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Joe and Tamra Awarded 1999 "Duet of the Year"
by Indie Tracker Magazine and Online Country!

Joe Tinoco Web Awards

Top 10 Artists 
Please visit Matt to see how you can help.

Joe is featured as one of the Top Ten Artists of 1997 on Radio ETC. Our Thanks to Rodger Moore for creating this site showcasing the Top 10!

               Musicians Network Top 25 Best Deisgn

Coyote's Country Award     Hot Link Of The Week on Gone Country    A Thank You For Joe's Caring

CMS Award#1 Award Pro Rodeo

rmaward.gif (3944 bytes)      WaltersAssociates   spelling award

 For Contributions to Others from Shay Gosnell

This was awarded to Joe, as well as his family and fan club for their generous contributions to 
Matt Curtis and so many other lives that they have touched with their love and caring.

Country Comfort Award       bozofire1.jpg (7978 bytes)

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