City at which time Joe will return for a week in Kansas City, Mo.

Please sign Joe's Guestbook and let him know you were here.

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Rehearsing in Vegas prior to leaving for the Disney Cruise

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Disney Cruise
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