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Separate entities in their own rights, yet it's almost impossible to talk about one without the other. Una Belle Wertz and Bob Krouse are such a dynamic duo in personality, songwriting as well as performing, they could be the Batman and Robin of country music.

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Known as "Cowboy Bob" isn't just a gimmick for singer/songwriter Bob Krouse. Bob was and is a real cowboy long before he was a country artist. As a matter of fact, he and Una Belle met due to an accident Bob had while riding his horse. He and a friend were racing their horses through trails when a road appeared unexpectedly and Bob's horse, who wasn't quite ready to stop, slid on the road and landed on top of Bob. Una Belle was driving down the road in her car and found him, rendered her help and they became friends which eventually developed into a partnership in the music industry.

Since then, they have been writing and singing, separately and together. I've had the honor to personally witness to the growth and maturity in their talents as well as becoming friends. Una and Bob are "regulars" at benefits for the Child Alert Foundation and have traveled from Illinois to NC, TN, IN and W.VA. to donate their time, talent and merchandise. With each show, I've seen and heard a marked improvement in their talent., stage presence and connection with their audiences.

I can also attest, after spending a weekend with Una and Bob at our last benefit, that they are simply FUN folks to be around. That was when I was really attuned to their talent as songwriters. After saying a "one-liner" to Bob, he picked it up with his guitar and started making it into a song... soon.. Una Belle was adding her own lines and a song was in the making. I won't spoil the surprise, but they have promised to record the song as soon as they can to placed on MKOC.

These accomplishments are not going unnoticed. "Reliving Yesterday", written by Bob and Una, was pitched to manager Jimmy Williams of Music Creations Unlimited for his aspiring young artist, Hanna Michal. Hanna begins production on a new CD entitled "Magical Kiss" on June 1st, 2000. Hanna has also been cast in the starring role of a new TV movie, "Vicki Maria" which may also feature "Reliving Yesterday". 

Una and Bob have the heart, spirit of life and giving that makes one want to see them rewarded, for that, as much as for their talent. It is not only interesting to know them, it's interesting to watch their careers grow and their dreams come to fruition.

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Reliving Yesterday

The Kind Of Love

It's So Hard Being Good

The Letter

Nothing But Honky Tonks

Moonlight and Shadows

Bronc Rider's Prayer

What Does it Mean

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The Cross Beside the Road
(Backup/Harmony Vocals - Una Belle)
(also backup on "Nothing But Honky Tonks")

Bob Krouse and Una Belle    Wertz All rights reserved

Visit Bob and Una Belle's sites for more music and information

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