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Dr. Fry's Texas Medicine Band is an eight  piece band in the Houston, TX area who perform and record country and old time rock n' roll.  Dr. Fry is Clifford Fry, who is a Ph. D. Economist. Clifford grew up in the the country dance halls outside of Kingsville, TX and began playing guitar in the early teen years. It was in high-school that he wrote his first song, "Sittin' & Starin'", ( a totally 50's teen tune) featured on the "River Bolt of Lightning" album. DrFry-Collage.jpg (13901 bytes)

For those of you who are ready for some fun songs and a good-time album, "River Bolt Of Lightning" will cover the need. I have two particular favorites on this album and believe it or not, they're not ballads! Go figure... even I like good-time grinnin' country music. "Only Car in Your Garage" is one and "Fat Farm" is the other. I think I'll ask Clifford if he can invent something to hook that song up to my refrigerator! What a diet aide that would be! "Fat Farm" is not pokin' fun at folks overweight, it's the singer pokin' fun at himself and you can't help but giggle a little while tappin' your toes. There are some nice ballads on the album as well to even out the album with morsels for each one's taste buds to savor but all in all, I enjoyed the "fun" songs the most.. very unlike me, I know, but fun is fun.

Dr. Fry's Texas Medicine Band is made up of several folks: Ken Bujnoch -
keyboards, Clifford Fry - acoustic guitar and vocals, Max Fry - bass, Darelyn Fry Jennings - vocals, Randy LeBlanc - electric guitar, Lance Webb - drums, Kurt Zech - Electric Guitar, and Nancy Fauber Ho - background vocals on "Mr. Heavy". David Brown and Peggy Neff, former band members, are on background vocals on "Texas Medicine (Live)". Of the ten original songs, tracks 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 were written by Clifford Fry and Douglas Sharp. Tracks 2, 6, 7 and 9 were written by Clifford Fry and track 10 was written by
C. L. Fry, Randy LeBlanc, and D. A. Sharp. To top it all off the executive
producers were none other than Clifford and Judy Fry and Max and Kathryn Fry. How's that for a lot of Fry-ers in one pot?

"River Bolt Of Lightning" has received a great deal of airplay on the European Charts and several songs were in the top 40 of those charts, including "Mr. Heavy", which reached #12 on the EMS Top 40 Independent Country Chart. "Only Car in Your Garage" was featured on "Car Talk", a PBS radio show in the U.S. Several of the songs have been released on compilation discs distributed by ECMA, Stardust, HOTDISC, and Texas Twister. Elton Houck consistently featured the band's music on his "Rockabilly" and "Texas Twister" radio shows.The Texas Medicine Band is now signed exclusively with "Texas Twister", which is owned and operated by Elton Houck.

The band's forthcoming disc "Texas Medicine" will include some songs already released as singles, such as "Her Goodies Aren't As Good As Mine" that spent a month on the European Media Services charts. Bottom line.... whatever ails ya, get a good dose of Texas Medicine from Dr. Fry and his band... you'll be back in the pink in no time. 

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Only Car in Your Garage

Fat Farm

Sittin' & Starin'

She'll Teach You Like a Child

Judy Lou

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