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Back again with their latest release, "A Little Out of Sync", Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

Let me first point out that the title of the album only reflects the jaded humor in Jack, it is in no way a description of the music!

They've done it again; the dynamic duo of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan have put together enough great songs to fill TWO CDs and here I am, tryin' to decide which 5 out of 19 songs would best represent the many musical stylings of Jack and Misty.

I could go with all the funny and crazy songs, which can keep ya rollin' for awhile to come. The witty wordsmith, Jack Blanchard can whip together some of the most non-sensical words and make them not only comprehensible, but lovable. Actually, I sometimes worry about myself when I understand him the most. Scary thought, isn't it? Then again, there's the serious side to this twosome which I can only think must stem from their many years of marriage, in life and in music. The perfect pair always bringing us the perfect blend of each other.

Well, I decided to simply listen to all, and chose the songs that most moved me, be it to tears or laughter.. not an easy task for any reviewer or music lover, pickin' only a few of Jack and Misty's songs, but hey, someone had to do it and they chose me... of course I'm honored to showcase them on MKOC, just want to make sure I do them the justice they deserve. ;) One final point I'd like to make, you'll find that this album was mis-titled because Jack and Misty are anything but "A Little Out of Sync"!

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Starvin' Hog Blues

Safe Harbor

Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

It Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' Home

You Can't Say I Didn't Try

(p)2001 Velvet Saw Records    All Rights Reserved

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Some of the pickers are: Charlie McCoy, Johnny Gimble, LLoyd Green, Henry Strelecki, Hargus Robbins, Billy Sanford, Buddy Spiker, Bobby Thompson, Weldon Myrick, Larry London, Kenny Bell, Travis Wamack, and some strings from the Nashville Symphony.

Backup singers are The Nashville Edition, and three girls from Muscle Shoals who sang like angels. Also some other great players we've lost track of.

Misty played synth strings, fiddles, Hohner Clavinet, and other keyboards. Jack played Hawaiian lap steel guitar and whistled "Heartaches".

Jack and Misty arranged and produced all cuts.

Recorded in Nashville, Muscle Shoals, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville.
Velvet Saw 0801

All songs original Bird Avenue Music BMI, except "Heartaches" (John Klenner/Al C. Hoffman; 1931
Leeds Music ASCAP).


1.Because We Love.
2.A Handful Of Dimes.
3.Starvin' Hog Blues.
4.Safe Harbor.
5.Second Tuesday In December.
6.Here Today And Gone Tomorrow.
7.Fire Hydrant Number 79.
8.I'm Down To the End Of the Wine.
9.Rusty And the Cowboys.
10.Heartaches. (The old standard)
11.It Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' Home.
12.I'm Washin' Harry Down the Sink.
13.Poor Jody.
14.Shadow Of a Big Black Bird.
15.Bethlehem Steel.
16.The Clock of St. James.
17.You Can't Say I Didn't Try.
18.Humphrey the Camel.
19.Motel Time.

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