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There have been a lot of very talented country artists to come out of Ireland. I'd like to introduce you to Bernadette, a lovely and highly talented Irish lass who has made country music her life, and Nashville, her home.

The youngest of 10 children, Bernadette was born and raised in Co Donegal, Ireland. Thanks to her mother, Bernadette was raised on country music as well as the traditional Irish music of her homeland. She sang on stage for the first time at the age of 12 and has not stopped since. She left Ireland to go to England... from there she went to California, USA and finally made her way to Nashville where she has resided and honed her craft as she works her way through the country music maze of Twang Town.

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While Bernadette had some moderate success with her music in Ireland, her heart and talent lay in country music and Nashville was her dream. Having made that dream a reality, she signed a contract with Rosebud Records and recorded her first country album, "You Go Girl", the title track of one of the 13 songs on the CD. Not only does this debut album contain 13 songs, they are songs written by some of the top songwriters in the industry such as Bobby Cryner, Don Schlitz,  Paul Overstreet, Paul Kennerly, Jim Weatherly, Jeff Carson, Leslie Satcher, Larry Cordel and more. The selection of songs for this album are top notch and Bernadette's beautiful voice can only make the songwriters even more proud of their work.

The musicians and backup singers for this project were also very well chosen... such as "I'd Chose You Again", written by Don Schlitz and Paul Overstreet and made popular in the past by the Forester Sisters. While Bernadette in no way mimics the originals, the harmonious backup vocals were so similar to the Forester Sisters' original version that it was what helped me to recall that I had the song on one of the Forester Sisters' albums in my collection. The entire production of this album is done with great professionalism and it is obvious that those involved are ones who take pride in their work as well as the music.

I had to listen to the 13 tracks of "You Go Girl" repeatedly because I just couldn't settle on a few songs to use for sound clips. I had to methodically choose the ones I liked best and finally narrowed it down to eight (8) songs... more than I usually use in a review, but less than I would have liked. All in all, I think you can understand my dilemma when you hear the clips... and for the other 5 songs that aren't here, you can find them at Bernadette's website... later! I honestly believe that if you listen to the song clips below, you'll want to own this album... and believe me, it is a bargain at any price and one you'll enjoy for years to come. I'd also like to point out one special song, "Sally Gardens", which is the only traditional Irish song on the album and so lovely, it makes you long for more.

I have only one major regret about Bernadette's album,,, It sat on my desk shelf for over a year before I was able to hear it and write this article. I get so many CDs for review that the only way I can be fair is to do each in it's turn of arrival. Problem was, I got far too many CDs and had far too little time to take care of them all... unfortunately, "You Go Girl" was one of those that sat in the "racks",and Bernadette waited patiently... never once making a fuss that I hadn't gotten to it yet or asking me why. The only fussing is coming from me... I could have been listening to this album all along and instead, it sat on the racks. I could have told you sooner just how wonderful this album is and I apologize to the country fans and especially to Bernadette. You deserve better than you got here, darlin'. I can't rewind the time and start afresh, but I can promise you that you have a new fan from here on out and I wish you all the success you deserve. 



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Until Forever's Gone

We Can't Love Well Enough Alone

All By My Lonesome

Sally Gardens

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I'd Chose You Again

Where Do I Stand Before I Fall

Love Me Tender Again

I'll Be Faithful To You

2001 Rosebud  Records    All Rights Reserved


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