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Meet the Newest "Official Artist" to Join the MKOC Family of Stars!

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I'm sure it must sound a bit silly to some folks, but writing a review on Harold Hill has been the most difficult task I've yet to perform in the creation of this site. I've known Harold almost from the time he first put his site on line and he's become a true and dear friend. You'd think that would make this easier, but somehow it doesn't. My admiration for Harold goes beyond his music. It delves into the part of him that makes his music.... his heart and soul. How can I possibly put into words how he has touched my life as well as my heart.

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Harold is so down to earth it amazes me how clearly he sees the stars, knowing they're within the realm of his grasp, without ever losing sight of what's right at hand, what came before and what will be. Harold is a dreamer, but one who knows that dreams become reality through hard work, perseverance and most of all love. His love of life, family and friends is as natural to him as the air he breathes. At the same time, his innate sense of humor brings him to the forefront demonstrating a sharp wit and an unshakable zest for happiness; to himself and all who come to know him.

Harold is simply Harold. I doubt he'd know how to be anything other than true to himself or those around him. He has a strong sense of purpose, integrity, and faithfulness that makes him a man who will never forget where he came from, who he is, and least of all those who stood beside him on his journey through life.

This is the making of a man such as Harold and the essence of his music reflects all that he is.  This is also the making of a brand new album, self titled, "Harold Hill", filled with his passion for life, family, friends and memories.

"Harold Hill", the album, has been a long time comin' but well worth the wait. Hill's songwriting skills are equaled by his vocal talent... both are distinctive and honest to goodness, "true" country.

Every song on "Harold Hill" is well written. All but 3 of the 11 songs were written or co-written by Harold. The musicians were well chosen, the perfect compliment to the album and to  Harold's style.. or I should say "styles" as a sensitive ear can denote changes in his delivery according to how the song affects him as he sings, showing that his voice delivers what is truly felt in his heart. With great musicians, Hill's vocals and the producion of the album (also done by Hill himself), "Harold Hill" is a perfect combination of country music; from western swing to honky tonkin' to heartbreakin' ballads, making it one of the finest releases of the year.

Speaking of "heart" songs, "Perfume" has to be my all time favorite from this collection along with "Little Cowgirl Goodnight", which Harold wrote for his darling little girl, Cheyenne. 

This album has been a long time comin' but I expected nothing less from Hill and actually got more than I bargained for. Harold Hill, the album and the man, are proof positive that hard work, determination and talent cannot be stifled! "Harold Hill" is a perfect example of "My Kind Of Country".

With that said, let me introduce you to the music of MKOC's Latest Official Artist, Harold Hill

HH-cd-sm.jpg (9467 bytes)

Cowboy Up

Pick Me

From Now On

Hard Times

San Antonio Sweetheart


Little Cowgirl Goodnight

2002 - All Rights Reserved

The best way to know a person is to converse with them. Harold would love getting to know you and I'm sure you'll want to know Harold! Don't be shy...he loves getting mail and always answers it personally!

EMAIL Harold Hill

Visit Harold Hill's "Official MKOC Web Site" to learn more about the man and the music. Order "Harold Hill" and find how to join the DHS fan club for FREE!

Harold Hill -

Harold Hill Wins Will Rogers Award
Harold Hill Wins Will Rogers Award - July 2003 for "San Antonio Sweetheart".

Harold in Hendersonville Star News

Harold Hill featured in the "Country Music Gazette"

To all the new artists that I've hosted and/or reviewed as well as those to come: You should know that you have Harold Hill to thank for the direction that MKOC has taken. It was quite small when he first contacted me promoting his site. It was knowing and believing in Harold that started the cycle of promoting new talent on this site. So when y'all are thankin' me, which you very generously have, take some time out to thank Harold as well.
He's the reason we're all here.

This page was (re)created on June 4, 2002, when Harold Hill joined the MKOC Family of Artists!

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