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I've always written the Horizon reviews myself, and would have this time as well if not for my dear friend, Alex Cullum being such a staunch supporter and fan of Jack & Misty. To do them the justice they deserve, I couldn't think of anyone better to write a review on this dynamic duo.

Hit it Alex!

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Will the real Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan stand up please?

When It was suggested that maybe I would like to write a few words about Jack and Misty … I jumped in with both feet… then I realised what I had done… I had agreed to write a few words… when one could write a full size book on this couple who have graced our ears with their melodies and lyrics for many years.

Where does one start with Jack and Misty. Which facet of their considerable repertoire does one review first.

jandm1970.jpg (8005 bytes) Jack’s and Misty's go way back to their hit, "Tennessee Birdwalk" in 1970. This they followed up with "You've Got Your Troubles" and "Humphrey the Camel" …followed up in 1972 with "Two Sides of Jack and Misty".

They moved from one record company to another … Epic, U.Artists, Autumn Hill and then for a while there was a quiet period… but back again in 1992 with 'Back in Harmony' for (Playback Records).

Jack and Misty's history is there for any one to read. They are entertainers, songwriters, solid contributors with melodies and lyrics that we their fans love to hear.

My first contact with the duo was on the Colonel's Stardust compilation, "Grand Ole Country". I remember that I was at the time posting the CD into my Database. The first notes of "Just One More Song" stopped me in my tracks. I switched the player over to continual play on the track. I felt that I just had to write and tell them how much pleasure they had given me. From that moment I was an avid fan… I began to glean as much as I could about them.

By the time "Back From The Dead, Vol 2" came along Jack and I had been e-mailing each other on a regular basis. When I saw the title and "Vol 2"… I nearly freaked out. What happened to Vol1?. I contacted Jack and asked him had I missed something… in his normal relaxed and laid back way … he explained ' No, there was no Vol 1, it was just a bit of fun.'

Three tracks on "Back from the Dead" stick in my mind…"Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain", "There Must Be More to Life Than Growing Old", and "Tennessee Birdwalk".

It is difficult to pick out single tracks from the CD… all the tracks are to my mind superb. However to listen to Misty sing the poignant words of "There Must Be More to Life" combined with the deep rich tones of Jacks voice… for me is a real heart stopper. Then they follow that with "Tennessee Birdwalk", and who can fail to raise a smile at the vision of birds in "dirty underwear".

They followed this with "Shadows of The Leaves", again a track on one of the Colonels best compilations to date… but words from the Colonel tell me that #30 is better than ever, again with a new song by Jack and Misty "Call On Me".

The combination of Jack and Misty with the Colonel promises good things to come in the future. The Colonel looks after his "family" … Jack and Misty are now a part of that family.

Jack is a prolific writer and story teller, and with Misty as co-writer they are producers of songs that contain perfect combinations of melody and lyrics. Many of today's so called "writers" cannot come any where near the output of this harmonious duo.

I have never met them… but I know they have been married for many years… maybe that is the key to their obvious ability… their own harmony.

They have many fans… including a Finnish DJ, Jukka Joutsi who is full of praise for the duo.

Jack is a regular contributor to both Marlene Slater's, "My Kind Of Country" forum and my own. The subjects he writes about cover a whole spectre… from "The Mob" to how they write songs.

I could go on and on… but space and time are limited so I'll conclude with saying just this; I hope there will always be "Just One More Song" from this talented couple, whom I am very proud to call my friends.

Alex Cullum of Boots 'n' Saddle

See what I mean? I couldn't have said it better and I wanted this review to be a great one. Thanks, Alex! You did us all proud!.Now take a listen to a few of the 23 great songs of Jack's & Misty's from their new album, "Back From the Dead, Vol. 2". You may notice a slight difference in my and Alex's choice of songs, but with 23 songs to pick from, it's pretty tough. Actually, I would have put up a couple more if it didn't take up so much server space. ;)

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Purchase Jack & MIsty's CD, Life & Death with 29 of their greatest songs!

Credits and Song List of Back From The Dead, Vol. 2

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