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Country Generations is a very unique combination of family and friends between the ages of 20 to 54. The group's diversity and close relationship is what makes their sound solid. The band's generation concept is derived from its father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and close friend relationships.

Country Generations is a large ten piece band filled with musicians, singers and songwriters, making their music even more unique in it's originality.

From Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia to Nashville, Tennessee, Country Generations is a group who are making themselves heard. In fact, they were heard by Comstock Records and have recently been signed on as new members of the Comstock recording artists!

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The group consists of the following members:

Frank Spinney - lead vocals, background vocals, songwriter
Jason Spinney - lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, songwriter
Jaime Spinney - lead vocals, drums, percussion, songwriter
Nicole Cox - lead vocals, background vocals, songwriter
Michael Johnson -  lead vocals, background vocals
Terry Salsman - bass guitar
Frank Dobbin - lead vocals, background vocals, piano, keyboards
Chris Leslie - fiddle, acoustic lead guitar
Len Hannam - steel guitar
Lloyd Haight - guitar

In January of 2001, Country Generations returned from Nashville, where they mixed and recorded their first original CD, "The Bottom Line". The members of the group were responsible for writing and composing 11 of the 12 songs. The blend of the naivete and exhilaration of youth, melded with the wisdom and traditional ethics of the elders is a magical mix that brings harmony to the group and family members. Moreover, it brings harmony to the music itself.

You can call me prejudice, but among my favorite songs on "The Bottom Line" is "My Kind Of Country". Yeah, OK... the name instantly caught my eye... how could it not? ... but it doesn't end there. It's simply a great song, well written, well sung and well produced... well done, Country Generations! Another of my favorites, loving ballads as I do is "Dream On". As the singer croons on about the love he longs for, a haunting voice in the background, as though you can hear his thoughts, croons, "dream on...". Beautifully done and filled with the sentiment that we can all relate to at any age.

Country Generations didn't stop with one jam packed album of great country music, there's a second CD filled with old time favorite Gospel Hymns, appropriately titled, "Gospel Favorites".  While I can't showcase every song, I want to list the titles so you'll be able to choose your favorites. "Jesus Walked", "Mountain Railroad", "In The Garden", "Amazing Grace", Will The Circle Be Unbroken", "His Hand In Mine", "Grampa", "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", Sing You Children, Sing" and last but not least, "How Great Thou Art". I feel they had a great selection of gospel songs that appeal to us all, making this a very nice album for your collection.

"The Bottom Line"... Country Generations, family and friends, will make you feel a part of the fold as you wrap yourself up in their music. Enjoy!

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Mountain Railroad

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

How Great Thou Art

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2001 Made In Canada    All Rights Reserved

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Visit the Country Generations site for more info and music!


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