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Eric Horner

Eric HornerI receive many CDs for review and some often don't get heard until I get a chance to actually write the review. Such is the case with "Eric Horner's Originals" CD and now I'm kickin' myself. I could have been listening to some of the best country music I've received in a long time and here it sat, on the shelf waiting to be heard.

Yes, I'd read Eric's credits and it did not escape my attention that he's worked with Lee Greenwood for years or that he's appeared on Crooks and Chase, but I set all that aside to take care of first things first. Sometimes that's not always the best way...there are some things that take precedence, regardless of who or what came first. Eric's album is definitely one that rises to the top and should never sit on a shelf.

The lyrics and compositions fit together as only those of a very accomplished songwriter can. Mix that with the wonderful vocal stylings of Eric Horner and you've got hit songs, one right after the other. There's more.... Also featured on this 18 song CD are country artists, Randy Archer (of Archer/Park) and Gordon Mote who take turns as lead vocalists on several songs which are all composed by Eric Horner. Each and every song here is a keeper and this is one album I'll be playing for a long time to come... and every so often, I'll be bugging Eric to send more music!  

I contemplated on whether or not I should compare Eric Horner to other artists but in fairness to him, I decided I had to. Skip Ewing mixed with a flavor of Doug Stone...that's a rare combination and one I can't place any other artist in. Today's Nashville standards insist on artists who are the perfect marketing package; great looks with the ability to write and sing hit songs. That is not only a standard, it's a definition of Eric Horner.  I can only hope that Nashville doesn't let Eric sit on the shelf but takes notice of a talent that deserves to be heard and promoted as the perfect package.

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Reapin' What She's Sown

Out of Sight Out of My Mind 

My Head or My Heart

After All These Tears

She's Not Looking Back

Love Lives At Our House Again 

More Than I Know Today

Eric Horner

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Testimony from Lee Greenwood

Learn more about Eric and his music at his official site:
Makin' Tracks Productions

E-Mail Eric

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