Blue Valley Songbird


Fans Rave about the "Stetson Cowoy" (Joe) In Dolly Parton's

"Blue Valley Songbird"


I loved Joe in Dolly's movie.
Think I can hire him to um "sing" at my birthday party May 7th?
hahahaha just kidding....sort of...hahaI e-mailed Joe....
had to after watching Dolly's movie....hahaha anyway

I asked him if he were free for my May 7th birthday party...hahaha he cracked up and said he wasn't dancing professionally like that yet...hahahahha
Rebecca, Arizona

Personally, I
had a ball backing him on bass. Let me know if you need me again in the future. That boy has more energy than a 5 year old with a pound of chocolate in him!
Musician Lead Guitarist
Skip. North Carolina

Is the movie...Blue Valley Songbird...a TV movie? If so, will it be
shown again. I have been out of town most of the month..and believe I saw it advertised (that it was coming), but haven't had a chance to see it yet. Really want to any info you can tell me will be appreciated.
Web friends artist

Shay says she was pleasantly shocked with Joe's movie part. As for me...( Forest Gump accent)

Shay and Skip. North Carolina


I think it was great exposure (ha you can take that two ways)
for Joe and I thought he was very, very good. Joe was good at what he did in the movie - -   be good at whatever you do
and Joe certainly is multitalented and he just showed folks a little
something else here... :)-
Flo, Texas

About Joe - I said to --  "Wow what a body" -
He really looked great -Joe was very right to take this part.
Can't wait — I watched my Joe video again last is really
quite good you know….FJ


YUP, I shore did see the movie. Didn't know that Joe was gonna be a Birthday ________ *LOL*  He did get one line too. I just hope that his contact with Dolly Parton will at least get his music heard by her.
Teri (Vegas)


Wow! What a good movie that was last night! I watched it..had some great Dolly music and Billy Dean was super too. Shock of shocks when that fella turned around on the stage at Robert's and it was JOE! Wooo Weee!!!!
My oldest daughter, Stephanie watched it in Chicago too and all she could talk about was Joe's outfit! :) Typical of a sophomore in high school! :) He may have another calling here.
Deb (Fan) Nashville


I saw the movie tonight. It was good and I had several other people
watching it and everyone recognized Joe but not everyone noticed Tamra because they don't know Tamra as well but I saw her in the crowd several times.
Dorothy (Missouri)


I watched the entire movie but my son watched a ball game in the bedroom but he didn't go there until after we saw Joe together - talk about being versatile - tell Joe to never be modest about that part he played - he just showed he can do it all and he just sparkled -   I was sorry there was not more of HIM but that was OK and I watched until the end to see if he would be in the credits and he was.
A Texas Fans


I had a friend tape the movie. I will probably see it next weekend.

Bill Texas


Hope it did Joe some good though although I did not see his name mentioned at all. I was in the kitchen at the starting of the movie though.
Goldie (Fan) Missouri


Haley and Trevor first thing they wanted to do this morning was
rewind the tape so they could see it. Trevor He was anxious to see what kind of a vest he would wear. Haley got to see the scene tonight and they liked the show. Eric had seen it last night, they all thought it was great that they knew a real movie star! They got to see Tamra too.
Kansas City Fans
Fans For Joe


I had my brother to record the movie. It was a good one. we loaned it to some friends to watch here in the small town of Salem.
Jack and Teresaa North Carolina


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