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When I first heard Hunter's music, I told him, "it's not what I'd call traditional country but I like what I hear" Hunter's music is a bit of Americana, pop country, folk and blues... all wrapped up in one terrific album that will hold you captive for years to come.

Hunter's voice was made for love songs and his self penned lyrics can only come from the depths of his heart and soul. Add the beautiful sounds of the soft acoustic guitar blending with his voice and there's a hit in nearly every song on this newly released album, "One Last Chance".

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I certainly heard the influence of James Taylor in Hunter's style as well as vocals. There's no imitation intended, there's not a song where his voice is forced in any way; just smooth, silky and grabs your attention and heart with each song. "She Don't Know Why" is a great example of his vocal range with  just Hunter's voice and an acoustic guitar and a quiet background which blends into a raw, honest emotion.

"One Last Chance" is one of those albums that's perfect for any occasion of mood. Lovers spending time together would have great background music with this album. At the same time I know this is an album I'll play over and over while I'm all alone as it's so soothing and easy to listen to. It covers the sad songs that you need when you're "down" but also inspires you to rise above it.

It's difficult to choose just one song because I have several favorites from the album but to name a few.... "Tell My Why" has a line we can all identify with; "Why did you choose me just to lead me on". "When the Night Leaves Her Lonely" is featured twice on the album; first Hunter sings about a woman who has lost her husband and aches to feel him next to her again in her lonely nights... then again sung by the lovely voice of Teresa James portraying the lonely woman (which is one of the 3 bonus tracks to the CD where "Women Do Hunter"). In "How Could You Be So Honest" Hunter laments to another man for being so honest as to tell his lover he no longer wants her, which breaks the heart of the 'singer' who can't bear to see her pain and would never have hurt her that way.  Another great tune, which is reminiscent of Elton John, with a bit of blues mixed in is, "Whole Lot of Weather".

From the first 10 tracks sung by Hunter to the final 3 bonus tracks, all performed by different ladies singing Hunter's songs, "One Last Chance" holds your attention, affection and heart from start to finish. Hunter's truly honest, touching lyrics in each and every song and the professional compositions of instruments blended with Hunter's outstanding voice make this album a classic for any collector to own.

I urge each of you to make "One Last Chance" a part of your collection. You can't got wrong. Hunter is the ONLY artist I know of who gives you a 100% guarantee... if you don't like it, you send it back and he'll return your money! To this date, none have been returned. I can assure you, he couldn't pry my copy out of my clutches!

Now's your chance.. don't miss out on "One Last Chance"!

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One Last Chance

Long Time Comin'

Tell My Why

When the Night Leaves Her Lonely

Whole Lot of Weather

How Could You Be So Honest

Bonus Tracks: "Women Do Hunter"
3 bonus tracks of ladies singing Hunter's songs!

When The Night Leaves Her Lonely
Teresa James - Vocal

2000 Hunter Payne Samgita Publishing (ASCAP)    All Rights Reserved

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There is so much more to Hunter that I didn't go into in this review. I urge you to visit his site and learn more about this fascinating man and his career from working with Leonard Bernstein who coined him, "The Quintessential Troubadour" to his song, "Long Time Comin'" which was featured in a recent episode of "7th Heaven"!

Visit the Hunter Payne Website for More Info and Music

E-Mail Hunter

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