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Breaking into the world of music today, one is automatically surrounded by seemingly insurmountable odds. Once in a while, an artist comes along that faces more than their share of those roadblocks such as Debbie West. She faced her hurdles and climbed the walls, defeating the odds against her and proving her strength in character, tenacity, drive and ambition as well as talent to back it up.

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Debbie began singing as a child and always knew she wanted to perform. She continued to sing and in later years, began a promising modeling career, but music was her first love.

In 1995 Debbie made her first television debut as a contestant on Nashville Star Seek, making it to the finals. From there she went on to compete in a variety of local talent competitions in Northeastern Ohio including finalist in the 1998 "Jimmy Dean True Value Country Showdown."

In 1999, Debbie released her first single, "Where I'm Coming From", as an independent artist to radio nationwide. This single made its way to number one after 25 weeks on the charts and got her nominations for New Female Vocalist, Female Rising Star, and Single of the Year at the 2000 Golden Music Awards in Nashville, TN. Debbie was awarded the Golden Music Award for Contemporary Country Artist of the Year

in October of 1999, during the most promising time of her music career, Debbie suffered a stroke that affected her speech and use of her left side. However, Debbie's strong determination and passion of music helped her in the fight to regain her speech and use of her left side so that she could continue to share her voice with the world. The strength and courage that she has displayed throughout her battle is proof of the dedication and the heart that she has for others. Debbie has dedicated this album to all Veterans with a hope that the sacrifices they make will never be forgotten. She herself is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and holds those memories very close to her.

With 11 songs on her debut CD, "Where I'm Coming From", Debbie has paved a pretty nice road to where she's headed. Her voice is as charming as her appearance and the songs selected for her first work were well chosen.. not to mention well orchestrated and mastered. The balance of music is there to enhance, not bury her voice. Debbie's vocals shine clearly on each song, which is the way it should be.

You'll find a range of traditional country ballads to some more upbeat, semi-pop style of country. The production throughout is strong and unyielding. In short, "Where I'm Coming From" has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.

Debbie said, "I want people to feel emotion through my music. If that has happened, then I have lived a dream." You've lived through the toughest times, Debbie. Rest assured,  you are living your dream.

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cd.jpg (14748 bytes) Ain't That The Way Love Always Goes

Oh Well

Where I'm Coming From

All I'm Saying

The Diary

You're the Only Bad Thing That's Happened to Me for Good

(p) 2000 Debbie West    All Rights Reserved

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Find out how you can help Debbie and other US Veterans who suffer many different diseases from toxic poisoning at Camp Lejeune, NC in the 80's. Debbie says, "I dedicated my entire album to Veterans so that they would never be forgotten for the sacrifices they made and make every day. That statement by me is for every sacrifice, not just war related sacrifices. "I am but one voice, but with help I will become a choir."
Take a stand and visit The Stand to see how you can help.

Visit Debbie West & Wyld Ryde's Site for more info

Purchase Debbie's CD at Debbie's Mp3 Page
Debbie West on

E-Mail Debbie West

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