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Brooks Tucker's debut album, "Totally Texan" is not just the title of the album, it's a description of Brooks himself. He makes it difficult for one to argue the legend that the best country singers come from Texas. Fifth generation Texan, I have to think that Brooks has the Texas sound roaring through his veins and was undoubtedly born with the Texan talent for songwrting as well as vocal ability.

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While Brooks' CD, "Totally Texan" is limited to seven songs, they're all top of the line country music with quality sound making it a wonderful production overall. Brooks is also blessed with a great band, which he named "Nueces" (pronounced new-aces) in honor of Nueces Canyon Highschool and his childhood roots in Barksdale, Texas.

stand.jpg (14340 bytes)Neueces has the perfect blend of instrumentation for Brooks' voice and style. The fiddle plays on your heartstrings while the keyboard and steel guitar serve to compliment Brooks' vocals. I've said time and again, the mark of a great band and good production is when the singer's voice is in front, enhanced, not over-shadowed by the music. With that said, I can say again, this is truly a great production.

All of the songs on "Totally Texan" are winners. Brooks has covered the spectrum of making good country music.......    from cowboys to mamas to romance and hurtin' songs.  There's a lot of territory covered in this album and while you'll always wish for more of his music, you'll never feel cheated for the lack of 3 more songs. I've had CDs that I would program so I could skip over the songs I don't particularly care for. I can't forsee that ever happening with a Brooks Tucker album as long as he keeps on making his kind of music, his way.

Brooks rich baratone voice will capture your attention from note one and carry you away with him. It's clear that he and his self penned music are as one as he sings from his soul right into your heart. Brooks is not a "sounds like..."  artist.  He has his own unique sound, rich in quality and deserving of a record label that would take this young man to the top of the charts where he belongs.

If you love "REAL" country music, you're gonna love Brooks Tucker. Country through and through,
Brooks Tucker is "My Kind of Country"!

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Far Left Corner

Cowboy for Hire

I Loved Her Away

Mama Don't You Cry

She Doesn't Do That Anymore


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2001 Brooks Tucker    All Rights Reserved

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Visit the Brooks Tucker site for more info

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