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David Jewell is one of the best unknown talents in traditional country songwriting that I've heard in a long while. He wrote to me one day via email to ask how to contact an artist that had been featured on MKOC's Horizon. He felt this young man had the true traditional style to fit the kind of songs David writes.

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I gave him the contacts he needed and asked if he had a site or samples of his music. He promptly offered to send me a demo tape, not for promotion, just for my enjoyment. He knew I loved ballads and put together a tape of 18 demo songs that he had written and had recorded by demo artists.

Now, to be quite honest, I really wasn't expecting much. There are many songwriters with great music but when you hear the demos, they rarely have good singers, good bands and turn out to be something you play over and over again.  I received David's demo tape in the mail one summer afternoon while my Ma, two aunts and I sat outside on the porch. We had decided to take a ride down the river to get an ice-cream cone so we took David's tape with us, not really expecting much....

WRONG! From the very first song, my Aunt Sis & Aunt Louise chimed in, "Who is that?? He's great?"  The music was reminiscent of the old traditional country that we'd heard and loved all our lives, but these were new songs, new voices and it was almost like being in the Twilight Zone... as though we'd been there, heard that before, but hadn't.

As we traveled down the river road, we enjoyed more and more songs, each time someone would say, "Oh! listen to that one.. it's even better.."  It's not that one song was actually better than the last, we just didn't expect them all to be so good! By the time we had our ice-cream and traveled back home, my aunts were asking me how they could order his tapes, did he have CDs, etc. I had to explain that it was a demo tape from an unknown songwriter. They just couldn't get over it. How can such great music not get to the radio?? Sadly I had to inform them that I hear more good music through unknowns on the internet than you'll ever hear on the radio nowadays! They asked me to make copies of the tape for them. I quickly came in, emailed David, telling him about the response, and he was thrilled. "Make all the tapes you need for them. I'm just so happy someone is hearing and enjoying my music." I ended up having to make a copy for my cousin as well.

I took it a step further and spoke to my good pal, Alex Cullum of Boots 'n' Saddles Radio, about David's music. Having found out he had no website, no resources to have one, and was a blue collar worker who spent a lot of his time helping others, I wanted to do something to help him. Alex helped make my wishes easier when he wrote David and asked for a tape. Then he had the tape remastered and put to CD and sent a copy to me and the rest to David. Poor Alex, he's still kickin' himself because he forgot to keep one copy for himself!

With all of that in place, thanks to Alex, I can now present David's songs to the world in the hopes that at least ONE dedicated traditional country singer will want to record one or more of David's songs. These songs really deserve to be heard by all.

This is only a small sample of David's work. Since that first tape, he's sent me many more as well as wrote a special song for the Child Alert Foundation. That one hasn't been recorded by an artist yet, but it will be in due time.. just need someone willing to record it for us. HELLO??? ;)

All of the following songs but one, were recorded in a studio by one of the following three artists, all who portrayed David's songs very well: Gary Johnson, Dicky Minor and John Carpino. Track #11 was recorded at home by David.. it's not a professional recording, but the song is the essence so one is able to overlook the quality in this case.

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Performing Artist

1 All Around Woman Gary Johnson, Bristol, TN
2 If Love Could Be Blue Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
3 Ozark Mountain Rain Gary Johnson, Bristol, TN
4 All Around Cowboy John Carpino, Payson, AZ
5 Too Pretty To Picture Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
6 You Just Know When It's Perfect John Carpino, Payson, AZ
7 A Soft Place To Fall Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
8 Memories From Our Past Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
9 Will You Give Your Love To Me John Carpino, Payson, AZ
10 I'm Building Bridges Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
11 Fall In Love Tonight David Jewell, Kansas City, MO
12 Yesterday's Love Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
13 Read Between The Lines Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
14 Does It Matter Anymore John Carpino, Payson, AZ
15 Carry Ol' Roy Back Home Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
16 A Taste Of Country John Carpino, Payson, AZ
17 Just A Prayer Away Dicky Minor, Madison, NC
18 I'm Still In Love With You Dicky Minor, Madison, NC

D.J. Jewell Music    All Rights Reserved

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A message from David: 

Hi Artists and Fans, I grew up in a small town of around 1,800 people called Thayer, MO. in southeast part of the state. We listened to the Grand Ole Opry each sat. night when I was small, my stepdad knew a few cords and had an old kay guitar, so with the few cords he was able to show me I started learning how to play the guitar. Now I play the banjo, harmonica and keyboard also.

I started writing songs around six years ago, as most artists all started sounding alike, some of my musical influences were Hank Williams sr., Merle Haggard, Tom T. Hall, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins and many others. I have even wrote songs about Roy Acuff and Hank Snow. So far I have written around 150 songs, 71 under publishing contracts with 11 record cuts not counting 8 that's on by me as the artist. So I invite you to check out my web-site linked above for some great Traditional Country and Country Gospel songs. Thank you very much and I will look forward to hearing from you.

I also have some songs on:

Keeping It Country David Jewell D.J. Jewell Music (BMI)
David Jewell

Hear more of David's songs on

Female Country Artist, Deanne David's Song "A Soft Place To Fall"
Download the full mp3 of "A Soft Place to Fall"

D. J. Jewell Contact Information

E-Mail David Jewell

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