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In early 1999, Brandi and her mother made the move to Nashville to try and further her singing career. Prior to moving to Nashville, Brandi spent three years under the direction of vocal instructor, Jeannie Bryant and the last year working side by side with Michalene Leonhardt, and they have both been a major asset to Brandi's music career. She is currently working with award winning singer, songwriter Judy Rodman. At 16, Brandi competed at the Tennessee Country Music Association, in Gatlinburg, TN where she won 1st place "Rising Entertainer of the Year". Since arriving in Nashville, Brandi has performed at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, Nashville Palace, and Roberts Western World.

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16 year old Brandi Ward's first album has been staying on the European charts steadily for some time now. There are so many different names for the styles of country music these days that I can't seem to keep up with what's what, but I would have to say Brandi fits within the new breed of young country artists with a pop flavor that has a bit of a Texas Twang.

My favorite song on Brandi's debut album is the title track, "Window to My Soul" written by Rhonda Stegent and Loreli Mulla. On the upswing my choice is "It's Time You Met My Mother" written by Judy Rodman and Greg Huclik. Judy has contributed her songwriting talents to many of the 13 songs on this album as well as being Brandi's vocal coach.

Also to her credit, Brandi is very involved in child protection. She is taking a stand against drugs and abuse and is singing out for the disabled and less fortunate, doing benefit concerts to help others. Brandi is a fine role model for her peers and someone to be respected by all for her contributions and caring for children.

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Window To My Soul

It's Time You Met My Mother

She Knows

Terms of My Surrender

That's What Love Can Be

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Visit Brandi Ward's site for more!
Brandi Ward

Also visit "Brandi Against Abuse"

Email Brandi

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