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Blake Luquette


Blake Luquette has a voice that was born to meld with an accousitic guitar. He didn't realize it until he was 12 years old and saw who then became his lifelong idol, George Strait. It was then that Blake knew his calling and asked his mother for a guitar.

That was only the start... by the age of 17, Blake, who has just turned 18,  had recorded his first CD, "What If". I don't think "what if" is a question we'll ever have to ponder with Blake. His talent and determination are what IS and what will make him rise to the top. The only "what if" is one we'll never have to worry about....
What if his mother hadn't gotten him that guitar?

"What If" contains a variety of styles, 12 songs most of which were written or co-written by Blake and ALL real country. From ballads, to honky tonk, and blues to boogywoogy, Blake offers his audience a little bit of everything while staying true to his roots and to himself.

""I'm not going to tell you that I am the next George Strait because there is only one George Strait. I am Blake Luquette and I sound just like Blake Luquette!! I have my own style of music!!" Blake Luquette, 1999 

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I Feel The Pain

There Oughta Be A Law

You Say You Know Me

What If

Someone To Love Me

The Bottle

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Blake Luquette's CDs are Available Here

Visit Blake's site to hear samples of all 12 songs on his CD, download a free Blake Luquette Screen Saver and More!

Official Blake Luquette Site

Blake Luquette Fan Page
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