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Dan Nash is not traditional country but a combination of progressive folk, light rock and contemporary country.... a sense of gentleness, a touch of tenderness and a wealth of wisdom set to music.

Dan's extraordinary background has been a part of what has formed the man that has a rather advanced yet serene outlook on life and it's situations. Born in Vancouver and raised throughout Canada, Dan's family came to settle in the Great White North.

"Going through my teens in the Canadian Arctic afforded me a unique outlook on the world. To start, we were extremely isolated to many of the influences associated with living in the city, or even living in an established rural area. One
couldn't just get in the car and take off for a day, we had about two miles of road. And most of the kids I grew up with were from 'somewhere else' blending a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. With such a variety of backgrounds the musical influences were unbelievable. No such thing as top 40, so we weren't indoctrinated to what was being pounded on the radio... we were able to explore quite a mosaic of music. With only one T.V. and radio station - no such thing as video games or the WWW - I was drawn to the guitar and writing songs..."

Dan says, "I've never had to become 'an angry young man', I am truly amazed and in awe of the world around me on a daily basis." This attitude toward life is well reflected in Dan's music. His diversity, eclectic styling, and simple yet well versed phrasing of his views on life and love are all a part of him that he shares freely in his music.  There is a deepness to Dan Nash which is very pronounced in "Where's Annie", a sweet and sad song about a child's plight which took away her childhood, dreams and hopes leaving her in despair....because of her bloodlines.

Simply put, Dan Nash's music is of and from the heart.

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Promise You Forever

Metal Tears

So Easy

Turn Away

Š 1998 BOA Records of Canada  All Rights Reserved

Purchase the Dan Nash CD Here

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Dan is a proud member Country Sings Out for Child Protection
Visit now to hear his song, "Where's Annie" on Music Page 4

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All of Danšs music, including Dreaming of You, is 100% Canadian content

For more information on Dan Nash and Dreaming of You, please contact Boa Records:
223, 5512 - Fourth St. N.W., Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J0, CANADA
Phone: (403) 274-1654 Fax: (403) 274-9691



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