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This young British Country artist, Amanda Norman Sell has the face of an angel and the voice to match it. Amanda's talents don't end there as she is an accomplished songwriter. She wrote and cowrote many of the 13 songs on her wonderful album, "As Love Is My Witness".

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Amanda Norman Sell was born in the far West (of Britain) Wales and has had a typical "country" life story with all the happiness and heartaches. She had major success at a very young age in a national talent contest as a Patsy Cline sound-a-like. Her first album bombed when the record company didn't know where to market her. She changed to a new recording company and did extensive touring while recording two more albums and had great success around the country.

Then came the the biggest heartache. A car crash that left Amanda severely injured also took the life of her mother. Amanda said, "After Mum's death I gave up singing for quite some time and recovered from my own injuries. My dad and I plodded along with everyday life, but it was tough. In 1996 I recorded my second album for Its Music Ltd., 'As Love is My Witness'. My leg was still in plaster. I knew I had to be strong and make a good job of this project for my mother's sake, this one was for her."

"As Love is My Witness" won the 1996 BCMA award for the Best British Album. In September it gave Amanda a European Country Music Radio No 1 hit with "Ever Fallen In Love With Someone". The song stayed in the top ten for fourteen weeks. This is still a record for an artist not on a major record label. Track #13, "Hopeless Wishing" is a song Amanda wrote for her mother which is beautifully sad. Even if you didn't know the reason for the song, you can't help but be moved by it.

In 1998, Amanda became a mother herself. All of this had happened to her by the age of 22! I've always felt that country music isn't something that anyone can fake. You have to live it, to feel it deep within, then it's truly country. Amanda has certainly paid the emotional dues and her heart and music is country.. even if the country she comes is across the ocean.

As for the album itself, "As Love Is My Witness" is very well produced. The sound quality is excellent and Amanda's band knows how to make the music blend with her voice, not drown it out. This is an album I would recommend to anyone, whether you like country or pop.. this album is meant to be heard by all.

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We Ran Out Of Time

As Love Is My Witness

I Spent A Lifetime (With You Last Night)

Don't Come Back This Time

One More Night (Of Loving You)

Hopeless Wishing

(p) 1996 Its Music Ltd    All Rights Reserved

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Insight from DJ, Alex Cullum of Boots 'n' Saddles Radio Show

Amanda Norman Sell. This lady is a one of a kind... when they made her... they broke the mould. I listened to her CD "As Love Is My Witness" a couple of weeks ago... and I put her straight into the programme. For my choice there are so many good tracks on the CD that it is difficult to know what to leave out. I chose tracks (9) "One More Night Of Loving You" and (10) "This is Life" because that is the sort of music that my listeners like. For my personal choice I would choose 2, "Ever Fallen In Love With Someone (You Shouldn't Have Fallen in Love With)", 5, "I Spent a Lifetime (With You Last Night)" and 6, "Don't Come Back This Time". As I said, for me she is difficult... I just like her music... Alex Cullum

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Amanda's album can be bought on line via
Nervous Records
Albums can be priced in US dollars.

Get more information on Amanda Norman Sell

Contact Amanda's Manager, 
Mike Abbott
16 Windrush Tower
Knights Road
Oxford OX46HX
Phone/Fax +44 1865776453
Mike Abott's British Country Music Website

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